It's a BBM slumber party!!

Come hang out with us and we'll wait for BBM together!!

By Adam Zeis on 16 Oct 2013 12:36 pm EDT

It's been nearly a month since BBM was set to launch for Android and iOS devices. The launch was pushed back due to various issues and aside from one update, we've heard nothing of a new date for the arrival of BBM across the globe. A few days ago we heard a rumor that gave us a bit of hope, but we're still in the dark as to just when we'll finally see BBM go live to the masses.

To help ease the pain (as much as we can at least) we're firing up a BBM slumber party in the CrackBerry forums. If we all have to wait, why not do it together?

We have no clue if BBM will launch tomorrow, this weekend or in another month - so let's hang out and pass the time. Hit up the forums thread below for some chat. You can talk about BBM (without going crazy), the weather, movies, your pet, or whatever the heck you want. We'll just try and make the most of the waiting while we can, and who knows, maybe we'll even have some cool stuff to give away to people who post in the thread. Kevin, Bla1ze and I will all try to swing by to keep things going as well.

It's a BBM Slumber Party!

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It's a BBM slumber party!!



Lol, nothing it's just that the white 'tube top' is a bit more sheer, and as Bold stated the Android has a virus :)

Oh darn my Firewire cable, just went out. That's never happened before.

Both built like teenage boys with long hair. I got dibs when this site posts some real curves....not the Blackberry version either...*snicker*

I hate myself for knowing this, but those aren't halter tops. They're tube tops.

Halter tops tie behind the neck.

(in my defense, my wife made a big deal about wanting her bridesmaids' dresses to be halter)

When I first saw it, I thought the black one was one of those blacked out pictures for too much being exposed...Well guess where my mind was. carry on.....

Means she's fun! Not worried about having a big ass steak burger and a beer while watching the game with me.

From my Vader Zed

Who said anything about killing?!? Are you sick...I had much more pleasurable plans for me and her.

Is he one of those people who, when off camera, walks around completely nude but is wearing a hat?

What's coming today? Blazes' pants??

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Can I get in on that action in the picture minus the dude....? I'm willing to pillow fight all night long, I may even let them win!

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Gee, maybe I should get a BlackBerry tattoo on my stomach......if that is all it takes.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

I think If BBM went for android apps and iPhone will be a great idea then we don't need any other apps to call or text message or vedio chat with back home ,
It would be great successful step for BlackBerry To come back as before,

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Let's see, I was on BBM while walking my dog on a chilly day thinking about watching a movie. That about covers some suggested topics in the post, now can we hazz BBM now?

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Who came up with that topic Picture does she have a touch screen as a belly button piercing? Lol

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Oh.. so this slumber party is like the various "Waiting Rooms" for leaks :) Hmm... I'm also waiting for the cross platform BBM to launch so that I can ask my friends to join in..

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Ya and getting beat up by Android and Apple. They can't show it, but BlackBerry will #$!@ them in time!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Any idea if there's going to be any features that will be blocked? ("Oh, you have to have a Blackberry to do that.")

Not blocked, but the Android and iOS versions won't have all the features of BBM on BB yet. Some of that may be strategic, but I think really it's just about trying to get the basics out the door first.

I have also been waiting for the update. From what I understand it should be "later this month" that hopefully sometimes next week...but then again this is BlackBerry and Fido we are talking about. Right now BlackBerry is not getting a lot of love from Fido.

Not only won't Fido carry the new Z30 it has also removed the Z10 and the Q10 from its sale list. As of now you will no longer be able to purchase a Z10 or Q10 from Fido beyond the inventory stock still available in-store.

My guess is that unless BlackBerry turns around its fortunes we won't see its devices feature too prominently in Fido's listed devices.

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Can't wait for BBM to come for all. Group chatting is awesome! Boo ya!

BlackBerry till the end which will be never!

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Lol the pictures gives the wrong idea
Anyways, let's hope BBM out sooner than soon.
Now.... I'm super hungry, who's up for some sushi?

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Seriously? Why not remind ppl that they could Google pictures like that any time.... lol

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out of interest...

How does crackberry feel about having participated in the BBM delay by releasing the leaked version.

That was clearly just an excuse.
I'm fairly certain it was leaked on purpose to create an excuse for launch delay.
The leak didn't even really work.

The guy looks like a powerful business tool that gets things done, while I would like to play with the other two.

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Seriously. What's with you guys using pics straight out of pornos? It's just weird and creepy.

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For some of us we'd rather not see things like this on CB because they are completely pointless and basically clickbait.

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I love how there's more comments about the photo than the content.
Also I love how the photo is obviously from a porno!
From your personal collection adam??

Just hopping for a quick bug free release. So blackberry can show the masses what they are all about. One way to live up to the press release posted around the world the other day, Is to show they are still alive and release BBM. I'm living and loving my ZZZZZ10............. If the leafs can finally be a contender any organization can lol... let's go BB

and thats how I had a bad dream where I saw myself pinging with ma s4......blackberry pls stop this torture. .im pleading!

It will come when it's ready.

Sounds so wise, really describes this situation.

In the mean time, let's be kids and have a slumber party!

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still thinks BBM on Android is no good idea because the OS is full wtih mallware en the store also with fake apps and shit. I hope it will not bring down the security level on the blackberry phones.


BlackBerrys that do NOT have BES do not have the legendary security that BBRY/RIM is known for.

Yes, that's right. If you have a BlackBerry phone that does not have BES, your phone is just as secure as iOS and Android. And if you do have BES, then it's a moot point if BBM is available on Android or not...

This may not be true of Android when compared to BBOS because of third party apps. On stock Android, you don't have finer controls on app permissions (you approve or deny all.) On BBOS, you can choose which permissions to deny, and yes, depending on which ones you chose, you could possibly break the app, but at least you have this level of control available.

Case in point:

If this was a Jaredco app, in addition to uninstallation, I could first try tweaking permissions. If the app still worked 3 out of a 100 times, great-I'd keep it. But this tweaking isn't an option in Android, so 100 out of 100 times I'd have to uninstall.

Finally an iPhone and an Android that I like, the ones in the picture are with two year contract? are they delivered overnight?

I guess this will be the first time for these chicks to be happy to see the BBM dude come early.

Add more chics for Windows and Mac, who knows BB might also get into the desktop market

Z10 STL100-2

who cares!!!! I don't want Android and iOS to have it anyway. If you want bbm then buy a BB. And just because Android and iOS users can get it doesn't mean they will. Android users may but iOS users are so anti anything not apple they will shoot it down and refuse to use it anyway. I just hope BB charges an arm and a leg for the download. No reason to give it away.....

It will be a short party. It's launching in a few hours, depending if they start with Asia or not.

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Is this some kind of berryleaks "inside" info?

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now THAT kind of imagery in BBRY's Marketing & Advertising WOULD get some attention AND a (ahm: caugh ... "pun intended!") "rise" ... in sales, of course!!!

What a seriously sleazy picture. Looks like they're about to "shoot a video" and post it onto a pay site for adults. Gross.

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More piss poor marketing opportunity that BlackBerry f'ed up. At this point EVERYTHING is marketing. Even the way TH drives to work!

Wow. That's a lot of drooling over two skinny, average looking women, that happen to be (apparently) blonde.

Let's get CPBBM and 10.2 released as soon as possible, and bring people back to their senses!

The Berries keep cracking!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, Best blog post photo ever! Pump it up BBchicks :) Still more to come. Join us on will love it.

I'm starting to wonder if BlackBerry is purposely failing on every aspect lol.. Potentially the best but nowhere near where they're supposed to be. Pretty pathetic.

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Y'all can't be serious. These folks can't get it together and get their ducks in a row. So stop being hoodwinked it ain't ever coming. As they say "forget about it".

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Cross platform to all mobile OS is a good thing. (why forget WP by the way?)

But the killer feature would be a full cross platform, including Windows, OSX, Linux. With that in a row, BBM would kill everything in the place, included skype and all the chats includes in gmail, facebook and so on.

Pretty ladies.. The one on white has got some sort of 'Beer Belly'.. The one on black 'Jeez'.. Keep the Android phone and let me have the lady.. As for the Guy, I'll take the BBM..

Take these pictures down immediately! You're making people like Apple and Android too much!!!

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

The longer I look at the chics is the better they appear to be. Nice way to count down though.

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Uhhh, if only the real BBM cross platform launch looked like that...I'd be sold!

BlackBerry should use them girls when launching a new product!
Instead of rolling out Thorsten Heins Ketchup from whatever underground bunker he's been hiding in for the past few months, or heaven forbid the Cryptkeeper aka Pringle Watsahisname!!!!!

If they do that I foresee huge sales...and I mean know as in huge...ok I better stop now!

PS I want me some Android! Man, I managed to sound both a pervert and a tech posting...poor Crackberry editors and moderators must be shaking their heads...sorry!

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The sooner BBM gets across platforms the sooner I can use my multiple BBM pick up lines to the hoards of unsuspecting yet worthy ladies.

Hopefully they won't ask if I'm the last person who still owns a BlackBerry... we'll see...

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I feel the need to point out, that trendy photograph of the 20 something pillow fight is excellent marketing on the part of BlackBerry. They need to rebuild this "cool" imagine this group once had of the company.

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Well..... I'm done reading.
Time to go polish my Berry, sideload some android, and eat an apple.

Posted via CB10 this one of those sleep overs where everybody sleeps early :/, guess I'll tell these ghost stories to myself.

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ahh, now lets all enjoy the party, shots!!! shots!!! shots!!!
The girls will automatically come where the Booze flows :P
even the "BB" represents the top view of two girls back to back!

What i understand of that picture, its going to happen in a long term, when those girls get tired of playing , they eventually are going to get f....

So we just have to wait, the rest of that session...

Blackberry literally f... android & i phone .

 Zeta ⑩ hope they sponsor el mundial brazil 2014...

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Not sure how to kick the morning off. I'm not a coffee person but a shot of rum will wake me up u think. Girls still looking fresh. We have to order breakfast or somebody volunteered to make/bring. This party is awfully quiet man..

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Hey guys.. look carefully.. one is bitten rotten apple and other one is open source filled with virus!

Recomendations for the dude:
Use a plastic protector for the android girl, you migth get infected.. so be carefull

And for the apple girl : do what you have to do, and let her pregnant, just as a reminder of who is the father!

Leaving the zex topic, bb will rip them , bb10 its full of potencial. And people that have try it knows bb 10 its way better

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I cant help- but I´m very grateful for renaming RIM to BlackBerry... Otherwise the guy could expect a RIMjob... But now its just BBM (I associate with ménage à trois)...

we won't see BBM any soon. Boulben was talking b.. as usal. This guy doesn't care about Blackberry. We will see him in an executive positon with a French company, soon. Mind my words!

BlackBerry CMO, I could do that job. Couldn't possibly be worse than the current one.

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I had to save the photo to my phone and use the pinch gesture to take a proper look at the clunge. Very nice :P

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Can I have a taste of that Berry? Step aside Apple and Android girls, I'll take it from here! ;-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)