BBM Theme Song - Ping me baby! [video]

By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2010 02:49 am EDT

We've seen a bunch of music videos dedicated to BlackBerry over the past few years. Some awesome and some well, not so much. This one however, is really kinda catchy and if you don't really like the song, you have to admit the video to go with it is genius, yet simple. Riz, the artist behind the song is also giving away a BlackBerry Bold (no, we dunno which version) along with a free mp3 download of the song itself. You can hit the website for more details on that. Side note, notice the timestamps? A lot of takes and editing I assume.

Source: @xjonx

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BBM Theme Song - Ping me baby! [video]


I actually really like this BB Song! Very well done, and as Blazed12 Said, it IS very very catchy! Totally downloading to my BB!

Its really catchy. The beat is nice. Imagine if this song was play at the club. People be hearing the " PING " each time and they'll be looking at their phone.

I did the lil questionaire thingy at the bottom of the website... No download link showed up? anyone shed some light on this?

Hey guys first of all I wanna thank Crackberry for showing a fellow BB addict some love.

@CASH There is nothing fishy here. I simply wrote a song about my relationship with a girl over BBM. Since we are both two busy individuals, we hardly see each other and BBM was the only way we could keep in touch instantly and cheaply no mater where in the world either of us was.

@linkkoriri You should have received an email with the download link once you submitted your answers to the questions no matter if they are correct or not. Everybody who submits gets an automatic response with the link immediately. If you don't have it yet, please send an email to and I will make sure the link is sent to you.

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However.... I have to agree with everyone so far. This was very hot! I always pull out the Berry when I wake up and check my messages and news feeds. So, when I saw the link I had to check it out. That first ping caught me by surprise. I switched over to BBM to see who it was then I realized what was going on.

From one musician to another, great job Riz. Nothing but respect.


I guess I know what everyone is gonna hear before we leave for the club tonight. Great song, already found a place in my favorite playlist for it. Perfect day to release. Thanks Riz.

This was so funny. It's definitely going to be stuck in my head. I entered the contest too! Awesome.

Would have preferred to see 'em invest the money in their devices. A nice browser experience is long overdue, guys.

I have to give props to the song. I have switched to one of the darker sides (Android) and the Storm was the only BB that I have ever owned and only had 3 BBM contacts, but great job on the song. I still keep tabs on the site just for reasons like this!

Seriously though, RIM should take this and run with it on commercials. It's got everything a good commercial needs, catchy music, catchy lyrics, and Brittany! Great job again!!