bbOSalert Instant Alert for OS Releases - 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 2 Nov 2009 09:54 am EST


Last week we took a look at the new app bbOSalert. The app installs on your device and gives you a popup alert instantly when a new OS is released anywhere on the web. You can tweak the settings so you are only alerted for devices you choose, and you can also pick to be notified for hybrids, official releases and leaked OS versions. You will receive a popup on your device when an OS is released and thats that. A very cool app to have on your device if you want to stay up to date with the latest OS releases. bbOSalert sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.00.

Contest: If you're not ready to drop $2 on the app just yet, you can get in on a chance to win 1 of 50 free copies. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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bbOSalert Instant Alert for OS Releases - 50 Free Copies



This sounds like a good idea. If I had notifications, I might spend more time actually working instead of surfing through to Blackberry sites for a new hybrid. No big deal to me, I dont mind searching but I bet my supervisor would like for me to have this.

I can't believe they did not release something like this sooner. I am always looking for the latest/greatest release for all the blackberry software.

This is a realy nice app,and cant be missed.It is for us guys overhere in Europe no so easy if you dont have a creditcard.This is an app i have got to have!!!!

this is a great idea for an app. I wish the price point was .99 instead of 2 dollars, but its still a great idea. it would be nice to win one.

This app is a great idea. I'm a Leaked OS MONSTER. I try em all lol. I'm running a Storm2 now. Can't wait to try advanced leaks of new OS's for this device

Once I got passed my fear of upgrading os systems, now I can't stop. Constantly on cb looking for leaks. This application would free up more of my time to do things I'm actually supposed to be doing, like work. lol
Please consider me.

Like my headline said, I just discovered this app today. Great idea especially for people like me who always try to keep their device running at their best via newest and tightest OS releases. It is a real pain in the as* to search through countless forums looking for links that haven't expired. If I could get all of my updates at one place and wouldn't waste time looking weather new updates came out, I think I would greatly appreciate that. :) hope I can get a free copy. Thanx fellas.

This would be nice for the Storm2, but not as necessary as it would be for the Storm. Storm2 does not seem to suffer the memory leaks that the storm does. Still, I hope I can snag a free copy!


This could be quite handy to keep tabs on updates of the software. Since I never see updates from Tmobile usually. And have to manual check.

I am so addicted to a new os that I wish I could win this so I wouldn't have to always check online.


My F5 key was used so much that there is a whole in my keyboard where it used to be and I now tap impatiently on my desk!

This would sure beat scanning the BB websites multiple times a day just checking on new OS releases.

Hit me with one of these pleeease so I don't lose countless hours of sleep waiting for the latest and greatest OS!!!!!!

I'm too cheap to spend $2, but would really appreciate knowing when higher releases of 5.0 for my 8330 are leaked!

Ive downloaded 5.0 3 time only to have small bugs that made me downgrade, help me out so I know when the real deal comes out before others.

Keeping up on the latest and (not always) greatest OS versions would be much simpler if this app can do it for me. Would love a copy :)

If this app really does what it says, then it'll be THE app to have for those (like myself) that want to have the latest os's on their 'Berrys.

I think this apps gonna be number one bcoz many of bb user always search n try to get information about official OS or Leaked OS, hope i can get totry it, thx

i think this apps will be number one, bcoz many of bb user always looking a New Official OS or Leaked OS, hope i can get to try this one, so easy if we have it

As someone who is waiting for an "official" release, this could be useful- if an official release ever happens. :)