The BBM team needs your help with some of the BBM Emojis

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2014 02:13 pm EST

With the release of BBM 10.3 on BlackBerry and BBM 2.0 for Android and iPhone came a lot of new BBM emjois. In total, 100 icons were added from those suggested on Twitter, Facebook and more. However, in their announcement post for the new BBM update some of you may have noticed that the BBM team let some 'unreleased' ones slip out. 

The Spark, Penguin, Pizza, Film, Envelope and Telephone were never assigned any keystrokes, so no one knew how to really make use of them. With the cat out of the bag, the BBM team decided to have a little fun with their mistake and they need your help.

You’ll notice that these new emoticons don’t yet have keystroke codes so we’d like to hear what you think they should be. Hit us up on Twitter @BBM with the name of the emoticon, your keystroke suggestion and the hash tag #BBMEmoji. We’ll pick the best suggestion and add these emoticons in our next BBM release. 

So there you have it, the emojis will be available in the next update but you guys will get to pick the keystrokes or short codes that will be used to make them show up in BBM chats. Personally, I never use the keystrokes to bring them up but I'm a bit lazy like that, I just always open up the image dialog and pick them from there but I'm sure a lot of folks have come to memorize the keystrokes and use those often.


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The BBM team needs your help with some of the BBM Emojis

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Read the comments his comments were for the person who ask where the icons were when the post clearly states the will be released at a later time me.

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His confusion confused me too, so I had to READ TWICE to make sense of the whole lot.

OJ, you are creating extra work for us... ;-)

And, guys, please "tap and hold" to respond to the post you want to respond to, and don't use the "+" for a new post in the bottom bar (if you're using the CB app).

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Bla1ze please let your contacts at bbm know that it is annoying when pressing an emoticon that it jumps back to the message field. I hate having to continually bring up the emoticons over and over again... Maybe I want to put a string of them together in a message. It's a pita. Overall loving the update though. Glympse is very very cool and the emoticons look very clean!

Hey that's mean, I did read it, i just didn't realise at the time that the aforementioned 'missing' emojis (weren't there like 20?) where the ones being referred to in this article..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

It's that "going for first" impulse that's keeping you from really understanding what the article was really about ;)

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Sooo... they didn't release them cause they couldn't come up with a keystroke combination that made sense eh.

Actually, some of them had keystrokes but they were never put into the build. Pat Wallace found a few of them.

I fight with this every day. People just don't read anymore what's on the screen.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

excuses excuses - they are already assigned keystrokes - <(') was penguin - (e) was e-mail (~) was filmstrip ... there was a list published - no one ever found the spark/splat - the rest were great easter eggs

i miss the piggy, sheep, money.....awesome bbm emoticons :8) -(mo) -(pi) - :-h -<(') -)-| -(um) - =D> - (bah) - (~) - (t) - (e) -

OK, now I'm a bit lost here. Since they DO have keystrokes already, what kind of contest is it supposedly going on? Shouldn't they just include them in the next build?

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They should also add a baseball emoticon . They have football, basketball, hockey and soccer but no baseball.

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Just wondering why are you advertising a "Non BlackBerry supportive carrier" on your signature? ;) just curious.

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Not only that they should continue to make more like a frustrated one and also more emojis of objects like whatsapp has.

I appreciate the effort and love BlackBerry in every way but we can't keep letting the competition get away with certain things, especially when they have had them for a while. Just sayin

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Nice catch! I would never have noticed that - right back at the WhatsApp twirps that used that comic against BBM.

My only complaint - needs to be larger! Almost too small to see...

At least you don't need your velcro gloves any more.

Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.

Forget that non-sense I'm not trying to code, I'll leave that to the boy geniuses that get paid to do it.

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Seriously if they can't think of keystrokes for these emoticons, then they need to be shown the door. I understand and like that they want users input on their product, but this isn't the kind of feedback they need.

I hope this is just a little game their playing, but really they should focus on more important aspects of BBM.

I'm pretty sure Crackberrians (is that a word?) can help the BBM team with much more advanced stuff than this.


Then why is it not posted on iMore and Android Central? Why are they not engaging the customers they should be? Cause its stupid that's why, and if they did post it on AC and iMore it would be getting a lot more negative feedback than just me. I hope they do post it.

Btw this is not an attack on the author of the article, they're just doing their job. ;)


So...I keep hearing about emojis, but never knew what they were. They're just the annoying extended emoticons that some people like to put in chats?

The thing about emojis is that they're not supposed to be text-based anyway, they are graphical.

What BB10 really needs to have is REAL emoji support, so I can see the stuff people on iPhones etc. are sending me, and vice-versa.

It would be SO great to be able to both send & receive the new BBM emojis in the regular text message app as well...a lot of my iSheep friends use them in group texts, so I can't view many of!

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)* for splat ¤* for envelope f* for film p* for pizza t* for telephone g* for penguin. Don't know about the last...don't use the penguin too often! :)) and there is SPLAT or SPARK?!

Guys take it positively.

They are trying to be interactive with us so lets support them.

U dont have to tell them to work as we know they really do work hard.

Little friendliness from BBM team here so let's appreciate than complain.


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Where's the fun in that?

And being friendly and nice, doesn't get real work done. Do they work hard? I have no idea, maybe. I'm sure some of them do, but that's just an assumption. Maybe they're understaffed or poor management.

Is this interactive? I guess and it's good to an extent, something more aggressive would be nice.

Something like " What features would you like to see in the next BBM update" "What do you like best about BBM Channel's and what do you not like"

Bad day for me I guess, lots of negative post. Look at my handle? TheStoryUp, I'm Walt Disney, I tell fairy tales and live in a fantasy world haha. Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt.


These are good. They are complex enough to not be easily typed by accident, but not too complex to type in if you have to.

One simple rule for them all:


So, you want to send a smile emoticon: /smile
the laughing emoticon: /LOL or /ROTFL
wipe the sweat from your brow in relief: /whew
/boxing or /fight

You get the picture....(pun intended)

My wrinkles must be showing then. Haha.
To be consistent with the flag emoticons, I guess wrapping the words between asterisks would also do the trick.

This may be a little off subject but now, bb10's next update needs to be able to show the new emoticons within the hub and not just the keystrokes. Rather see an emoji in my hub rather than a keystroke.

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Penguin <(')
Umbrella (um)
Telephone (t)
Sheep (BAH)
Pig :8)
Envelope (E)
Money (mo)
Pizza (pi)
Filmstrip (~)

Those are the keystrokes that BlackBerry were using as they appear in Blaq.

Yes, pls categories are more than welcome , sometimes i belive yhey dont think about user interface ...
Some buttons to access and improve the navigation in all the 100 emojis , just like whats app did

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*Splat*? Ummm.. I thought it was renamed to a *spark* a while ago?

- Developer of 'Web Design Cheat Sheet' for BB10 (Posted via CB10)

I'd like to see the Emoji's appear bigger in the Chat Window. They are currently pretty small. It would be great to show off there awesomeness some more.

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Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle. Where is the Bicycle?

Need some POW? Follow POW on BBM channels C004634C3 and find all the big snow spots.

I'm still missing a very important emoticons it is used very often in the Asia Pacific region of China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. That is the sweat emoticons.

Will we have it in the next update?

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Well darn I didn't even notice my (bah) was missing smh noticed no splat * though. I also wish a long press or something to that effect would show the meaning, since some aren't that easy to recognize.

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Weird because before the update,although penguin and pizza were not in list, they could be sent through (')> and (pi) for penguin and pizza respectively.
BlackBerry just removed the combinations in the latest update.

Loving my Zee30

Sorry what was this article about? Someone paraphrase I'm far too illiterate/lazy/ADD to read anything longer than a sentence or two

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I'm surprised there's no emoticon for *fold arms* or *really* with a str8 face! Keystrokes r useful to knw especially for frequently used 1s n especially since there r so many inputting the keystrokes quickly is easier than scrolling thru the list. Maybe there could b a tab in the emoticons window for favorites, frequently used or recently used.

Hibby_CB10; Z10STL100-3/

Would be nice to implement "Recently used" - emojis on BlackBerry OS10. It's not really handy to always scroll all the way down to the Emoji you need/want. It takes away all the fun of texting.