BBM wins 'Best Mobile Chat App' in Indonesia

By James Richardson on 16 Jun 2014 03:56 am EDT

As BlackBerry users we tend to take BlackBerry Messenger for granted as it's just what we've become accustomed to using for communication. It really doesn't come as a huge surprise that BBM has been awarded the 'Best Mobile Chat App' on Jakarta, Indonesia.

Although BlackBerry has a strong presence in Indonesia we mustn't forget that there are some popular alternatives out there such as WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, just to name a few across all platforms. With BBM being available on iOS and Android (and soon to be Windows Phone) it's another sweet victory showing off the benefits of using BBM over the competition.

I wonder what percentage of the BBM users in Indonesia are not using a BlackBerry? Are your friends using another platform? Let us know?

Press Release

Jakarta, 16 June 2014 – BlackBerry, a world leader in mobile communications, has received the Indonesia Cellular Award (ICA) 2014 for BBM – its reliable and secure instant messaging application, in the category 'Best Mobile Chat App'. The respected award was received at the Indonesia Cellular Show 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta on 5 June 2014.

BBM is a premier mobile messaging application and delivers real time engagement communication, loved by users across Indonesia, on any mobile platform they use. Thanks to our loyal fans, BBM has become an essential part of daily communication around the world. To enhance users' experience, BlackBerry has worked together with local artist, Susilo Saptoady, to develop BBM Stickers 'The Punakawan' and 'Nusantara's Kid'.

We are honored to receive this prestigious award. We could not have done it without the support of the loyal fans who voted BBM 'Best Mobile Chat App'," said Krishnadeep Baruah, Senior BBM Marketing Director at BlackBerry Asia Pacific. The Indonesia Cellular Award 2014 (ICS) is an event to commemorate the best of and the growth of mobile technology. Winners from the event are a result of votes gathered by consumers. 18 categories were selected by the juries and more than 13 thousand votes have been collected.




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Observation Junkie

Well done BlackBerry, now market the heck out with the award received.

Buy some front cover news paper sheets to advertise this

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BB Adict

Wishful thinking.

Blackberry always.....


Excellent! More good press.

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"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

world traveler and former ceo

Great news...blackberry needs to roll out new features and make bbm even more compelling...

It must innovate and incorporate the best from its competitors...

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Alvin Loh

Agree...bbm is great :D
Hope more people realize it ~

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Windows phone need BBM now! so I can get friends using it .

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Prem WatsApp

Get'em off dodgy Skype...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Windows phone getting BBM would be awesome! Love hearing good news sometimes amongst all the bad people dig up. Keep it up blackberry!

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Supposed to be by July 31.


So we can expect it in September



Oh yeahhhh ^.^

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Good...BBM started it all and its still the best. That's why everyone copies it.

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This is a bit like winning the World Cup...on the Moon. ;)

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Exactly! I'm all for good press and sure it's a big market and all that but unless you make head way in North America, does it really matter?

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Well, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world with a real economy growing at ~5% per annum. This contrasts the US with a economy of no real growth (unless you factor in the pretend wealth of the financial world) and in which the purchasing power of the average consumer continues to shrink. BlackBerry is not the only company that has written off the US and moved to more fertile ground. It's nothing personal, it's just business

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Karan Mohal

Nope. Doesnt matter at all. If it doesnt concern NA, it aint ****

I would expect that mentality from Americans, you appear to be Canadian... u must live in toronto :)


I was hoping that BBM would be number 1 after one year of being cross platforms but that it does not seem to be the case since whatsapp owned by FB (which means stronger than ever). So its really not good that everyone is happy for only being the best app in Indonesia !!


Yeah that's not surprising. I don't think blackberry getting a lot of cash flow from Indonesian user. We are price sensitive market and 2 USD is too much for stickers. Maybe featured channel will do.

Mohammed Zakaria1

Good news, now quickly BBM should be on Windows. BBM video should be released as well to the other platforms

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Kobe Barksdale

Cmon this is no surprise feat, BlackBerry is dominant in that country.

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where is the bbm update for BlackBerry?


Time to ride every positive momentum

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Now where's my damn update!

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?


Lol its like Chinese pick their favourite cereal being rick.

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some i know said, why don't you just use Skype. It has video cross-platform.

It may have video cross-platform but it is hardly ideal on mobile. BBM should get video soon cross-platform.

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Bbm update??????

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Yey! At least there's something that we can proud about Blackberry ;p I'm from Indonesia and I can say that BBM is very popular here. When someone ask about your contact, usually they ask for your phone number, right? But here we often said, "hey, can I get your BBM pin number?". Thanks BBM on Android and ios for helping BBM go bigger in Indonesia but it also made a bad news that a lot of Indonesian now made a switch to another phone device than Blackberry10 because they can use BBM in whatever device they bought and thought it will offer more than BlackBerry10 (especially about the price tag)

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zoe sun

i love it! bbm!

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Aditya Bhimrajka

It's well deserved.

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Screw this! I'm moving to Jakarta! Less h8ers over there! Oh, and congrats! Keep it up BlackBerry! :-)

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!


Next it will be number 1 in Idaho!

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Still use Whatsapp way more myself

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Costas Stavrou

BBM is the best! I get a new person every day to download and use BBM. It takes 2 minutes to demonstrate how much you can do with this cool app. Black Berry needs to advertise more!! Great job with the new upgrades. Keep up the good work!

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Good point TBHW....
Some people need to know a little bit if geography, demographic is not about googling all reading.
Indonesia has a young population who will become the engine of the world economy

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BBM for desktop would be a killer feature! I don't even work in an office everyday but, when I do have to be at my computer, it's awesome to have BBM from the same screen and keyboard! (I'm currently using Bluestacks but that is clearly not the best way possible).

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Bacon Munchers

I am the 1 millionth person to say this, but..




I seen it coming...but BBM Is still the go to messaging app ever!

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Yup, no matter what device you use in indonesia, bbm is the no 1 cross platform chatting, i know because i witnessed it my self -sory for bad grammar-

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Great news

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Bacon Munchers

Nice prelude to what we are all gaming for:

Best mobile OS award.


Bbm needs exploding msg were you can set times on how long they get the msg. And shocking x-rated stickers. We are adults and this would get everyone talking!

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In Indonesia? How many users are there in Indonesia

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Eh. I'm an Indonesian but I had never heard of this "Indonesia Cellular Award". And 13,000 voters is a *small* number, IMHO, considering that there are over 250 million people in Indonesia, roughly 10 million of whom live in Jakarta. Look, I love my Z10 and BBM, and it is true that the BlackBerry brand is still relatively strong here compared to other countries--'relative' being the keyword here--but whereas five years ago my friends would ask me why I wasn't on BBM, nowadays I have to show them the Z10 keyboard to make them understand why I'm not sporting an Android.


That is wonderful. Good news is good news...them there is better news. I'm looking forward to even better news. Keep it movin' BlackBerry!

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There are only two kinds of chat apps, BBM....and not BBM.

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