BBM updated to version in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BBM Beta
By Jared DiPane on 10 Apr 2012 02:42 pm EDT

If you are looking for something new to install and mess around with today, the fine folks at RIM have released an update in Beta Zone for BlackBerry Messenger.  Today's update bumps BBM up to version, and doesn't carry a monster change log along in tow with it.

Known Issues:

  • Clicking the trackpad in the inline display name or personal message field opens the "My Profile" screen for right-to-left languages.
  • Please note that issues with broadcast messages appearing in black, or links in broadcast messages appearing in purple, will be fixed in a future OS upgrade.

Don't delay any further, hop into Beta Zone and grab your update now!

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Reader comments

BBM updated to version in BlackBerry Beta Zone


I thought I'd be quick after I got email n sent msg to Team Crackberry n they're still ahead of my game! That's why we love Team CrackBerry!

I only have 11 BBM contacts.

Personally I keep the people I communicate with regularly. Don't need hundreds of people just to have a higher #.

any issue with the memory leak? on the last build (.33), i experienced a horrendous memory leak..