BBM updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 28 Feb 2013 02:18 pm EST

BBM has once again been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone bringing along some fixes as well as support for OS 5.0 devices. Nothing shiny and new this time, but it's always fun to grab a new update. 

Latest updates include:

  • Performance & stability fixes
  • Support for devices running OS 5.0
  • Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
  • Improved device accessory handling (Bluetooth and headset integration)
  • BBID setup and integration improvements 

If you're a Beta Zone member you can login now and should see the download available.

More information in the BlackBerry Beta Zone 

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Reader comments

BBM updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I went in to get the latest BBM Beta and noticed BlackBerry Navigator 1.0 there as well. Im in the United States with a Bold 9900. It says that its also now officially in BlackBerry World

I'm downloading it now. The old version worked great for me, but I'm always down for an improvement! I'll get my wife's BB updated tonight!

Hey folks!!! I'm living in Russia and unable to register to the beta zone :((
Does anybody can upload that BBM beta to any share service like BOX ?!?!
Appreciate in advance ;)

After upgrading to my phone froze up while in BBM, had to do a reboot. Hopefully a few more reboot and everything will be smooth. I did notice slow browsing speeds but I'm not sure it's because of BBM as my playbook is having similar issues.

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