BBM v6.1.0.49 now available for download

By Michelle Haag on 9 Jan 2012 12:00 pm EST
Remember that fancy new BlackBerry Messenger v6.1.0.49 that we mentioned would be available later today? You can go ahead and grab it now from the link below. Of course, you'll want to make sure to back up your BBM contacts and such before downloading, just to be on the safe side. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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BBM v6.1.0.49 now available for download


Shows up as in app world. Currently running the beta at seeing the mentioned......

Still, loving all the great news coming from RIM today and hope it continues with more news to help my 6 PlayBook's get some much needed love soon!!!

it doesn't seem like app world is quite ready to release this. (canada, rogers)

loaded up my appworld and it said thy're was an update available however didn't give me the option to update.

I am currently using the 6.1 beta.

Exactly same issue here. I got the notification from app world and went in only to find no update option. Guess we have to wait and see ...

I am on Telus Canada. You need to go to My World and open the menu with BB button and hit Refresh List. The upgrade will appear on the list now.

When I first open the App World, it didn't show the update, but after refreshing the list, it came up with it.

yeah kinda pointless for me on the 9810 since i don't got NFC (to use BB Tag) and i don't NEED:

- animated avatars (wtf?)
- customized bubble colours (like, really??)
- more emoticons (yipee)
- longer status (160 char....WOW)

sticking with 6.0.0.xxxxx

Granted the new features are nothing to get excited about, I'm just curious, why would you stick with 6.0 instead of upgrading? Can you not spare the 4MB in bandwidth?

First, I did not find the way to change the color of chat bubbles.
Second, only noticed few emotions added to the list.

Other than that, not much of improvement for us (using OS 6.0).

Animated avatar? I did not try that.
Amy one know how to chose colors to chat bubble? Please post.

you can set your bbm display picture without having to go into your profile, just open a pic from your image folder and press the blackberry button; there should be an option to set the image as your bbm display pic

Before I could see two headings that differentiated animated avatars from the regular static ones... I think I hit something when trying to select an animated avatar and now all the avatars are mixed and I can't see the thumbnails for them? How do I get it back where I saw the headings that differentiated the animated avatars from the regular ones???

I updated to this newest version, but it won't let me change the bubble colors. All it says is "reset" why is that? Does it not work on 0S 5?

didn't the bug of not being able to delete (aA + del) a whole new message come back?

i thought the last release allowed you to hit aA and then del to delete whatever paragraph you typed and don't like.

I see some of the new emotocoms. But How do I access the new animated avatars....where are they? I don't see them under" add smiley".


oh I see it now under "change my display picture" option. I think it would have been bes to put it under "add smiley" or something like that mnore directly. Some nice additions to bbm. Hoping for more in the near furture.

I intend to download it, but i do not want to lose my contacts, what do i do? Will i still retain my contacts if i download the bbm Pls reply soon

I want to download the new bbm, will i lost my contacts....i need to know and how do i back it up before downloading and how do i retrieve it back in case it did not appear after downloading?

Ever since I updated none of my chats update the D to a R even though the bbm is obvously read and answered.