BBM video calling now supported on iOS and Android globally
News & Rumors | 129 Comments BBM video calling now supported on iOS and Android globally A few short days after announcing availability in Asia-Pacific, Matthew Talbot Senior Vice President at BlackBerry, took to Twitter to let it be known BBM video calling is now supported on iOS and Android globally. Although it's not stated, the update is one that gets taken care of on the...


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Jun 23, 2016 BBM video calling now supported on iOS and Android globally
A few short days after announcing availability in Asia-Pacific, Matthew Talbot Senior Vice President at BlackBerry, took to Twitter to let it be known BBM video calling is now supported on iOS and Android globally. Continue Reading →
Jun 21, 2016 BBM video support for iPhone and Android expands to Asia-Pacific
Hot on the heels of announcing availability for Europe and Africa, BlackBerry has now announced BBM video support for iPhone and Android has expanded to Asia-Pacific in beta form, giving iPhone and Android users the ability to video-call each over BBM. Continue Reading →
Jun 15, 2016 BBM video support for iPhone and Android expands to Europe and Africa
After having rolled out BBM video for iPhone and Android to North America, Latin America, and the Middle East, BlackBerry has now let it be known that as of June 14, 109 countries, territories and regions in Europe and Africa are now also supported. Continue Reading →
May 25, 2016 PayPal will sunset its BlackBerry app on June 30
PayPal has announced it will shut down its BlackBerry app on June 30. However, BBM users will still be able to send peer-to-peer payments via PayPal. Continue Reading →
May 20, 2016 BlackBerry raises its eyebrow to add the 'Colbert emoji' to BBM
BlackBerry has announced that BBM will be the first messenger app to add support for the 'Colbert emoji' from the Unicode Consortium. It includes a face with a raised eyebrow and resembles the same one used by late night talk show host Stephen Colbert. Continue Reading →
May 13, 2016 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated with bug fixes and performance improvements
Following the latest round of updates to BBM for Android and iOS, BlackBerry has once again directed their attention to BBM on BlackBerry 10 and have now released a new update. Continue Reading →
May 09, 2016 BBM for Android update brings bug fixes and improvements
While the last update to BBM for Android was huge in the fact that it brought BBM video chat in beta form, the latest BBM update rolling out through the Google Play Store is a little bit less eventful but still important. Continue Reading →
Apr 28, 2016 BBM for Android and iOS updated to include BBM video chat in beta
While BlackBerry 10 customers have had the ability to BBM video chat between each other since the launch of BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS users have been left out of the loop, until now. A new Android version of BBM has now been released through Google Play, which brings BBM video chat between Android and iOS devices in US and Canada. Continue Reading →
Apr 22, 2016 HotRemit adopts BBM for mobile payments and expense tracking in India
BlackBerry and Digitsecure today announced that they are bringing the immediacy and reliability of BBM to HotRemit digital money transfers in India. Starting today, BBM users can initiate instant mobile payment transfers in BBM and receive customized expense reports for personal and professional expenses. Continue Reading →
Apr 07, 2016 BlackBerry introduces BBM LIFE – a new daily content channel for customers in Indonesia
Indonesia remains a huge market for BBM – 58 million users – and to help continue that growth, BlackBerry recently launched the new BBM Channel BBM LIFE – a new daily content channel for customers in Indonesia. Continue Reading →
Mar 31, 2016 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated, all Privacy and Control features now free!
In addition to the BBM for Android update rolled out, BlackBerry has also updated BBM for BlackBerry with much of the same improvements including ditching the fees for all the Privacy and Control features such as timed messages and photos, retract, private chat, and the ability to edit messages. Continue Reading →
Mar 18, 2016 BBM beta for BlackBerry 10 adds new features and sharing options
For those of you lucky enough to be a part of the BBM beta for BlackBerry 10, you'll want to fire up the Beta Zone app and get the latest release downloaded. This time around, there's actually some new features added to the mix making the update even that more special. Continue Reading →
Feb 24, 2016 BlackBerry and Sharecare launch secure BBM channel for all your health needs
Sharecare has teamed up with BlackBerry to launch a new BBM channel, which can be used by those who have medical questions or seek health advice and resources. Experts will be at hand from the American Cancer Society, as well as licensed physicians and nurses. Continue Reading →
Feb 19, 2016 BlackBerry teams up with Barclays Pingit to bring mobile payments through BBM
BlackBerry has now announced they have teamed up with Pingit, from Barclays, to enable mobile payments through BBM in the UK. Continue Reading →
Feb 10, 2016 BBM for iOS updated with improvements for BBM Protected
Following the update to BBM for BlackBerry 10 and Android that brought improvements to BBM Protected, iOS users now have the update available as well. Continue Reading →
Feb 05, 2016 Gary Klassen, Inventor of BBM has left BlackBerry
While there are some unconfirmed reports of another round of layoffs hitting BlackBerry in Waterloo and Florida, there's one exit that can be confirmed. Gary Klassen, inventor of BBM has now exited BlackBerry after nearly 16 years with the company. Continue Reading →
Jan 28, 2016 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated with improvements for BBM Protected
Following the announcement of BBM Protected improvements as part of BlackBerry's expansion of their enterprise software portfolio, a new BBM update for BlackBerry 10 has arrived containing those improvements. Continue Reading →
Jan 23, 2016 Firstmonie, MMIT and BlackBerry team up to enable social commerce through BBM in Nigeria
Firstmonie, the mobile money service of First Bank of Nigeria Limited and MMIT (Mobile Media Info Tech) have now partnered with BlackBerry in Nigeria to enable social commerce through BBM. Continue Reading →
Dec 17, 2015 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.11.6.21
Having some issues with [the previous update for BBM](/bbm-blackberry-10-updated-chat-search-feed-improvements-and-more)? If so, you'll want to get the newest version available that has now arrived in BlackBerry World. It could potentially fix any woes you're having as it appears to be a bug fix only update. Continue Reading →
Dec 14, 2015 Score yourself some free NHL BBM stickers from the BBM Shop!
The [BBM](/bbm) Shop has been rather busy as of late loading up on a wide assortment of stickers, and while we don't go crazy around here posting each and every single pack, when cool (and especially free) packs come up, we share them. Right now, there's a new pack that has just arrived that I KNOW a lot of folks have been waiting for. Continue Reading →
Dec 09, 2015 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated with chat search, feed improvements and more!
With [the Android build already rolled out](/bbm-android-update-brings-new-features-bug-fixes-and-performance-improvements), BlackBerry has also updated [BBM](/bbm) for BlackBerry 10 users. Essentially, it's the same version as it brings the exact same improvements to BlackBerry 10 devices such as the ability to search your BBM chats, contacts, groups and channels, like posts in your feed, request a contact's location with enhancements to Glympse and more. Continue Reading →
Dec 07, 2015 Grab the Minions Emoji BBM sticker pack for free!
Stuart, Kevin and Bob have invaded BBM by way of the [BBM Sticker Shop](/tag/bbm-stickers). Right now, [you can head on into the shop and grab the free Minions Emoji BBM sticker pack]( Continue Reading →
Dec 01, 2015 BlackBerry will shut down BBM Meetings service on Feb. 10, 2016
BlackBerry will shut down its BBM Meetings service, which offered customers access to video and voice conferences for several platforms, on Feb. 10, 2016. Continue Reading →
Nov 27, 2015 BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated through the Beta Zone
If you're part of the [BBM](/bbm) beta through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you'll want to go ahead and check for the newest release which has now arrived for BlackBerry 10. Unlike [the last release](/bbm-updated-through-blackberry-beta-zone-brings-ability-retract-photosedit-multi-person-chat-and), this update doesn't pack in as many new features but there's still one worth mentioning. Continue Reading →
Nov 10, 2015 BBM updated through BlackBerry Beta Zone, brings ability to retract photos, edit multi-person chat and more
While many are getting their hands on the new offering from BlackBerry - the Priv - those on [BlackBerry 10](/blackberry-10 "BlackBerry 10"), who also have access to BlackBerry Beta Zone, can check out the latest beta update to [BBM](/bbm "BBM"). It brings some new features such as the ability to retract photos, just as you can retract messages and more. Continue Reading →
Oct 19, 2015 How to make a PayPal payment through BBM
While PayPal integration was initially only available to those in Canada, it has slowly been rolling out to other regions. What better time to check out how easy it is to send money with PayPal through BBM. Continue Reading →
Oct 17, 2015 Interswitch partners with BlackBerry to integrate payments through BBM in Nigeria
Interswitch, Africa's leading digital payments and commerce provider, has announced the integration of its Quickteller services with BlackBerry's BBM. Continue Reading →