BBM v6.0.1 now available - Explore BBM connected apps and more

By Adam Zeis on 28 Oct 2011 10:43 am EDT

BBM 6.0.1

It looks like BBM v6.0.1 finally made its way through beta as has been made available today. The BlackBerry Blog has posted that the new version is available for download and includes plenty of new BBM goodies to keep the masses happy. Updates to version 6.0.1 include:

  • Explore BBM-connected Apps - BBM users will now be able to pull up "Explore BBM-connected Apps" from a menu in the BBM Contacts screen. This action is designed to automate a BlackBerry App World storefront search for "BBM" by redirecting users to a list of up to 25 of the most popular BBM-connected apps available.
  • Sharing App content with your BBM Contacts is easier - Many BBM users have told us that they love sharing app content with their BBM friends who use the same app, but they also wanted to share content with their BBM friends who don't have the app. BBM v6.0.1 is designed so that you can now share app-specific content with your BBM contacts regardless of whether your contact has the app installed.
  • Include BBM v5.0 users in application invites - Now you can include even more friends in the fun! You can now invite BBM v5.0 & BBM v6.0 contacts to join in the fun and share BBM-connected app experiences. Your BBM v5.0 contacts will be prompted to download BBM v6.0 in order to access BBM-connected apps. For users new to BBM v6.0 and BBM-connected apps, here's a quick rundown of some benefits to upgrading (make sure to read our BBM 6: Apps Made Social blog post for more information).

If you're not seeing the update in BlackBerry App World, just keep checking as it's not yet showing for everyone. Head to the BlackBerry Blog for more.

Read more at the BlackBerry Blog

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Reader comments

BBM v6.0.1 now available - Explore BBM connected apps and more


Is it going to be available as an update or should I go fishing for it? Most of the stuff I upgrade is due to a link in Crackberry or appworld update and neither exsist yet.

For those that don't see it, go to myworld, hold alt (and in this order) R+S+T. And once it restarts open back up myworld and you should see the update.

Everything was issues as far as contacts were even had my chat history there.
Nice upgrade...exploring the connect to apps now.

Also noticed that the way new messages "pop up" while bbming someone has changed. The transition is not more smooth.

Thanks alot RIM, now my phone is a brick! I installed this and tried to connect it to an app, now a brick!

Great. Too bad my BBM contact list is shrinking by the week as people jump ship. Who am I going to share content with?

Glad they're getting app integration going... I have a question though and its something I've posted on the forum to no answer :P

How come in we had color convos (could change bubble color) and that all subsequent updates took away this feature??

i have updated my sis's 9700, my 9780 and my 9900 with this bbm. i have wikitude & poynt on my 9900 and both are bbm connected, and i can see after my upgrade, those 2 apps appear to be automatically connected on my bbm (previously on 6.0.0 they needed to be reconnected manually). in terms of the UI, not so much difference, however for the 9700 & 9780, yes the file transfer error has been fixed, and i guess, the way new bbm message appears now is a bit transitioned yea? hopefully this will also fix the scrolling problem and the copy/paste problem as well for broadcasted message.

Been waiting for this update for a while! It installed perfectly! My picture transfer finally work - when I took a photo and chose the option to send ti a BBM contact it would show up an error! Very annoying but its all good now :D

although somethings appear fixed, (theres smooth transition now when you send a msg, etc.) I've noticed some weird things, previously when I'm on one window and I get a msg from another contact, it would pop up for a few seconds, now I just get a beep and notification but no preview of the other message. secondly when I check a contacts profile, their display pic appears washed out. its fine on the contact list or if I just open the image but in profile view, the image is washed/faded out... anyone else experience this?

cant get this working its no change from last update yet says this v.6.0.1 is downloaded how do i fix it?