We go hands on with BBM Stickers for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Feb 2014 05:28 am EST

We announced yesterday that BBM Stickers was available to download for certain BlackBerry Beta Zone members, with the full version coming to the masses on BlackBerry, iOS and Android in the near future. In true CrackBerry fashion we couldn't not bring you a video showing you what it's all about if you are not a Beta Zone member. 

The way this will work is that within BBM you will have access to a BBM Shop where you will be able to purchase sticker packs. There will be some free ones too so you won't need to part with your money if you don't want to which is good to hear. 

As you will see in the video - from within a BBM chat, when you press the normal emoticon icon you will have three tabs under the text field. On the left will be the BBM Shop, in the middle are your normal emoticons and over on the right is a tab for stickers. Jump in here are you'll see the stickers you have access to. Packs can be accessed by swiping left and right and you just scroll up and down the stickers until you find the one you want. Give it a press and off it goes - simples. 

I do have one criticism for the BlackBerry 10 devices with a hardware keyboard and that is that the amount of space where you view the stickers is very restricted. Of course, this is still in beta and may well change (you hearing me BBM team?), but on the all touch devices this clearly won't be an issue. If I'm choosing a sticker I don't need to be able to see the ongoing chat I'm having with that contact so maybe the sticker space can be increased on the hardware keyboard handsets? 

Many have wondered how BlackBerry will make any money out of BBM going cross platform and this is clearly the start as our buddies on iOS and Android will also be able to purchase sticker packs. How much they cost willn is anyones guess but I suspect they will be as cheap as chips. 

Overall, a nice new addition to BBM and yet again another step in the right direction for BlackBerry. If you're not a Beta Zone member you can sign up from the following link: 

Sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone



I cant update my phone.bbz10...and now I cant open my bbm.

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Prem WatsApp

Post your problem in the forums, sure someone will help you there.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


My problem is.everytime I update my BlackBerry z10 it always say"software update is interrupted".please help

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How to post in forums?

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Addie Jane

Can't wait for this to get out of beta!

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Observation Junkie

Absolutely, and good to see BlackBerry going to make money from this.

Also great to see stickers that will appeal to the mass market, which will go towards more people using BBM.

I'm not sure if WhatsApp has these kinds of features, if they don't, great to see BlackBerry then with product differentiation rather than just doing what everyone is doing.

Great job BlackBerry keep up the nice work and being different.

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Looks exactly like the wechat sticker setup! Great steal blackberry.. now to implement the discover feature :)

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We need Gif support not stickers !!

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This would be amazing

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What do you mean? GIF supported is already there. At least it is on my Q10/BBM.


I love how posters feel the need to speak on behalf of everyone else

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The interface is also similar to LINE. Great, BBM should keep adding features. Just because this sticker feature is there doesn't mean you HAVE to use it if you don't like it. A lot of people actually like this fun feature. Don't use it for work/business but use it in messages to your wife and kids for example and put a smile on their faces. Heck, send your boss a pink dinosour sticker, you may get promoted (or fired).


Indeed, the people moaning about this feature are missing the point that it is just going to be one way out of many that BB will be using to monetize the app without charging for it or adding ads.


It's clear that the Q30 has to have a developer friendly screen otherwise no one will buy those stickers.

Like you said James if you have a touchscreen this should not be a problem.

Are you listening Mr Chen?

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Plazmic Flame

I don't think there's any other video that shows how blatantly apparent it is that the 1:1 aspect ratio was a bad move. Jeezus... when he pulls up the stickers, that's just horrible. Really hope the Q30 is the device we've been wanting from the beginning. Needs a larger/taller screen.


This is just bad UI implementation.

First of all there would be no need for stickers if they implement option to have emojis at independent font size to system font. In other words in Settings you could set the display size of emoji and there you go, no need for oversized stickers.


BINGO!!!! I've been hoping for this for a while. Even on my z30 it's not detailed/big enough the current options.

Pete The Penguin

Do BlackBerry think we're a bunch of teens?

They need to fix the bugs in BBM first, then add features :mad:


Or put more security options into BBM, just like the Telegram App.



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I'm sure some of the 80 million BBM users will welcome the feature.


Agreed, this seems pretty gimmicky.
Hopefully we'll see something with substance soon.


I don't think they think where teens. But doesn't it have to appeal to teens to if they want ppl using bbm. Teens do moer texting

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No but appealing to teens will go a long way towards saving their asses. They need to shed their all work and no play skin and become "fun" too if they want to appeal to the masses.

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I do agree to fix bugs first

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Do you think we represent their entire current user base?

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this is made to satisfy the ios and android users...

Observation Junkie

Why you guys complaining?
No this is about grabbing market share, satisfying the majority.

You want blackberry missing out on revenue and growth?

You want BlackBerry to be known just as a business phone company? It still can do both.

You want BlackBerry offering unique products? Absolutely

So stop all the complaining, " Shut up, keep calm & carry on "

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It's CrackBerry. BlackBerry could offer to give everyone 10,000 us dollars and people would complain that wasn't in the right currency, the right bill denominations or handed it put when their bank was closed.

People moan about everything here

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Marco Ladios

Will this be available for OS 7?


It looks weird on Q10..

Will Crackberry make their own stickers? I'd love that! :p

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Gilang Gil

Purchase to Download Stickers (lol)


Observation Junkie

And the problem with that is?

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I think this will appeal more to BBM users on iOS. Seems like the kind of thing that appeals to teens-twenties females.

If it separates them from their money, great!

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Observation Junkie

I think this blog is showing the mentality of many BlackBerry users and why so many stopped buying blackberry.

This is not just for IOS users, it's for all users, which also we want them to buy a BlackBerry phone, and if not, BlackBerry still can earn revenue.

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jojo beaconsfield

Great idea but a lot of people are going to go nuts when they see an update is required,better get that update out Pronto!!!


Need to post in groups!!!!

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There are so many other more important things that should be a much higher priority for BlackBerry than this stupid bought (or stolen) stickers idea it is just so not funny and very disappointing for a long time business enterprise user first and personal user second like myself along with many, many others. Hope this is not a new trend and only a one time experiment.


Take it easy. I'm sure BBRY is working on the "other more important things" as well. However, no harm in throwing the odd gimmick in here and there especially if it is revenue generating. Sheesh!


I have no doubt these are aimed at users like yourself.


Calm down there buddy.

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All work and no play makes BBM a dead platform.

I'm sure there are probably teams within BBM responsible for different things. "Business features" which probably take longer to test and develop and "fun" features which are probably quicker to create.

Because one feature makes it out before the other doesn't mean the other isn't being worked on, just means it's not ready.

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Why do you consider your needs more important than his?

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Just keeps getting better and better!

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It's a great idea but let's build on it.

Let us use the stickers as avatars since their resolution is higher.

Let the stickers move for like 5 seconds and have sounds(play back optional if phone is on vibrate).

Gif support would be nice too.

I understand this isn't for everybody and it would consume ram and battery but we know that BlackBerry should have stepped it up the phone spec department long ago.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 


I agree, I don't use stickers my self, but on the odd time I do, I tend to use the animated ones

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Still hoping for Facebook sticker support. Downloaded Facebook Messenger with Snap for those times when I need to express my feelings with a skateboarding yeti, but it would be nice to have it integrated into the stock Facebook app.


It may be childish, but we are now cross platform

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Personally I was hoping that BlackBerry would take a more unique route with this. But whatever, it's not my cup of tea anyway.

But what I would have liked to see BlackBerry do was to bring over Scrapbook from the Playbook not as an independent app but backed into BBM.

So you could use the scrapbook stickers in chats and share your scrapbook with your BBM friends while channels could retain a more business and brand focus.


Are they planning to make money from it? (Like Line)


Why are they not animated?!?

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Stop complaining and see the bigger picture bbm is a cross platform consumer product.

Stickers are a must!

Viber, skype, line, we chat and kik ALL have em.

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I am JT

Downloaded it through the beta zone app but unfortunately I don't have anyone else with availability to the bbm beta. Hasn't seemed to be a problem other than the fact that no one can see the stickers.

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Same issue here. My friend has BBM on her iPhone and cannot see the sticker that I sent her... Hmmmm.

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That's because this is a closed beta test.
Your participation is to provide feedback thru beta zone.

Beta Zone is looking for interface feedback, how the back end works, suggestions etc etc.

From my Vader Zed and BBM


What's up with the white screen? Way to take advantage of the AMOLED display?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Have to get a sticker pack for special events....bdays, anniversary etc.

I would buy that.

CB10 from the Z30


Whenever I update my bbz10 it always say "software update is interrupted". What I will do with it?please help.

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The problem is I have been a beta zone member for several years and they have NEVER sent me an invitation for anything. I've signed up for all necessary programs, completed all profile info, and filled out every survey I've ever been sent. Not sure how they pick people for the beta testing, but telling more people to sign up for it is giving them false hope. I think they only pick immediate friends and family.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Am with you on this one

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It's no consolation to you, but I have been picked for a few things (BBM Channels, MockIt, Evernote off the top of my head... I'm sure I am missing some others) and I am not friends or family. I think it depends mostly on your profile.

But anyways, people who sign up do actually get picked for betas. It's not all smoke and mirrors.


Yes me too bro

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If they are 5 cents a piece then I will buy a pack of 20

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Of they are 5c a piece.. I still don't want them
Msn winks were at least animated and didn't look like pokemon rip offs..


I hope every sticker packs will be charged, I don't want to see any these ugly drawings in my messages !!


Wow, blackberry is so innovative!

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where can I get the sticker?? I dont see anything on betazone

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I tried to download. But when I click the link given in the post, it sends me to Beta login page. I logged in. But couldn't find the download option of this specific program anywhere.


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same here

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You have to be a member of Betazone to even be eligible to join any beta programs, and then they have to pick you to join the specific beta.


What a bunch of cry babys
If you do not want stickers then don't use them or buy them.......simple no???
Part of BlackBerry problem is that the mostly ignorant masses thinks that they want a smart phone that does everything, and not a smart phone that is a dedicated communication tool.This is a way for BlackBerry to have a more of a mass appeal therefore generating sales & revenue, rather than relying on those that few that are BlackBerry fans.

Money comming from teens or girls or whatever demographic that stickers might appeal to is money & no different from anyone else's.........

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What this guy said. So true man.. its about getting the iPhone and Android people interested in BBM. If that means stickers.. then stickers it is.

omega supreme

So basically this is the same as emoticons except it's a lot bigger??... *yawn*.... too bad I only have 1 person left on my bbm who I hardly chat with...oh well.

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W Hoa

As per the video: You have received a sticker. To view please upgrade to the latest version of BBM.


All you guys complaining about stickers being useless and for kids is one of the reasons BlackBerry is in the position it's in. When all the kids were playing around with their kiddy iphones, they were getting use to iOS and guess what.. those kids eventually grow up; the parents of the those kids who wanted to communicate with them and share their apps also bought iphones.

So good on you BB for appealing to the youth and the kid in all us adults. You need to do this more...


Where's my invite?

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I am a member of beta zone

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So I'm guessing BBM is going to be coming out with some more goodies to make bbm even better and sell them in bbm to make some money great idea... I smell bbm cooking up something very big and it smells good.

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Can we get stickers if Jim and Mike making stupid faces? I'd pay for that...

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I quit counting at about twenty sticker apps in BBAppWorld, many if not most were free. Try this one if you want stickers:


I will pass myself, thanks anyway. ;)


Who's in on this beta? I need someone to test it with. Pm me :)

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Johan Surya

Hope as Blackberry user got special price (discount) for stickers or free some special stickers

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I'm not a beta zone member but I would love to see this available asap on my bbm.. I am excited!!!

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I have been a long member of the Beta Zone but still don't see Stickers. I even recently downloaded the beta zone app to my Z10 and still no luck. :(


Any "How To"s on creating the stickers which could be added to BBM Stickers once they allow?