BBM updated to v10.3.2.16 in the Beta Zone - Larger groups and over 100 new emoticons

By Bla1ze on 19 Dec 2013 07:06 pm EST

There's been plenty of BBM news happening but it seems as though BlackBerry has a bit more to cover. Although it's extremely limited and may not be available to everyone, a new beta update to BBM is available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and it's jam packed full of new features and goodies that we've been hearing about for a while now.

New Features Available in this Release:

  • Faster, easier ways to share pics, voice notes, files and attachments from Dropbox. Even allow BBM contacts to view your location for a limited time.
  • We’ve made it easier than ever to find friends on BBM with suggested contacts
  • Over 100 new emoticons to help you make your point
  • Make your group a little larger. BBM Groups now allow you to have up to 50 participants (formerly 30)
  • Worried about spamming your contacts? You’ll now be able to block 3rd party apps from automatically updating your status.
  • Please Note: Upgrading to latest BBM may trigger BBM setup and delete any open 1-to-1 and multi person chats. Check out all of the known issues here.

BlackBerry 10.1 and 10.2 users who have been invited can update directly through the BlackBerry Beta Zone app itself and the version number should show as Again, it's a limited beta so not available to all. Additionally, it has been noted already that there may be issues with it if you're running the leaked

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BBM updated to v10.3.2.16 in the Beta Zone - Larger groups and over 100 new emoticons


Obviously I didn't read the article because I wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now.

BlackBerry shouldn't have even released it to me based on me running

You're missing my whole point about them screwing up little things like this. Why BBM can't be deleted and re-installed for these kinds of issues is retarded.

Is this a serious complaint? You shouldn't be running a leak at all, don't get mad at them that they invited you to a limited beta.

That would be like me asking you how long you're going to stay stuck on stupid for.

BlackBerry releases these leaks on purpose to get feedback because one can always revert back to the official OS version that you had before installing the leak if any serious bugs cause problems.

Because BBM can't be deleted, this is now a problem that shouldn't even exist.

Then be glad you can help them identify issues. You did install both leak and beta fully aware that things could break.

Not reading this article is moot. Leaks can break by themselves and they can break when new stuff comes in. Everyone doing leaks is aware of that.

That's right. Blame BlackBerry that you're running a leak and can't read. Sounds about right to me. Why can't people just take ownership for THEIR mistakes instead of blaming someone else.

Exactly, if you're running a leak you have no argument, unless of course you expect the QA team to test leaks prior to the leak. Is it still a leak in that case?

Posted via CB10

I installed plenty of dev pre-releases on my iPhone through my Apple dev account and never had any problems with updated apps that were installed after beta, so don't give me any off your non-existent technical bullshit.

1. BlackBerry servers will know I'm running and never should have even given the BBM update to me.

2. We should be allowed to uninstall the BBM app off of our phones if we choose.

These are the kinds of things that separate Apple from BlackBerry.

Lol comparing an apple dev os obtained via a dev account to a leaked os? And your still trying to make a point?...u have no right to blame blackberry for you not being able to run an official app on an unofficial VERY EARLY BETA OS

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BlackBerry loses in all departments when it comes to Apple and I've accepted that.

I apologize in advance for not being able to see your poetry BBM channel because my BBM is down.

I agree with you to an extent and unlike the largely useless and unproductive replies from all of the pompous rear ends here, I'm going to give you a solution.

Download a copy of the autoloader and use Sachesi to extract the apps out of it. Find the BBM bar in the extracted apps and sideload it back to your device. That will solve your problem.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming of bashing anyone who complains about BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for feeding the troll. You may be OK listening to someone bitch and complain about something they broke. I'm not. I run a leak. I know the precautions I need to take when something new and great comes out. I don't jump at the first chance and then come back and complain that BlackBerry broke it because I'm running a leak that I shouldn't have in the first place. I own up to it and fix my own issue because I created the problem. But spoon fed the troll, that's what he wants.

When it's all said and done though, he has a point about being able to uninstall BBM. A simple solution that would have avoided the issue in the first place. Even a device wipe does NOT restore you back to your original BBM... that IS a serious problem.

Thanks my friend. I'm a big believer in BlackBerry and I want to see them on top again.

I got my Q10 and installed right away. There was an update for BBM in BlackBerry World and I installed it and it ran perfectly and this was after had been installed. I installed many leaks on past BB's in the past and never had any major issues.

All I'm saying is that because BBM can't be uninstalled and then reinstalling the current version from BlackBerry World is stupid.

It's a core part of the OS. It's deeply integrated with the OS. It's shouldn't be easily installed and uninstalled. It's not just an app like the iPhone. That's what you're not realizing. Can you just go and delete sms/mms from an iPhone? Every os has certain functions that are baked into the os and are no independent apps that can just be removed. BBM is one of those things.

On BBOS....sure. Not on BB10. Hold down the BBM icon on BB10 and let me know if you see that little garbage can. Go ahead......not there is it! Just like it's not there for anything else that's baked into the OS.

I see. So instead of saying you are wrong you divert once again. Man, grow a set and take some ownership. This conversation with you is over. I don't talk to people who can't take ownership for their own actions. Enjoy your mess you created. Hopefully you read the advice someone else posted to help you out of YOUR mess. Not BlackBerry. Not the OS that isn't like Apple. The fact you don't read. Peace out!

No worries. There is too much animosity on this forum these days. People just need to chill out. You had a legit issue, so why bash instead of just offer a solution. And yeah, I agree that there should be a way of reverting to older versions if an update does not work well, leaked OS or not.

Posted via CB10

If you go to you can revert back to an older version. That's what a few people i know told me a few weeks ago

Posted via CB10

That conversation was intense. Folks need to chill out. The bashing is a bit crazy and not needed. Before you step in to the matrix...take the chill pill.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Should have read the article. Now I'm stuck.
To the forums to try and find a solution

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Problem solved by using sachesi and loading a version of BBM from IS

I do really want this update to work though, looks superb

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I'm not sure how i feel on suggested contacts. And I'm still waiting for the option to log in and log out, use your BBM on multiple devices, exclude contacts from broadcasted messages. And is this going to be available on BBOS? Better be.

Installed it on my Z10STL100-4/ and it messed up my BBM. Can't open the app or any chats that I see in the hub.

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how do we recover from installing over top of 10.2.1055....bbm will not load and simply crashes....this is nuts cause they should have alerted us to this

You need to find a bar for the older version of BBM and sideload that. I had to sideload the original BBM bar to fix mine.

Yes, they SHOULD always alert you to not be using a leaked OS in which you're not really supposed to have anyway. /s

Seriously, what's going on with this forum? What's with all the "no leaks" propaganda? Heck, the only thing that kept most of us BlackBerry diehards going are the leaks, right from the ancients OS versions to today. If it wasn't for leaks many of would have left this BlackBerry long ago with all of the issues that happen.

Nothing wrong at all with running leaks. We should really drop this stance of "you aren't supposed to be using it anyway".

Posted via CB10

But you aren't supposed to be using leaks. Fact. When issues happen on your LEAK... don't complain.

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I'm super-duper excited!! Now!

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I won't upgrade until I see what kind of bug will come ! Like twitter or the damn text message issue still not fix!

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And you probably never be able to. What if the person receiving the pics arent on WiFi, they probably dont want the data usage, unless they 'request' it.

No one here has unlimited data here in Nigeria. I would be mad at you if you sent me high res pictures every time. Cause it would zap my data! One of the reasons I deleted WhatsApp

From Zuri my Z10.

What is different in your mega upload from the beta zone. Being on 1055 I am curious. You can PM if you want.

Thanks for making it painless

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

Note: this will kill your conversations. Update to channels from beta zone will probably work better

Posted via CB10

Just reinstall channels from Beta Zone App. All part of playing with leaks and beta's

Posted via CB10

Thanks to all of you that tried it on leaked, I will not install it. Sorry that you guys have to deal with this issues. I recently installed this OS leaked and I was afraid to mess up my phone, I have some minor issues, but a lot better futures, way better than the 10.1 that I was on for a long time.

Posted via CB10

Not available for me :(

The ones that get it and are not in give us a review about the new features

You're late with this announcement, N4BB and BlackBerry Empire have already covered this and the new BBM beta for Android.
As has Geeks United.

If you have 10.2.1, this version of BBM for BB10 crashes. A Lot.

All of those features are great (specially the 100 emoticons) don't get me wrong, but happened to the 6MB file limit? I believe file size should be a top priority for the BBM team.

Post via my AWESOME Q10! BBM Channel: C12140D

Yup. I'd like to see then raise that limit as well. Also, video sharing in groups needs to be a thing.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Agree with you about that. Let BlackBerry beta BBM know that it will be easier to give feedback to BlackBerry. :)

Posted via CB10

Please let BlackBerry know to add videos share more than 6 mb. This feature are missing from BBM.

Posted via CB10

Inoperable with installed. I've just recently switched back to BlackBerry with a Q10 after being away 2 years on an iPhone. I have to say that I've run into some significant problems already and it's disheartening when I'm really hoping for BlackBerry to pull through their problems. Why the BBM app can't be deleted and reinstall for issues like the one I have now is completely stupid on their part. They need to get it together with stuff like this because it's so damn annoying.

Hey bro didn't you read the article before downloading it? All you people with leaks and leaks should know there's issues resulting from lack of testing.

Keep The Faith

Working just dandy for me on The new emoticons are great (some grouping would be nice) but I have contacts using iOS who doesn't see them.
I also can't find where to use the location detection function.

I received the update via beta zone. Installed, crashes on opening. Running 10.2.1. Anyone else have problems?

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't download it at all at this point, it appears that it's not even beta worthy at this point...too many users having issues although most sound like they are on a leak which is foolish when you were warned.


Keep The Faith

I was invited via email from BBM Beta and it is working absolutely perfect for me, no chats or groups deleted, no crashes!

Z10, STL100-2,

Wow, CB appears to be a lot of chaps skip the article, just act on the title. May be next time the warning should come in red and bold font? Possibly, embedded in the title as well (such as exclude leak OSzxxx).

Posted via CB10

Can someone tell me what do they mean by "faster sharing..." For those who were able to download ofc.
What difference is there in the picture sharing

Posted via CB10

Can some post screen shots of the new UI, if it exists?

I'm hoping they:
1) moved the sender button and
2) added landscape rotation.

Posted via CB10

Apple never screws anything up, EVER. Hahahaha. Unless you own the worst piece of useless garbage ever. Crapple TV. Haha. Apple fan boys, I love em

Team BlackBerry

Yaaaaaaaay!! HUGE news!! :D not gonna risk any crashes, ism patient but I'm SO pumped to use these new and exciting 118 emoticons coming to BBM!! :D

Posted via CB10

Looks nice from the description. I could not experience this of course: it crashed and I reloaded channels 10.0 via beta zone to get my BBM back. But its still cool - running a a leaked OS will have its moments, lol.

Yes, i have not seen any update for bbm on my beta app, cause I'm running on leaked Os

I wish that with these NEW emoticons we could also have the original/older emoticons incorporated as well though.. there are still a lot of the older ones in not seeing and if I do see them they aren't nearly as good as I remember.. Still a joyous day, as I will welcome these 118 newer emoticons with open arms any day then the 74 we currently have..!! :D :D (Y)

Posted via CB10

I know this is probably a dumb question, but can anyone help me with the proper way to install the BBM Bar file back on to my Zed 10. I updated in the Beta Zone and nothing works, no BBM, so I saw where to download the Bar file and would be grateful of the steps to get BBM back. I am on the .1055 leak which BBM was working fine until the update and now disaster. Thank you so much everyone..

"Additionally, it has been noted already that there may be issues with it if you're running the leaked"

This should read DO NOT INSTALL if you are using, because it simply doesn't work

Posted via my annoying, page-skipping CB10 app.

It's crashed here too. So no BBM now and my girlfriend is wondering why I can't receive message. I hope we get fix asap. Cmon BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

You will need to downgrade to older BBM to have it running again if you are on OS

Posted via CB10

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Anyone know a way of getting BBM re installed without having to use a pc. Need to get back to a working version, after loading it onto my leaked OS and NOT reading about it not working....

Bugger :(

Posted via CB10

Had the same crash issue. Thru trial and error figured out it is an issue with BBM Channels. You do not have to wipe. JUST install the version of Channels released Oct 30/13 from your PC. You will have your BBM back.


Posted via CB10

Sorted it yaay. I upload using wifi and it works, must say very impressed, pictures as sharp as whatsapp, loads more emotions and location...
I don't know if they altered the media files size?

Posted via CB10

Has anyone tried using this beta on I am a bit apprehensive to try it given that it obviously crashed for me using 1055

Posted via CB10

"We’ve made it easier than ever to find friends on BBM with suggested contacts"

I hope this is finally the option for ios and android that we have for bb10. Hopefully! :)

Posted via awesome BlackBerry Z10!

It does not work with the latest OS leak either. Ie My curiosity got the better of me and I upgraded it

Posted via CB10

who tired it on this BBM update on ???
because i tried it on but it didn't work and i had to format the device
so i got to know about the latest leaked OS
but i was scared to try it
so i hope anyone can update us with their latest news
thank you