bbOSalert - Instant Notification Of Leaked, Official And Hybrid Firmware Direct On Your BlackBerry Smartphone!

By Bla1ze on 28 Oct 2009 10:12 am EDT

bbOSalert has been in beta for a while now and finally, after having extensively testing the application is now available for purchase. In case you are unaware of what exactly bbOSalert is, a quick look at the application description explains it in the best manner possible.

Is your F5 button about to pop off of your keyboard? Or even worse, already gone? Your solution to staying up all night waiting for a new OS to leak is here. bbOSalert is a new application for BlackBerry devices that alerts you when a new OS has been posted on the internet. Once installed onto your device you can select which devices you wish to be alerted about and choose between leaked OS, official OS or both, also includes hybrids.

How does it work? Once an OS is posted on a site for download an alert will be sent out to whom ever has subscribed to that device. Along with the alert you will be notified of the version and where OS was posted (site wise) for you to download.

Having used the application for the past two weeks now I have to say if you are a person who needs to know what OS has leaked and when -- this is the app for you. Within seconds of an OS post on any BlackBerry site you are notified by pop up on your device of its availability. Now getting this isn't nearly as fun as sitting on CrackBerry all night waiting for a leak, but it's definitely a clever idea. And we know all you CrackBerry addicts out there will probably do both anyways! bbOSalert is available now for only $2.00 and supports all devices OS 4.2 and up.

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bbOSalert - Instant Notification Of Leaked, Official And Hybrid Firmware Direct On Your BlackBerry Smartphone!


a waste of money considering you have two other main sources, that are free, that will tell you about new OS--CB and DM.

better off to spend the $$$ on a VIP at They email you when the latest hybrid hits plus you get a pile of other sweet perks. Let's face it your hybrid came from there anyways.

Yeah, what a waste of money for this. It's not like new OS's pop up every few minutes. And most of us that can't wait for a new OS visit some Blackberry/Gadget site often enough to know when to expect a new OS.

Sometimes I get busy and the days get away from me and I (gasp) go a few days without checking CB. If something new comes up, I sure would like to know. $2 isn't a deal breaker for me if it works well.

What a waste, why not just use twitter, as soon as an OS update leaks, weather official or beta twitter goes crazy anyway. No thanks, I'm good.


So I'll stick with twitter and get my updates 60 seconds later then this app...for free!

Why pay for this??? You can get notified when releases hits anytime for free, just visit CB or any other BB blog or web site. OK so you may not get it the instant it comes out but that can be a good thing sometimes.

Why not, just setup a Pin Contact List where and just mass message everyone when an update comes. Or Email notification works too

There are a lot of apps that people pay for that you can do yourself for free. Why use a weather app when you can check using the browser for free? The answer to this and any number of other apps people pay for is this: it is more convenient. It isn't like 2 dollars is an outrageous amount of money to ask for an app like this.

about all the folks that complain about this app or that app, not being free, if they can or do actually program apps themselves. And if not, why not? And if they did, would 100% of the apps they made, games or otherwise, would those be free?

My way of thinking is simple, if I think an app is worth X I buy it, if I know there is a free way to do the same thing an app does, I do that.

I think charging for something that works just like the function of subscribing to a thread on CB and having it notify your email is BS, it is absolutely ridiculous that you would charge people to get notified of a OS that 99% of the time is not even supposed to be in our hands. I am truely dissapointed with how low some people have stooped to earn a quick buck.

It makes perfect sense for the majority of apps to cost something but this is seriously not right. I understand that I have the option of not buying it... and I won't, but here in america I also have the option of speaking my mind and I think this 1 particular app costing money is crossing the line.

The leaks will be posted to which I've tried many times to dl and they all fail. And rapidshare pulls them so quick. So I've given up on leaks

Considering I'm a techware junkie and sit online with wires and signals coming out of every orifice of my body - it's a good little app...

...saves me about 6 seconds a day - and those add up after awhile...

with this - my life could be complete and i could gain a few minutes of free time every few decades...(smiles)

ahhh oooohhhhh ahhhhh