The BBM team wants to hear your ideas for BBM Stickers

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2014 02:10 pm EDT

The new BBM Stickers are hot off the presses on BlackBerry, Android and iOS Currently there are only a few packs available for download, but we hope to see many more in the coming weeks. Many of you have been asking if there is any way to submit your own ideas for stickers, and rest assured, the BBM team is listening.

On Twitter today, they put out a call to designers who have questions and/or ideas for BBM Stickers. If you have a product or brand and think you're up to the challenge, you can submit your ideas for BBM Stickers using this form. Just keep in mind that it's really not just for anyone (like Bla1ze) to throw in some suggestions, but more for professionals to share their sticker ideas and possibly make them a reality.

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The BBM team wants to hear your ideas for BBM Stickers



Damn you, Pokemon was the first thing I though of!
Could be a nice Collab between Nintendo and BB. Maybe even put some QNX on the WII :p

open it up to developers. the current selection is crap

My Top Apps: 1.Crackberry 2.Gasbuddy 3.USA Today 4. Word of the Day PLUS 5. Super Hexagon

Actually if they can make short greetings cards for various occasions they could make a killing there are many bbm contacts that we can send these greetings to, if they can be couple it with access to gifting to others of things like apps, accessories at their BlackBerry Shop, they will make a killing.

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note to devs how about a favorite section in the app. Got wwe stickers after the BBM ones and well now the are always first when I click on the button. Don't really want to scroll and will not use the wwe ones a lot.

*Footballers, (I'm talking about proper footballers who play with a round ball not the ones who play with a 'Stewie head' shaped ball!)


*Political leaders - just imagine an Obama, Cameron, Merkel or Putin emoticon! lol


*Formula 1 drivers

...also, can we not copy & paste these emoticons to text, WhatsApp or email messages?

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

That's would be great. Imagine having all of the mobile nations staff as cartoon stickers. That would be awesome.

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For fun. When you're not using your phone for work. My family and I have been playing with stickers for two days now.

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I see these things as just odd.

A focus on enterprise (professional world) does not live in the same orbit as giant emoticons.
The people I bbm with look down on emoticons as unprofessional.

Are these to appease the iToy and Android crowd?


And that's why one of the first things Chen did was to stress the fact that BBM would be run as a separate entity from the devices and BES.
So don't quite see your point.

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Yeah, that shows "real" professionalism. Oh and let's look down on stickers, but not on drunks. Smh lol


BBM has been in Google Play and the App Store for months, that is clearly a consumer focus. As of the moment BBM was submitted to those store, BBM was no longer BlackBerry. So yes, I would wager it is an attempt to lure younger non-professionals to use BBM.

No one says you have to send the CEO of your company a sticker or even download them. That being said my 13yo niece has downloaded them all, as well as her friends and guess what, they use them and THAT is the demographic that will be driving the market moving forward for the next 10 years. iOS and Android own the consumer market, that is clear. BBM is a consumer portion of BlackBerry. BlackBerry is not BBM.

eBBM will be released in a few months and I would wager stickers will not be included in it.

No, no, there will be a professional public outcry!

BlackBerry is stripping features, releases incomplete products again, yadayada... the usual.... j/k

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I say it again, John Chen facial expressions sticker pack (cartoon style), someone please do one!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Why is there so much resentment towards these stickers. If you don't like them, don't f'kin use them. Let's say 2 million young people buy a Nokia phone this spring with bbm preloaded, and they all buy one sticker pack. That's over 2 million revenue for blackberry. And it will produce millions in revenue. Now they might actually afford to produce hardware, which otherwise loses then money. So why complain? If anything send one to you wife, husband, daughter, son, or niece or nephew or girlfriend, boyfriend whatever... and maybe there will still be a blackberry company next at this time. Besides, the cos cat ones are actually pretty funny lol, I bought them and I ain't embarrassed. Send em to my girlfriend and we share a laugh... isn't that worth 1$?

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Im only 17 and I love my BlackBerry, im sure its not only for working people!!!!! Every Teen in South Africa has a BlackBerry!!!
I love my Z10 amd I think stickers are great!

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Funky way of replying to a message instead of typing out a whole sentence--- like sending out a puking sticker in reply to something disgusting.

Again, stickers are not for everyone. Use it when you want and not when you don't.

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+1. I probably wouldn't spend money on cartoon stickers but I'd definitely buy some sports related ones.

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BlackBerry Boss emotional stickers...


John Chen sticker pack so we can stick it to John Legere!!!!

(check out the John Chen meme thread in the forums, hilarious...)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

John Chen facial expression sticker pack....

ROTFLMBO !!!!!!!!

Some serious pro features included....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

To be perfectly honest, I don't find a use for them as they're just a bigger standard emotion. If they were animated they'd be better but like this... they just hog screen chat space. :/

Sex, sex SEX. Have something for adults. For lovers and flirters.

Something naughty. That always sells.

Posted by the indomitable Zed Ten.

Star Wars - Special Edition for the new films

Marvel Superheroes

DC Superheroes and villains

Obviously with agreements in place

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Kind of like what xbox does with promotional avatars and outfits for your avatars. Cool idea.

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I was thinking the same thing but for Anime characters.

- Naruto
- Bleach
- One Piece
- Soul Eater

I'd love me a Naruto sticker pack!

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Tried to fill out the form but said access forbidden. I would like to be able to create my own stickers and use friends faces and bodies etc


Q10 with Telus on

I got the same error, what the heck?! They want ideas but don't have the system in place to accept them.

My ideas are:

Sports team logos, technology company logos such as BlackBerry, more facial expressions, different weather conditions.

Glad you told me BEFORE I sent you a Shaun the Sheep sticker. That could have been embarrassing.

He posted from his sleek Z30.

Tried to use the form to send them suggestions but didn't work, if someone got it working tell them that a must have stickers right NOW is FIFA Brasil 2014 World Cup

They should focus more on the application more..I love bbm but its crap in terms of guys have fun make it work perfectly

Posted from z30 the mighty :D

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I sent a sticker to a friend who I later found hasn't updated to bbm 2, and they got some weird text data. They sent back a message that just said "huh?".

BBM should convert a sticker sent to a pre2.0 bbm user to a link to download BBM 2.0, not just send raw data :/

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True but it's a good conversation starter. "Didn't you download the update? Get with the program so you can see the sticker I sent." lol. I got a few people to download it that way.

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Something boring, but I like PLANTS and fruit

Fruit Cartoon stickers, a Mango with sunglasses, a cool Pineapple on a recliner with Piña Colada, a sour looking Lemon, a green Apple, a Banana on a chopper bike wearing a bandana, a sexy Pear with lips ready to give you a kiss...

A fruit sticker like that expresses more than the proverbial thousand words...

And everyone up here loves their tropical fruit!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Stickers are a great addition to BBM which of course is great!

How about sending multiple pictures at once?
Now that would be even better!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

John Chen facial expression sticker pack!

I think he's the guys who'd actually understand some serious "boss" fun...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Bbm needs to improve and is starting to get cluttered.

However some stickers should be business related or office related. Something funny but grown up. Little guy throwing a computer out the Window or banging their head against a keyboard etc..

From my new z30

The return of the infamous Microsoft paper-clip talking rubbish... oh those were the days...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Even your point has no point. Pay some bills man. Or make one and make it free. Let's see if you would make another.

From Zarafet my Z30.

Something macho, cars, motorcycles and weapons. I suppose there is no way to not act like a tweener girl when using them no matter how macho.

Professional Sports is a must, I agree. Kama Sutra idea is extreme but it would still serve a purpose. Celebrity, Musician and Politicians

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Since BBM just introducing this new sticker thing on bbm, why don't you let users to get it for free, at least for limited time?

Here's an idea, how about they get pics to load within a group chat. That's one of the things keeping my buddies from switching from Whatsapp.

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What do you mean by loading the pictures within the BBM group you could load it my only gripe is that saving history chat when switching devices and it seems that there needs to be more than one person in a group to when you're switching devices or someone needs to invite you to be in that group regardless that your already were in the group!

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If you like to have pictures loaded within the group chat like WhatsApp, try using multi-person chat with your friends instead. There you can load pictures within the chat.

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What about legendary movie stickers? Like
Lord of the rings,harry potter,300?
I think golem(smeagol) would be a cool sticker.better than wwe stickers though

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I didn't receive the update and I'm using a BlackBerry Z30! Is it related to the carriers perhaps ? Most people I know who use BBM in ios and android have it already.

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Go into BlackBerry World to My Apps Installed Apps and click on BBM. It should say Update where the download link usually is. This is what I had to do.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10


I agree completely. Has such a huge fan base, there is no way people wouldn't fork up a dollar for them!

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How about: redirect all efforts and resources away from stickers, and direct them towards the creation and perfection of BBM Video Chat for all!

Which will only increase traffic and bandwidth usage, but not revenue, until BBRY runs out of dough and the whole show stops....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

They needed to be animated AND have sound. Then they would have a winner in their hands.

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Omg animated and sounds would be very annoying. Well as long as I can disabled the sounds! We already have a ping! Stickers don't need to be more annoying that that!

Country Flags, football/soccer players/teams , basketball players/teams, cricket players/teams, politicians, kamasutra positions (:P),
Alcohol labels, animated stickers!

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They need to speak to sports teams about creating sticker packs. I'd start with the NHL, and try to manage a Legends pack. That would mean giving a cut to those people, but that sort of thing would be great. I'm the meantime, simple team packs with logos and slogans 'Go Leafs Go!' etc. would be great. Jerseys of current players would also be great, along with the ability to somehow trade them like playing cards individually. Obviously that would be more complicated, but I'd try it.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

That would be super awesome if you could use sport teams in say a group chat (say a group dedicated to sport). Would be a bit pointless if you keep sending "go leafs go" to one person...

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Site doesn't work, says forbidden, you don't have permission to access the resource on this server.

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It's simple really:
# 1: Release the top 3 stickers packs per market available on other IMs which support stickers
# 2: Release a package ready to be used by anybody to create a sticker pack
# 3: Accept stickers packs in BBW
# 4: Let us sideload stickers packs

Strikers r cool man I really want those Wwe stickers seems not available 4 qatar major bummer

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They're ok I guess. It's something different and fun. I'd like there to be more to chose from tho. How about making them available in groups? Or how about upgrading anything to groups to begin with? Groups has yet to be touched at all.

BlackBerry 4Life

Want my idea? Get better apps. Stickers? I thought BlackBerry was built for the enterprise, not my kids.

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Iuno why they need an idea.

Sports sports sports
Sex sex sex
Action figures
Famous movies
Famous brands (Oreo, Coke, Pillsbury Doughboy etc.)

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Need to make all the current smilies into the free sticker pack. And then maybe get rid of the smilies. The current smilies are too small to see whats going on

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Nah, I want to retain the ability to place smilies inline.

Posted on the awesome BlackBerry Q5

Stickers of bands/groups/acts with iconic logos- Wutang Clan, ACDC, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, KISS, NWA. Perhaps they can work with record labels to create stickers of their roster of artists. Perhaps Disney, DC, and Marvel comics characters. Or even iconic cartoon characters- Astro Boy, Thundercats, Loonie Tunes.

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For me they are ok. I used one so far. But it's not really important for me. Better to have improved options making it quicker and easier to find and contact people.

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Professional themes: lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. - they all have their in-jokes, symbols, etc.

They need companies to pay for access to BBM users and provide sticker packs for free to users, bringing some branding to social talk, coke could do the polar bear at xmas, Nike provides the check marks, McDonald's gives away free coffee to users who display their discount sticker at the cash (that can be shared).

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I would love the idea of live stickers interacting all over the screen of the user once u send it,they should appear to be live on the screen, giving it a good gestural appearance.

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Every single licensable character from TV, comics, books, movies, sports, what the heck, fashion, appliance manufacturers, automobiles, consumer electronics, books and publishing, foods (restaurant and consumer products), religious iconography, computer operating system iconography, computer icon design iconography, fields of science including biology, astronomy, biochemistry, anatomy... oh, and baked goods.

Are you kidding... Harley-Davidson stickers. They'd sell a MILLION.

Even better, if a developer could work out a way to turn the illumination on a BB10 up really high so that you could lay the HD Bar & Shield sticker screen down on your skin...

... instant tattoo!

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How about selling real physical stickers to go with the BBM ones? That way we can decorate our Q- and Z- phones and cases! :)

What I'm trying to say is:

BlackBerry needs to open this up to third parties to contribute their designs and profit from them, and in order to spur adoption, BlackBerry should make it absolutely easy to contribute designs, invest some money in "curating" the submissions so they're not shovelware crap, and only after the implementation is successful and there is revenue being generated for the "sticker collection owners" slowly introduce MODEST fees to the "sticker vendors". It has to be free for the vendors to get in, and perhaps the vendors will one day PAY to have their stickers available (as a form of advertising) or they will charge for the stickers and BlackBerry will get a cut.

Asking us what we want is kind of pointless, isn't it? Well, it's a marketing technique where usually they've already made up their minds, but it does get people talking.

I think for hockey, stickers to look like old time slit hockey players would be cool.

Especially for sports if they could move

So for hockey, a slap shot or spin-a-rama etc

Same goes for soccer, football, basketball etc.

Nascar would be cool, cars doing smoke shows.

If not movable, then the slapshot, hip check, etc could still sort of work and just leave more to the imagination.

But, in general all sports would be awesome

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NCAA - Go Irish!

Moving stickers...and they should be able to be added to a conversation rather than go out separate

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Adventure time! Hilarious cartoon that's widely popular with adults... oh and kids too. adult and kid themes fluidly meshed into one crazy entity. The show has so much other merchandise that also sells, so it would no doubt be lucrative.

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BlackBerry, please curate and not let the sticker store become a cesspool of half-hearted attempts to cash in. Thanks!

Try to do all the icons first, plus just go wild, I also find it overpriced. I mean really 2$ for 20 stickers?? I understand artists are behind but come on, they should of released the update with a ton of ... something that you have to dig and spend time to see all not just 4 packs...:(
I hope to see
*cartoon hero's like Simpsons, South park,
* games: Mario, street fighter...borderland
*why not creating a sticker from a picture you just made with voice.
* business stickers
Look all the icons whatsapp have, just hammer them with much more.
Why not creating your own like you do favicons.
All the free stickers app available, buy them and include them...

From my super Z