BBM's future on iOS and Android

BBM at BBLive
By Simon Sage on 3 Jul 2013 02:45 pm EDT

We examined cross-platform apps during our last Talk Mobile week, and specifically the Android app player in BB10, but now that we’re looking at social apps, I want to zoom in on BlackBerry Messenger’s impending move to Android and iOS

I’ll be honest: my BBM usage is relatively low because being able to communicate cross-platform has nudged me in the direction of Google Talk in most cases. If more of my friends rocked BlackBerry devices, maybe that would be different. Luckily with Android and iOS BBM apps on the way, getting everybody on the same network is going to be far less of a chore.

Without a doubt, BlackBerry Messenger was a pioneer in mobile, data-based instant messaging, and the fact that it continues to evolve and be used broadly is a testament to BlackBerry’s expertise in the area. We’ve seen received and read notifications (hallmarks of BBM) find their way into third party apps for awhile. Though these notifications certainly have their downsides, they've significantly changed the way we message one another. Suffice it to say, BBM has raised the bar for instant messaging and puts SMS to shame.

Despite its historical significance, we’re now in a world where IM options are a dime a dozen, which pushes BBM to be more competitive, such as through this cross-platform shift. Even the old management at BlackBerry, which was notoriously stingy about making sweeping platform and feature changes, reportedly saw the need to BBM to evolve and reach new platforms. Attaining a new level of breadth is a steep challenge for BlackBerry Messenger. Apple has their iMessage solution integrated deeply into their Mac products, while Google has tied in Talk with their major web services, namely Gmail and Google+. Meanwhile, BlackBerry is one of the few manufacturers that continues to focus exclusively on smartphones (and to a lesser extent, tablets).

Without those footholds in other industries, it’s understandable that BlackBerry chose to fight iOS and Android on their home turf. On the one hand, the move is giving up exclusivity for what has long been a device-selling feature, and the migration is going to be enriching rival app ecosystems. On the other hand, it reintroduces the BlackBerry brand to an audience that may have long since forgotten about it, and assuming it’s monetized in some way (like extra features being locked behind in-app purchases), offers BlackBerry another revenue stream.

BBM in a car

The one platform BlackBerry is poised to tackle independently is cars. QNX, the platform which is the backbone for BB10, has a long history in automotive systems and will be key for BlackBerry’s rise in this area. As for social apps and BBM specifically, there are a ton of possibilities: GPS routing to friends, proximity notifications, voice communication, transcription for hands-free messaging, and lots more could quickly find their way into car dash systems.

On the whole, BBM going cross platform to iOS and Android stands to be a big success for one reason: it will be vastly opening the social circles that BlackBerry Messenger users can get in touch with. It's going to be a very interesting switch socially, considering it's hard to not feel like BBM has been something of an exclusive club for a long time. Feature mismatches across platforms (screen sharing, for example) may label some users as Android or iOS - will BlackBerry owners treat them any differently? Likewise, are BlackBerry users going to have a hard time convincing iOS and Android users to hop onto BBM without getting looks like they're antiquated dinosaurs? Sharing social space isn't hard with mobile, but finding the same space to share is decidedly tricky.

How do you guys see BBM's eventual inclusion of iOS and Android panning out? Will the two communities mesh well? How hard will it be to get non-BlackBerry users onboard? 


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BBM's future on iOS and Android



Is there any chance that apple does not approve bbm into apple's store just to send blackberry spiraling down even more? They can cite bbm as being competitor of imessage.

Would they not then have to get rid of Facebook Messenger, MSN Messenger, IM+, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc.? Are those not also competitors?

Apple rejected google voice so I wonder if the same thing can happen to bbm. And if it can, then apple can easily screw over blackberry and that would certainly make its stock price drop again. So I wonder if there is any reason we can be sure apple won't reject bbm?

You guys kill me. You really think Apple is worried about BBM and 'sending BB spiraling'?

Get real...

Ok yeah apple is not worried about BBM. But can there be other reasons not to accept bbm...such as lack of benefit to iphone...or lack of interest from apple's side? so you have no doubts apple will approve bbm?

I don't work for Apple, though they did try to recruit me as I am fluent in 4 languages, so I don't know what they might do. That said, if they reject BBM it will be for a solid business reason. The rejected Google Voice because of the potential conflict with its SiRi application.

I wish many of you would stop saying that Apple and Android are trying to 'tank' BlackBerry.

BB is doing too good of a job tanking themselves.

Of corse apple will say NO...because they dont like that the blackberry trademark goes around the world...i love blackberry but i think better blackberry maybe have to change to microsoft wm 8

Considering the great lengths they have gone to to reduce BlackBerry's image in the US' public eye, why would they stop now?

I think it wouldn't get rejected because some people may even argue BBM entices more people to choose an iphone and adds value to them owning one. Just a thought.

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I already know people that are waiting for the app to be available on apple store so they can switch to iPhone, so apple for sure wont deny this app.

Why would BlackBerry announce BBM is coming to the iPhone if Apple is going to reject it? Oh wait, BlackBerry also announced BB10 was coming to the PlayBook. We'll see. :\

Yeah... I bought a PlayBook used specifically because BlackBerry tweeted that it would get BB10. I wanted to try out BB10 before investing in a BB10 phone next spring when my contract is up. Instead, I now have a useless PlayBook. I feel burned and very angry at them for their lies.

BBM is awesome on a BB. But on other platforms will it be all that special?

So it's future is questionable. It has the same problem being adopted on other platforms as the platform it's self does.

Totally agree. With everything that BBM can do right now compared to WhatsApp, it's a no brainer. Just the fact that you can make calls over WiFi to other BBM contacts is Stellar.

Skype should be looking over their shoulders as well.

It's quite obvious just from switching my sim card back and forth from my galaxy s2 to the z10 that this will not be an issue. Money is there for Apple apps so guaranteed their Bbm app will be just as good as ours. Wish it were the same for our versions of fb and yahoo messenger (we need video)

Oil sands Fueled

There's enough brand recognition to get people interested. And the ones that just try it out will realize how superior an experience it really is.

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Agreed. If 100,000 iOS users downloading a fake app in a few hours is any indication, there shouldn't be any questions regarding whether or not BBM will have any traction

They need to get it right, 110% right, and it MUST work flawlessly across all the platforms right from the start, right out of the gate. No freezing screens on video chat, etc. They MUST also keep on it, add new, updated features no one else provides, frequently, consistently, or they will lose this opportunity.

If their premiere BBM service has issues across the other platforms, they can forget ever convincing users to consider moving to a BB10 device.

May the public be fully and properly informed, so that it is not expected after seeing it on a friends BB10 device or on a tv commercial, there will be disappointment if they're not fully informed. No surprises, except the ones that come by 'exceeding' capabilities ;-). When, and if, it does come their way, it must work flawlessly, because here, screen freeze occurs on video chat (could be as one is on 4G, other on wifi, don't know). Then again, they may still be working on it, or leaving it out to draw users to their devices, hmmmm.

Is there any truth to this? I hope this isn't the case otherwise it will crash and burn.

People are failing to realize that Bbm has nothing compelling or advantageous over the other platforms out there now. Take away video / wifi calling and the response will be "why should I bother with yet another IM client that doesn't even have (insert feature here).

Here's the 10 second test. Distance yourself from understanding what BBM is and it's name. Open the app and imagine it unbranded. What is the bonus over imessage or whatsapp?

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Yeah, I don't get the hype either???? It may be just a case of desperation for Blackberry, try anything and everything and hype the _hit out of it???

Just as an example I know I'll be requesting that two of my friends download BBM when my 1-year trial of whatsapp expires.

The only reason I used whatsapp in the first place was to save them money because they don't have texting plans or have limited texts (I have unlimited). They cannot reasonably ask that I be the one to pay for whatsapp for their convenience. So there's two new BBM users right off the bat. If the experience is good they might even ask their other friends to download BBM instead of whatsapp.

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You do know that WhatsApp usually just extends the "trial" for another year right? I don't know of a single person who's ever paid for WhatsApp.

I agree with you 1000%
If you are trying to create a gateway for new potential customers, BlackBerry must test this over and over and release a solid app. Any serious glitches and they are just digging a deeper hole.

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I've said this a million times but it's worth repeating. BBRY better fix the BBM annoyances and add much needed features before going cross-platform otherwise they won't be very successful in the flooded IM market. It's an uphill battle for sure but they can make it a level playing field if they have the best IM offering on the market. Arguably BBM isn't the obvious, hands-down choice but it could be and needs to be if they plan to try to take down Whatsapp.

My question is this, will it be monetized? Will it be a free or paid for app? If it succeeds, how can they leverage it to make a profit?

Yes. Let's put ads buried within a sub-app of Bbm. People will have a hard enough time finding channels as it is only to be flooded with ads.

Just hope they aren't impression based :)

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It was explicitly said by Thornsten Heinz during the BlackBerry Live keynote: "and best of all it's free!"

It would be only the messaging part initially with voice and video added before the end of the year! I believe he also said it would include screen share (don't see how they'll get that done but let's wait and see)... I do know it needs to be dead on... People don't grand BlackBerry time to adjust anymore. Millions of people will be checking BBM when it hits and will judge it by their first experience... so it needs to be as good as on a BlackBerry!

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I agree 100% that it needs to work flawlessly on all platforms i also believe that many of the folks who left to go to other platforms from BlackBerry will be strong advocates. There is certainly the chance to make it the market leader for IM

Not saying it won't happen or that it won't be free on other platforms. Just reminding that Thorsten explicitly saying something really means squat.

My concern " WHAT if it BACKFIRES" countries I like Indonesia and South Africa where BlackBerry is still NO 1 people buy BlackBerry for BBM...
I hope BlackBerry's management did a detailed analysis on it or else shareholders would be screwed AGAIN?

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It's only for devices running iOS6 or Android 4.0 and higher, so essentially the high end Android and iPhone is costly in those regions you stated.

Posted via CB10

In case of iPhone i guess you are right and the argument holds true. But in case of Androids, as I understand most new entry level phones today ship with 4.0. Many of these phones are cheaper or at the same price as the curve range (significantly cheaper than Q5). that is my real concern.

in indonesia you can get android 4.0 for less then 100 dollars

big vendor like LG, Samsung have product shipped with android 4.0 for 130 dollars.cheaper then BB Legacy device

Yup. You've got a great point. I live in Indonesia and with BBM going cross platform, there's no need for me to stick around. As it is, my Z10 has seen it's price spiraling downwards. Not cool.

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I use Google Talk and find it grossly unreliable. Contacts show as unavailable even though they really are there and it'll happen right in the middle of a conversation. I don't know if it's the BlackBerry client or the backend but something is very wrong and I absolutely cannot rely on it.

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It's Google Hangouts. It's the best cross platform chat app out there. IMO. I can start a convo on my iPhone, continue it on my HTC One, further continue it on my iPad and finish it on my laptop while logged into my Gmail account. iMessage can't compete, so I don't see how BBM will be able to...

Sorry, but I've tried Google hangouts and found it to be severely counterintuitive. In my opinion an app is good if anyone can start using it and figure out most of it their own. That is NOT Google hangouts. Certainly no threat to any other msging platform out there in my mind.

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What's so hard to get about setting up G Hangouts? Explain. My mom is 70 and set her Sony Z pretty quickly.

Please keep in mind that what you're saying about GH is similar to what folks were saying about BB10.

nice post.... but look that it, bbm on ipads/galaxies/and the host andriod powered tabs but not BlackBerry Playbook.... things like this shows how lost they r over there in Waterloo....

It's only going to be for phones, not tablets. So iPads and Android tablets won't be getting it...just iPhone and Android phones (no tablets)

They need to get it right, 110% right, and it MUST work flawlessly across all the platforms right from the start, right out of the gate. They MUST also keep on it, add new, updated features no one else provides, frequently, consistently, or they will lose this opportunity.

If their premiere BBM service has issues going across the other platforms, they can forget ever convincing other users to consider moving to a BB10 device.

That's ok because it's a great point. BBM on those platforms has to be excellent. If it turns out to be a dud with 1-3 star ratings, it'll be a waste of everyone's time.

What I think is more f'd up than anything is offering BBM standalone apps to Android and iOS users BEFORE the PlayBook. Why is it that we still have to bridge and they don't?

Agree, a phone, even a large screen phone, isn't good enough for businesses that must have a tablet size screen out in the field. Already been informed, in our business, the app they create for field use, is not, and will not be made for phones, it is for tablets, and right now, it's only Apple and Android, no requests for BB.

I get to replace all our FN playbooks because Heins took away the full bridge with the z10. Now I have to choose either android or ios.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

As a full time Android user I am very very excited for BBM to go cross platform. I had the opportunity to use a BlackBerry as a full time device for a couple months after breaking my phone and having to wait to upgrade to a new phone, BBM was incredible to use and I found myself missing it on Android. I still have quite a few people in my social circles still using BlackBerry phones (I live in Canada) and have been waiting impatiently for cross platform BBM for ages. Having a vague release date is torture right now but I will be loading BBM onto my phone the day it is released to the general public (or earlier if there is a beta test that I can be a part of). I can definitely see BBM taking off very quickly and dominating the messaging market shortly after launch. I can't wait to use it!

That's actually something I forgot to touch on. There are a ton of second-generation smartphone owners that started with BlackBerry and moved to Android or iOS; many of them still have fond memories of BlackBerry, and I could see that engendering them to the new BBM. 

So what! The use BBM for free and buy android and iphones. How is this going to help BlackBerry. BlackBerry is dead guaranteed now and BBM cross platform will be too if it even arrives.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I agree for now it may not make people switch over to BlackBerry, but theres a good chance it will keep people on it as they will have more people on BBM again. In the long run BlackBerry will gain more exposure and potentially have a great market based on BBM connected apps that can start bringing users over to their side again. The BB10 operating system is actually really great for a first edition and so long as it can get through the tough times right now once it starts getting some of the big name apps we could see a wave of people heading back to it.

I think BBM could be the bait on the hook that will bring people back to Blackberry... if BB execute well on delivery it could be their most powerful marketing tool.

It would keep the brand front & center. But why would people want to switch back to BlackBerry when BBM works fine on their Android or iPhone?

IMO, this can be one reason why bbm going cross platform is not good. Non BlackBerry users will stick to android or iOS since they can contact their BlackBerry friends without having a BlackBerry device. :)

Posted via CB10

Thats true, but keeping BBM a top tier service on other platforms improves the image of BlackBerry to people that are on those other platforms and keeps the brand in mind. Plus if it doesn't work then they can become a services company and make piles of money off of being the dominant messaging platform.

But you assume that people will pick a BB just so they can talk to their BB toting friends on BBM. This is a falacy. BBM is not a lock-in selling feature. They'll just use SMS, or WhatsApp. So let me repost your comment, with that in mind:

"Non BlackBery users will stick to android or iOS since they can contact their BlackBerry friends without having a BlackBerry device."

Yes, yes they will. But conversely their BlackBerry friends will have a better way of contacting their Android/iOS friends, and that is good for BlackBerry users. And what is good for BlackBerry users, is good for BlackBerry.

That's a good way to remember those who left the boat their first unique experience.

Anyway whatever it takes to gain back users should be done and I personally think that the time lapse between the announce and launch shouldn't excess 2 monthes.

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BBM read recipt facility may not be liked by users who currently enjoy liberty to reply to msgs as per they wish or wish to completely ignore a msg. They may feel bounded to reply as they know that once read it get displayed on senders screen so now u have a compulsion to reply.

Posted via CB10 for Z10

BBM could end up being a completely awesome, all in one messaging, social networking, video / voice chat!!! It could replace email maybe, like a segway back into email. LOL, I got's nuthin'

Posted via CB10

Why the heck does BlackBerry wasting so much time... hurry up and bring it to the folks of iOS&Co!

Posted via CB10

I agree. Why the heck is it taking so long and has BlackBerry released the app to iTunes and Google Play for review? Thor... keep moving faster!

The way I see it is...easier to pick up girls without giving out your phone number when it goes cross platform

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BBMs release will be huge. I can even see Facebook stick price dropping because a lot of users only use the site for its chat and groups. BBM going cross platform will bring bring tingz

Posted via CB10

Wow! One app will bring back millions huh? I'm in NYC and the only single person I know with a BB is my girlfriend. She's an architect with the U.N. and her phone is work issued. The United Nations began offerin the iPhone to its NYC HQ EEs. She's pickin up her iPhone next week.

I think many of you have blinded yourself to how bad it really is for BB right now.

As a stockholder I'm telling you, It's bad.

With all due respect while the US is a big market it's not the only market. Don't be blind yourself.

Posted via CB10

You're choosing to ignore the point. I didn't say that the US is the only market. I said many of you are ignoring how bad it is for BB right now. And if some of you think that BBM will turn the tide, I just don't see what you see.

So U.N. is putting their HQ staff on PRISM surveillance now. Guess they don't really have much choice as they are on U.S. payroll.

The United States is the single largest contributor to the United Nations. This is tax payer money. Your country is more than welcome to move into the top spot. The American taxpayers will appreciate your homeland. We don't care much for the U. N. in case you hadn't heard...

I totally agree. Give them all.

1. A PIN so only the people you want can message you.
2. Secure messaging
3. Video
4. Voice
5. Screen Sharing

If people start finding these attractive then they will download it and at least start comparing BBM with the competing I apps. If BBM ends performing better than the rest then perception of BlackBerry might gradually improve in their minds and that might become good for business.

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The main issues with GTalk are:
-no file transfers......
-api support sucks on 3rd party apps, you can't sync server messages.

BBM is one of the few reasons I stuck with Blackberry and the Z10; once it goes cross-platform, there will be very little reason for me to stay - this last week was the straw that broke the camels back in proverbial terms for my support for Blackberry. Consequently, I am hoping very strongly that BBM cross-platform will be flawlessly executed (ya I know, keep dreaming) and the software will substantially deliver (wont that be a surprise) when it get's launched for iOS and Android sometime in the...well...why even bother setting a date when it's just going to be ignored anyways.

Hope RIM executing flawlessly is indeed like dreaming now. But don't forget RIM rose to its old fame by flawless execution (the old BlackBerry before BB 8700 inclusive). It is possible RIM regains its quality. When that happens, BlackBerry will rule again.

So all depend on QUALITY.

@Darlaten, why would BlackBerry's quarterly results affect you as a user and your use of the phone? Saying you're going to switch phones because the company had a questionable quarter doesn't really make sense. Saying you're going to sell your stock- maybe. But has the phone become less useful?

It's a question of consumer confidence.

They don't deliver on time, they break promises to their most loyal consumers and despite some of the most f'ed up product launches in history (pb) they are doing the same fiasco again (bb10), reintroducing bb7 devices...

As a user of a device that the OS and hardware is handled by one company that did all that, the question is why wouldn't you be questioning them? Nothing is for granted- you want my business, you have to earn it, just the same as I earn my own for doing my job. Remove the brand loyalty and be a little objective - I want them to succeed, but success is defined by what they will do, not who they once were.

Posted via CB10

@jefftam68 If it was just one questionable quarter, then I would agree with your comments. Unfortunately, there have been years of questionable quarters, weird decisions, poor policies, mismanaged product launches, poorly designed products, non-existent marketing, questionable planning, and obtuse ideas that have, as @axe50 already indicated, an utter and complete loss of confidence in Blackberry. To be blunt, I simply do not believe in anything that Blackberry says. I have lost faith in this company to perform, to understand the needs of consumers, and to understand how to compete in 2013.

I can't wait! I've told my other friends with iphones and androids and they are onboard to get it. Otherwise I don't get to use BBM.

Not very hard...people who own iphones and Android devices are actually pretty excited...most of them moved on from the legacy BlackBerry devices and still can't find a messaging app that can do the job quite like bbm...

Posted via CB10

I think iOS and Android user will give it a try, however if that initial experience is not 100% there, too hard to set up or missing important features that they already get with Whatsapp, they will immediately delete it and will not take off. BBM has to be easy to set up and smooth and it will do just fine!

On the topic of a dollar value for BBM, I think that bringing back the brand awareness and BB10 awareness will follow if the cross platform app is a success - a reward in and of itself. Remember that BB10 awareness is woefully low in the United States.

I have some friends who will need BBM because their parents use it all the time.

However, the Apple families will be the hard ones to transfer into a small portion of the BlackBerry experience.

Posted via CB10

BBM going cross platform is what RIM should have done a few years ago.

However, it is not too late yet doing it now, before September.

The key is QUALITY !!!

All RIM products in recent years have serious bugs. If the trend continues with cross platform BBM. It could be the final suicide pill for RIM.

Hope everyone in RIM understand this and deliver it without any critical bug.

I think BBM will be a success once it goes cross-platform. Many of my friends that have switched to ios/android say that the only thing they miss about BlackBerry is BBM. I wonder how many others feel like this.

If BBM is as strong/fun of a messenger app as I feel that it is, then it will do well. With BBM Channels, the social aspect will reach even higher grounds with the cross-platform push.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

The only thing stopping BB from implementing any of this great stuff is - themselves. Seems its all been prototype for years. "We'll get it sometime later this year." Ya, maybe...

I think this will be a good start for a BlackBerry comeback. The reach of an app like this is better than any advertising.

Does it mean people will flock to buy BlackBerry phones? NO ... but I bet the next time they buy the will be interested in what BlackBerry is offering.

Also as a Z10 owner I do not use BBM very much as people who use BlackBerry has gone down but this will give my phone an added boost.

Posted via CB10

The second BBM Is available cross platform I can guarantee at LEAST 60-70% of my contacts who have Android or IOS will download and use it. Key is to make it as easy as possible to add ppl already in your contacts list to the app.

Posted via CB10

As if it wasn't stated enough but bears stating again, Please BlackBerry, make damn sure the roll out is as smooth as possible so there is next to no issues on the launch of true cross platform. I get nervous because if it's half baked and something like whatsapp....then it will be another nail in the head so to speak.

Of course there is always some small issues in software, bugs etc. But if it's primarily a solid roll out?? Then it's nothing but net. Please please make sure that backbone is solid.

Posted via CB10

Unless BBM includes video calling, VoiP, and screen sharing features, there is no way it's going to take off. With other applications and services already on those platforms, with an established user base and similar messaging features, there's no reason for anyone to pick up a "new" messaging platform.

At this point, putting BBM on other platforms with simple messaging capabilities would be seen as just another project that BlackBerry put out that is unfinished and unrefined. It needs to really make an entrance for it to matter.

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I have many friends who used to be BlackBerry users who miss BBM and will happily jump onboard with their iOS and android devices.
Hopefully they can integrate BBM well into their native os' share and send to features. It needs to be visible and available anywhere email or sms is an option

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BlackBerry is done! BBM will not even put a bleap on the radar. This will never come to android nor ios.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

It needs to be flawless, no question about it. BlackBerry needs to go full force and release all/as many features it possibly can. And everything must be free! The reputation of BlackBerry has been hurt the last few days, and we need to offer a product that is out of the league of IM apps. If it's free, and spectacular, the critics will give it a shot.


This is how I see it working:

-Many old BB users will remember how great BBM was and will be blown away with the new BBM.
-BBM Channels will have the ability to rival that of Twitter in the sense of "following" people
-As BBM spreads the Blackberry name will soon be brough back to the positive light and people will start look at Blackberry as a viable option again.
-If BBM takes off then people will think about getting BB10 phones because they have built in access to the complete BBM experience for no extra charge.

The hardest part will be getting the initial push to get BBM going on the other platforms, once BBM starts becoming a popular app the rest will be easy.

Agreed, most important to get it right, rather than get it fast. Think reputation BlackBerry and test this stuff thoroughly before releasing.

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It will be very hard to convince non blackberry users to use anything that has blackberry on it. Everyone except the people that go on this site hate blackberry

Posted via CB10

I feel you may be right for BBM.

Cars... they're perhaps different, especially with the right makes and Models involved.

Wallet/payment is perhaps an area where security and exclusivity have a hand and this might cit BlackBerry an angle. BlackBerry and Visa or Mastercard were going to get some NFC happening I thought.... Volume problems now most likely. It's been so quiet on that front.

Very surprised no fitness device or wearable has been talked about, given the QNX heritage.

I think the market may now not appreciate the special nature of real-time systems.. the key thing QNX have over every other player. There's a story there but touch in the telling perhaps.

Posted via CB10

I suspect that BB is going to leverage their carrier relationships, and have BBM pre-loaded.

That still doesn't solve the problem of people out there with existing iOS/Android devices, but I think it's a route they will surely take.

I agree with everyone else in that BBM better be finished and completely polished when it releases. BBM Channels, BBM Video (maybe Screen Share can be an in app purchase), VoiP. All of these features better come right off the bat otherwise there is no way it will stand out and get people to try it out.

It should be a successful move, going cross platform. Reminds of what IBM had to do to remain relevant. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
Oh, and all those PB owners who keep on whining and complaining about "betrayal by BlackBerry ", all I can say are you guys for real? Do you honestly think that the Playbook will not become obsolete sooner or later? Let's face it, playbook was a flop and BlackBerry has done the right thing by scraping it. Unfortunately BlackBerry cannot please everyone neither can Apple or Samsung etc. No mobile phone, phablet or tablet out there is perfect. If you don't like BlackBerry "keep on moving " to iOS or android. SMH

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I for one will be issuing an ultimatum to all my Whatsapp friends: "get BBM or I will burn your house down, thank you come again".....a bit extreme but they won't have a choice

Posted via CB10

Great !!! After read that they will not upgrade my playbook with bb10, i decide to resell my z10 to go to android, f... to wait all time for nothing after months. I am so disgusted and now not hope that blackberry stay alive, i was in love with my z10, but i hate blackberry.
And now i know that i will use bbm with my next galaxy s4 ... what else?
Good bye BB and see you never.

The next update for bbm has to be able to autoscan phone book to add contacts automatically, I think the success of whatsapp is mainly because of this, it is THE MOST important feature that is missing in BBM, adding a contact through pin is already outdated, it is hard enough to convince them to try buy it will be much harder to make them stay, It is such a hassle to keep asking for a pin to add a new contact and I reckon ppl will delete it not long after

Posted via CB10

It's certainly time!!! It was hallmark with the front facing camera!? How many of us dreamed that a blackberry would ever get a front facing camera!?!? It happened and so will cross platform bbm! All I can say is....."its about time"!!!

Posted via CB10

I really am numb when it comes to expectations of BlackBerry. I love my z10 but the way BlackBerry handles issues is a shame. I'll believe the success when it comes. When it does come to ios and android and has glitches (nothing is perfect) it had better be resolved pronto.

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I don't see a lot of downside to this, and I'm personally pretty excited. I agree that a lot of users like myself started out with BlackBerries but left for greener pastures when BlackBerry remained frozen in time. I like BBM, I miss BBM and I'll use it when it comes out. I like iMessage as well but I don't see them conflicting.

With my wife on a Q10 I needed something cross platform and went back to What's App. I'd much rather have BBM.

I see large numbers of iOS and Android users downloading it because...why not? It's free. It doesn't mean you have to stop using other messaging platforms. There's no risk to trying it. And that's the key: get BlackBerry's gateway drug out to as many people as possible.

And monetize? Any time you have that many users in one place, you've got advertising potential. Make it in the form of channels so it isn't annoying. You've also got in-app purchases. Like text? Try voice for $1. Try video for $1.

BBM must always remain a better, more integrated experience on BlackBerry. Like iTunes being available on Windows, but nicest to use on a Mac, the BBM experience I think will raise BlackBerry's image... if people love BBM, how much more would they love it on a bb10 device, integrated into the hub?!

Posted via CB10

This is stupid. A lot of people stick with blackberry simply because of BBM. If it is made available for android and iOS then I can see blackberry sales going down and eventually blackberry becoming bust. Not to mention if this was added, how on earth would people on different platforms add contacts? BBM works by adding the recipient's device pin, and only blackberry phones have these pins?.....

Posted via CB10

PINs can be assigned to non-BlackBerry devices. For awhile, the BlackBerry Application Suite brought native BlackBerry apps to Windows Mobile, and I'm pretty sure they got their own PIN in that instance. 

Simon, you're wrong Windows Phone never got BBM that was a rumor! BlackBerry Connect was on Symbian S60 & UIQ ; but. never for windows smartphones of any kind.

Posted via CB10

I feel that because of BlackBerry's bad reputation, they do not have the luxury of bringing it out in its basic form. We understand that apps come out with the prospect of updates later. On the other hand, many do not. Plus, if this happens, I can just see people saying "what was all the fuss about?" It would be very hard to get people to try it again if their first impression is not perfect. So, yes, if they bring it out with all the bells and whistles. If not, people will have yet another reason not to think about BlackBerry ever again. Dangerous!

Posted via CB10

First Blackberry has to change the encryption method of BBM from one worldwide key for all users to individual keys.
At the moment everybody can read all BBM messages if he can capture the data (this is my last information).

But maybe this is a deal with our friends from the NSA ;-)

Posted via CB10

It doesn't matter if it is not free, i will be glad to pay 5 USD per month for the subscription (or around 60 USD a year).

Personally I can't wait, my friends and family are all on iOS and Android so this will be huge for me.

Posted via CB10

I still think that this will cause a drop in unit sales. I know three people myself who were going to buy BlackBerry 10 devices but decided not to due to this. If I could turn back time, I would have chosen another device too.

Posted via CB10

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! Do not make the same mistake as before and produce lame and insufficient marketing. Market the hell out of it and show what it can do. I'd like to see this as a well executed "Hail Mary". What good is it if it doesn't catch fire and fizzles out?

Sent from the future on my Z10.

I really can't see people moving from bb10 to ios and android after BBM cross platform. No one still using BlackBerry because of BBM only. That's why WhatsApp is famous today. These people already left the BlackBerry devices. I use BlackBerry because I like the experience and the brand. BBM cross platform its only one more reason to stay because I will be able to use this amazing message app (BBM) again! I have only three people on my list, but um sure people will download it and use it again. It will be a reason to tell my friends to come back to BlackBerry. It will be awesome!

Posted via CB10

in emerging market like indonesia, india people mainly using BB because their BBM.

when BBM arrived in ios and android there will be huge change BB marketshare in emerging market market

I totally agree with you.

Pick a phone for the user experience.

BBM and other chat programs are services. They should be cross platform.

Can you imagine the clusterfuck we'd be in, if email wasn't inter-operable? If your SMS messages could only be sent to people on your carrier network? If I could only make phone calls to other Bell Mobility customers? The fact that there exists any single-platform messaging systems is an astonishingly stupid situation. I can't believe that it was allowed to happen.

Ubiquitous email happened because software engineers without an economic axe to grind built it, before corporations had a chance to try to fuck it up. If Verizon and Comcast and Microsoft and Google had built the email infrastructure, we'd be in an awful shitty mess.

Please please please world. Wake up. Inter-operability is the only way to go.

The year was 2006 I was BBM so hard my thumbs hurt I knew when people received my messages and read them it was a great time I knew this until the year 2010 when I went and bought into the hype of the iphone 4 and now I'm back as the proud owner of the Q10 I missed this feeling and it's potential has the sky for a limit COME ON BLACKBERRY TEAM KEEP PUSHING THIS PHONES OS TO THE LIMITS AND GET BACK TO THE SUMMIT

Posted via CB10

They had 100,000 downloads of a fake version so there must be some people who want it.

And the plus is, they don't need US carrier support.

It will backfire to a degree.

Don't get me wrong, I think this Z10 is the most amazing phone on the market. Yeah, it might get beat out of the camera fight, but this thing is purely a weapon for getting sh!t done. I have, for years, stood by and defended BlackBerry on Twitter, FB, in person, etc... whenever people would down BlackBerry, I would defend them.

But I have to say, I am growing extremely tired of being left behind in the apps department. So tired, that when BBM cross platform is launched, I'll most likely switch to an Android.

I don't find one thing wrong with this phone. I simply love it. The only way that I would stay with BlackBerry is if I could, for the life of me, understand how to sideloading apps with the whole debug thing. Anyone who ever writes instructions writes them as though their entire audience is well versed in programming.

Posted via CB10

I have a developed a few basic apps for BB10, and ti be honest man its a lot of work IMO. You could always just give your pin to one of the people who has offered to convert the apps using the debug method for forum members.

Posted via CB10

It's true. The BB10 interface is really great. I really really really want a Q10 (I'm on a 9900 now). But this Android player clusterfuck has me really discouraged. Where's the native apps? I had such high hopes that BB would make a list of the top 20 apps, and get them native.

I use my phone for messaging. I'm not much of an apps user. But there's a few things I'd want. Dropbox. Evernote. Kindle. Lastpass. SSH/SCP. Feedly. Podcast player. MS Office. Twitter (I use it for work to update the front page of our lab web site). Google Authenticator. Google Maps. Tapatalk. Wordpress.

Some of these apps are here, native. The rest are Android player ports, and they stink. They're laggy and sluggish and shitty. And they break the peek/flow paradigm. The Dropbox integration in File Manager is nice, but needs more features. Evernote integration in BB Remember is very limited. I see there's a native Evernote app now, but WHY? Why wasn't this effort put into BB Remember? Seems so incredibly stupid.

The apps situation is going to sink BB from my perspective, and I'm not even a hardcore apps user.

I really don't want to be negative, but lets see if they actually do it. IF they do, it could be a great revenue generator, and with BBM channels could be a real game changer. But lets see if they actually pull the trigger, dare I repeat the phrase, "BB10 will not be coming to the PB".

You know what would be cool to be able to walk in a club or party and your phone notifies you of everyone who has bbm this would make it easier to meet people and see if they would like to add you

Posted via CB10

Seeing that most of my friends on other platforms used to have BBs and would BBM, this announcement was greeted very positively in my circles. Not having to go to different apps to text will make it easier for everybody. I use BBM for work and some friends but have to go to Whatsapp and standard texts for the others. And if they start using BBM to integrate into other apps then we will see a more positive outlook with BlackBerry as a whole.

My understanding is that the functionality is going to be phased in. Not everything will work at the beginning.

I'm not very like this idea but I'm still accepting it. My problem with this issue is flip flops effect, imagine u can grow products that you own but you lose products that make money to you. BBM cross platform is nice idea but how blackberry will counter their margin profit if small sales of device purchase buy consumer? The thing we need to know is what apps not sell smartphone device but blackberry do this, and BBM is jewel to blackberry. If I addicted to BBM but I don't want to use blackberry device for sure I will definitely buy other smartphone and I still have BBM. So think about it who lost who win?

Posted via CB10

I can personally guarantee that my girlfriend, sister and mother WILL be downloading BBM as soon as it's available. I'm down to one friend with a BB that I can BBM with; in my circle of influence I'll personally help BBM on iOS and Android take hold so I can get back to using it. I really hate SMS compared to BBM.

BBM / BBM Channel will be the best Social e-Commerce Brand Enterprise Messenger and most shared standard along with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn period !

Posted via CB10

Why people keep forgetting that cross platform bBM does not have to be make available in emerging countries.

Posted via CB10

A former BlackBerry user loved BBM switched to Samsung then iP5 . he is a lover of Shazam and Pandora and Netflix. Maps/GPS.
So his friend showed him his Z10 had Sound Hound, Music Search app, Slacker Radio, Nobix radio, Songza, Appollo radio, Maps / GPS on 10.1 is awesome, then showed him his side loaded Netflix app. Then he was not aware he could sync and download his 500 songs on iTunes Then the New BBM and BBM channels, he said that's enough for me to get my BBM back. So he switched ! This is what has to be done, BlackBerry has had such a large APP gap its all about SHoW and TELL Blackberry. Blackberry next commercials should address all the key apps right on TV. BBM will sell its self $

Posted via CB10

Non of this will work if BlackBerry doesn't release fresh new advertisement peeking consumers interest of BBM. They have to market themselves. Make it known BlackBerry is BACK! That BBM is the best messenger service on the market period! This is one huge problem for BlackBerry advertisement, reaching consumers, otherwise I guarantee you no one will care, I have already started talking to friends of mines who own iPhone and Android devices and I can tell you, they don't care. That ad BlackBerry put out for the super bowl was horrible. The ad that would have been nice to see is the pre-superbowl ad that was all over YouTube. "When we invented the smartphone..." powerful words and true. nothing is going to change for BlackBerry until they get more aggressive with their ads and reach more consumers.

Not focusing on tablets was a bad decision. Tablets and phones go together along with a computer at home. Let's go BlackBerry... people want the whole package! Apple and Windows are the only ones to offer it...

Posted via CB10

I'm thinking this will be a hit! A combination of messaging, BBM channels, screen sharing and video chat. Who else offers that all in one place?
BlackBerry just needs to make sure the app is appealing on iOS and Android. If the UI isn't appealing people will just stick with other messaging apps.

Posted via CB10

Nothing wrong with a little competition.

If imessage is strong enough then why shouldn't BBM go cross platform.

How can the mighty Apple/Android be threatened by little old BlackBerry. If they refuse then that's all the proof you need.

There is also the case for eliminating the competition. No alternative to the USA with regards to communication. Windows, Google, Apple.

Don't mistake Capitalism for Corporatism.

Keep fighting BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

There are many flaws in this new blackberry 10... but then too I recommend this smartphone of blackberry... but when asked what all things are available on app world at that time I have nothing to answer as blackberry app world isn't also able to provide basic apps as Truecaller, Line, We Chat, and many such and other all apps are also having bugs in it to run properly and smoothly... So It's my request to provide all such basic apps... thank you

Posted via CB10

I really only use SMS, BBM, and a few contacts on WhatsApp, but I plan on telling my whatsapp contacts that I'm deleting my account, and give them my BBM pin if they want to talk.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, my main joy for this is that I can finally get rid of WhatsApp. That thing is the bane of my existence. I mean yea i love that I can connect with family and friends around the world, it's just so unpleasant and fragmented to use.

Posted via CB10

I know so many people using iOS and Android crave for BBM. As it is coming to them their very happy but on the other hand they now say there is NO point of getting BlackBerry if BBM is coming to iOS and Android. However I think keeping some features like BBM screen share and some other features for BlackBerry only should attract iOS and Android fella's

Posted via CB10

I think that iOS afficianados will continue to use iMessage, and Android users will use gTalk, Kik, or whatsapp. BBM is a microcosm of BlackBerry, sure it's nice, but why would you switch from your current solution to it?

BBM is huge, loads of my clients are talking about the cross platform, it means I can do quicker business with them as I only email and I dont hardly text, if blackberry do this I can see the death of the text message.

Posted via CB10

Do you know how many time s I've heard an iOS or Android user say the following......


That statement alone says it's time to unleash BBM as the superior messaging application on all platforms!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

BlackBerry should use all of it's resources to get out of this hole that they've dug themselves into. I was all for cross platform BBM but since Friday I think they may not execute it 100%, if they do then it looks like BB cares more about ios and android than it does it's self.

One thing for sure, bbm on android or ios will be in top free apps in Indonesia lol

Posted via CB10

Bbm will be awesome on all platforms. Im anxious to have all my pals download it so we can use it. Other than that, I definitely woul love to have ptt added as well in the next update.

Posted via CB10

I feel bad saying it. But I don't think it will be that big. Apple fans do not care for BBM and if they have any curiosity at all they most likely out of sheer pride will do what they can to not get on board.

As for Android users I say yes because majority of the interested ones were once BlackBerry clients.

I know I know I am hatted on right now. I am BlackBerry from the start and Q10 till the end so don't hate the messenger.

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Its true that they say "loved ones hurt us the most".... Go on give them all for free and !. And take $ from legacy BB users.. Blackberry should not forget the ones who were with them all the time when they were down...

First ! Let out a new version of BBM for legacy devices which will not require any kind of BIS or Social only plan...
Then give it to them.

Hope it works I love my BlackBerry!! maybe this will be BlackBerry's "ipod" and save the company

Everyone who has one should be showing people what it can do. About 6 million salesman strong.

Posted via CB10

Admit it, you're a month late with your article or decided to drop it and someone asked you to unbin it so that people start talking about BBM again.
We've already had all those conversations at BB Live.

If BB does a good job at integrating contacts and notifications and once the other platforms support voice and video, then I can see great things for BBM. Audio quality is amazing.
They also could have a killer feature with Channels, if they play their cards right and don't try to be another Twitter or

Like I have been saying, in order to get advanced features, I think it should cost $.99 or own a BB

Posted via CB10

I agree, BlackBerry should be getting some revenue from opening up BBM to other platforms. I wouldn't impose a fee right away but they can definitely take a play out of the WhatsApp way of doing things. Download our app free for 6 months or a year, then pay 99 cents to keep it or unlock the PRO version for $1.99.

By the time the free trail is over people on other platforms should have a nice contact list going within BBM and they'll pay anything to keep the access and or gain the full service. I paid for WhatsApp after the year trial because I had 3 friends using it for iOS, wasn't going back to texting them so I paid the 99 cent cost and didn't even think twice.

BlackBerry can create that same scenario, if they position everything right and just use some common sense for strategy.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

I think the initial basic functionality should be free. You would not believe how many teenagers and others refuse to pay even $1 for anything. Having it free gets them hooked, and the optional nicer features like voice and video can be $1 extra. But if they don't need to I see it working un their benefit to provide it all for free and get money through sponsorships and advertising through BBM Channels.

Posted via CB10

I love BBM! It's going to be cool sharing if cross platform. I'd keep something out or charge for extra features like screen share. Would be a good way to make some money along the way , and to possibly attract people to become more curious about the full new BlackBerry BB10 experience . Rock ON Blackberry ! Keep it moving.

Posted via CB10

Bbm will be liked when it goes multi platform. Lots of people move from blackberry to ios and android, and bbm is a great messaging apps.

This also means the deployment should or must be smooth, because people will be extra judgemental and ios with android will try to take down bbm from any chance or slip from blackberry . Just like when bb10 first sales, they put godly expectation and keep bad mouthing it in any possible ways, hahaha. We will see it happens on bbm, but let hope blackberry will be redy this time.

Posted via CB10

I think that initially there will be people interested in the app and might download it, but in the long run, I don't think the interest will sustain. You will have people like myself, who hold fond memories of BBM of yesteryear and who have moved on to other platforms, but won't seriously consider returning to BBM, because it's a service that is now in a different context and holds less relevance or significance, compared to yesteryear. Times have changed. In previous years when BBM reigned, most people didn't have unlimited texting and data plans. Today, most smartphone users do. So, there's probably a high percentage of previous BBM users who have no use for BBM on their current platform. I understand there are other uses for BBM that texting can't address, but I think texting and emailing (also Twitter/Facbook) are the primary methods of communication for the majority of smartphone users, today.

BBM is already being used at a high rate in "emerging markets," and the only change there, will probably be people jumping ship to use BBM on other platforms like Android or IOS, which might be the nail in the coffin for BB hardware.

I also think it will be weird for some to get use to BBM on a non-Blackberry device. I think it might seem a little out of place using Blackberry Messenger on an Android or IOS device. It wont give you the same nostalgic feeling that you were looking for, IMHO. Just like I would not use Imessage on an Android. I think most people stay loyal to native apps that compliment their platform or a neutral third party messaging app like WhatsApp.

Completely disagree, for many BBM represented the first time a generation could say what they wanted when they wanted wherever they wanted. It was the original. I never wanted a BlackBerry device before my Z10, but I did wish I had BBM. I think, many people left it just because it was unavailable on their new phone, but unlike the platform, people didn't leave it because it didn't work for them or was inferior.

Posted via CB10

When former BlackBerry users I know inform me of their phone switch, usually one of the first few sentences out of their mouths are "I'm really going to miss BBM". Texting can't ever compare, it's too bloody basic.

Posted via CB10

The point wasn't about comparing texting to BBM. The point I was making was that at the time when BBM was popular it served and filled diverse needs that at the time were unfulfilled. There were people who used it as an inexpensive way to communicate and avoid carrier text messaging charges. There were people who used it as a way to talk and communicate in groups with friends.

My point was that times have changed and many of the voids that BBM filled previously have been replaced with other services and technologies and therefore the assumption that past loyal users will come back in droves, isn't realistic. I gave the example about the unlimited texting and data plans in the U.S., because these new, popular plans, now fill the void of the group of past BBM users who used the service as a cheap alternative to texting. I used the example of email (push mail on smartphones), Twitter, Facebook to illustrate new social realms for friends to communicate. And of course there are new, more popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, that fill the void for other formal messaging needs.

The only other group, which is probably the largest BBM group, is in the "emerging markets." Many of them are using the service already, mainly as an inexpensive way of messaging without the added data charges, but will now have the incentive to finally jump ship when BBM goes cross platform.

I have never used BBM because NONE of my friends and family had BlackBerry phones. So I will be new to BBM myself. What does it do that the plain old messaging app does not do?

Posted via CB10

Groups are amazing. You can set up group chats and upload photos and members can comment on them. As well you can post group reminders or notes (think of it as a collaborative work tool). I use it mostly to brainstorm ideas with my group, we each just post our ideas in the relevant note when something pops into our head. Also you can setup calendar events for the entire group as well. Perfect for organizing a get together. That's just the tip of the iceberg my friend.

Posted via CB10


I don't expect it to be anything better than Blackberry's facebook app on BB10. Thorsten Heins is not a trusted man so don't listen to his words.

Posted via CB10

Oh geez you guys kill me. This isn't coming. What is the date? I would love to have egg on my face but no faith in bbry. Summer? Soon? Nonsense. In other news 20 million s4 phones sold.

I feel BBM on cross platform will help users on Android n iOS to connect with ppl on BlackBerry devices.i agree there are other apps for the same reason like whatsapp,being a user of whatsapp etc for many years now I feel BBM is still a much better way to connect n has a much better interface.looks more clean n less confused.i know a few of my friends on android n iOS who are excited about BBM coming on their devices.BBM coming on other platforms has its own pros n cons.but we must agree that BBM is much more secured than whatsapp.On whatsapp anyone and everyone can contact u if they have ur number..even if it was for business purpose years back, whom we probably dunt even remember now.if I have X on my whatsapp list n even if he doesn't have me I can still see his whatsapp DP n his status..which obv isn't a good thing according to me.whereas on BBM u must exchange PINS.which I feel is more sophisticated n private.
I am using a BlackBerry Q10 and a Samsung Quattro (Win) and I m excited about BBM coming on Android :).
Anyways the above is my personal opinion..goodluck everyone! Including BlackBerry :)

Posted via my Fingertips on Q10!

I can't wait. My bbm contact list can have more than 5 people on it :D. But I can't help but wonder about all this qnx talk and cars. Apparently "a long history"?? Where?? In a few high priced cars that seem to only be at BlackBerry conferences? It seems to be a lot of talk but no where to be seen. If they want to move into an automotive work environment they should move into the trucking industry. Large companies can buy these systems which they are all computerized already to a small extent. I think it would be a smart thing to do.

Posted via CB10

When BBM can send more than one picture to more than on contact at a time it will be the greatest messaging app in the world. Unlimited file transfer (size) would be wonderful. I think BBM going cross platform will be a good thing, but not a life saver for BlackBerry. God forbid it be the buggy piece of junk most BlackBerry first tries are. I need BlackBerry for my qwerty keyboard...

What's apps has had problem after problem and issue after issues and they ate still around. To say bbm has to be flawless is ridiculous setting expectations by Apple and Android fan boys. Nothing is perfect but bbm is second to non.

Posted via CB10

It's a uphill battle. Apple makes computers and uses the research and development in the phones. They made the I-pad first but decided to turn it into a mobile device. BlackBerry needs to diversify it's products. Just making phones is not cutting it anymore

BlackBerry z10

GTalk has been embedded into Google Hangouts recently. (It said so when I updated my iPad yesterday but I have experienced it elsewhere, such as on the new GMail interface.)

We really need to see a Google Hangouts app on BlackBerry 10.

If cross platform BBM is free of charge and functionality as powerful as other competitors. It will win.

Posted via CB10

BBM is my favourite messenger and my most populated one - but yesterday it went down again for the whole day here in Jakarta.

Can't imagine what happens when all those Androids and iPhones join.

Then I probably leave, since BlackBerry doesn't seem to be able to provide a stable experience already. Been far too often, those technical difficulties.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

It needs to be perfect and released a couple weeks BEFORE the new school year at the latest! If the app is amazing it will spread like a wild fire!!!

Posted via CB10

I think BBM will do well cross-platformed for the simple reason that everyone will want to use it. It'll be one of those "everyone uses it" apps, like twitter or facebook. It may not gain traction in the US, but it will def gain traction in markets where people want to try other platforms, but retain BBM. Slowly but surely, people will install it and find that the people who they were using other clients with are on BBM so other clients won't be used, and will be uninstalled.

As long as BBM handles multiple languages well, it'll be a hit.

I think the ability to have BBM utilize the push aspect will be the end game on the platform agnostic app.
The ability to see where your BBM friends are, and the push ads based on location will be the 'innovative ' features of the app.
The ads plus the vertical integration will be what they try to monetize.
I think I also read that BlackBerry also has a play in the telephony switch avenue which is supposed to have incredible margins, albeit, unknown to everyone.

Posted via CB10

Simon do we have any indication that BlackBerry staff participate in these chats /forums or at very least monitor them? Is there a BlackBerry Forum on their where we can give feedback?

Posted via CB10

To me its a no brainer and long over due. The fundamental lesson of technology advance is that those who do not open their technology thinking it is exclusive, get replaced and soon. Innovation can not be exclusive nor static. BBM and BB generally is like this. I will say BBM voice and video are amazing, but these also must get out fast. To an important degree Apple is too exclusive and it will be its downfall, except that at least Apple keeps innovating. Google's is the most open and its taking over. Why not open BB10, and QNX?

That might actually decrease BlackBerry sales because people actually buy blackberry's because of BBM. So if b I'd cross platform my smartphone's value decreases :(

Posted via CB10

Nice bit of early morning news... yep I agree, going cross platforming will be awesome, soon I'll able to get rid of what's app and recommend bbm to all my fams and friends...

Sent by Bbry Z10

Here in South Africa Whatsapp in the top chat app... do I see it as a major challenge for BBM. Although BBM I'd much stronger in terms of functionality, data pricing I'd also a factor as not much of video chatting takes places because of high cost.. so I really wonder how BBM will penetrative the market

Posted via CB10

AGAIN the timing of BB management to open up BBM on other platforms is horrible. They should have opened it when they were delaying the BB10 platform. Had they done that then they would have had over 200 million BBM users like what WatsApp has now. Also then with the launch of BB10 you would have had a ready 200 million users to launch BBM Channels and BBM Money. By delaying to such an extent you are losing it to competition. Also since the BB world announcement its still taking forever for BBM to go cross platform. I know its going to be before 21st September. But why can't you say that it shall be launched in a weeks time. This is what annoys me of BB management.

During my BB days I used BBM quite a lot. After it became clear that BB/RIM completely changed the platform and old users were left out of progress, I switched to Android but I there's little I would love more than having my BBM back.
I know people who would love BBM too should it become available on their platforms.
I'm pretty sure getting non-BB fans on board won' be hard, the only difficulty is getting BB to actually port it and launch it as there's still no committed date.

It's too soon....too soon after the launch of Bb10 and too risky while BB10 is trying to gain ground in the market again.

I see so many teens and 20s saying it won't be worth buying a BlackBerry once BBM is on android and apple. And amazingly would appear a lot buy a Blackberry in that age group for BBM.....before the fan boys jump all over me, as you ask the majority on the help pages and they haven't seen the BB10 advertising and haven't a clue what BB10 can do, convinced that they will freeze, have the black clock etc. And hear them talk of the Android app store that they crave....

I would be less worried if BB10 had a year to establish....

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