BBM version now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2012 11:38 am EDT

If you're a BlackBerry Beta Zone member, a new version of BBM is now available. This update brings us to version and includes a number of fixes. No fancy updates this time around, but an update is an update, right?

Fixes include:

  • Missing BBM icon on OS 5.0
  • Issues scrolling up through older messages on OS 6.0
  • Issue selecting all the text by scrolling up/down in the inline display name and personal message fields
  • Scrolling quickly in the inline edit view allowed the focus to move out onto your avatar
  • Pressing the Enter key while the focus is on your avatar initiated the inline edit view
  • In the inline display name or personal message field, smileys were highlighted when added via the "Add Smiley" menu option
  • Unable to scroll in certain directions within the inline display name and personal message field
  • No "Save" menu option or prompt dialog when the inline display name or personal message field only contains smileys
  • No red splat on the BBM icon after deleting a group icon from the Home Screen and receiving a group notification
  • Notification view/today view does not show BBM Messages

If you're not yet a Beta Zone member, you should be. Hit the link below for more information and to download.

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Was the first time to get the update before CrackBerrry post.


2nd comment :)

Just downloaded before

Some small but well needed changes and runs smoothly on 9900 with OS7.1.

Keep them coming BlackBerry Beta


My key code isn't working...weird

Alooi Divona

I have problem with this version
I receive broadcasts in black ..

Waiting next version with fixing ..


Wow, seems the scrolling issue has finally been fixed now?

Edit: Still not a 100% fixed, but better I guess.


yeah, not 100% fixed as of yet. come on RIM.. why is it SO HARD to fix this scrolling issue???

also.. i hope soon BB group's icon can be customized with any image we would like to have, rather than those boring icons..