BBM4All van takes a tour around the UK

By DJ Reyes on 29 Oct 2013 12:36 pm EDT

*Update* - We've been told the tour is rolling out to the US starting in Miami and LA next week! If you see the vans be sure to let us know!

It has been a little over a week since BBM launched on Android and iOS. It got 10 million downloads within 24 hours and we know now that there are 20 million active users in its first week, on top of the current 60 million BlackBerry users. We're all spreading the word and getting all our friends and family and anyone else download BBM. To help spread the word, there's a BBM4All van making it's way around the U.K. to help promote multi-platform BBM.

A group of BBM Ambassadors have been put together to go around the U.K. to promote BBM. The tour kicked off yesterday, Monday 28th October 2013, at Liverpool University. They will be making their way around various locations for the next two weeks. They have BlackBerry devices, Android and iPhone devices to showcase BBM, including BBM Groups. They will be on hand to help people download and get started with BBM and generally making people aware that BBM is available for Android and iOS. 

At the moment all locations are around England. If all goes well, hopefully we can see the tour make its way to Scotland and Wales too.

BBM4All UK destinations

  • 29 Oct – Sheffield University
  • 30 Oct – Nottingham University
  • 31 Oct – Birmingham University
  • 01 Nov – Warwick University
  • 04 Nov – Oxford Brookes University
  • 05 Nov – Brunel University
  • 06 Nov – Lyric Square, Hammersmith, London
  • 07 Nov – University of East London
  • 08 Nov – Covent Garden, London
  • 09 Nov – Westfield, Sheppard’s Bush, London

If you do attend any of these locations, share some of your photos with us. For now, you can check out the gallery above to see pictures of the BBM van.

You can also give the BBM For All BBM Channel a follow for all the latest on the tour - C001868AF.

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Reader comments

BBM4All van takes a tour around the UK


It'd be even more awesome if it was a Volkswagon van, kind of playing along with the "old BBM is back" message haha.

They should get a better car for this, and at least mention android and iOS (if they don't use term iPhone). That car doesn't look good.

Surprised we haven't seen any worldwide bbm advertising in the way of commercials along side with the Z30. Here in Canada I would have expected some more promotion of the Z30 at the biggest time for BlackBerry, I can assume they are just waiting until things play out next week before spending millions before a transaction.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

This is awesome! But is this actually blackberry marketing, or just enthusiast with a few extra bucks on their hands.



Why do they only insist on doing stuff like this where they don't necessarily have a weak presence? Stuff like this should be concentrated where they need a stronger presence, like the US. They need to put up BlackBerry stores here, have vans or whatever making tours, and things of that nature. I'm happy to see it happening anywhere but it should be everywhere, especially where they have the weakest presence.

Posted via CB10

I would think that secondary markets like the US would be higher risk for this sort of investment. I think it makes sense to target the stronger markers first.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I imagine the population density is a lot higher in the UK than in the US. It makes it a lot easier to drive around the country and reach people.

The US is a dieing super power people are starting to loose interest in... just saying no pun intended lol

Posted via CB10

So not visiting Manchester which has one of the largest student populations in Europe? Seems strange...

Posted via CB10

They need to implement the ability to disable BBM Groups notification for iOS and Android devices pronto.

This needs to be a priority! Everyone I have in groups have disabled notifications altogether because of this, but now they don't even know when a real message comes in.
Not really keeping this people connected at this point, very unBBM like!

Posted via CB10

Why call yourself BBM4ALL when it's not for all? And BlackBerry Customer's on pay as you go still have to pay for BBM while none BlackBerry Customers get it for free, that just can't be right, come on BlackBerry your pushing us into buying a none BlackBerry smartphone so we can get bbm for free

Posted via CB10

With BlackBerry10 BBM is free aslong as you have a generic data package. Only on older (legacy) BlackBerry devices you need a BlackBerry specific data package - so it costs.

Me personally, I'd rather pay to have BIS(BlackBerry Internet Service) than to use a generic data package.

Posted via my CB Q10

Data is data and it's never free might be part of your package, even if you did get a non blackberry phone you're still gonna pay to have your BBM working.

Posted via CB10

Good to see they're going to universities and getting all the people with disposable income on BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Covering UK will be less expensive compare us. Same population with in tiny area compare to us

Posted via CB10

That's great to see. I'm in Nottingham at the moment so I'll be sure to take a trot over there to see the van & hopefully bag some swag.

Posted via my CB Q10

It's a good start but that only covers the bottom half of England, never mind Wales the northern part of England and Scotland.

Posted via CB10

The bottom half of England is where all the money is. (This isn't a dig; about 40% of the economy is in the South-East, and when you add in East Anglia, the Midlands and the South West I think that's about 70% of the total. Wales, the North-East and North-West are significantly poorer.)

Heck BlackBerry can hire me for Canada. I'd love to spread the BBM4All love around here.

Posted with my BlackBerry Z30

I think this is great. I am actually surprised that they are doing this. Keep it up. North America could use this as well.

I don't know if it's possible or if it'd have security issues but they should contemplate making bbm on legacy devices not need bis.

Posted via CB10

The US will get love from BlackBerry once Verizon releases the Z30

The US has to show carrier love to BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

How much would it cost to to print some flyers and hand them out at all major US airports with instructions on the reverse.

BB4ALL with the hug emoticon.

Posted via CB10

How can that be a tour of the UK. It only goes as far as Birmingham. What about the rest

Posted via CB10

Nobody lives there. I was at first surprised that Cambridge and Manchester were missing but then I thought, those are the places where the stored program digital computer was first developed, perhaps BB thought they could figure it out for themselves.

Is that actually 1 in 10 users has a Windows phone, or 1 in every 10 phones sold is Windows? Because they are different.

Uurrrm....if 1 in 10 of every phone sold is a windows phone, the operative word being "every", wouldn't that mean 1 in 10 users own a windows phone?

Posted via CB10

I think they should have had a big bbm icon and then say no available on android and ios. Those crappy emotions don't help

Mwahahahaha it's the Z10