BBM v7.0.0.108 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2012 10:55 am EST

BBM version is now available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The update brings a whole slew of updates/fixes so it should be a good one. BBM 7 was released in beta a few weeks ago and is already a big hit. It features BBM Voice which allows users to make free calls to BBM contacts over a wifi connection. If you're a member of the beta zone and haven't tried it out yet, you realllly need to do so. Now. Hit the link below to grab the download and keep reading for the full change log.

More information/Download BBM 7 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone 

BBM Change Log

  • BBM will not launch
  • Users gets message "You can't make a call because you are in a Voice Chat" even when they aren't in a voice chat
  • No missed call message received when user receives a Voice chat while in a regular phone call
  • User appears deregistered after toggling Wi-Fi
  • No disconnection dialog when device is disconnected during calling or connecting state
  • RTP error when making a cell MVS call during a Voice chat and Voice chat didn't get dropped
  • While on BBM Voice call, MVS WiFi call comes in that shuts off audio in both calls 
  • Cannot Register even after a reboot
  • All BBM contacts appeared unavailable when they are actually available
  • While recording a voice note, if an BBM Voice chat is initiated no audio is heard between devices
  • Wrong message appears when declining a Voice chat using "Reply in BBM" or using HW button
  • Groups Activity updates appear in Message List when specifically set not to appear
  • Wrong status message displayed after BBM Voice Invitation Timeout
  • Text entry field in Group chat expands to cover up the last message in chat history instead of the chat history scrolling up
  • Name for BBM Voice Chat Tone should follow Ring Tone naming conventions
  • Active BBM Voice calls are randomly disconnecting 
  • Voice call dropped before answering, Null Pointer Exception seen on receiving device
  • User is connected to WiFi but status icon is shown as deregistered. Others still see the user as available and can initiate calls, but the user does not receive them.
  • Contact list search feature randomly stops returning results
  • Device in a loop sending/receiving data, sustaining ~10-20% CPU usage
  • "is in a voice chat" status message is misaligned in Broadcast message screen picklist
  • "is in a voice chat" status message is misaligned when adding BBM Contacts to a Group
  • When headset is plugged into device, Voice chat toolbars should display headset icon
  • With a wired headset plugged into device, the option to toggle between headset and handset is available if user hits "Handset" button but button does not toggle between Handset and Headset - always says Handset
  • If user chatting over wired headset unplugs headset and chats on Handheld, "Handset" button does not change to "Speaker" as it should
  • Stuck on welcome screen
  • No beep sound/audio notification when receiving a normal phone call while in a BBM Voice Chat
  • No new BBM alert appears on home screen when receiving a voice chat while on a phone call
  • When receiving a BBM Voice Call, volume hard keys does not mute the ring tone
  • Several NullPointerExceptions
  • Phone vibrates when against your head in a BBM Voice chat
  • "D'Oh!" and "Shh!" emoticon input codes need to be changed to not use the input codes from other smileys
  • Default ring tone for BBM Voice - 'Vibrant' - disappears as a visible option after switching to a different ring tone
  • Group Activity notification appears in notification bar when specifically set not to appear
  • User who ends voice chat due to Incoming Phone call should see standard "Voice chat ended." message
  • Incorrect call history message for user who accepted incoming phone call which terminated a voice chat which was in the Calling state
  • Group notification for picture stays even when the picture is opened from UIB/Message list
  • No audio/LED notification for missed BBM voice chat after timeout
  • Voice Connection Cannot be established in Turkish only
  • No option to Mute/Unmute Voice Chat from BB Menu
  • With BES IT policy "Disable Server Based Contact List Synchronization" enabled, user doesn't see soft landing page telling them to downgrade back to 6.2
  • Uncaught Exception when headphones pulled out during Voice Call on Bluetooth activated device
  • Unable to terminate BBM Voice call from caller if the call is setup across clusters
  • When using Arabic, contact name is not centered in the call screen
  • Unable to make/receive MVS calls
  • Make BBM Voice Chat the default Menu option on the call screen
  • BBM Search doesn't work
  • When device is set to Arabic, the user's own avatar is not visible on the contact list screen
  • Audio Source Icons flash briefly on Outgoing Call Screen toolbar
  • Missed call message is displayed on the device however the call is accepted and is in progress
  • Cannot launch BBM and the home screen becomes frozen after previously enabling then disabling "Parental Controls" on the device 
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Reader comments

BBM v7.0.0.108 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Check your selected profile settings, every time I download these betas it resets my bbm notifications to work when the phone is holstered, if that's the case, just change them back to always

The only thing I don't see that I have issues with is this: When you select BBM Group options within a group and only select 'Show chat in messages', picture comments still show up and cannot be disabled. This is frustrating considering I don't want picture comments flooding my inbox for 3 different groups.

I see there are adjustments to notifications so hopefully this is covered.

UPDATE: It does fix my issue. Loving BBM 7

This version seems to work a lot better, haven't had the wifi drop when using the browser at all yet...happened every couple minutes on the first beta, and saw where others had the same problem with the second beta build

Want to try this out. I'll probably have to wait until BB10 before anyone I know switches back to BB from Android or IOS.

I still have 10 BBM contacts ... This version looks better, hope they have a prod release soon, beacuse is easier that way

Please tell me I'm not the first one to notice that you can now add the PlayBook PIN as a contact and do BBM voice chats between bbm7 and pb!

I just noticed that too, I added mi PB PIN on mi BBM, today after the update I saw my PB as BBM contact, but how can I chat?
On my PB when I was trying to start de VideoChat app I got a message that could not get started.

I'm not sure. For me I had my BBM PIN as a contact in the Video Chat application, and just tapped and it started the voice call. Instantly shows up as an incoming voice chat on the BlackBerry.

Would love to hear more on this. Tried the same thing but I don't receive the call on my 9900. Can you tell us what you did exactly to get it working?

I'm not sure which way I added them as contacts, but I think I sent the invite from my BB as well as added the phone contact as a video chat contact on the playbook. Once I upgraded bbm7 (and restart on the phone), it told me they were now contacts. Connected both to wifi, placed call from video chat to my contact, and lo and behold, incoming BBM call. It does not work the other way around, sadly.

EDIT: not sure it matters much, but this is on a BB 9300.

Cool!! Too bad it didnt work for me on my bold 9900. Oh well it will probably come in the future! Nice to see that they put a lot of effort into BBM 7.0, even when they are focused onto BB 10.

I haven't been able to reproduce this with a different playbook, and have no other phone to test it with. The PlayBook contact never becomes authorized in bbm. The trick seems to remain with having both contacts/invitations before upgrading bbm7, but I don't have the time to confirm that either by downgrading and upgrading again. The playbook seems to detect my phone is available, as when I'm connected to wifi, I hear the ring on the pb, but I think because it isn't actually authorized on bbm at this point, it doesn't show up.

That's my best explanation for now.

Enough with the beta! When will this be availiable to everyone? I live in BC and we don't get access to BB beta.

I live in mty; you just need to set your country as US when submitting to BB Beta Zone and you will be able to download the BBM 7.0

??? i am also in BC and i was able to get in on the BBM7 beta with no issues... try again, you may have been doing something incorrectly.

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Since when? I think you must have your settings wrong. BBBeta is avail in all of Canada, including BC (I lived in Vancouver until a few months ago & have never had BB Beta issues)

Anybody else noticed text contacts imported to BBM are no longer accessed when selected, problem with the torch only?