Round two - BBM now available for the iPhone

By James Richardson on 21 Oct 2013 02:16 pm EDT

You may have noticed that the cross platform BBM roll out didn't quite go to plan. The good news is that BBM is now officially available to download for the iPhone. While currently many iPhone users will be more than happy (maybe) with iMessage or other cross platform messaging clients we may need to give them a nudge to download BBM which if free.

Like with the Android version, users won't have the same extent of features as us BlackBerry users, but they will be able to enjoy chats, groups and file exchanging - with further features such as Channels and BBM Voice/Video to follow in future updates.

Spread the word to all your iPhone friends and get them downloading BBM ASAP. They may need educating slightly but once they get familiar with the 'D' and 'R' I'm pretty sure they will be happy with the most secure instant messaging app around. 

So grab your BlackBerry and message all your iPhone buddies now. They can either head on over to or why not send them this post where they can click the below link to download instantly. 

Download BBM for iPhone




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Tomas Carrillo

I want to see a Stress Test in a iPhone 5S, just saying :P

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Yes, let's blow up an iPhone!

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C


+10000000 lol

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I just changed my FB pic to a BBM symbol. If BlackBerry drops the ball on this one again. I'm going to f'n snap.

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I'm having fun just reading some of these comments hahaha.

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Hahahahahaha me +1!

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I'll believe it when I see it on my friends phone. Not gonna make a fool of myself again

Thorsten Out!!!


Anyone know what regions are able to download and install now?


Download Takes 5 min and now im on the qlist ;-) better than nothing


Good news gotta check this out, and I hope it spreads quickly need my bbm list back alive once more

Posted by z10 boss


Yawn. Party is already over.

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FINALLY!.. Let the madness begin :)


What's up with Android?

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Plazmic Flame

Okay... the iTunes link on this article works but when I search on my device, in the app store, nothing comes up... wtf?!?!?


Al ready got it yay

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Plazmic Flame

Okay... the iTunes link on this article works but when I search on my device, in the app store, nothing comes up... wtf?!?!?


Well it gives us plenty to talk about!

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Can't see it! Where is it?

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Upreti Saroj

In north America and downloading on my wife's iPhone.

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Upreti Saroj

Go to from your safari. It will automatically take you to the BBM app.

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It works!



Until they pull it again

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I got it! works flawlessly!!!


I hate waiting in line!

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I just downloaded it. Just gotta wait for the e-mail now. I feel like Charlie, trying to get into Willy Wonka Factory.


Rui Jorge

Don't work after download, just one screen with the language choice nothing else !? Anyone thus issue too ???

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U need a device with a SIM.

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BBRY should pump out those emails quickly! The wait list seems very long

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As long as they lack the "Video Sharing" in Groups BBM has no chance to 'overtake' Whatsapp as a daily driver for most ppl on Whatsapp


Have'nt WeChat already overtaken WhatsApp so anyone with a hint of wanting privacy won't be on WhatsApp.


No noise on android side :(

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Too bad it's not compatible with iPods, I could use it to message my son when I'm at work. Oh well lol

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It is also not compatible with my iPad mini (Wi-Fi only) either. It requires the Wi-Fi + cellular versions of the iPads. I downloaded the app then tried to install with the hope of testing it out over a Wi-Fi connection. An error message displays when you hit the install button in iTunes. I'm disappointed by this restriction.

Fardan Musaev

Can't download it. Russia

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So there's a wait to even use this messenger? Another fail by Blackberry. Why would they state it's available if you can't actually use it today? I have to wait to be emailed by Blackberry? I'm deleting the app.


Boohoo, I have to wait for an email back

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Never saw a failure create this much excitement!!!


...what are you twelve? have the patience like one...


+ to this post!


Stop using the word fail you douchebag. Go jump off a bridge.



For those that signed up for notifications they got it immediately. For those like yourself, you have to wait or buy a BlackBerry.

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I had my daughter try and pull it up on her iPhone and it wasn't available to her. Columbus Ohio if it's a regional type of release.

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That's odd. I had to go to via Safari and then I could download it.


No results came up when I searched the App Store on my phone. Had to follow a link to and download it through iTunes. Of course then I got "you're on the waiting list." I guess things have not changed.


Getting this!

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)


Got it! BBMimg family in Canada from the UK on my iPhone. Cool to have, but not sure what the benefit is if you don't have people to contact who already use Blackberry.


ios to ios or Android to Android or ios to android to blackberry works too. Any combination of the above.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.


No I pod love?!

AT&T Z10


Downloading for my wife now! Woo hoo!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


And so the re-collection of my old BBM friends commences. . .

Lucas B

I've been trying to talk to my buddy with an iPhone and it isn't working.

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Tried with my IPhone with all BBs and its working fine.


voice, video and BB channels is not available for Android and iPhone yet, probably before year end, that was announced months ago.


Worked for me in Chicago using Safari and

Already chatting with 2 BB users, waiting for my android buddy to get set up.


Motha frikin yolo swag!!!

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For those that were not preregistered and only signed up today, how long is it taking to get fully activated after you submit your email address?

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I got it thru I Tunes, downloaded and it works. Go on #bbm4all and you will find some tweets with link to itunes, log in and download. Plug your IOS and it will be installed. Not much problems for me since I have BBM log in. All my contacts pulled automatically.


Just tried to download it on my iPhone. I got a message that said since so many people want it, there is a waiting list... so it is here, but not really.


If the Android users and iOS users don't like BBM, I guess they are weird.. instant messaging is equivalent to bbm-ing, period. Nothing else matches it..
I am so happy for you BlackBerry, plz don't fall anymore. :)

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I like my messaging apps to have audio and video messaging options, I guess I'm weird that way.


Got it, and it works for me. I'm connected with my entire list of BB-using friends. That list is a massive three people. Woo. Hoo.


Will be disappointed if I don't get an email today.... they shouldn't announce it if I can't use it.

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Can't see it on UK iTunes store.

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Available! Yes, downloaded and it's working! Finally... Thanks BB!


Damn! It says it's not available for iPod. WTH!!??

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They said right from the start it wouldn't work with ipod!

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I tried to get my iphone buddy to load it but he said the reviews suck.... probably from the test version that did in fact suck. So likely not gonna be easy

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Just tested it out on my old iPhone. Works great!

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FireUp BBM!!!!!!!!! Is about time.

Charlie Willis1

Yeah that's nice they get it for free why we still have to pay


I guess they forgot WP

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I asked one of my friends to download it on his iPhone. He's on the waiting list. He's not too pleased there's even a waiting list.

We're both in Montreal.

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Sandy Sprong

Maybe he should have bought a BB10. No waiting then. He's not too pleased? Oh dear, poor fellow.


Its available in the uk all my frends got it bbm is bak a lot of people again on my contacts ohh i fink wats app is gna get a big break now thanks blackberry

BlackBerry Z10 CB10 UK


works like a charm add me 7AE5B013 , but I have to mention it kinda feels akward I mean the bbm experience on my iPhone 5 , its not the same experience as on my Z10


Giving away this irrelevant app for free won't get this company anywhere. BBM has become an afterthought.

BlackBerry is dead! My S4 is so much better than Struggleberry 10.


Ummmm. No

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Ernest Che

The fact that you feel the need to make that comment on a BlackBerry dedicated forum just proves the opposite ;-) chill

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He's always on this site - can't stay away from Blackberry!

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Sad to hear you can only operate something with a "save me back button"!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!


The funny thing is that you have to post this in every thread in a Blackberry Forum, I own a GS4, I know is one of the best phones out there, but I was expecting more when I bought it (Android OS is just meh), please people tell me how could I report this troll


Same comment on both the Android and the iOS article...

In the immortal words of Fall Out Boy: "BandWagon's full, please catch another!"

Sandy Sprong

RonBro...You are irrelevant.


That sure is a tiny phone.

Gavin Kwait

Just tried to run BBM on my iPad... So let me get this straight... I can BBM on my BlackBerry OR my iPad, but I can't do it on both (with the same ID)? When I try to use my BBID it says "Do you want to switch BBM to this device?" I canceled out of it.

Am I missing something? Did I miss read something?


Nope, only works on one device at a time.

Gavin Kwait

Amazing... How can they screw this up that bad? The best part about iMessages was that I can read on my iPad, Mac and iPhone at the same time.

I guess BB hasn't figured out that people carry more then one device yet.

I was really looking forward to BBM, until I found this out. Oh well... I guess i'll stick with SMS/MMS and WhatsApp.

I still love my Q10, and don't think i'll be changing anytime soon.


BBM has always been a one ID per device application, the unique PIN helps keep it secure. The only way to get it across more than one device is via Bridge to a PlayBook...but that's just a screen share in a round about sort of way. I don't know why or where people thought BBM was going to be able to run all over the place with one ID, that was never stated (as was that it wouldn't be on an iPad/iPod)...BBM is not you're kids messenger...


Over in the UK the demand is so high on iPhone that my girlfriend has been placed in a "line" before she can download the app

CB10 on my Z10

graham bowers

Ronbro66 can suck our dix

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add me!

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So an ipod can download kik and every other texting app but not bbm??!! Ugh wanted my kids to have it.

AT&T Z10


Anybody on Iphone not getting notifications when app is minimized?

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Never mind. He didn't have notification turned on. Haha

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Gonna be hard if my family already uses whatsapp

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Got it for my wife's iphone and when I try to send myself a photo from her phone it says file too large. Not good. They need to correct this asap.

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So you have to wait in line to use it. Typical BlackBerry.

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Works great....already bbmed a few ppl including my wife. set it up for her and it works flawlessly. Very fast

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Used the work around and it worked

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It works great, already have some contacts, BUT i have iPhone 4 (waiting for 5S) and BBM drained my whole battery(from 100% to 15%) in 2-3 hours(background, chat time was 20 minutes). I hope they will fix it really quickly, because otherwise Im uninstalling it. Fool me once BB, shame on me. Fool me twice.....




Finally got it activated. My wifey will definitely be pleased. Go blackberry!!

N Castongu

No Video Chat..., ugh!


so who is using this app now?


anybody has Torch 9810 for sale from JA


I am using 3GS with ios 6 and its giving me problems... I have received the email and when i click on "I got email" it does'nt move further. Anybody facing same problems? Please help