BlackBerry hit the streets of London as BBM goes cross platform this weekend

By James Richardson on 20 Sep 2013 12:12 pm EDT

With BBM going cross platform this weekend to Android and iPhone - BlackBerry hit the streets of London last night to promote the news. Unless you have had your head in the sand you'll be well aware that the new iPhones went on sale this morning and many folk spent the night out camping at their local Apple store. 

With BBM going live for the iPhone on Sunday at 12.01 GMT BlackBerry projected some rather funky images onto both of Apples Regents Street store and Covent Garden. If the hundreds of people queuing up to buy the new iPhones weren't aware of BBM coming to their phones they sure as heck should be now. 

Over in Buckingham Palace Road the same happened but this time with the Android logo. Android users will be able to download BBM from 12.00 GMT tomorrow (Saturday). I suspect that us BlackBerry users are going to be swamped with new friend requests over the weekend via BBM. I blooming well hope so anyway.

Spread the word CrackBerry Nation. We're in for a great weekend. 

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BlackBerry hit the streets of London as BBM goes cross platform this weekend


Brainwashing students now, are you?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

They don't have to download it, but the teacher is just imparting knowledge of current events... which I'm sure fits nicely into the job description of "teacher".

Posted via CB10

I've read posts from people on the internet who've claimed that they've been teachers, doctors, lawyers, astronauts, and women. I don't believe any of them.

Can't wait actually, so far every single friend I keep in contact with has confirmed they will be downloading BBM

I'm hoping all my old friends will be back... I really only have 2 people I BBM with now and one is a forums member.

I want to use BBM more and text less!

I'm so confused...hates on BBM but is posting from CB10.

We have counseling for you PK.

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

70+ million BB users, apx 60million BBM users.

yet still the fact some BB owners don't use/like BBM suprises you?

How many of those users have it just because Crapberry force it on them. It's not like I can delete the app.

Posted via CB10

I had this POS given to me for free after my iPhone broke. It was a family member first smartphone impulse buy (he replaced with a iPhone). I'm taking a hammer to this after I replace it with a new iPhone.

Posted via CB10

I could agree if you're talking about a curve... tried bb10 yet?

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C

I have been in messaging business since 1999. I have WhatsApp on iPhone and Android and BB 10. It is not good at all. But I admire their tricks to marketing the thing. People from Yahoo do have tricks to fool the net.

Lol, and you spend your time surfing the crackberry app bashing. Get a life dude. Pathetic.

Posted via CB10

You're definitely either on heavy narcotics or are trolling for the thrill of it. But There are 10000 reasons this is hilariously wrong

Posted via CB10

I just flew back to the states from London yesterday. I was staying near the Apple store on Regents Street and walked by it many times. I course I had no interest in what was happening inside.

Well at least people are actually interested and buying Apple products, unlike BlackBerry! LOL

Posted via CB10

Pk, just give up. no one cares how much you dislike Blackberry, trolling the Blackberry forums won't make Apple give you a free iPhone 5S.

just go home bro

I think that the projections are examples of awesome and creative marketing by BlackBerry. #BBM4All :-)

I'll wait to see if anybody actually uses it before I get too excited. Right now, it's just a waste of space on my phone.

Now THAT is bad ass. Need to project it into the address plate at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino...

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Won't be long and old BBM contacts will be back! Let's hope that the servers can handle all of the increased traffic.

Posted via CB10

what the balls where was this kind of advertising when the Z10 and Q10 we launched, what the hell is this crap BlackBerry, somethign that will bring you revenues and you sit on your asses but something that doesn't you market it

Far from it, give the other side a bite and they will soon see how sweet BlackBerry is and what they have been missing.
I know some think it's a gamble but sometimes you have to push things to the limit. It's already got a number of people around me talking about BlackBerry again and in a very positive way. That's good in my opinion. Let's hope they also get video and BBM channels out soon.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

Ira September 20th why haven't you gotten your iPhone with its taste the rainbow OS yet? Stop wasting your time being negative here and play some candy crush.

Posted via CB10

CB, you guys better do a side by side video demo of bbm across android and iPhones . Hopefully groups, chats, pics etc all work as smoothly on "their" devices as BlackBerry otherwise we'll never hear the end of it.

Basically have three phones on the table chatting thru bbm. Let's see the interactions take place simultaneously.

Who's really going to use BBM anyways. I'm sure all the young kids can't wait for BBM to come to the iPhone and Android platform (Microsoft is selling more phone than BlackBerry). LOL

Posted via CB10

Well I guess you won't be using BBM so I won't have to upset you when I ignore your request LOL

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

Sounds like a great idea. Useful way of showing the cool features of BBM to the masses

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

Honestly, if it works just as good as on a BB device, I suspect lots of people just might switch given BB admitting to focusing on enterprise customers. The regular joe consumer might be left behind. Not sure what BB has in mind...

I told some of my students about it and they both became quite excited. "Really? Wow. I totally miss BBM. I can't wait"

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry knew exactly what they were doing. They came in through the back door of the party and will soon be center stage, taking prisoners. I love my BlackBerry.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

Totally agree, PSParks. I really feel BlackBerry has a game plan in place and it's starts with BBM xPlatform. I guess you can say there's A LOT of 'closet' BlackBerry luv out there. And you know peer pressure is a beootch. BBM xPlatform is the beginning of the return of King.

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I don't have any friends with Blackberry's and I can't see them getting rid of WhatsApp for BBM shame it didn't happen 18 months ago.
I love my Z10 and BlackBerry 10 is superb.

Posted via CB10

Tell them about the Read indicator, I did that earlier today with a friend of mine that uses WhatsApp. He thought the ticks meant the msg had been read. Now he is eager to download BBM tomorrow.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

There are 60 million BBM users right now. 10 billion BBM messages sent daily. Again, go get your iPhone. Well if you can. Apple apparently doesn't have the decency to supply stock to anyone this time around

Posted via CB10

So your saying Canadians send around 166 BBM messages a day? You really believe the 10 billion number?

Posted via CB10

One. It's not only Canadians using BBM so knock that out of this conversation and yeah I so because it's simple math. 60 million users, with consistent back and forth messaging can add up easily to the billions

Posted via CB10

This PK person must be an Apple investor. But regardless, with people like him, it's just best to turn your back and ignore. He is only here to stir the pot. We believe in our product. He obviously doesn't have much faith in his that he's here trying to bash BlackBerry.

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Maybe you should use your sock for something more useful, or get a blackberry keyboard so you can type with just one hand?


Now I can talk to 95 percent of all my friends. Still good on BB. Lets hope this helps in some way

Posted via CB10

PK shut up already! Who are you trying to convince? Sound like your work for iPhone or Android. Just be quiet, nobody is putting a gun to ya head tellin you to use Bbm. If you don't like it go somewhere else and complain instead of being a dick on a BlackBerry App which to me is pretty stupid and you seem bored. Get a life!

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I have sailed the world
beheld its wonders
from the Dardanelles,
to the mountains of Peru,
But there's no place like London!
-A little Sweeney Todd action satisfaction. BBM is the best messaging service hands down. Can't wait to see the service take off and evolve with BB10.2. My thumbs are ready ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Not yet available. Sad!
No wonder the company is on the verge folding up. They can't even keep the time for a software launch.

Posted via CB10

Let's finally give some credit. BlackBerry said they would deliver BBM across platform by end of summer. They did it. I hope they can set a date for BBM voice and video and meet it by Christmas.

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