BBM for Windows Phone beta saw 10,000 signups within 24 hours

By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2014 03:29 pm EDT

Over at the Inside BlackBerry Blog today, Matthew Talbot Senior Vice President, Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry has detailed some information about where BlackBerry is hoping to take BBM in the long term and the overall cross-platform strategy of the app. The post highlights a lot of interesting stuff such as his recent trip to Jakarta and seeing billboards advertising devices as coming with BBM.

I was in Jakarta recently, and when I was driving on the freeway from the airport, I saw several billboards advertising handsets from tier two and three manufacturers. Each billboard advertised that the featured device was "BBM ready." In the Indonesian market, being BBM ready is a must-have.

One of those most interesting points made in the article though was the number of signups for the Windows Phone beta. According to the post, 10,000 slots were designated for private beta users and within a 24 hour period they were all claimed. As Talbot notes, 'going cross-platform is all about scale—and we're not done yet.' If you've not read the article yet, be sure to give it a look.

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BBM for Windows Phone beta saw 10,000 signups within 24 hours


+ 3 Hopefully, a lot off BlackBerry users would hate it but i personally like Microsoft.

Haha! Nice one.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Club Z30 is an exclusive Club.
I own two Z30's.
I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member.

All typos are from my Z30 BlackBerry

It's instant messaging , sms can take up to 15-30 seconds. Trust me, there are millions of reasons why that alone is important.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

15-30 seconds??? Maybe in your country! Haha
In mine, not more than a second! (Austria / Europe)

No Signature today...

Yes, most sms messages do take 2-3 seconds, SOME of the time. This has little to do with the country we live in , but the mobile providers involved. Because text messages are being back and forth between the server, it can sometimes take much longer than a couple seconds. Instant messaging is just that, instant. Do a quick Google search, and you will see that your "1 second texts" are not nearly as fast as bbm. Just stating the facts.
With added features like group chats, location sharing, channels and status updates, I don't see a need for sms over bbm.

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Overall, it's better... any messenger as a matter of fact is better than sms! I use bbm and whatsapp only, if someone sms me(which is rarely), I tend to forget to reply!

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Video calls. Voice calls via bbm. Uses data. No international fees for messaging ppl overseas.
Doesn't use your phone number. Uses a unique pin number
Unlike what's app your entire contact list isn't uploaded to their servers
U can give someone your bbm and delete them anytime. They don't have to know your phone #
Whatsapp uses your phone number...not always the best situation.
Oh and the bbm voice calls I've made recently are high Def
Oh and it's free :)
Just a few advantages... I'm sure there are so many more

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Oh and a chat via sms can fill up your message list with hundreds of separate texts. Bbm keeps each chat in one tidy convo....
Oh and bbm channels! Lol..think that's enough for now

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Advantages to BBM over SMS
More social; you can add friends, create groups, share media with friends and groups, have group calendars, chats, etc

More private; only those you invite/allow can message you. Your bbm id is not linked to your phone number. There is some form of encryption in BBM unlike SMS.

More info: you get delivery and read receipts for each message

Potentially cheaper: you can use a wifi network or cell data to send messages via BBM, worldwide. SMS will incur a cost on some cell plans, esp long distance / international sms.

More robust: you can text, but you can also voice chat (over data / wifi) or video chat (over data/wifi); sms doesnt offer any of these capabilities.

And more: glympse, a plethora of emoticons, stickers, voice notes, etc etc.

And more to come: hopefully desktop BBM soon, so you can message from your desktop, something sms generally cannot do.

Im sure there is stuff ive missed too.

The two are hardly even comparable... like comparing a ford model t to a modern supercar

.. and some people love sms.. doesn't make it comparable to bbm. Just as a modern ferrari is not comparable to a model t

Can't believes that BBM is being compare with SMS!!!! Is way better, but my choice of instant messaging App will be top to bottom (best to worst) ranking will be:

Best to worst ranking:
1: Line
2:What's App
5:Other instant messaging Apps

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groups bud, i'm in 4 different groups with friends and family and it's a good way to communicate share pics and etc. But it's also funny as hell. Great for staying in touch when you have a busy life or getting the group together.

That's weird. I though BlackBerrys were all about work, and getting things done. And spreadsheets. Mmmm.... spreadsheets.

The use case you have provided sounds like something one would do on an iPhone more than anything.

Its called having a a life outside of school haha.

I've already complained enough about bb10 productvity and core apps. Feel free to check them out. I even got a meeting with the dev team on the 15th for the incomplete apps on bb10.

P.S. Spreadsheets on bb10 are light years behind any platform. Docs2go is brutal

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Maybe you need to add new friend to your bbm. I understand, there's no advantage for using bbm if you don't have any friend :)

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True!!! The disadvantages of BBM is that I'm alone because all my friends uses LINE!!!!!

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Not trying to be rude, but at this point it is safe to say that you really don't know what you are talking about.

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The thing that sucks big time is that when you cbange sim card, you change your number so when you send out SMS... people have to note your number again. bbm they won't notice anything different

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Thanks all for your input about BBM. I don't know anyone else who uses it, and especially no other BlackBerry users. It's lonely out here in California on AT&T and BB. Because of that I simply haven't had the opportunity to use BBM.

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Don't know who you are.

Don't see the advantages of knowing you vs NOT knowing you.


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Just add desktop support with conference option, desktop sharing and file transfer.

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Get the whole of Windows, not just the phone. Huge market waiting to be tapped....

And while we're at it, LINUX and Mac too, please.

Pasted via CB chen

What about video for iOS and Android that were promised a year ago? Or bug fixes for existing versions across the board. Seems like logical next steps.

I'm going to assume that 10,000 beta users is awesome possum since I've never seen an actual windows phone except on ebay.

I want a Z50

10,000 is pretty awesome, although not because of their being a "shortage" of windows phones. It's awesome because there were only 10,000 slots and then were filled within 24 hours.

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10,000 users is all you can have in one intake for a beta program on the WP Store, I know plenty more WP users who wanted to get into the beta that are in a queue. That makes it even more impressive, I'm one of the lucky ones that managed to get into the beta program.

"since I've never seen an actual windows phone except on ebay."

The irony here.... coming from a BlackBerry user.

After his "no advantage to bbm over sms" comment I have difficulty taking anything he has to say seriously

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

What are the advantages of BBM? Man get a clue!

Gylmpse, broadcast msgs, location, video, imagine, file sharing, voice and video calls, group chats,lists and events, read and delivery messages.

SMS is old tech. Move on with the rest of the world.

Differentiate or Die

They really need to add the ability to delete individual messages in BBM. That seems like an inexcusable limitation with all the competition out there.

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I am on BBM more than I am on facebook now,love it.More secure too because it is more secure.It is MUCH more than most imagine,not just a chat app anymore.

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BBM is the platform of the new era. I've communicated with so many ManU fans around the world and this is so surreal. I feel so connected to the rest of the football/soccer world using BBM Channels; having post game discussions etc. Love it !!!

Man United 4life!!!!

I hate to be Negative Nelly but is this really such a startling number? If it were 100,000 within 24 hours or 10,000 within an hour on the other hand...

Not everyone could download it was private beta , basically 99% of people didnt get chance to download the app.

There was a cap/limit of 10,000, so 10,000 in 24 hours is great! Imagine if the cap were 100,000, or if there was no cap, just a date deadline? We would have seen 100,000 or more easily.

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i be interested to see usage figures by OS from blackberry .

- it may well be android/IOS+WP combined has more users using BBM , than blackberry itself?

Limited slots. Did you read the article?

The only variable was time. And 24 hours is probably just a rounded figure. 19 or something would sound weird, wouldn't it?

Pasted via CB chen

Regardless, still sounds pretty terrible. If it was 1 million in 24 hours or something like that it would be worth telling people but 10,000 sounds a little sad.

Didn't read the blog post or the comment, did you? Your two for two.

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You're an idiot and a dbag who can't read. You're 3 for 3. If you read my comment I meant why even announce such low numbers? Not worth telling people, just sounds sad.

It's worth telling if every available slot was taken up within the 24 hour period, which it was. It's worth telling because there was no doubt a much larger group of people that wanted to sign up, but they just didn't do so in time. If you look at it from that perspective, it's a great start to what promises to be an even greater event once the app comes out of beta. Any positive, no matter how large or small, is worth mentioning, especially in a sea of negative publicity about BlackBerry.

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I guess when microsoft is ready to release it.

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It was (laughably, IMO) suggested in the forums that the lack of BBM for WP8 was why it isn't there. I'm just wondering what happened to that display of reciprocity.

There were only 10,000 slots available, it's not that they only saw 10,000 total. People do t read. READ

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I got BlackBerry but have no (zero) Nada BBM friend to chat with!!!!
All have gone to LINE with the great cartoon stickers. I'm not tell BBM to change because BlackBerry concerns security, but to make LINE available in BB10

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Maybe bug the shit out of the developers then?

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This suck cause we use to have to Buy BlackBerry device to use BBM and now BBM is available for all phones (that's a good thing). What's suck is that I love BlackBerry Q10 but can't use other instant Messaging App from other phone platform suck as "LINE".

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You need to bug the developers of LINE to make a native application.

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Yoou need to bug the developers of LINE to make a native application.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

Have a couple of kids and communicate with them on a Friday night...I think you will find out why BBM is better than SMS.

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It's true. Bbm is very popular here. Almost everybody has one. My bbm contacts number is around 560 something. It has increased a lot after bbm going multi platform. Before bbm for all devices are available, the numbers are around 460.

If it has the same bunch of notification issues as on iPhone, then the down loads # will mean crap when people abandon in a month or so.

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That's iOS issues, not BBM. My brother got tooo many notifications when using other applications too. Yes, he uses an iphone too.

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So this BBM for Windows Phone is making use of the Windows Phone interface instead of the BlackBerry 10 UI. This is unlike BBM for iOS and Android.

Why is it?

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It's funny, I just got back from Jakarta after 3 weeks of vacation. Every time I asked someone for his bb pin I got told that bbm is out and they d prefer Whatsapp over it. I ended up getting no new bbm contact after the 3 weeks. Looked to me as if Whatsapp is becoming more popular there over time and bbm less. Anyways fu kc Whatsapp!

Asians are not using BBM anymore. I have 0 zero BBM contact, for real!!!! Most or almost all my friends are using LINE!!!!!

Give us a native LINE App

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When did Asians appoint you to speak for them? I am deeply offended since I am asian and can't do without my trusty BBM.

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Considering it was a LIMITED BETA, the numbers are worth mentioning.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30, the BEST smartphone out today!

I have a Lumia 1320 and BBM at this beta stage (running Developers Preview 8.1) does not even come close to my Z10 10.3.1 - I agree that Windows Mobile BBM has still got a long way to go to the perfection of the current BBM on 10.3.1 which I am running on my Z10 - 100-2

A little hostile, aren't you? No need for that here. If you want Line so bad, why don't you just download the apk's for the Amazon app store and/or 1Mobile Market, install and download Line from there. This should do until if/when the Line developer decides to make a native BB10 app. If you already have those two app stores on your phone, then feel free to download Line now.

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How about you contact line's developers instead of hating on blackberry's one great integrated application.

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I hate BlackBerry I swear fix the damm stability issues with ios first.

This is coming from a z10 owner I'm tired of looking friends because BBM stopped working.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry cannot fix an error that is part of iOS. It's a glitch THAT APPLE has to fix.

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Have you even given it a search? Lol

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I think in my opinion for BlackBerry to success and have a chance be competitive once again is improve improve improve x 1000000 times on their Apps.

To point out something very true is that the ONLY reason BlackBerry devices were biggest in the market share once because people was able to use Push mails and BBM. I guarantee you it's not the devices Specifications......

Later on IOS try many IM and fails and finally came up with Whats App now LINE, and also able to use push Mails everyone start to give up BlackBerry devices and the starts of BlackBerry downfall begins.....‎

BB device is like a Ferrari WITHOUT power car seats or a radio....properly like buying a Ferrari with no air conditioning......

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I have no BBM, WhatsApp or LINE contacts! I'm old fashioned and am probably one of the few that ACTUALLY still use SMS! I only use BBM for the channels.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10