BBM update coming soon across all platforms — Will bring BBM Stickers, sponsored channels, larger file size limit and more

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2014 12:00 pm EDT

A few weeks back, BlackBerry introduced BBM Stickers in beta form. Things have been moving along and the beta was very well received, so starting next week a new version of BBM will hit all platforms (BlackBerry, iOS and Android) that will include BBM Stickers, sponsored BBM Channels and other new features. The BBM team is going full-steam ahead to keep parity on all the platforms and to keep adding new & upgraded features across the board.

BBM Stickers

BBM Stickers are essentially larger emoticons that users can share across all their BBM chats. The stickers bring a new level to BBM allowing for more fun and personality than just standard text. They are bigger and cooler than the standard emoticons and will bring BBM chats to a new level. Many other services have already implemented stickers within chats, so it's great to see that BBM is right along with them as stickers like this within IM clients are huge in some parts of the world.

At launch, the update will include the BBM Shop where users can download virtual goods that include various sticker packs — each of which will contain between 20-25 stickers. The packs will each have a specific theme, including the likes of CosCat, Bubble Bot, WWE and Shaun the Sheep for starters. BlackBerry will also offer a sticker pack based on favorite BBM emoticons. To start, the packs will be offered either for free or cost $1.99 with new sticker packs being added on a regular basis. Everything will be available to browse and download from directly within BBM.

Sponsored BBM Channels

Sponsored BBM Channels will also be making an appearance in the next release. While the term "sponsored" may scare some people, you can rest assured that the sponsored content won't ever get in your way while using BBM Channels. You'll start to see more posts and features from big brands, but you'll still get the same experience you've had all along, just with some added bonuses.

The sponsored content will come in the form of promoted channels (so you'll see them larger or higher up on the featured list), sponsored posts that will show within your updates (and be catered to you) and also sponsored invites. The sponsored content will never invade your chats or channels — so you'll still have a pure chat experience — and you can essentially choose what you do or don't want to see. All of the sponsored content will be driving back to the platform as well, so this type of thing is a good one as it will help to better BBM Channels and BBM as a whole.

New Features

In addition to BBM Stickers, some other very welcome updates will be included with the new release. You'll now be able to send photos in multi-person chats, rather than just one-on-one. File size limits also see an increase to 16MB — up from the long standing limit of just 6MB. That means you can send higher quality images, bigger videos and larger files over BBM.

The update is scheduled to hit across all platforms sometime in the next week — so it's just days away. We'll be sure to let you know when it's live, so don't stress out about it too much :)

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BBM update coming soon across all platforms — Will bring BBM Stickers, sponsored channels, larger file size limit and more


They are testing the bbm money in Indonesia and i believe it will be in production soon.

Posted via CB10

Yes BBM Video is probably the most important. I know a lot of iphone users that could not believe the sound and video quality of my BBM vidw calls

Posted via CB10

I'm gonna do a small round of cross-platform recruiting once this update comes, but video will be the big one... then we can tell iPhone users, hey BBM can do everything iMessage & FaceTime can do, wrapped up in one app, and more securely!!

16mb is abit of a joke can't even send videos to friends because of that. 50minium surely???

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

BBM is an _instant_ messaging system. If you're talking 50MB files then it becomes minutes or tens of minutes during upload/download. Note that not all Email servers support 50MB file attachments and email is considered slow.

In total agreement with you, BBM is a messaging app, if I have a video bigger than 10MB I will download it to the cloud (Box, One drive or Dropbox) or Youtube and will share the link to it, there is no reason to attach a bigger file to a message or even to an email, it's insane.

Posted via CB10

Pretty much!! Upload it somewhere, share a link and we can download it with when we feel like it.

This upped limit will be good for everything else like music, high quality pics etc

What are you bitching about? Mail servers have a default mail size limit of 10MB. 16MB is enough. There is no need to send huge videos via BBM. Just send a YouTube or DropBox link.

It just adds unnecessary strain to the network...

It's an instant messaging service, not a file sharing service. It can run cheaply with smaller servers since essentially only text actually gets sent back and forth. Adding attachments like pictures and quick video clips is an added bonus.

If there were no limits, I imagine the reliable BBM service we love would either have to be paid for by us, or go to crap because the bandwidth being used by the huge file sharing that would assuredly happen.

I'm happy for the increased limit, though. Not huge, but still very useful.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

They're asking to share DVDrip torrentz via BBM. And "they" would do it, if it was possible.

(only half kidding)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

+10 This is supposed to updated...but the update is already old! usual with bb. how can bbm compete with the likes of Whatsapp when Whatsapp just removed their file limit?!

Posted via CB10

I'am with you! it is absolutly silly to update bbm to what is equal to others, they need to step out ahead and set the bar higher, I for one am not impressed by this, nor should anyone else be. no limit or bust. and to all the other bs use drop box, send email, blablalabla as far as I am concered these are extras steps/programs required. why add the extra steps when everyone wants one program to rule it all! bbm, vid, snap chat. nobody is going to be using bbm because of these mediocre updates.

Good news
Next update plz make the emotional sign bigger
Right now too small people to see

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They said it is coming. I'm sure they have to beef up their network infrastructure to support the large numbers of potential users. It won't be a drop in the bucket.

HOLY CRAP! Someone that understands how network traffic works!

They really need to increase their infrastructure...there will be A LOT of video calls going through when it is available. That EATS bandwidth and it takes time for BB's NOC to increase their pipe's bandwidth allocation.

I think they need to see that there is some kind of real potential for revenues from BBM and from Channels..

As the buzz has died off and the number of subscribes isn't taking off as hoped for, the question becomes will advertisers (like developers) see a value in the platform. If not will users see enough of a value to pay for those premium and bandwidth intensive features??

Yes... to be blunt, I find video chatting to be horribly unreliable on BlackBerry only devices. it's constantly dropping calls, freezing and cutting out for me

Posted via CB10

Not for me,video calls work as well as voice calls do. skype freezes 10x more than bbm video. I think you might have an issue with either your wifi or network coverage.

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Mine is extremely reliable...more so than Skype has ever been.

Sorry that you're having issues...maybe it is network related.

Why does every sticker I see seem perfectly suited for zombies and goblins. I mean honestly. I may be missing something?

Posted via CB10

Maybe they will finally fix:
1. Photos coming in sideways or upside down from (iOS to Android).
2. Extreme delivery delays or no delivery of messages (iOS to Android and Android to iOS)

I wondered about this. I figured Iphone users were taking the pics upside down as the come that way in emails as well.

I agree! Why set such a low limit when cameras and video cams can eat that up in a matter of a few seconds. They should have doubled that right off the bat.

16MB is more than double 6MB.

I've never had a photo bigger than 16 MB. Also, why send videos via BBM? It wastes NOC bandwidth...a YouTube or DropBox link is better. If you have your DropBox setup with your phone, the video will most likely already be on your DropBox so they can just download it directly from a filesharing service with fast network instead of waiting for your network to upload it via the BB makes more sense.

By this logic they shouldn't have implemented BBM VIDEO as that too chews threw bandwidth likely at at rate of at least 2 MB per minute depending on the codec used and at lower quality. Some people don't want to out stuff out in the Cloud that that they send to others. Implement P2P from phone to phone and take the NOC out of the actual transfer if they are so concerned about it.

Posted via CB10

I said it "wastes NOC bandwidth", not that the NOC can't take it.

I believe the NOC can't take the strain of cross-platform video calling right now, but huge file-sending limits is a bit of a waste. Somebody else mentioned here that it is a chat application and these are added bonuses. 16MB is still higher than the WhatsApp ones...with the DropBox integration, the limit is huge.

I'm not saying I wouldn't appreciate or even one day USE a higher limit, I'm just saying it isn't necessary. I've only ONCE been inconvenienced by the 6MB limit but that's obviously just me.

Anything private that people don't want in the cloud probably shouldn't be sent via ANY messaging service since it is still stored by the service's own that isn't really a thing.

Also, they can't take the NOC out of the transfer since that is one of the features of BBM:
The added security to the BBM data since it uses specific keys for each device and authenticates with the NOC - if it is really something so private that you don't want on a cloud, you wouldn't want it intercepted either like the whatsapp data can a first year programming student.

Nice to see someone who understands the reality and practicality of unlimited file transfer limits and is willing to reply to multiple ignorant posters that want unlimited everything for free. It's not realistic and it's not going to happen. If you reallllllyyyy need to send someone a video of whatever meaningless moment in your life us drop box. It's integrated and easy. No need to bitch and bitch and bitch

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Even if BlackBerry had everything in place a few months ago, they would still have to bring things out step by step to keep the momentum going. Free advertising only comes along with announcements and updates.

Powered by BlackBerry

I'm here for it. Updates are coming quicker and bringing on new features. I can't complain.

Yes, yes and yes!! The new features are good, although I'm not in a sticker frenzy :) Some people are though, and that's cool. I have been yapping about video to all my iOS and Android friends who refuse to install BBM, and would love to see it soon!!

It takes time and LOTS of money...we must, unfortunately be patient. Look how long it is taking to bring voice to WhatsApp...this speaks to the difficult nature (and pricing) of implementing the infrastructure.

I've had the opportunity to promote BBM this weekend by showing off Glympse. Hopefully they can promote these new features (including Glympse) to get people excited about BBM again.

Just an aside: Glympse is also built into the Verizon branded SMS client on iOS and Android. Works great too.

Good question. I never tried it with another Verizon SMS app user. Mostly just text iPhone users who use iMessage.

Glympse is an awesome feature and by itself elevates BBM beyond Whatsapp. I use it about twice a week. The addition of Glympse really made me think that Blackberry is putting a lot of forward looking thought into BBM.

I just need the ability to have audible turn by turn direction while Glympse is active and/or the ability to pull the address out of the location of who is sharing with me, so I can pull it up in BlackBerry Maps or other GPS app. Other than that, I do like Glympse. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Posted via CB10

Good updates. I wish they would put in line pic thumbnails in group chats. Huge annoyance. Also I hope they improve BBMx to be more reliable on iOS and Android.

Posted via CB10

If you read the article, you would see that in line pictures in group chats is coming in this update.

Posted via CB10

I took that as multi person chats and not necessarily in group chats. This really annoys iOS and Android users because they don't have a hub to easily check them from.

Posted via CB10

It says multi person chat. That's different than a group chat. Hopefully, they do both.

Posted via CB10

Credit card transfers would be ideal - or PayPal. Probably too many banks to deal with.
Being able to send messages that autodelete after 5-30 seconds (configurable by the sender) would be fantastic. Sometimes you want to send a private message (perhaps specifics of a pending business deal or your wife's surprise birthday party!) but you don't want someone else stumbling across it. Like Snapchat. No, it's not just for sexting! :)

I bet they have separate dev and test teams for these features and video. It's not one or the other. Video implementation is more complex than these upcoming features, so I would imagine these would naturally be rolled out earlier.

BlackBerry had given summer as an expected period for BBMx video rollout, which would give them the time to scale up their backend infrastructure to support the load too.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

You are assuming that they are not. And most people are and it is based on stickers coming out first.

But think:
1. Video chat takes say 1000h to implement + X million in infrastructure upgrade and then testing.

2. Stickers et. Al takes 500h to implement.

They have a choice. Put both out or push 2 out while still working at full speed on 1 above.

The smart business decision is to push 2 out and keep working on 1. This way their customers see them continuously improving and start seeing some cash, however small coming in.

Now imagine that they are working to implement group video chat for all platforms. This is a much bigger re-write and infrastructure expense. More efficient to do it at once rather then implement video chat as is now on BlackBerry and then spend more effort rewriting or redesigning the back end for group audio/video chats.

Also remember group video chat is important for their eBBM suite for business. So it is better they take the time to design a robust and a scale able back end.

Think people. Don't make assumptions you cannot validate.


Posted via CB10

What you say makes sense. However, there are things they could do to improve the existing features.

The IOS app is substandard IMO. The messages don't get through unless the app is open, the voice call notification resembles that of an incoming text, etc. They should concentrate in getting some basic functionality working right before worrying about stupid stickers. Otherwise their user base is going to shrink to the point that none of these efforts to bring some revenue would have much impact.

I have talked several people into installing BBM. However, most of them uninstalled the app soon after. The reasons? Well, I listed them above

Posted via CB10

What you said is wrong, the app doesn't have to be open, if that's the case for you then please check your notification settings before blaming BlackBerry, voice calls are received like on BB10 unless the app is closed from the background, that's when it's received as a text, and if you want to blame someone for that then blame Apple.

Posted via CB10

People, heed the works of gokulesh; he speaks in logic and is well-versed in not-being-a-dumbass.

It is a huge mission to implement the infrastructure....

G & tvst28, all that you said is logical and obvious. Anyone should have been able to come to those conclusions. Patience just isn't as common as it should be.

Good because I've been a Beta Zone member for 3 years and have consistently been passed over for Beta testing of BBM.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I know that feeling. I've been a beta zone member since it started and I've consistently participated in the programs. But I didn't win the BBM lottery this time.

Me neither...funny thing is that I put the 10.3 BBM on from the 10.3 leaked OS - it doesn't have any of these features but it is smoother and faster.

And still no addition of text messaging contacts to be managed by BBM.......tear! :(

Seriously, I love using BBM but unfortunately I do have friends (iOS bastards!) that prefer not to use BBM for their messaging. Legacy BB OS had the option to import or set text messaging contacts into BBM and that feature was awesome!

Posted via CB10

I forgot about that feature! I agree it was awesome I hope they bring it back

Posted via CB10


I probably won't ever use them but just the fact I know BlackBerry has privileged would go a long way

Posted via CB10

Good news but BBM video for iOS and Android need to be released ASAP.. I think users of those 2 respective platforms will greatly appreciate that feature and might possibly be more inclined to use BBM more often and hopefully regularly on a daily basis.

And BlackBerry needs to be making some type of promotional videos highlighting the great features of BBM such as Channels, groups, group chats, and videos when it's available, among other things.

Posted via CB10

I really hope they will also integrate finally a proper backup or at least export to XML solution for the chat history. I'm waiting now since ages. :-(

Can anyone help... u never knew we could send videos via bbm... anyone know how to do this? Any help would be appreciated!

Posted via CB10

I am excited for the mentioned updates and hope this helps provide BlackBerry with some serious $ flow.

Although I would like to see video for iOS and Android, I am glad to see the focus on some monetizing features for BBM.

BlackBerry is looking to monetize BBM and while still providing enhanced features, hard to complain about this approach

As for the 16mb limit ideally larger file sizes would be great in a perfect world but it may be something they have to ease into.

I would rather see a smooth rollout to a 16mb limit than a 25 or 50mb limit as has been requested and see the current infrastructure strained or fail.

Posted via CB10


I think BlackBerry is likely using a measured approach. Push out 16Mb now and a bigger limit when they upgrade the back end for audio / video group chats and other improvements to the group chat functionality.

Posted via CB10

+1000e100000, i agree with you on this, the emoticons show up way too small, to tell what they are. even if they had a setting for personal adjusting the size of emeoticons and text separatley. that would be the catz ass and make bbm stand out.

I may also be alone on this but it is my opinion that some feature(s) should be reserved for BlackBerry users. If you want all the good stuff then go buy a BlackBerry, that's all.

Posted via CB10

Stickers are so fruity, waste of time in my opinion but hey if they can make money off of it and im not forced to have it why not.

I hope this includes the ability to see who has read your msg in a group chat!
It's very annoying not knowing, especially when we are used to everything instantly!
Come on BlackBerry get the basics right before adding icing to the cake! I'm looking at you bbm stickers!

Posted via CB10


Sent From My BlackBerry Z10 Powered By An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator

If you want it now, donate the equipment they need to upgrade it to them and help them set it up. Otherwise, be patient.

I hadn't thought of that kind of implementation till I read your comment. Do you mean branding by a design studio("ABC Category" by MNO Studio)? If so, why would you not want to use them then? I'm asking sincerely.

I would think that could be a a marketing/brand tie-in technique. Graphic design companies can pay BBM to be on the platform and they could recover the investment through a share in the stickers' sales revenue, not to mention the increased brand exposure. This would, however, only work if the branding wasn't overshadowing the actual stickers.

Via CB10 on Z10 | T-Mo |

You nailed it. Branding overshadowing the stickers and lending confusion to the context of the conversation or requiring that the sticker is separated from the actual line by line convo..i.e

Current state:
Feeling tired insert emticon

Sticker state
Feeling tired. End of post
Sticker (by xxx) in a separate post

Hard to explain in a comment, but I think you know what I mean.

The sticker brand should appear to the purchaser not the receiver of message. If the stickers are cool then the person that saw the sticker will ask me where I got them from.
Then I answer from xxx.

Advertising done proper.

From my new z30

Yup, I get what you're trying to say, and I agree. If they include branding (which could possibly be a nice way to monetize further), it would make sense to be restricted to the BBM Shop where the buyers gets exposed to their name. The buyer/sender can even share that info to the receiver if asked but it shouldn't be in the face by default. Basically, do everything to keep the IM window clean and not cluttered. I think BB knows exactly how important BBM is for them, and if they do implement this ever, I would trust them to get it right.

Is this update coming to legacy devices too? Because I went back to bold 9900 from the z10 as my mom needed asap an upgrade from her bold 9000, and I will stay till the end of the year with the bold 9900. So I really need to know whether this update will come for us too cause I use bbm a lot now that I managed to switch my ios and android friends from whatsapp and viber to bbm. Thanks.

I guess is nice. I would much rather they got voice and video chat working. Voice chat is a joke across platforms for example. Would be nice to be able to call someone with an iPhone and make the connection most of the time instead of almost never. It does not work unless BBM is open in IOS and when it is the call notification looks like someone just sent a text.

Let's hope that's what is next.

Posted via CB10


They may entice me to but them on their own merit as well, time will tell. I love BBM and throwing a couple of bucks their way in support is no biggie for such a great free service. Plus I am getting something in return so its a win-win!

They should stop giving updates and first fix all the Bugs. I don't need stickers when my message needs more than half an hour to be sent and thats with a full coverage 4G network. From Android to iPhone it even needs sometimes more than two hours. Its really buggy to send messages. Even from Z10 to Z10 it often doesn't work. Why can't they just make it like WhatsApp or any other messenger. Tab on sending and the other device receives it. BBM is sadly only theoretical the best messenger but not practical yet.


You need to learn how app development works...different teams work on different things.

Some teams will be working on fixing bugs and others will be working on adding features. Sometimes the bugs are very difficult to fix. It took Apple 6 years to fix a huge security hole in core OS.

Mine is very stable. I'm sorry you're having sucks. Why would you only want to know when they receive it, and not when they read it?

Tick - it is sent from your device and has been received by the BB NOC, it is now being forwarded to the appropriate device.
D - The end-user has received it.
R - The end user has open and seen the message.

^this is better than Whastapp's far. I've found whatsapp to only be stable on my Z10 because it gives issues on my friends' iPhones and Android devices including delays and sometimes taking days for the message to go through.

Whatsapp on BB10 is actually amazing, but BBM is still better and more stable for me and the other 9 people I know with Z10s.

Nice update! Finally the release is the same for all the platforms. Next update: videocall, maybe?

Posted via CB10

I wanted my family to use Bbm they have android, I was told they don't like it since there's always a notification on the main screen, what can they do to get that removed?

Posted via CB10

Like the steady progress.

Looking fwd to the ability to attach multiple pics and smilies in one send.

Posted via CB10

Will we able to send 10 photos at a time as we can do on whatsapp, it's very useful at times

Posted via CB10

Not an update I care anything about. In no rush to have ads and sponsored anything on my phone and as such I have removed all channels now to help avoid as best I can.

As others have said tools like video or group read notifications would have been much more desirable than stickers in the enterprise, at my company, and on my phone. Good thing BlackBerry isn't trying to woo any of that.

My company have already told BlackBerry they're moving away from BB10 due to in-platform ads.

I don't get why BlackBerry users are being penalised.

I had an error when trying to leave a channel and I also didn't get live updates from them or notifications from my favorite channels. But as of today BBM seems to be working fine. I'm glad to hear that the new update will be coming soon, that is great news! :)

Posted via CB10

I love bbm, by far the best messaging service available. I know a lot of people that have downloaded it for another platform, however most of them never used and some of them have actually deleted it. Bbm needs to bring video chat cross platform asap to have a reason to switch to bbm from what's app. What are you waiting for? :s

Posted via CB10

For anyone complaining about the file size limit of 16MB, I think that is a perfect size limit. if you want to share files larger than that, BBM allows you to share from your dropbox. Put your 100MB file in dropbox, and share it through BBM. BBM will display a link to download the file. Looking forward to the new updated BBM.

I think it's great that BlackBerry and Chen have found a way to monetize the success of BBM, to increase market share, and to raise BBM 's profile as a universal and secure means of communication for a wider range of clients globally.

Posted via CB10

AT&T still does NOT have an Official 10.2 update. I know that isnt BlackBerry's issue.Although, I spoke with a rep from BlackBerry and he told me its because the engineers are not ready to release it. Until then, AT&T have no update. Yet, rumors of 10.3 and more stickers are being updated. SMH

Stickers??!! My 5 year old niece might be excited. I guess, whatever it takes to garner future BlackBerry customers! :)

From the Z30

I just hope they've gotten to the point where there are virtually no bugs on the iOS platform. I'm tired of hearing a couple of my friends always telling me how it's not working 'properly'. Other than that, good job - keep up the work!

I read this in an article in the Globe and Mail. What does it mean?

"...It will also open up the chat stream of users to sponsored posts from marketers who have created BBM Channels (landing pages similar to Facebook pages)...."

Does this mean side advertising or interspersed advertising?

Did I read it right? An update to BBM coming next week and not WEEKS??? BlackBerry is getting fast and furious!

Posted via CB10

What's up with BBM not notifying on iPhone?? Both my bro and GF are experiencing the same issue.

Posted via CB10

That's the biggest issue...I was able to get a few friends on ios to download but can't really use it as they never get their notifications in time. it's embarrassing

Posted via CB10

It is to do with the way that iOS handles memory on the device. It tends to close the app...I've noticed a similar thing with WhatsApp on iOS.

This sounds great. Like how fast these guys are moving. It sounds like the first thing Chen did was take the shackles off these guys. They were playing catch-up and they are doing a great job.

As for the file size......I am in agreement with several others, this is a messaging service so increasing the file size too much would only hurt the overall service. If you need to send a large file there are other easy ways to do it.

Cant wait for the update!!!

Apologies for the spam but if you would like some new wallpapers for your BlackBerry 10 device head over here

Channel Pine: C004635F8

Or you can simply search "BB10 Wallpapers" - premium Q5/Q10/Z10/Z30 it's the one with the BlackBerry logo :)

I have to admit I am confused by some of the comments I see on here. It appears many people feel things can only be done in a certain order and multiple tasks can not be worked on at once (stickers, video-calling, video-size limit, etc.) IMHO it is possible to work on multiple things at the same time, and perhaps resource limitations mean working on one would have no effect on how quickly others tasks are completed.

Let's take an example, say the girlfriend and I throwing a BBQ and we need the place to look great before mid-afternoon. We have a number of things to get done to make this BBQ a success: cut the grass (video messaging), BBQ the food (file-size limit) and arrange the lawn furniture (stickers). We also have limited resources: the two of us, my Bro, 1 BBQ and a lawn mover.

I am the only one with the expertise to run the lawn-mover so I am assigned the task of cutting the grass(video messaging). I could have the g/f help me with the job, she could ride the mower with me(counter-productive for sure) or watch me(with a martini in hand), but adding her to the task will not cut the grass any faster. She would be better served doing something else.

What could she be doing? Well she can't cook (don't tell I said that) so she's banned from BBQ duty. Instead she can re-arrange the lawn furniture (BBM Stickers). She works on this at the same time as I am cutting the grass, and she finishes much earlier than I do. Boom -- BBM stickers are here and the grass is STILL being cut.

At the same time my Bro has begun preparing the food(Video-size limits), and again it would be of no benefit for him to try and assist with the grass cutting as it would not get done any quicker. He is better served preparing the food and he too is able to finish his job before the grass is cut. Perhaps with a little help from the g/f who finished the furniture a little earlier.

So the furniture (stickers) and food (file-size limit) are ready but the grass has yet to be cut. By early afternoon the grass is cut (video messaging is here) and the BBQ can go on!

Everything did not have to be done at the same time for the BBQ to be a success. Although it may not be the ideal order for things to be done, we had to work with the resources and expertise we had available. If we had of waited for for the grass to be cut before we decided to arrange the furniture and BBQ the food it is likely we would have been late to the Party!

Well fleshed out analogy. Logical, coherent and thoughtful. My guess is you will be ignored or castigated.

I usually skip long comments unless they're from users I like...

That was a good analogy and I completely agree.

Great to see the bbm team working hard on the best messaging app. Hope to get the update really soon.

Posted via CB10

Do you really know what am keen to get on my BBZ30.
Something like smilies for chat which enables me to write on the famous 9gag meme and send it via BBM or WhatsApp

Posted via CB10

Cuz you can't. Once created, you can only edit description.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1

When's BBM video coming out for cross platform?

"Use his phone(z10), it's like a computer" - iPhone user to another iPhone user

QUESTION RE: STICKERS - Does anyone know whether the sticker packs are permanent. That is, if I buy a 25 sticker pack, do I get to use each sticker only once or can I use each of the 25 stickers as many times as I want?

Can't see paying for them if you can only use the once.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Rogers Halifax, NS - Z10 Official 10.2.1

What if WhatsApp releases VideoCalling before BBM...? (in case they have that in mind for cross platform)

They won' takes time and stupid amounts of money to upgrade a company's infrastructure to support the bandwidth. BB is in the lead here...they will have cross-platform video-calling before WhatsApp will. It is taking WhatsApp a long time to implement uses considerably more bandwidth than voice calling so that will take even longer.

Having said that, if WhatsApp don't use their own servers to route the traffic (create a P2P link), then they can get it up quickly but the security will be atrocious!

Just for the record, I'm confident BBM video for other platforms will come at the same time BBM is launched for WP8

Posted via CB10

I hope they have implemented the option to share your channel or other channels to other social media.... be a great booster to educate the none-subscribers while promoting to current users.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to be able to send more that one picture at a time to multiple people at the same time..

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Email is the most efficient way to do this and will be for a while I would imagine.

The 10mb increase in file size is probably going to degrade the service enough.

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Having been through them all, the only ones that are worthwhile are:

Multiple picture sending
Sending pictures in multi-person chats
Renaming BBM Groups
Larger emoticons.

BBM Video is in the pipeline already so that is an irrelevant suggestion.

Whoo hoo!
Can't wait to share my stickers, and can't wait to see what others will come!

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What about Bbm video... when will that come out cross platform!!??? That will bring a lot more ppl over to Bbm at least

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So the beginning of the end for regular people's channels. The chances of a non-corporate channel getting featured had already been drastically reduced, now even less chance.

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BBM need to go cross-platform, I want to use my BBM account on my Q10, Z30 and iPhone 5S at the same time, not switching all the time, losing messages.

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Will sticker be available for all BB OS(I.e is 5,6,7)??
and can we expect bbm for windowsphone to come with all this feature??

One more thing I would like to see is the ability to rotate the screen on Android. As for everything else, keep bringing the improvements and tweaks!

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Looking forward to it. I'm also guessing legacy devices will get it soon after, which is an awesomeful touch. :)

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So excited, Can't wait! All BBM is missing now is a universal Translator or better integration with a 3 Rd party app! Would love to see a feature of auto detect language that translates incoming message to your preferred language and vice versa. Good Job BBM. Where would I be without you...

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Another thing I would like to see is bbm change its update feature to a news feed feature. I like to see what other bbm users are up to and I want to keep my profile pic the same instead of having to change it all the time to show other bbm friends pictures I take. I know it's cheesy but I don't like using Facebook because of privacy concerns.

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Will this advertising also show up on eBBM?
Will corporations need to use eBBM to avoid having spam in their business communications?
If I use BBM in order to communicate with fellow workers, will my conversations with them be subject to this?

1. I want dark theme for android. I'm already bored of the white themed BBM.
2. Location sending is grossly inaccurate. Sometimes accurate to 1960m... That doesn't make sense

If you can't wait for the cross platform  BBM video calling then go get a  BlackBerry 10 devices.. it's better than waiting..

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