BBM Protected support docs, training courses and more now available

By Bla1ze on 17 Jun 2014 10:46 am EDT

Feeling a bit nerdy? Want to know all you can about BBM Protected? If so, you can now head on over to the BlackBerry site and scoop up as much info on BBM Protected as you can handle. All of the support documents, frequently asked questions and even training documentation has now been posted for your perusal.

I've not gone through a lot of it as of yet, but the FAQ is really long and hits on questions I had about the service overall that weren't previously available. Obviously not something everyone is going to read or even want to know about but good that it's there for those that are interested.

Please note, some of the links are direct to PDF files so open in your browser.

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BBM Protected support docs, training courses and more now available


It appears that for BB10 running 10.2 or later devices BBM protected can only be run with a "work space only" rule turned on? Does this mean Blackberry Balance cannot be enabled if users need or want to use BBM protected?

Hi! Yes, I have read something like that. But it will come to BlackBerry Balance in the future.

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sounds like if you can hack or find out the pass phrase which is sent via SMS , email , phone call your half way to hacking BBM Protected and that is required which of course will be difficult is hacking the security key ....Good Luck of the security key but the pass phrase is my worry

This should have been a standard upgrade to BBM. All the other platforms have apps which offer similar message encryption.

I also wonder if the new policy will make it to the BES 10 Cloud solution.

I'm not so sure about this. Bbm already has security on par or better than other messaging apps. This is the next level

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Is their site down? My wifi stopped working about an hour ago and can't seem to open the BlackBerry page..

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