BBM used by more than 85 percent of BlackBerry Enterprise Server enabled organizations

By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2013 08:22 am EST

BlackBerry announced today that their popular instant messaging service BBM is used by over 85 percent of organizations on BES running BlackBerry devices. BBM is the top choice for these organizations as it gives them the ability to log, archive and audit BBM messages.It's also totally secure data which can be encrypted end-to-end within the organization. BBM on BlackBerry offers key solutions for users including secure chat, BBM Voice, BBM Video with screen share and even private BBM Channels

Press Release

Enterprises Choose BBM to Drive Mobile Collaboration and Communications, Improve Productivity

BBM on BlackBerry smartphones with BES offers organizations in regulated industries the ability to log, archive and audit BBM messages

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - December 19, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced that BBM™, a leading mobile messaging platform, is used by more than 85 percent of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) enabled organizations running BlackBerry smartphones, an end-to-end solution that allows logging, archiving and auditing of BBM conversations and aids in meeting compliance requirements in regulated industries.

Administrators can ensure that data is secure, whether in-transit or at-rest. Data in transit can be encrypted end-to-end within the organization and only BlackBerry provides a root of trust with a security model that runs from the CPU through the OS, file system and the applications level, all built by BlackBerry. End-to-end encryption for BBM use within the organization is available today on BlackBerry OS and will become available this spring for BlackBerry 10 users in regulated environments.

"While BBM among business customers may have started organically, we know organizations choose BBM today to improve communications and collaboration. Employees get an amazing messaging experience that gives them immediate, active conversations with their peers, which helps drive better communications and collaboration, and improves mobile productivity," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President of BBM at BlackBerry. "Organizations in regulated industries that need to meet compliance requirements can use BBM on BlackBerry smartphones with BES, which provides them with the ability to track and log BBM communications."

"Mobile instant messaging in the enterprise as a priority application has to be implemented with a view to meeting compliance, privacy and security standards," said IDC analyst John Jackson. "BBM for use in regulated environments on BlackBerry has been designed to meet these demands."

"We are an organization with confidential information that needs to be shared reliably, securely and immediately, and we rely on BBM to make this happen," said Bruce Bowser, President, AMJ Campbell Inc.

"Our teams need the ability to share important information through an instant and trusted channel. We choose BBM for our team mobile messaging communications," said Nigel Carpenter, CIO, Canadian Diabetes Association. "BBM is also our go to for emergency situations where email would be unreliable and is integrated into our business continuity plan."

Enterprise customers with BlackBerry smartphones can take advantage of key BBM and BlackBerry features to help drive collaboration and productivity, such as:

  • BBM Voice - High quality calling that avoids long distance charges(i)
  • BBM Video and Screen Sharing on BlackBerry 10 smartphones - Chat face- to-face, or collaborate by sharing docs or files from your display
  • BBM Groups - Up to 30 people can collaborate, share schedules, lists, calendars and photos
  • Private BBM Channels - Invite-only BBM Channels for chats, commenting and broadcasting information to a targeted community of employees
  • BlackBerry Keyboard - Enjoy the speed, accuracy and confidence that a BlackBerry keyboard brings while connecting with BBM Contacts

"Being able to communicate with our colleagues at the race track with the immediacy of BBM allows us to drive important decisions with the best information no matter where in the world we are," said Toto Wolff, Executive Director, (Business) at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team.

"BBM plays an instrumental role in our sales team's ability to collaborate with one another regardless of location. We have used BBM for years to share documents, photos and instant chat with one another to help create efficiencies throughout our organization. But more importantly, it allows the sales team to communicate with customers and partners and answer their questions in near real-time, which go a long way in forging those important relationships," said Jeff Goldstein, VP and General Manager at NetApp Canada.

"I have been an avid user of BBM since the beginning. Being able to communicate with friends, family and clients across the globe allows me to keep on top of everything no matter where I am," said James Dodds, Vice President, TD Bank Group.

"With BBM, the efficiency and reliability of communication with my executive team has significantly increased and we are able to make better decisions, faster," said Francois Boisvert, VP, Consulting Services at Macadamian.

Businesses see the benefits of choosing a trusted, secure solution like BES and BBM to ensure they have empowered employees and maintained a level of responsibility to the organization or industry.

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BBM used by more than 85 percent of BlackBerry Enterprise Server enabled organizations


Tomorrow's earnings report should be interesting. Hopefully they haven't burn through so much cash like everyone is predicting.

It would pretty sweet if BBM voice and video was released cross platform for Christmas.

Think about the press for family's separated by distance over the holidays.

I use BBM voice and it us outstanding quality

Posted via CB10

Anyone know the solution to get bbm voice working properly? It cuts off on its own after about 5 minutes of talk.

Posted via CB10

I talk to my gf over seas for over an hour some times, no prob. Don't even like talking to her on a normal phone connection anymore due to the much reduced sound quality

Posted via CB10

That would be an "amazing announcement" on the earnings call tomorrow.

BBM Video all over the lands for Christmas....

Great idea.

Berry Christmas

CB10 from the Z30

The "timing of that announcement would rock" all the kids out if school would install it, learn how to use it and get on with their "video sexxting" over winter break.

CB10 from the Z30

Some companies only want email used so they lock out BBM.
Our company only allows senior execs to use BBM.
In some cases it can be an issue with record keeping logistics, server space/server setups, IT capabilities and some like us, require a certain level of professionalism so email keeps chit chat cleaner most cases ;)

I'm not surprised by 85%.

From my Vader Zed

I'm actually surprised the number is that high due to the exact reasons you pointed out. Would have guessed somewhere in the ball park of 20 - 30 %

"BBM is the top choice for these organizations as it *gives them the ability to log, archive and audit BBM messages*."

Pleas tell this to Canada's Information Watchdog!

Ban BBM, text messages on government smartphones: info watchdog

From the article: "...instant messages, for the most part, are not backed up on servers, are automatically deleted after a set period of time and are, as a result, not recoverable."

This is in regards to enterprise customers running BES10. Not the general public. This would include the Canadian government (that is, if they use BES10)

Posted via CB10

They use BES for handsets given to employees... not sure about the particular versions of BES used.

Get your facts straight. This is only done. because the law requires it. Remember Enron?

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This "watchdog" has said that since BBM messages aren't archived then they should be banned. My point is that -- if BES allows archiving of BBM messages -- then there is no need to ban BBM. They just need to archive BBM messages -- not outright ban them. e.g.: There is no need to throw out the baby with the bathwater!

You notice this is only available to BES and Legacy devices. This is the old BlackBerry. BES10 and BB10 devices will not be up to speed until the spring. Also, once BES10 becomes up to speed I believe organizations who want this type of security will have to use BB10 devices only. BES10 with android and Apple products will not be able to offer this level of security as it is both software and hardware reliant. It is what makes BlackBerry secure. This is why most companies have

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This is why most companies have not adopted BES10 as of yet, along with financial reasons and the old saying "if it isn't broken, don't fix it".

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"End-to-end encryption for BBM use within the organization is available today on BlackBerry OS and will become available this spring for BlackBerry 10 users in regulated environments."

I thought it was there all along on BB10...

Posted via CB10

No and this is why companies are not dropping the legacy devices. BB10 and BES10 need further development.

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I have recently spoken to a company in the US, who is going with Windows Phone, due to the sync with Exchange, and Microsoft Lync ,personally I would go with Blackberry for Security , I would not trust a Windows Phone, but that seems to be the vibe with some companies till there is a major malware attack on their phones, then they will be crying,

The 'why' BBM is better than everything else IM and text is in this press release. Finally some good communications!

The Canada privacy commissioner needs to read this because for some reason she didn't get informed before releasing a statement showing she's not too bright about blackberry.

And whoever decided in the Canada guv to open up choice to Apple also needs a rethink.

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I suppose it's good news, that 85% of enterprise clients choose to use the integrated BBM for IM rather than another brand, or no IM at all. However I don't see this as very material (important) news overall. 85% of a modest and shrinking slice of the enterprise pie, is still 85% of slim pickings.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Yes. I just hope blackberry keeps this up. Small,continuous momentum to take its previous place in the smartphone battle. Because for me,BB10 smartphones are really reliable,powerful devices. But just lacks the apps to make the devices more fun for everyone to use. I hope someone in BB realizes this,to give what the consumers want,not what they think we want. To give life back the brand. Because for me,from 9900,to iphone 3 to 4s,to xperia z,i came back to a q10 because nothing says timeless elegance and reliability but a blackberry10 device in my hands. Keep the updates and native apps up and rolling that the consumers want. Make them see the beauty and power of a BB10 device. :)

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Seems like the only good news that will be displayed at their quarterly earnings call is their BES division. Hopefully with all the new additions and so forth, they will have slowed the bleeding of some sort. Needless to say, this is some good news to close off a week that has been filled with updates and stories of good things finally happening at BB.

Just one question: How many it is? 10, 100, 1000, 10000??? This news remember me another "very important" news in past: 45% new users on BB10 coming from Android (I don't remember precise number).
I am afraid of tomorrow because this kind of news... BB special newspeek.

BBM Channels would be a good way to post notices company wide, or just departmental notices too.

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I have been touting the "secure communication" that BBM offers corporate and government accounts all along.

Also, the ability to have a BBM Video Chat with a remote employee to have your 1 on1 meeting with them is invaluable.

CB10 from the Z30

A win for BBM!!! BBM is my favorite messaging app. It would be nice for it to make as big of a splash as it ounce did.

Posted via Q10

If I count one big mistake BlackBerry did under the leadership of th, it is the deadly migration pass from old BES to BES 10. This is a pure corporate politics issue.

The people who made the decision for the migration pass of BES had 0 experience of corporate IT. Pathetic !!!

If the decision had been made by those experienced BES managers and engineers BES 10 should have replaced all old BES sold more than a million installations.

Mr. Chen please fire those who made the decision of the BES migration path. otherwise BlackBerry will lose the Enterprise.

Message transmission is not slow at all on iPhone. UI is a bit lagging on iPhone 4S. UI is very smooth on iPhone 5S.

BlackBerry, the only Solution for real communication.

BlackBerry, the only solution for real security.

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They need to add voice chat + video chat asap for ios and android if they want to stay in the game.

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I personally am very happy to read this story! I am a business owner, and work for one of the biggest companies in the country. I carry two BB Q 10's and I know BBM is one of the tools I couldn't live without. I have been using BBM since my very first BB so many years ago, and I am just so thankful for it. The company I work for just started to allow us to use BBM on our company devices and they are learning this is something they should have done a long time ago! The BB as everyone already knows is one of the most powerful business tools in the world, and BBM is just an added touch to that. It's safe, it's fast, it's easy, and hello, the company can still watch everything you're doing! I don't see why all businesses with the BB network are not allowing this... They are missing out!

All these security benefits only applies to legacy devices, as far as I know. BB10 devices need to implement Enterprise IM, along with the added cost of Lotus Samtime server or equivalent from Microsoft.

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