BBM updates for Android and iPhone, now available on iPad and iPod devices

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2013 01:54 pm EST

It's been a few weeks now since BBM hit Android and iPhone but to much dismay it wasn't made available for iPad and IPod touch devices. That changes today as BlackBerry has released updated apps for Android as well as iPhone, bringing BBM to Apple devices across the board.

There are a good number of fixes and improvements in both, but having BBM available on even more devices is good enough for us.

BBM for Android 

  • Support for BBM Contact Categories
  • BBM Group List sorting and filtering improvements
  • More options for sharing your BBM PIN Barcode
  • Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM
  • Addresses an issue where some users may have experienced higher battery use

BBM for iPhone 

  • Support for iPod and iPad devices running iOS6 and iOS7
  • Improvements to right-to-left language support
  • More options for sharing your BBM PIN Barcode
  • Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM
  • Fixes an issue where some users would be missing BBM contact names

The updates are rolling out now so if you're not yet seeing them, just check back later. Make sure to tell your friends!

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Download BBM from Google Play

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Reader comments

BBM updates for Android and iPhone, now available on iPad and iPod devices


So much for iPad users but what about the PlayBook?
Other tablet users get it but not us?

Another failure...
Another disappointment...

Swiped on my Z10 STL100-3 (Liverpool - 4G/LTE)

I have a friend who will really like this update. Hopefully it fixes his battery issues. Since installing BBM he has been having major battery issues with his S4A

Posted via CB10

There are so few BlackBerry users that even BlackBerry doesn't want to support them lol.

Posted via CB10

Was waiting for this. Thought the same thing though. Sure we have bridged BBM, but that's hardly the same thing. We just have to face facts, PlayBook is dead. I still use mine daily, using it to watch an LP on YouTube as we speak.

BlackBerry 10 United

We can only hope. I like that they added BBM to BB10 Bridge, but it still leaves PB users w/out a BB handset SOL. I'm not going to hold my breath on BBM fully coming to the PlayBook (honestly, I use my Z10 for everything now anyway), but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised!

It's been available for several months, I couldn't even tell you when exactly. I'm assuming some time in the summer though, before TH announced that BB10 wouldn't be coming to the PlayBook.

The PB is dead. I still feel tablets aren't dead like Thor suggested. Hopefully Chen will find a way to develop a new version of PlayBook (it'll have to have a different name) after he gets BlackBerry back on its feet.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Your argument is invalid. Being two generations behind is not a reason to "give up" a piece of hardware. You continue to post this same exact opinion on multiple threads; do you have any opinions that aren't completely false on their face?

True. I can't understand why BBM won't work on PB. Even a lot of fans on CB do not want any updates for PB, saying its old or h/w is outdate, but where as iPad2 still gets all the updates.

That's the same question my kids are asking. You can say the PB is dead, but don't tell my kids who use theirs on a daily basis for games, music, web, and email. Blackberry's solution is for me to buy them all Z10s...

Y do ppl keep talking about BBM wen bridged...? what about PlayBook user who don't own a bb device..? Huh? So, iPhone users can have it there phones, ipods, and ipads... but BlackBerry can only have it on phones, and PlayBook users can't have it at all... -_-

Posted via CB10

I agree, there really isn't any excuse. It exists on devices that pre-date the PlayBook! They could make it run on Gingerbread on Android if they wanted to, for that matter.

It's a big IF.

The worst is that our PlayBook already have its own pin.
It's a shame but I'm loosing faith in a cie that keeps saying they haven't forgotten us. But really. They give millions to the previous ceo. But can't spend a few buck to bring bbm to playbook..
Very disappointing

Posted via CB10

I had bbm and sms on my playbook using bridge. It was there when bbm was over noc only.

They would put it now but.. no more resources.

Posted via CB10

No resources is not an excuse for customers who were promised to get best tablet experience from BlackBerry.

They moved the resources over to the Porsche phone probably.

BBRY is circling the drain anyways. All the chatter about Android player this and compatibility that... we'll all move to Android eventually. When the company is dismantled.

And yeah. I read the article where Chen is 'committed'. All their CEO's were...

Posted via CB10

You would think they would at least allow us to run custom roms on it at this point... really just a Dev toy to me or as a portable media player that can be plugged into stuff and has great battery life.

Posted via CB10

Feel free to include my wtf too, gotta say tho I sold my pb on. What's the point in having something unsupported.
Sad to say but this decision with BBM proves I made the right move.

Posted via CB10

WTF? You're saying they sold 2 and a half billion PlayBook and they still lost money on it? Lol ;)

Posted via CB10

Awesome this is big news to see they're fixing things. Video/voice BBMX bring it on.

CB10 - Z10 -

So they still can not turn off group notifications? That seem to be one of the big issues I hear from Android users (all my friends are on Android)

Ya I was hoping they would have added that feature...all my friends complain about the same thing

Posted via CB10

Yah, I kinda miss Kevin's raw enthusiasm for all things BlackBerry. It's like he put on a suit or something.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Can people give this PlayBook bbm dream a rest now gosh it was a failed product move on I sold mine.

Posted by z10 boss

I use my PB every day. It's a flash monster with great sound. Though it's not nearly up to its former glory, it's nice to be able to use BBM via the bridge.

Good to know the updates are rolling out faster. This is a good sign towards the right direction. Keep them coming.

Posted via CB10

I agree! If BlackBerry can do a great job of updating BBM in a timely fashion, I think it will benefit BBM in the long run. They still have much more work to do but fortunately they're heading in the right direction.

Posted via CB10

By this I believe you mean have one account on various devices. If not, I apologise! If yes, I completely agree. Would absolutely love to be able to start a bbm conversation on my Z10 and continue it on my iPad, or vice versa

Posted via CB10


Now that BlackBerry is rolling out BBM to more devices, it should be logical to implement multiple devices under one BBID feature which will allow all devices to sync contacts and conversations. I believe iMessage has that feature for iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

My parents both have iPads and BBM on their iPhones. I'm not going to get them to use BBM yet since it has that drawback like you mentioned. Once BlackBerry addresses that drawback in an update or something, I'll then get my parents to use BBM.

Posted via CB10

One alternative option in the meantime is to invite all of your devices to every conversation

Not ideal, but it would work

I'm not sure this feature will ever come. It's a security feature so you know there is no third party listening in on your BBMs from an iPad while you BBM to an Android phone. I could be wrong...

I've heard, rather, it's because the 'delivered/read' notifications considered the sine-qua-non of BBM become somewhat of a problem (which I can imagine.)

I wonder when they will be able to show what they are listening to? A lot of ppl have asked me how I'm able to show my music as my status

Even more ppl are unaware that they will get video chat eventually

Posted via CB10

Great to see the effort BlackBerry puts into making the Android and Apple users happy.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

How about BBM for non-Bis legacy BlackBerry phones, working on wifi? PlayBook? Now Ipads and pods have it. WTF!!

Posted via CB10

Now.. where is the update for the BB10? We have been like sitting ducks here striving for new updates!!

Posted from Z30 STA -2

So essentially what this post means is now BBM will work WITHOUT an associated SIM card. Which begs the question. Why does my PlayBook still not have BBM. I was fine with the explanation when BlackBerry states you need to have a SIM for BlackBerry Services. So now that they have solved that problem, why are PlayBook owners left with more questions? Adam, any chance you can look into this?

Because BlackBerry does not practice what it preaches to develop on BlackBerry products, that there is a market! They won't develop for PlayBook because it is a tiny market compared to iPad. So, why should any developer code for BlackBerry by this same example?

Posted via CB10

But BBM is their own application!! It's made in-house for god's sake. Not to mention all the other apps that are made in-house. It should just be a simple reconfiguration of screen size. It's probably a 10 min job and out the door for download it would go. I just don't get it. Who's stopping them? Rogers? Bell? Telus? They've basically been betrayed by the carriers since the release of BB10 anyways. So why would we still have to play nice with them at this point.

Blackberryis in survival mode. BBM is a service they want to leverage in the future. They need as many BBM users a \s possible to do that. Will they get more new users for BBM by making it available to Ipad / Ipod users or Playbooks users? It's strictly a numbers game at this point. Much like the major app makers concentrate on the main platforms and wait for BB10 user base to build before they invest in making their apps available on native BB10. Blackberry may well put the effort in to make BBM available to Playbook users if the work is small enough but they certainly won't do it before they get out of survival mode.

So why should other developers develop BlackBerry apps for such a small market compared to Android or iOS?

Posted via CB10

They should do it if they want to make sales to even more potential buyers of their product. I am assuming developers will makes apps for first for the platforms that will make them the most money and work their way down the line. That's basic capitalism.

Millions are still millions, and there are millions in the BlackBerry market. When you talk tablets, there aren't even half a million (lucky if it's a quarter of a million) compared to millions of iPads, etc. I don't think the PlayBook will be abandoned completely but, they have to get the strategy together for their own products across the board before they start moving. In the meantime, these other updates for Android and iOS were in the plans already.

Posted via CB10

Not at all. I'm just saying the majority of app developers are in it to make the most money. If they can do that with BB10 then they should. but with more users on Android and Iphone, they will naturally place their apps there first because there are more users there potentially willing to pay them for their work.

There are developers that can devote themselves solely to Blackberry and make money and BB10 user experience is richer for it. All the power to them.

I own two Playbooks and wish Blackberry would make BBM available on them without tethering to a Blackberry phone but I understand why they push out BBM on 10s of millions of iPads and iPods first. They need to make money off of BBM at some point and that will be all the easier with a higher number of active users of BBM. The profits they eventually make from BBM will mean they can grow BB10 into a great O/S that delivers an outstanding and engaging user experience. Software development and maturity takes time regardless of how many developers you throw at it. The more time Blackberry has to push out new releases, get user feedback and adjust their development focus, the better the user experience with BB10 becomes.

BB10 is a great baseline and just needs time to mature. Once internet devices really start to integrate and talk to each other, BB10 is in the best position to provide a secure reliable set of services taht take advantage of that.

So hang on... I'm on the z10 how do I find out via social media which of my friends are on BBM.?

Posted via CB10

I find when I bbm my iPhone friends, the first message is delayed, and some friends never get it... am I the only one experiencing this? I wish they would all buy the z30! Lol

Posted via CB10

You are not alone. Messages do not get delivered properly, too many missed conversations. But it works well during midnight, may be their servers.

There is simply no way to sugarcoat this or make excuses... bringing BBM to non-BB devices, now including wifi-only iPad/iPods (even if they are running an OS that is over a year old) -- not only is this an(other) EPIC fail on the part of BB, but it actually shows complete disrespect and contempt for early adopters and their strongest supporters. I'm not even playing this up, I am offended.

Blackberry - my 'fandom' has limits. You are pushing them... hard.

CB - FWIW, I'm usually pretty happy with the love/critique balance you guys demonstrate, but for the life of me I cannot imagine why you wouldn't reference the obvious PB elephant in the room in your article above.

You're right! I'm really disappointed they did this without a peep about PlayBook. I'm gonna have faith that Adam is all over this and is gonna get to the bottom of it all.

Get over PB is a failed product on old technology ... BlackBerry has moved on... incase you guys missed it BBM is like a spin off company with a new strategy and direction... GTF over it.

Posted via CB10

You are missing the point! The sentiment is that if BlackBerry can make allowances for non-Sim devices like the iPad and iPod, why can't the same be done for the PlayBook.

There is a legitimate gripe here.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Are there not BBOS phones older than the PlayBook, with BBM? (OS 5.0.0 or higher, says AppWorld.) Were any of those failed products, btw? Or did they all sell millions on millions?

Are they going to pull BBM from those devices with their new strategy and direction? It must be hell to support all those versions. Love it, fans telling other fans to GTF over it because of an overt failure of BlackBerry.

Fuck. Grow some fucking balls and use the actual word: fuck. Here... I can use it in a sentence:

RIM fucked many of their adopters / fans when they lied to them regarding the plans for PB. I am still fucking pissed that I used these assurances to recommend the PB product to other purchasers and then obviously looked like a fucking asshole when RIM cancelled the product.

And... many RIM apologists/fanbois would be all over Apple/Samsung if they produced/abandoned a product like RIM has. The rest, as you suggested, are getting the fuck over it and moving to other devices.

1.7% worldwide share trending downward. Yup. People are moving the fuck on alright.

Posted via CB10

Need BlackBerry 10 on 7" PlayBook. Right now it is a pain for app development as two NDK one for OS2.1 and another for 10.x. Even an OS 10PB with the same file and system structures. And yeah, having a BBM app for BlackBerry PlayBook is long overdue! No reason other than market size. So why should I develop for BlackBerry devices, if BlackBerry won't?

Posted via CB10

:) thanks for BlackBerry for giving the update for the other devices and our bbm original fans we got nothing :)..

they are really appreciate their fans..:)

"crying "....

Posted via CB10

Frick you guys? BlackBerry is fighting for its life right now and all you can say is give me BBM to the playbook?? It's a 3 year old device!!! I have 4 in my household and would love to have it as well but I would rather have BlackBerry around in a couple of years versus spending the time,effort and money on an old, niche OS. Why not bring video BBM to legacy devices. ...oh wait, that will be your next complaint!!!!

Posted via CB10

Maybe they can farm the development out to employees they fired, and take the money to do it from Heins' parachute, or some other C level type.

Posted via CB10

iPad2 is also old! Should PB owners be alienated for being loyal? What about the failed promises? how can you keep supporting BB for PB issue?


Yeah. Looking forward to the Porsche device launch. Which aligns to the newly stated prosumer / enterprise / government strategy.

Hahaha. Yeah. More quality decision making from RIM.

Posted via CB10

To me it's pointless until I can use the same PIN on all devices. I can use iMessage on my iPad and iMac and (if I had one) an iPhone all with the same ID and with all messages showing on each device but I can't do the same with BBM.

Will we ever catch up? Not at this rate we won't.

Posted via CB10


No matter if it's easy or not: it's waaaaay overdue and BlackBerry just needs to get it done.

Posted via CB10

I tried BBM on my Note 3 when it first arrived in Google Play Store but I never could get it to work, meaning I couldn't get past the log in screen. I quickly lost patience and interest and have since deleted the app. I hardly know anybody on BB anymore, so the value just isn't there for me as it once was.

That could pose a problem. It shows as being compatible with my device but it obviously wasn't. Doesn't really matter to me anymore.

Uh, yes it was. The Note 3 is an Android device... that's why he said he installed it from the Google Play Store.

Just so I can help out a couple friends who run android and apple. How can they download the updates or is it automatic when they log into bbm

Posted from the Great White North via Z10

My BBM only works on Wifi. Cannot msg anyone over my 4g LTE data. Been waiting since lauch for an update on this. I've heard of a lot of people having this same problem. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Jellybean 4.1.2

I am curious to know how effective / easy it will be at finding friends on BBM on other social networks. That was a big feature that was missing. Will it do it automatically if they agree to it in the beginning? Is it something to activate manually but can be done at any given time? Hopefully, it's enough to start a true viral effect for BBM.

Posted via CB10

Oh, and cosign on finding BBM contacts on other social networks (and/or in your own contacts) for BlackBerry phones (legacy and BB10).

Posted via CB10

You can already do that on BB10. Just go to the Invites screen and look at the Suggested tab. Those are all people who have a PIN.

Hey, can I use my z10 BlackBerry id on my ipad also.. this would mean I have the same pin on both the devices??? Any idea??

Posted via CB10

That was a strange auto correct... tried to type "this is a great update"... oh well! #BBM4ALL !

Posted via CB10

theres an issue with synchronizing group contacts with local calendar. does anyone know if that is addressed?

I think this is Shameful! They would get it to other tablets and forsake their own. Bad move....and I don't want to hear the playbook is dead blah blah blah if it's dead it's dead because they killed it after I invested my money into it......

Posted via CB10

Still not updated on my Android yet, and on my iPad Air I have had this since day 1!  Actually it was on my iPad mini.  Not sure why I was able to get it and not other iPad owners!  BUT I do know others could not get it. :p

It was available for devices with cellular connection 3G/4G/LTE, previous version won't work for tablet that have wifi connection only.

I believe you probably can, but I opted creating a new ID to use on my Ipad. I already go back and forth between a Z10 and Q10. That's painful enough. Hate loosing the chats!

I second that. Not sure how long I'll be able to convince my wife/mum to keep using BBM due to this lack.

Hope this fixes truncated lockscreen messages on iOS and difficultly finding new messages from notifications. My friends all complain about this and it's pretty bad.

Posted via CB10

wow! now its much snappier and optimised on my nexus 4!....dare i say almost as good as the native experience....

I just wish that we could have 2 devices on the same BBM account. Probably the only thing that I can remember that I liked about having an iPhone was because I had my text messages on my phone and iPad.

What about my PlayBook who by the way already comes with his own pin.
Bad decisions again.
BlackBerry is more and more deceiving us. They claim they haven't forgotten the BlackBerry users. But yet u fail to see how much would really cost to being bbm to PlayBook. C mon BlackBerry u really will have some hard core fans pissed with this.

Posted via CB10

Did I miss something......on a BlackBerry when or how can we"Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM" like iPhone users now can?

Posted via CB10

Teo weeks ago, appstore didnot let me install BBM on ipad mini wifi only device (requested a cellular ipad). Today I installed BBM and using. What changed?

that's exactly what has changed. Previous version was for devices that have cellular connection only, this new version includes devices that are wifi only.

You could install the previous version using iPhone Configuration Utility to get it to work on iPad 2 wifi only.

We are waiting for 10.2 and you guys are ducking updating the apple and Anroid..please release the latest 10.2 for the Verizon z10 users

Posted via CB10

Wait. What? BBM is now on Wi-fi only iPads, but it is not on the PlayBook? WT* BlackBerry sometimes I just don't know what you as a company are thinking... I guess I'll have to start buying Apple products when BlackBerry hardware disappears. Dammit.

Posted via CB10

Ya!! And I along with many many others on here said that BlackBerry 10 was gonna be a game changer too! Look how that's turned out! I salute your enthusiasm but at this point, I'll believe it when I see people lined up around the block for BlackBerry products like people do for Apple products.

I tweeted @BBM this morning and asked why no native app for the PlayBook. The answer? There wasn't one, they just deleted the tweet.

Posted via CB10

How about this grand idea RIM....put BBM on the PlayBook......some blackberry users still have one and prefer it to the maxi...

Posted via CB10

You can't make it available for your own damn tablet but you make available for an ipod? Smfh

Posted via CB10

I don't get it. I heard all sorts of excuses about security when I asked about using it on more than one device and now it's available on iPad and iPod? Wtf. I want to use it on my android tablet as well and pc desktop just like hangouts and viber.

Hard true!!!! BlackBerry sometime do stupid stuff. I know properly BBM and BlackBerry device is 2 different company but user (device) certainly don't think so!!!way r the Apps for our device BB10 Q10 is the most expensive phone but have less Apps than 9900. WTF. Anyway, u BlackBerry developer properly really don't understand Ur consumers.

Posted via CB10

on the one hand id agree what's the point of supporting the pb???
then again there are other concerns I have. for one how is it apple has released ios7 and made it available to every device stretching back almost three years and now android has kit Kat coming for devices with lower specs enabling them to run the android markets apps and this for a platform that is very, very fragmented. yet blackberry is unable or unwilling to do this for those who bought the playbook but can do this for the iphone 3gs(it can run ios6). lets be honest here these are not "die hards" as some put it these are people who shelled out at the time several hundred dollars for this tablet and are paying customers who expected more than what they received.(this at a time when they were a major player in mobile and had the resources) so the argument that they cant spread themselves too thin while true now wasn't the case then.
but that's in the past...what is not in the past however is their current state. I believe many of their best talent that was responsible for the pb and its upkeep was let go of and that's the reason for it being ignored (have you seen the Facebook app for the playbook in the last year?? still no profile pictures) and dispite numerous requests there has been NO FIX for that issue.

but on the whole when I look at the desktop manager, bb link, and other software related ventures they've undertaken ive come to the conclusion they're simply not capable. It bothers me to say that and even confuses me a little because the device itself is so solid and again just my opinion.
also iirc someone tweeted bb and they deleted the post. That is not professional, classy, or saying much to potential future customers if that's what they can expect from blackberry in the future not to mention the bad press it would generate as if they needed any more.

By the looks of these comments, there are still many offended PlayBook owners! I have one too but have accepted its story just like it is. I can't say I like it, but neither can I change it. We should be grateful for the success of BBM going cross-platform; instead news like this pours salt in the wounds of the passionate BlackBerry core fans! This does make me wonder if BlackBerry should do SOMETHING to appease our wrath! Maybe they can't fix the PlayBook, but there are other options.

This update is a week or two late but at least they released it. Should have rolled out at the peak of the hype "while the iron is still hot".

Ouch Ipad gets BBM before PlayBook.

Next time take us out for dinner before you date rape and screw us.

My 2 cents

I really don't know what I'm more disappointed with, the fact that PlayBook users were once again betrayed, or the fact that Adam Zeis writes an article about BBM for Non-SIM Apple and Android devices and doesn't say a single word about how Non-SIM WiFi PlayBooks have been yet again conveniently overlooked. He doesn't indicate any displeasure with it, nor does he acknowledge that this BBM update will pretty much piss off just about everyone on CB who still owns and uses a PlayBook. Adam, please, I'm gonna ask you again! Say something!! Make a statement, or indicate that you are all over this like stink!! Or at the very least, make an unofficial statement that there is a gag order from BlackBerry themselves on the matter and that the problem is not one of apathy from yourself or CB.


Guess you didnt get the memo everyone who moderates and runs the show has moved on to greener pastures. All in the name of " keeping up with what the competition is doing" rolls eyes....

Jesse its time to cook.....

Um... I've had BBM on my iPad Mini since launch. BBM was available for iPads with cellular/LTE the same time it became available for iPhones. I think it is more accurate to say that it is now available for WiFi-only models of iPads and iPods.

It's nice how blackberry supports other tablets with BBM but never supported playbook with BBM.

Posted via CB10

What would be really hilarious is when they add video and voice and make it on par to bb10 hardware then to only abandon bb10 and continue to improve ios and andriod all along claiming "there isn't enough demand "

Jesse its time to cook.....

With all this cross platform love oozing everywhere, . . . where is BBM for Playbook? If they can run it on IPad and IPod then why isn't it on Playbook?

Question: I have BBM on my Q10, but I can't connect with my iPhone friends. I thought I could put it on my ipad, but it won't accept my BB ID unless I switch it to my ipad. Do I need to create a second BB ID for the ipad?
Oh, I see tacit had to do that, so I guess that's the answer!

Re: PlayBook - note you can already video chat to bbm using PB or you can bridge it if you have a bb10 device. Not full features, I know, but at least it's a start. I think they'll still bring bbm to PB at some point but it might be the last update it gets.

Posted via CB10

I downloaded BBM onto my ipad and it notifies me when I have a request but when I click on the BBM icon it says I have no requests?