to bring BBM Barcode T-Shirts to DevCon Asia

By DJ Reyes on 7 Dec 2011 08:50 am EST

A few months ago on CrackBerry, we announced that the creator behind the Ping Me Baby! BBM Theme Song, Riz, brought where you could get t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more printed with your BBM Barcode, so people can add you by scanning your shirt. With DevCon Asia right around the corner, we thought we'd let you know that will be heading to the event and bringing t-shirts with him. You can get your very own t-shirt or sweatshirt printed on the spot.

On a side note, Sean Armstong (@Sean_Armstrong) will also be at DevCon Asia. If you've not heard of Sean, he currently makes custom badge and accessory lanyards. So, if you're tired of boring old lanyards handed out at conventions then why not get you or your company custom made lanyards and stand out from the crowd.

More information / Purchase your own BBMShirt
More information / Purchase custom lanyards from Knotty Sean 

Reader comments to bring BBM Barcode T-Shirts to DevCon Asia


I got my BBM shirt a few months ago, and I love it! I get so many comments on it, and people are always shocked to hear that it works. They love deleting me from BBM so they can try it out for themselves!

I wonder how ladies feel about this.... I mean when I look down on their that area it will be an awkward moment!

the GCC needs these T-shirts...perhaps even...Traditional National Dress with the BBM code's on them...hahhaah

Are they still selling the "ping me baby" shirts without the barcode? I would love the barcode one but I change Blackberries as they come out so by the time the bb10 keyboard version comes out, even if I'm in love with my 9930, I will most possibly be switching. So with that said, having to switch shirts everytime would be a pain.

Just something to note: my friends tried to scan it at close range and it didn't work. I guess it makes sense that you need to distance yourself about 3-4 feet away before you try scanning it, since it's supposed to be worn on the body.

I just tried to scan the barcode on the image and my BlackBerry reset!

AWESOME! I want a barcode that does that on my Tee!

Got my shirt at DevCon Asia, but they could only give me one with a generic code and not my custom pin :( because the day before the system crash and they couldn't get it to work. In addition, they said that if I wanted the one with my custom pin, I would have to leave my address and they will bill me the shipment when it arrives. Sigh...not my day.

Wow who know this was a perfect tool to pickup chicks who use BB. Today at the mall, I was approached by a hottie who asked me if my shirt scanned to my BBM Pin. I then cleverly responded "you won't now until you scan is" and she did. Now were BBM friends. 3 Thumbs up!!