BBM Video with screen sharing confirmed for BlackBerry 10 in leaked slide

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2012 03:11 pm EST

[Image removed by request]

Some more leaked slides have appeared via the CrackBerry forums, and this one is a definite winner. The slides show off BBM Video on BlackBerry 10 - including face-to-face video calls and screen sharing. We've heard plenty of rumors on BBM Video before, but these slides look to confirm that it will indeed be included in BlackBerry 10. 

BBM Voice is already a hit, so adding BBM Video plus the ability to share your screen is a sure success. BBM is one of the 10 features we're most exicted for in BlackBerry 10, so I can't wait to see BBM in full force with voice and video integrated. Pure awesome sauce.

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BBM Video with screen sharing confirmed for BlackBerry 10 in leaked slide


Awesome it would be very cool if PlayBook got this feature as well. If RIM would have had this all for PlayBook at launch I'd imagine it doing very well and keeping its original price tag. BlackBerry10 looks absolutely amazing. Just wow!

I still hear that echo saying, 'WTF, this material is NDA! Stop post posting NDA material, let those shorting RIM burn!'

Well, its already on the front page.. And some of us already tweeted (with picture) about it...
Guilty as charged. Lol..

The problem with all the leaks - and they are actual leaks - is that there will be nothing left for the actual unveiling.

It's disappointing to see so many leaks ahead of launch. Very soon, we'll be looking at an iphone 5-like situation - the launch will happen and the consensus will be "meh, we already knew that".

About the only 'secrets' left are which major apps are launching - and at this rate, those will be leaking shortly as well :(

So, what does it mean when the title bar of a graphic displays “RIM Confidential – Shared under NDA” and displays NDA protected information?

I can't wait to see the final product, there have been so many innovative features leaked it makes me wonder what they are saving for launch. I'm already a huge fan of BBM, these releases just read-affirm my commitment to bb. I certainly hope the marketing is as well executed and received as the software/hardware has been! Jan 30th can't come soon enough

Its possible all the good stuff has already been leaked. The "leaks" were not intentional. Bbm video is just catching up to other devices though. If finally saying, hey now we can do that too was the big news at launch they have a problem. I wanna hear about innovative stuff at launch, where I can go to these dicks saying "you still have a Blackberry, get an iphone already" and laugh at there out dated software

Can you share screens on FaceTime?

I know Samsung just introduced dual screen on their devices runnning their 'Premium Suite'

Further to that......

Samsung is flinging their new Galaxy Note's ability to run two apps at the same time as though this is a big deal..............

The PlayBook has been able to do this.....since it came out oh so long ago. In fact, our beloved PB can run FAR more apps than 2 without so much as a twitch.

Everyone else needs to play catch up to BB's multitasking ability.

Multitasking has already been featured on NOKIA ever since S60. Heck, you even do it the same way as BlackBerry: hold the "menu" button.
It's ridiculous that iPhone 3 was priced over $600 and it can't even goddang MULTITASK. I facepalmed very hard when I learned that. Glorified Media Player indeed. IIRC the capability of real multitasking was introduced in iOS 5?

Not sure about this, but are there any mobile devices that can run as many apps as bb10 will and not have performance issues?

Does anyone know if BB10 voice calling / video chatting via BBM will be wifi only or still available to be done using 3G etc?
If Wi-Fi only this isn't as practical as it should be...none the less loving the BBM voice calling!

I am not affraid about all those leaks, I'm sure there are soooooo many interesting features in BB10, and we still have to see them working on the device! Jan 30 will just be an amazing date!

Don't worry, they were coppied by news feeds all over the internet B4 CB took them down :)

...Check "Google News"