BBM updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone - brings paid Sticker packs to the mix

By DJ Reyes on 18 Mar 2014 06:07 pm EDT

It was not too long ago that we saw BBM get updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone, where we saw the introduction to sponsored ads. It looks like an update has been pushed again. There had been some issues that some people had encountered with the previous build and hopefully this update fixes those bugs. There isn't much of a changelog this time, the only thing stated is that the update brings about paid sticker packs.

Once again, this update seems to be in limited beta. Even if you have previously been able to get BBM beta updates, you may not get one this time around. You would normally receive an email telling you of an update. BlackBerry 10 users could also check to see if they see an update via the Beta Zone.


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Stickers are ugly, but also this is useless while on BETA since you can't send it to anyone (non beta) anyways. At least they fixed the issue where the emoticon button was always switching to back to stickers when all i wanted was a regular emoticon, was getting on my nerves...


I hate to agree but I do!

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I really hope they actually create good ones that people would pay for because the ones that we've seen are awful.

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OMG, those stickers look HORRIBLE!!

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I guess they are holding on to the stickers that will actually get some sales for the big public release.

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I like the fact that the update fixed the issue when you open emoticons now it opens straight at emoticons and not stickers like before.

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Montrice Martin

The stickers suck and I am not going to pay $1.99 each for the 4 packs. BBM needs to have video chat instead.

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I only had to purchase the 4th pack. The retained the other 3 packs that came free with the previous release.


Bbm does have video chat, its called bbm video...

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For blackberry only...

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Way to monetize. I assume this is going well in emoticon-crazy Asia.

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Those are terrible

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Time to monetize. Can't wait for next update.

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So, how much is shipping and handling for these stickers?

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$1.99 for the new pack of stickers and they're fugly! I would love to see a Cyanide & Happiness sticker set!! :D

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Count me in :D

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Fuck this shit. Not beta-ing anything.

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Are you that upset over something you never have to buy? Chill and send some bubble bot stickers!


We will see
Blackberry forever

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Went well for me. Retained everything. I didn't lose anything. Including my 3 previous free packs. I purchased Bubble Bots to test it and show support. I want to know what versions others have and what OS they're on. Maybe that's the factor. I have on official T-Mobile OS


How do you have OS version 10.3?

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Would they consider allowing developers to sell sticker packs for BBM as well?
Am just thinking how cool it would be to have a Herbie sticker pack (am a big Flycraft and Flappy Herbie Saga fan lol).

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They do. In BlackBerry World.
You can get Motion Avatars here...

And you can get stickers from the same developer here...

They sell them like 650 for $1.99. BlackBerry needs to come down on the price.


This is a great idea.

I don't see why they wouldn't.

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I just posted a link above to a developer that has stickers for BBM already.


oh i am honoured to not be appart of it AGAIN!!!
rant, rant, rant,


I want to support BlackBerry as much as possible but I like to keep my emoticons simple and minimal, this is a tool not a toy.

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remember,it Is your option to download them or not, you don't like them don't use them..simple


For tool you have bbm protect. Let bbm increase his number of user with that kind of feature because (not me but) people like that things. Especially young people

Running leak


Not available for me yet :(

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So slow.... come out its only a bunch of paid gif's do we really need a beta NASA like for this ? release it, market it and just make it happen. I'm fed up with this beta process. It is slow, so SLOW!

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That's what they're trying to do. Release it to market...
"Please load up the build right away and let us know how it works overall! Please continue to test out Stickers, as well as all the features included in this release, and let us know if you think they’re ready for launch."


Oh excited. More childish stickers for a "business focused" company. Yeah. Great use of resources.

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This is a separate entity than their enterprise busy. Hence why they are launching eBBM for the enterprise suite.

BBM could potentially be worth more than the rest of BlackBerry itself. If you like having a BlackBerry, than you should support their efforts to make money and, y'know; not go bankrupt..


I don't use my BB Z10 for business... Not every single BB user is a business man/woman.


That's fine. Mine is a personal device as well.

What upsets me is that they are cutting jobs, trying to save from loosing money, admittedly not chasing the avg consumers but instead focusing on being the device of choice for businesses. Yet they still have time for this? Fine if they are profitable and looking to expand but right now they need to focus. This shows a lack of leadership and a lack of focus.

What is their priority? They are (once again) focusing on too many things, when they should just do what they say and do it right.

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Why we don't get the update yet! In beta zone and in bbworld! :S

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Seriously do some major updates for bbm, something useful, something new, more features to attract old and new customers over watsapp and others not those boring stickers.

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If they come out with star wars and avengers and power Rangers TMNT then I can see paying 1.99 but from what I've seen they are horrendous

They need superhero stickers and emoticons then I can see the price

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BlackBerry shouldn't have fired thier sticker designers cause those look aweful!

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Can you guys who are lucky enough to be in the BBM beta programme make a request for "unread messages indicator" within a BBM group chat thread?

Its a function which allows you to follow a thread from where you last read because a group chat can go on without you.

Right now what happens in a BBM group what is that it scrolls down all the way to the last message sent and then you have to scroll up yourself to find where you left off.

Whatsapp and ever other IM app ive used have this feature.

It annoys the hell out of me that BBM doesnt.

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Great idea!!!

Please feel free to submit it directly to BlackBerry yourself at

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It brings potential but doubt seeing anyone in my list ever buying this. There are plenty of other ways to monetize.

I probably will not update my BBM unless I have too or it is forced with OS upgrades.


These stickers are obnoxious. And so are the free ones. They were designed for grade school children.

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Nobody is going to purchase these. Nobody.

W Hoa

Line is a successful messaging app in Japan and certain other markets in Asia. The Next Web's Jon Russell reported in May that $17 million of the company's $58 million in total revenue in Q1 2013 came from stickers. Three months later, Russell noted that Line's sticker revenue has climbed to $10 million per month.

Read more:


Maybe. But BlackBerry isn't big there.

Also BlackBerry has come out saying they are going to focus on the business user. What bank exec, major retail ceo or gov employee would be excited over this??? Seems like a waste of time and resources.

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High end devices for business. Low end devices for retail/consumers.

That's strategy is becoming load and clear.

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It should be the opposite.


Line managed to target an audience that existed. Who is the target audience for these? It certainly isn't the same one.


I seriously hope there isn't more than one person on the bbm team working this project.

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My son, his little cousins and some of their friends (ages 8-9) are enthusiastic BBM users (on their iPods): they're going to love these.

Let's remember that it's not necessarily the business users on BlackBerrys that make up our BBM family. There's plenty of profit to be made from different target audiences.

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With BBM cross platform, things like this is a no brainer. It's not about pleasing BlackBerry users anymore. You have to please Android, Apple, AND BlackBerry with BBM. Whole new ball game.

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Got it... keep it coming BlackBerry.. the more options the. better

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Stickers. Awesome. Why? I don't wanna buy stickers. Maybe they could have kept those 100 or so jobs instead of spending money on developing..... stickers.


Don't spend the few r&d resources that are left on silly stickers.
Improve bbm reliability & usability.
Make finding of and connecting to other users easier and more self explanatory.
Improve the group feature.
Release bbm for WP8.

These are the important tasks to make bbm become more successful (ie get more users), not stickers.

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Lol ! who designed these ugly looking thing ? Please BBRY go back to the drawing board.

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How about they spend time fixing the fact that we can no longer see emojis sent via text from Android, iPhone and Windows phone. How about they do simple crap like that, not BS sticker selling.


I have all of 4 friends who chat with me on BBM. The rest text or email. What exactly are the stickers for? Can I download this update but reject the stickers?

Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2, :-)


Stickers are basically larger versions of emoticons that you can add in chats to express yourself.
Stickers are a part of the beta application. They cannot be rejected.
However; if you don't like them, you can choose not to download them or even use them at all.


BlackBerry are you going turbo?

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Good lord these are horrible.

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Stop being so close minded and open your eyes there is a market for this stuff, remember you are the same people that own blackberries.

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Could you please add a feature to send a multiple photos to bbm? So I don't have to pick one by one of the picture that i want to send. Thanks

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I wants to spend all mah mouny on stickers lol
I would spend a few only because it's BlackBerry

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I like stickers and HOW I WISH I can use them... but I cant since all my friends and family can't see it.

How can we test it if they can't see it.



Go to the BlackBerry beta forums where there is a section to share your PIN to exchange and test the stickers if you wish.


Quickly release the official update and fix the bugs!!!!

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JP Yow

This is how we monetize bbm? Hmm.

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It IS one of the things Facebook introduced to their chats as well....

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I won't be buying any stickers

100% BlackBerry


€€€ ;)

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Good way for BlackBerry's BBM in trying to become more competitive and monetize in other markets that will pay for stickers. For the complainers, get a grip. If you don't like it, don't use it.

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As a beta tester, stickers are ready to release. If BBM succeeds in the mass market this will be a big part of it.

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What I hate is there is no way to delete or remove unwanted or stickers you may be bored of aghhhhhhhh...

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LOL they should try to get people to buy blackberry first.

luthnice 7

Hello...does anyone can send me bar file for BBM update beta now?i'm still didn't receive any update for bbm from beta until now...and also I need camera version that have FACE DETECTION...anyone please send me both bar file :(

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i don't see the point of continuing with the BetaZone since BlackBerry has decided to create exclusive groups within the BetaZone...


These stickers are horrible.. what's wrong with you blackberry ? At least have a dancing cartoon or something

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