BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler

BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler
By DJ Reyes on 4 Sep 2014 04:19 pm EDT

It looks like our favorite instant messaging app just received an update. It's not too big an update but it does seem like BlackBerry has made it simpler to attach photos. Currently, by default, when you tap the paper clip icon to attach a photo, the voice note option is selected. You then had to tap the picture icon to then get the option to attach one. Now, it defaults to attaching file or photos when you tap the paper clip icon.

What's new in BBM v10.4.2.8/v10.4.3.8/v10.4.4.8?

  • Simplified flow for attaching pictures, files and other content to BBM chats
  • In app upgrade notifications helps users to download the latest version of BBM
  • The ability for users to rate their call experience for BBM Voice calls

Note, depending on what OS version you're running (10.2, 10.2.1 or 10.3), you'll see different version numbers for the BBM update. It's all the same though.

It does look like this same update is available for those in iOS and Android, so if you have buddies on those platforms, let them know too. As usual, the update is just rolling out, some people are seeing it already while it's not yet showing for others. You can manually search for BBM in BlackBerry World if you're not seeing it yet, sometimes you'll find an update waiting that way. Otherwise, what a bit before trying again.

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BBM update makes attaching photos and files simpler


+10000000 yes pleaaaase! Maybe here is an idea.. when you attach a few pics together it outs them into a container so once they are sent the recipient can press on it and all pics can be scrolled through.. I dunno.. just a random thought

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How about multiple files are compressed into a single zip file only the recipient can receive until saved. This file can be tapped and instantly each item can be previewed and the end user can decide which to save.

Not everyone wants to see 15 photos of the latest hamburglar happy meal ;) (everyone else calls these selfies)

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THIS! Guys @CrackBerry need to request this as well as they are some of the 1st ears listened to. But this update is running like a champ on my S4 Mini and Tab 3 7.0 LTE.

Also I'm sooo ready for video chat for Android.

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+1000000 ... my wife and I are often one with one kid, one with the other, and we're sending each other pictures back and forth by bbm... gets annoying to be alerted all the time with each individual pic.

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Fix the videos and ios bbm, I sent message to wife and it was delivered after 24 hours and 5 tines.
Also make it easy to add people and sharing videos in groups

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Agreed, wife and younger son both have ios and quite often the messages I send arrive a day late and a dollar short (a turn of phrase).

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My wife used have the same issue but I pushed her to make sure everything on her phone was up to date and that solved since then it's been the only way we message each other. We're eagerly waiting for video for ios though so her and I can video chat when one of us is away.

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Save had a buddy batch about BBM for iOS today and I said maaaaaaaan!

When was the last time you updated it? His response, not since I installed it. I was like guy, there is an updated version! He installs the update, no more problems.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

Fucking predictive text on BlackBerry sucks! My whole first sentence was just wrong.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

For those who find some problem with predictive text, there is an option in setting to disable auto correction by space bar.

Once u disable the auto correction the prediction will be there but it wont auto insert.

You will have the freedom either approve the prediction or go typing ur own words.

Hope this helps :)

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I would have to say that due to the way the OS works on the iPhone it's hard to implement a great experience. iOS just isn't built to multitask. BBM is the best on BlackBerry, good on Android, and, well, not the greatest on the iPhone.

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If you root seeing the update just refresh BlackBerry World..that's what I did an disband it worked.

Posted via CB on my BlackBerry Z30

Fingers crossed that they give us the option to either send a high res photo or a compressed one.

I'm really getting annoyed by this feature. Didn't matter back in the days of my 9300 my wife and I had lol.

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You can send high resolution pictures. The recipient has to request it. Makes sense: they don't want to assume that every recipient is willing to accept the extra data hit, so they made it opt-in.

Thanks but i'm aware of that.
That's why i'm looking for some sort of toggle, either give us the option to accept without the request, or the option to send high res and the client selects which version to download. Something of that nature would be great!

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The recipient has to press and hold on the image you sent, then select HQ from the menu that pops up. That will send you, the sender, a request to send the "high quality " version.

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It makes no sense. Compresse the images but at least make them decently viewable, like what Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Hangouts does. Don't compress them to uselessness and then require this odd handshake mechanic to get a usable picture to the person. At the very worse, they should cache the high resolution photo on their servers and the person on the other end can get it or not, but it wouldn't require the sender to basically send it twice - which is what the current mechanic feels like.

Updated!! Honduras!! flow improved to send pictures, I hope to be the first step so that we can send multiple photos at once, Thanks and Keep Walking!!

The Android version of the app asks for an additional permission, not asked for before. Interesting.

Looks like the update version depends on OS:

10.2.0 -
10.2.1 -
10.3.0 -

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I am using 10.2.1....
Tried in my BlackBerry and in my friends android now....refreshed....but still not getting...
And something out of topic....BBW crashed twice :(

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Omg. Update won't show up for me. Can someone post a link to the BAR file?

Can someone tell me what this update changes? I'm using 10.3, can I install? Will it make my battery last longer? Help now.

Sorry.....silly mood.

Posted from my Z10. Z30 or Passport very soon

Chill dude. The change is rolling out. If everyone got the update and downloaded it simultaneously the servers would go nuts. It'll show up eventually.

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How about one from you? Would love to see some old BB'ers drop a blog post or two here on CrackBerry, assuming it's allowed. Nothing proprietary or anything, maybe some general commentary, thoughts on devices, things happening based on older plans vs. newer plans, etc. Chen-pinions even!

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I don't know if I like this. I send a lot more voice notes then I do anything else. And as for attaching photos, I typically send them via the camera app or photo album app

Posted via CB10

Agreed I don't like the new way either

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my beautiful beast called Z30 or my great Q10 or my lovely Z10

BBM is my one and only messenger. I simply love it...and my wife too.

Finally a thing we both love...
..beside our blackberries... our children :-)

And my son loves the PlayBook. BlackBerry infected already.

Dreaming about the new Passport

I'm curious I'm running Z30STA100-2/, will the new updates cause any problems with my current OS! I'm fairly new to this exciting world of leaks !

 Z30

Could someone kindly post a .bar file? Can't update due to the country I'm in now :(

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Agreed, I rarely go to channels anymore. I hate the commenting system, and to like a post is too difficult. The touch target for the thumbs up is way too small and I find myself clicking to open the post and comments far too often. Implement a double tap to like the way Instagram does.

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Sharing multiple pictures has come up in a few comments and I'm surprised by that. I guess it hasn't come up much in my usage and on the occasional time it has I've sent a zip file.

I'm more interested in having documents other than pictures shared to groups.

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I hope this fixes my instant previews. Every since I updated to my bbm instant previews has been hit or miss on my Q10, sometimes they pop up sometimes they don't. But text messages pop up every time.

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Great update, I wish in the next update the add unread feature for group chat and message so we can continue reading where we left off.

have fun... keep trying... BlackBerry

You know what I am Loving. This new commenting system!!! It looks so pleasing to the eyes. Very clean and crisp!! Oh yeah and the BBM stuff too.

Please more free sticker. At least the one from BlackBerry emoticon is free. Like BBM Travel, Expression, and so on. Please make that free otherwise it's not becoming useful addition.

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MULTIPLE ATTATCHMENTS! I would LOVE to stop using whats app but it sends files and pictures like a champ.

Posted via CB10

I use voice note s more than anything else. Pretty much why we still use bbm so not cool for me.

I wished it just defaulted to whatever attachment screen you used most recently

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

easy to attach ? really ? didnt change a thing ... they only added labels, you can add more than one

I thought WhatsApp copied BBM and acquired #1 position, why can't BBM does it before and better..

My love and liking for BBM is still intact.

Love BBM but they really need to fix the fact that you cannot use the keyboard in landscape mode out of the hub (or at all for android/ios). Many of my friends whom I got to download and use bbm like the app but always complain about this. Simple things first BlackBerry !

Posted via CB10

Please add ability to send multiple attachments let it be pictures or whatever. In addition all the features available in the chat one to one should be available in the group chat in addition remove ping restrictions and ability to copy personal messages. BBM via Q10

Posted via CB10

Very nice upgrade! Thanks BlackBerry. Attching everything is easier now. Location, files, pics, etc etc.

Keep Moving!

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

Adding text message contacts within BBM so the app handles texting. I miss that feature from BBOS

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

BBM updates always sucks. Whenever I perform any update it kicks me out of my BBM groups! Thats very frustrating. Also in this update the fonts have become even smaller. Team BB please get your act together.

At first I thought I couldn't get this bbm update, then I realized I have a beta copy which is even more advanced then this general update to the public.

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Updated! I am liking it. Step in right direction. I'd like to see a few more updated to attain feature-parity++ over WhatsApp:

* share 'multiple' pictures in BBM chat, BBM multiperson chat, BBM group inline from chat window and also via share-to-target.

* share multiple type of files, not just pictures. But audio, documents, videos!

* reliable and timely (instant) message delivery on iOS, android. IOS seem to have more problems than Android

* improved (faster, smoother) UI for Android and iOS. Right now, BBM is pretty heavy and loads slow on most devices except top of the line. This is probably because BBM utilizes it's own custom layout/control elements instead of native elements/controls provided by host OS. If they optimized UI using host OS's provided controls/elements, I think BBM app can made significantly faster/smoother

* message delivered/read notification for multiple recipients, not only when you are chatting with just 1 contact.

* audio conference with multiple contacts

* video chat with multiple contacts

* ability to delete, save, email any conversation history from one's own device

* faster and more fluid loading of 'feeds' (BBM Channel Feeds). Right now, when I click on feeds, it takes a while for all feeds/updates to load. Pictures take a while to load. I scroll up and down, and if pictures have NOT loaded by that time, I just change the tab or close the app.

That's all for now :)


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nice update but it's really better to send multiple photos and make the compression better! although the recipient can request for HQ..

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The Update removes my background. Tap on Shop - background - [Remove] - reset the background solves this little issue ;-)

Posted via CB10

Actually enjoy the. Location sharing. Works especially well here in Fort mac where many of the residential areas are new and don't have updated maps with the streets included. If I ask someone to come find me this helps a lot. Glympse is great :)

Posted via CB10

Where is BBMX Videooooo :(

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In app upgrade notifications helps users to download the latest version of BBM -> nobody needs it.... so please Features Blackberry which everybody needs... and Bugfixing for Android + IOS... especially IOS... which many guys tell me they don't receive messages at all :(

I like new update but why join both update 10 days ago they gave update and now another
Be little patients and then give update develpors

posted via Q10

I agree I use the photo album or direct from the camera. It funny the fact that the push to talk is right there on WhatsApp makes a huge difference, many more of my contacts use it. Having to go these two extra steps makes a big difference, shame it's not right there on the keyboard! Surely blackberry know this?

Posted via CB10

In what world does making things smaller make them easier to use on touchscreen phones?! With the last update the emoticons appeared to be larger in the emoticon tab and now they're small again.

Guess once my eyes adjust i'll be okay. The rest of the update is alright..

Please fix bbm videos the green icon is gone..replace by voice call icon I was confuse about more thing some bbm android on my bbm contact they had voice call while others are not..i thought this was not avaliable for android

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Good feature but still we are way behind Whatsapp. BBM still can't attach video files on single chats nor BBM group. Those are now standars in IM apps. Please BlackBerry add those features.

Posted Via CB10 with my Rocking Z10

A Buddie of me (iphone5) get the last Message in BBM in April, never get automatic messages and since April BBM doesnt work (no new messages from chats) right... BB faild with BBM.. time is over, ppl switched back to whatsapp and one wants a new messenger :(

i like BBM

I do hope that they have labelled the icons coz my friends don't know what the icons mean.

Posted via CB10

Just upgraded to lates BBM on IOS
Still cannot send video files !! WTF Get with the times man! grrrr
Can someone explain or help on this matter :D

BBM thank you for the small changes
Can you please do something about wallpapers.....
You seem to put up more stickers than anything else
Allow us the freedom of selecting our own wallpapers like whatsapp....allow users the freedom of expression

This is my second posting....

Posted via CB10

I'd prefer the voice note option. When I'm sending voice notes is when I need it to be easy, not pictures. Are people that desperate they can't afford an extra click?

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They need to fix the app for iPhone and Androids. All my friends that have loaded BBM on their none BlackBerry phones, get logged off after a day. If someone sends them a message they don't get a notification unless they go back in the app and log in.

Posted using my awesome Z10

Good update:) but what I'm always thinking is, did have ios and android no update notifications? Or why I have to tell them always about their upgrades?-.-

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

Glad for the update. But don't you think that BBM should have "Built for BlackBerry " and BB10 designations?

BBM is the best social-working app. But unfortually, few my colleagues use bbm on their iphone or samaung...

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I don't understand what's new in this update. Says simplified file transfer and shit, but nothing's changed. Plus, I can't turn off the action bar in group chats since the update, although it's turned off in the BBM settings. Not sure what's going on, some of my contacts say the same thing and others say it's working fine. I'm suing Z10STL100-1/

Z10-1, | Display Dungeon C00312731

Was always a complaint of mine. It was easier to attach a picture when texting someone than when on BBM. This is now much better. BlackBerry sure seems to be listening to its users' feedback lately!

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