now lets you easily invite your friends to BBM

By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2013 05:03 pm EDT

We've been on and on (and on) about BBM needing a better way to spread the word and invite contacts, and it looks like BlackBerry is taking some action. Vince let us know that on, you now have the option to quickly and easily invite your contacts to BBM with just a few clicks.

The service works for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Just choose your weapon and follow the prompts. You can select which contacts you want to invite so you don't have to spam every one of your Facebook friends or email contacts, but you'll be able to get the word out complete with your PIN so they know where to add you.

It's obviously not a super easy, on-device solution but it definitely takes the hurt out of spamming your friends to come join BBM. If you're ready to give it a whirl, head to and click the "Invite your friends" button in the middle of the page.

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Reader comments now lets you easily invite your friends to BBM


Just started seeing this on twitter. This is the notification that is sent out from

I just connected with friends on #BBM. Invite your BlackBerry, Android and iPhone friends at

Here's something else i discovered on BB10: if your bbm friend already has facebook or twitter connected, select 'invite to bbm' from the bbm app, type '7' and it starts pulling up all your friends whose pins start with 7

This will also be great for the less tech savy users. Everyone I've shown the barcode scanning method to is very impressed... granted, we've all had this option for years, but it's fun to see other platform users get excited about something BB related )

This sure beats the facebook invite I got from my friend.
It said:
"<my friend's name> has invited you to use BBM"
When I clicked on it, it brought me to the website.
I have a Z10 so I don't need to download it. On the other hand, it didn't give me my friend's PIN so that I could add them.

They look good on OS7- devices. New BBM stretches the photo. Whatsapp's profile photo is much better than BBM.

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Well, I'd rather use a messaging client for its messaging chops and not how well it displays a picture that almost no one will take a second look at... but that's just me

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Good idea. I've been posting status updates, but not everyone sees them. This looks more effective. Thanks! :-)

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Everyone who has friends on IOS and Android tell your friends to download BBM!!! Tell them to do it from or physically grab their phones and do it for them that way they can see how great it is!! I had 1 BBM contacts now I have 5 by the end of the week I expect to have way more!

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I had 2 I have 15 now, but they only have me, so I'm bringing people who know each other, do that, by groups.

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I've been successful with android friends but just my IOS friends have been more stubborn and stuck on WhatsApp.. every android friend that I've suggested so far has downloaded. My IOS folks fall into the "just because" category without knowing which way the wind is blowing. I just wish they could read this hahaha

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every single friend I have convinced to download BBM has had problems. One person on Android can't read half his messages and can't send any. Another friend of mine with an Android phone can't make his display picture show up on other peoples phones (like mine) even though it clearly shows his picture on his phone. I actually know more people that have downloaded it and deleted it (some are x blackberry users who loved bbm) than have downloaded it and kept it. I am very upset by this because I keep reading on here how great it is working on iOS and Android except for a few issues and yet I don't know a single person where the app works to a level that I would ever want to keep it. How do we convince people of the merits of BBM when they get what looks and feels like a cheep knock off app? Also, anyone have any similar stories?

Strange I convinced 12 people from my company and around 4 family members to start using BBM. Not one issue or problem reported from any of them.

Same. I've got 4 iPhones and one Android friend to load it. Only problem so far is the wait list. Well actually two people with the profile pic problem but that's been the only minor glitch.

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The profile pic remedy (at least for me) was to change the pic, save it and then change it back to what you originally wanted. It worked for my wifes iPhone.

Everyone I asked had to wait to get on, but once they did no problem except one iphone user. Told him to go get the iphone update, he said there is an update? I said yes and you need it for ios7. Voila, all his problems solved. He went to work and convinced the entire engineering staff that held android and Apple devices to do the same. Now that is saying something!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Yeah, we haven't deleted yet, but it's not reliable on Android, Samsung Galaxy s3. We have tested it twice, and both times went back to fb messenger after 5 mins.

No. No similar stories here 100% of "iDroid" users I've motivated to get BBM have had no trouble.

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This feature has been up since launch and you can access from your device as well. Much easier than on your pc.
Also when you connect to facebook it will pull your contacts that already have bbm and you can simple copy and paste their bbm pin into bbm

This is actually not such a good way. A Lot of my friends thinks it's spam and they just ignore it.. haha

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This is great. Though I have to say its quite funny to see people posting there BBM bar code on Instagram, and getting 1,000's new BBM contacts in a matter of minutes lol,

That's how I've been inviting friends but they need to make this possible from within the app.

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It doesn’t work. It just say loading for hours.

This should be available from BBM.

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I've just been emailing out invites. Works fine. Added 6 new contacts in 2 days.

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seems to be a limit to the amount of friends you can invite at one time. Think its 25. Will take some time to invite my 1,100 friends. :)

Just post your pin and bar code on Facebook or whatever social services you use along with a link to

Along with a nice invite message.
Should accomplish the same thing in a less spammy way.

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Pakistan's Sindh province bans Skype, WhatsApp and Viber over security concerns

Pakistani authorities have banned instant messaging and Internet telephony services including Skype, WhatsApp and Viber in the province of Sindh

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Isn't texting a commodity item? Every carrier has unlimited texting, why bother with an add on? I had BBM on three bb's that I owned and never used it, no one else that I knew owned a bb. What sets BBM aside from common texting? Answer that last question and you know why BBM isn't wanted.

Bud you have no idea what you are talking about lol please get education about the topic for us to bother to debate it

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Your right after three bb's and never using it, I have no idea other than texting, what makes it stand above built in, standard texting?

If you've never used BBM, you have no idea. A short list: multiple conversations, organized, delivered/read notification, sent on Blackberry servers, more secure, free on roaming, unlimited, emoticons, easy file/picture attachment, now with voice chat and video chat, groups, channels, handshake, banning, notifications/status updates, and that just scratches the surface. Standard texting is spammy, unreliable, expensive, unsecure, and the list goes on. There is a reason why BBM and other messaging apps have caught on, and why texting is the way of the dinosaur, an old antiquated system that carriers used as a profit cash cow.

Verizon has no unlimited texting.... texting is limited with the amount of characters used per message, you could write a book if you wanted on BBM and send it as one.

standard text take long sometimes and they're unreliable also if you text internationally iit costs money. There are many better reasons why bbm is better than texting

Not as good a solution as i'd like. Much less steps to simply post a facebook status update with my pin.

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wondering if someone can help me. when i add someone through bbm i get a separate contact in the contacts. When i'm in the contacts app there is a line to add bbm pin. When I copy the pin it asks me to invite them to bbm but they are already a bbm contact. does anyone know how to fix or is it unable to be fixed?

You can merge the two contacts. Just press on one for a while and an option to select it will pop up. Then push on the other one and an option to merge them will pop up.

Posted via CB10 as stated already did nothing when trying to connect to FB, using a computer. Worked perfect though on my Z10.

Is there a way to block contacts with out deleting them? Or is there a way to choose not to receive BC from especific people?

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Cool....only problem I ran into occurs if you have more than one Gmail account with different contacts the process keeps forcing the first Gmail account contacts.cant figure out how to use this with my other account

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Proud to have done my part.

Thanks for posting as I didn't know that it was there. This article was important because it helped at least one

Go Blackberry! Can't wait for the next quarterly report showing that the BBM launch made the company millions in revenue!!!! Yeaah!!

Can someone please tell me why I can't call or use BBM video chat with Android user or is it only works between blackberry users?

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One way I think BlackBerry could grow and enhance the BBM user experience is to create an online version of a "BBM Phone book".

How I envision this working is the individual user registering their PIN into a public domain other BBM users could use to perform a search, and bring up contact information a user wishes to share not unlike Canada 411. And a function within the site that connects devices directly once an "invite" is accepted.

Something this simple could go a long way in helping to build up BlackBerry's ecosystem which the company too often takes hits on.

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Friends ask me now why there is no way to share pictures and short videos inside multiperson chat ??? Even does have such feature. BBM is brilliant when you chat 1-2-1. When you have multiperson chat, People say, it is not a social app. Issue needed, ASAP!!!

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

HEy, I just noticed something after BBM went cross platform. The BBM on android (i can't say for iPhone) unlike the BBM on legacy and BB 10 devices only allows for sending of pictures and voice notes. However, I tried sending a docx (microsoft word) file a while ago from a legacy device running BBM 7.0 and it delivered on my the BBM on my android.I was able to save and view the document. I guess we can see this feature coming to BBM for Android (and iPhone) pretty soon. Though in my opinion, using BBM without a physical keyboard is a chore.

Someone else might have discovered this also but I just decided to share this information.

This is great! No more spamming haha. But it worked for me, my friends are downloading BBM and were curious to try it.

Aww fantastic so when can i download onto my PlayBook?????????????? Or would a company really abandon its own users so blatantly

Just realised that if a friend sends their pin all you have to do is long hold and add automatically to BBM... BlackBerry recognises it as a BBM pin... so no copy and paste.

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Random thought.. Now that the is millions of new users, would services such as (beloved) BBM music have some added validity?!?.. I always found it was a great way of gaining contacts with similar interests in music. *sorry to post in this thread*

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I had a friend try to tell me this was barbaric and overbearing app because it wanted him to download candy crush. Lmao!!!! Like what? BlackBerry would NEVER do that I told him and gave him the link I'm slowly but surely making post on Twitter and Facebook purposefully with my PIN so they can add me. Hoping I can get a few people in. I have yet to see anyone with a Z10 except one friend of mine that I showed him mine and he loved the keyboard features. He was thinking of updating to Galaxy S4 or the HTC. He bought the Z10. Also met someone at a show and we couldn't talk but didn't want to go outside so I pulled my phone out, he was impressed as well with the keyboard features. They are so hard headed until you physically put the phone in their hands so they "get it".

Hello, i have a Samsung, i have downloaded the bbm app, now my question is how come no one can see my profile picture, but i can see everyone elses? should i creat a new account or is there something i can do? Please help me out!