BlackBerry Messenger version now available

BBM update
By Adam Zeis on 17 Apr 2012 04:37 pm EDT

After a few short stints in the Beta Zone, BlackBerry Messenger is now available for public consumption. The latest version is and features some new updates and fixes and is available now in BlackBerry App World. The additions keep getting better and this version is no different.

  • Enjoy a new selections of animated avatars
  • Send voice notes more easily back and forth
  • Simpler way to change your Name and Personal Message
  • Tagging is now even quicker
  • Improved Contact Search 

You should see the update for the new version on your device, but you can always refresh in BlackBerry App World if it's not yet showing for you.

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I liked the beta program for 6.2 but hopefully the next one has a new interface but they might launch that with BB10 and call it BBM 10...


Already got it! Wonder if these constant updates have to do with pb bbm coming...


Beta was and this version is


Waiting for BB Travel to drop!


Its still not showing up for me... I have batt pulled twice and refreshed my apps in app world... i


When you go into My World just hit the BB button and click on "Refresh List". I had to do that as well for the update to show.


RIM just PLEASE keep updating EVERYTHING!!
(to show respect to your loyal customers, and to win back / have a reason for new customers)

Please hear my prayers!!


So how exactly is it easier to send voice notes back and forth? Seems to be the same as before...

Rockin' the 9900


If you have not got it go into Blackberry Appworld and hold down ALT +R+S+T and if that still doesnt allow you then go to


I find frequent updates annoying. Why send me updates every other week!? I'd rather a release every 3 months with MAJOR differences. Sometimes BBM doesn't import all my contacts and it's a pain in the a**

I know what some ppl will say though. "Then don't apply every update". I don't :) Just expressing my frustration with seeing minor updates every 2 weeks


Actually, it is the random small rewards that feed the addictive personalities we all have.

Rockin' the 9900


You can always ignore them... at least this way we know that RIM software department is not on crack or drugs...


It show the update for me and i try to update it it wouldnt let me and now it dissapear saying there is no update.. Weird


Same thing happens to me. On a Bold 9900.


I tend to hold off on most updates of any app, just to make sure it doesn't drain the already limited life of my 9900 -- made that mistake a few too many times with beta apps and have been caught without a charger :(


Meh, seems like the same to me and I was running the beta .40 as well.


The only issue is , when someone sends a broadcast , you will receive it in BLACK

anyone facing the same problem ?


Tq i cannot use BBM using my Playbook....hope next update i cannot use the "bridge" at all....


I'm having issues with broadcasts with this new update.
Broadcasted messages appear as normal black text, rather than the usual purple colour.
Am I the only one?


Another 5 megabyte update. BBM always has huge updates for microscopic improvements...yay :S

Alooi Divona

I'm facing the problem of receiving broadcast in black in this version and when I was using the beta one ..
Now I've downgraded the bbm to


HOw did you downdradedto ? I really need it


This new update really giving me lots of prob.. Everytime i tried to send bbm it took forever just to get delivered n yes everytime i get broadcast msg the font colour is black..!!


I think in this update the broadcast became on black color !!! I HATE that i hope they will fix it as soon as possible cause i really hare my BBM when i see black color on BC plz fix it. Thank you


difficult to say it matters anymore...I hardly have any colleagues and friends who use BBM that there's really no point in using it anymore


once you go black(berry) you never go back

I thought this update was supposed to fix the problem where the bbm message shows on the home screen on ver. os 7. buying a lock for bbm is useless because you can always access bbm from home screen when you receive a message.

why havent they fixed this yet? I believe the beta version had this fix, well at least it said so on the notes .


Looks exactly the same. Animated incons? Where the heck are those?


Worst Blackberry Messenger ever!...just downgraded to i'll wait for a better release!!


Pls can u expand those urls...I need to downgrade my bbm