BBM updated to v. in BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Nov 2012 04:32 pm EST

A little over a week ago, RIM released in Beta Zone the latest version of BBM that introduced us all to BlackBerry Voice. Since then they have been hard at work and today posted an updated version in BlackBerry Beta Zone. BlackBerry Messenger version is now available and includes not only updates but many other improvements and bug fixes which you can find below.

New Features Include:

  • Additional emoticons :) 
  • Profile Configuration Option to Modify Incoming BBM Voice Ring Tone
  • Personal Status Message "In a Voice Chat"

Change Log / Fixed Issues for BlackBerry Messenger

  • BBM chats were not restored during device upgrade. User has to sign into BBID and then re-restore the chats from the backup file.
  • Incoming call doesnt ring if user is in camera app
  • Speaker enabled when incoming call rejected and already on BBM Voice call
  • Messages from BBM Voice are cut off frequently
  • Device switch failed, client stuck at "Restoring BBM" state 
  • After hanging up after a voice chat longer than 5 minutes, the device that did not hang up remains on the calling screen
  • With a song playing, when a user receives a BBM Voice call the music continues to play in the background of the ringtone
  • User cannot accept calls properly while content protection enabled and password locked
  • While recording a voice note, if an BBM Voice chat is initiated no audio is heard between devices
  • Avatar display picture not being updated correctly for BBM Voice calls
  • Broadcast messages are received in black text
  • Active BBM Voice calls are randomly disconnecting
  • Contacts see each other as unavailable although both are registered and can see other contacts as available
  • Chat Tear
  • BBM Groups - Text entry field in group chat expands to cover up the last message in chat history instead of the chat history scrolling up
  • Contact list search feature randomly stops returning results
  • No missed call message appears when the caller ends the call before the receiver picks up
  • Wrong message appears when declining a voice chat using 'Reply in BBM'
  • After accepting a call after 30 seconds of ringing the device being called gets stuck on connecting screen
  • Voice chats exceeding 13 minutes maybe disconnected

Known Issues list for version

  • No disconnection dialog when device is disconnected during calling or connecting state
  • While on BBM voice call, MVS WiFi call comes in that shuts off audio in both calls
  • User reboots device while in BBM Voice Chat: call dropped but 2nd user remains on call connected screen. User must hit hard key to close the screen.

Be sure to grab your update at the link below. If you are not a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone you can sign up for free at If there are any other issues or updates let us know in the comments below.

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BBM updated to v. in BlackBerry Beta Zone


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You can laugh at me if you wish, I won't hold it against you ;)


I won't laugh at you. I'll just call you a childish, immature moron who obviously has no life.

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No flaming here Bob. Just a big thanks. People come here for information. These "first" morons need to be called what they are.


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Dedicated Blackberry User
BB-PIN: 329D6421
PB-PIN: 50110033
(Video Chat about BB-Business ONLY)

It has os5 support just not for the voice yet..but u can go along and download this version on os5 along with the new sure voice is coming later on for os5

Numerous uno, at least you didn't say 'mirst'...whatever that means :s

Lots of bug fixes I never realised were there.

On my phone is under the section "Phone: Call melodies" or something like that because I use a Spanish version :) ... but is in the same section with the Line 2 & My number section

Hope it helps

Still checking it out. However, one bug persists: apps that use the internet (via wifi) eg. The browser doesn't seem to be able to get internet access, as before.

This problem is why I deleted the original beta version off my 9850 and 9930, after a few minutes of wifi use in other apps or the browser it loses the wifi signal. Wifi still works in BBM like its blocking everything else from using the connection, and constantly have to turn the wifi off and on to reconnect for the other apps, then it drops again! That big change log, I was hoping they fixed this, guess not, I'll wait for the next beta to download...

Sill no sign of a version for OS5 ?? First we get Viber but cant make calles on Blackberry & now BBM with voice & OS5 users cant benifit from this either

BBM 7.0 is now using your BlacBerry ID. In other words you cannot use BBM on multiple devices with the same ID. I hope RIM will find a way when BB10 hits the market. I wish I could use one BBM ID and be online whatever BB device I will log-in. (Sync my contacts, conversation, etc.)

RIM is definitely behind this, I think this is preparation for BB10. Our PIN is no longer necessary for BBM 7.0 and up.

Everyone is okay with BBM Voice being WiFi only? I can't see that working well. I'll have to get myself and the other party on WiFi before connecting with BBM Voice. Will anyone really use this? There are other VoIP options that are free and cross platform, and they work on the mobile network or WiFi. I think RIM is shooting themselves in the foot. I believe consumers will be disappointed with this.

I agree, if they keep it on wifi only, then it's completely useless!

I'm always out and barely have wifi, I downloaded the new version of BBM but I didn't have the chance to try it yet because of this wifi limitation.

Running 9900/ and I get no audible notification and also bebuzz doesn't trigger the led.

Had this issue with the last one and now with this one.

Anybody else?

I'm new in this site. I have three questions and I hope some expert must inform me about it.
1. I have blackberry 9860 I want to know BBM 7 can be used in this device or not.
2. BlackBerry beta web site is not available in United Arab Emirates so how I can download BBM 7.
3. New OS 10 will be available for 9860 or not.

1. Yes you can

2. You would have to wait until BBM 7 is released in Blackberry app world

3. No it won't

still same issue on my 9810.
BBM doesnt make a noise or give notifications when a BBM is sent.

uggg its a pain in the butt to not hear when you get a BBM.

I installed BBM7 Voice,
Question ?
When i hit menu i don't see voice call on any of my contacts.
I'm not hooked up to wifi.
Will it show only the people on my contact that have BBM7 Voice?

When you open up a chat, if your contact have BBM7 you'll see on upper right corner a bubble with phone inside.

It will be grey if you or the contact are not on wi-fi/not available.
It will be green if you and the contact are available for voice chat.

If icon do not show up, you contact do not have it installed.

all contacts are now backed up through BBID. So when you delete/reinstall BBM, it will ask you if you want to restore your contact.

Same here
I already backup my contact the first time i upgraded BBM7voice, i haven't add any contacts.

Hi everybody, have not been able to try the new Voice feature yet!!!! Here is my 32F8ED01 give me a shout!!!!!........ :D

The people who complain about it being wifi patient bb10 is coming with video chat ft and im 100% positive its going to be able to work over mobile network after also content with it just being wifi because im in usa i pay for mins on my phone dat i dont even use half of..i can suffice with waiting till im home with wifi to call over seas or find one of the millions of hotspots in new york -_-

Just noticed this...whenever I open BBM, even before selecting a contact or starting a chat, if I'm not in wifi range I get the grayed-out phone with the red exclamation icon.

Good work BlakBerry team!
Added 8 new emoticons and completely broke 3rd party apps with dozens of smileys. My Fancy Characters app does not work any more in full integration. Other smiley apps broken completely.
Why do care about community and devs, right?

Someone needs to keep voting for the long not fixed BBM groups lagging when members join and leave groups. Lol