BBRedux gives you everything you could ever need, right on your homescreen - 25 free copies to be won!

By Michael Hepples on 27 Aug 2010 09:51 am EDT

Ever wish you could do more without needing to navigate away from your homescreen to find what you're looking for? Love your wallpaper, but don't want to sacrifice function to rock it proudly? You may want to take a look at this theme, the latest by BerryMobi, which combines a great look with tons of function. For touch devices, the homscreen holds 19 icons on the homescreen, 11 of them user-defined, and includes a hidden today. If you aren't a fan of hidden today themes, you can opt for the non-today version, which amps the number of apps up to 24. Non-touch devices have the same setup, with a few more icons available, namely 19 (13 user-defined) in hidden today version and 23 (17 user-defined) in the non-today versions. The theme includes three fully hideable docks, a weather slot, and is chock full of shortcuts. Fully skinned, and including the OS 6 icon set, its also extremely appealing to the eye. Available in the CB store for multiple devices for $3.99.

Contest: I have 25 copies of BBRedux to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

BBRedux gives you everything you could ever need, right on your homescreen - 25 free copies to be won!



Wow!! Looks like a great app. This could be the "swiss army" knife of apps. Thanks for a chance on this one.

very Nice ! this will look amazing in my phone . i had so many themes in my phone that i cant remember , but this one is one of the cleanest .

Looks fantastic! I love the looks of OS 6, and if I can't have it on my Bold 9650 yet, at least this will get me close!

..I've gone on a rampage of contest applications. Never before has CB put up such great products for prizes.

I would be happy as fck to win even one of the ones I commented on!

WOW! This theme looks sweet. I prefer the non-today versions, and it's cool that they did that. Most themes just give you the hidden today. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for a win here, cause I'd really like to rock this theme!!!

This looks like a very sweet theme! I come from the school of having EVERYTHING at my cursor-tip (non-touchscreen..LOL) on the homescreen. This looks like my type of theme!

This is the Golden Child of Apps to have! I looked at the point of sale order screen at the pictures of this app,and this is all I would ever need again. Please consider me! I can free up some memoryusing this.
-Thx -Dez

Out of all the great apps talked about on Crackberry, this is the one I want! I love wallpapers and would love to show mine off better than what my Torch shows now.

I'd like to win this one for my 9700.

Komm, die will ich doch fuer mich haben.

Gruesse aus Spanien,


WOW now that really looks nice. Considering that it looks sharp, has icons from the os. v6 and has a lot of exiting features, it got to be one of the best 2010 themes that I've seen as of yet. I would be very fortunate to put my hands on such a beauty.

I would love this . I cant get a theme that will give me the icons i want on screen at the same time. the closes i have come to is 9 that works well with my storm and anything more then that it just gets messed up and have memory leaks. maybe this version will be better