BlackBerry Messenger updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 29 Aug 2012 12:13 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated today and now sits at version The update includes only some small fixes including improved layout for the Chinese handwriting feature and added support for Finnish. It's noted that broacast messages appear in purple now as well (although I thought that was always the case ... or maybe I'm just losing it). The update is available now in BlackBerry App World for OS 7.1+

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BlackBerry Messenger updated to version


After upgrading from to, my BBM Icon has gone missing. It is installed under Applications Management. I will try to reinstall again.
I'm using 9900 with leaked version OS.

It's the result of a duplicate COD file. Remove it entirely using BBSAK and then have it reinstalled, or wipe and reload, skipping all of the clutter and only restore what you need.

Wow, 4.9MB this better pack more punch than just some bug and language fixes. How about blocking broadcast messages or having a sleep setting option. I'll have to post this to the BZ.

Yep, i have the same feeling about OS6... OS5 at least has receive some minors updates, but since january OS6 has no updates, last is .723 (wich i use).

Anyway, i hoping for BB10.

Live Long and Prosper!

Take more memory from my phone, is ok, I like it slow BUT NOT IN MY PHONE, I do have problems scrolling too.

in my Appworld and, the latest version is still .44, not .56.

I am guessing now only OS7.1+ gets the BBM update, and not the rest of the OS ?

I just installed it and now my BBM icon has disappeared and I no longer have a working BBM. WTF?

In App World it says is installed.

I amusing a 9810.

Wipe, reload, restore ONLY the following: Address book - all, Memopad, Calender, BBM Contacts, BBM Groups, BBM settings/options, Options, icon arrangement, Messages (only if you have an address), browser options, browser bookmarks. You'll find somewhere along that line, something was causing issues AND it'll be fixed.

I updated and BBM is gone. If you go to app world it shows installed. So no way to reinstall. Need some help. Hope I don't loose all my BB contacts.

Thank you for the tips Brian.
This is what i do :
First of all, full backup your 9900 with DM

1. Connect the 9900 to computer, and run BBSAK
2. Click on Modify CODs
3. Click Read System
4. Sort the CODs by Version, look for 6.2.0.xx (Your BBM Version)
5. select that particular BBM version and delete it all, and your 9900 will reboot
6. Install the new BBM

Troy~£€€ I'm willing to see new available update from facebook n twitter coz my country not support in bb beta zone

is this update only for OS 7? I have a 9800 and I tried AppWorld, no update. I went to and only get the version .44, not the .56.

Where can I get the latest version of BBM for OS 6?


No need to use BBSAK on 7.1

I had the same problem, where installation of the latest version of BBM caused it to disappear, and AppWorld would show it (but not give me a delete button to get rid of it)

Go to Options, Device, Application Management
Scroll down to Blackberry Messenger
Click on the App Name
Click on Delete
Then go back to AppWorld, click on Uninstalled Apps, and re-install

I just installed this latest update. I am having problems with my BBM being extremely slow now. Also there are advertisments at the bottom of the chats. Anyone know how to help me fix my BBM and get rid of the advertisements?