The wait is over - BBM is now available for Android

By James Richardson on 21 Oct 2013 02:48 pm EDT

At last it has arrived! It's been a rocky few weeks and things certainly haven't gone quite to plan but as of now, Android users can officially download BBM for their phones running Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. For us BlackBerry users this means we'll now have a new way to instant message our Android friends.

They might need a bit of convincing, but as BlackBerry Messenger is free to download they certainly won't have anything to lose by giving it a try. Although they won't have all the features that us BlackBerry users do (yet), let's get them educated with the 'D' & 'R' and what their new PIN means - and let them enjoy the most secure way to instant message. 

So spread the word CrackBerry nation. Use what ever means possible to contact your Android buddies and get them to download BBM. I suspect they'll soon fall in love with it, like we all have. Or send them a link to this page and they can grab BBM from the link below: 

Download BBM for Android from Google Play

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The wait is over - BBM is now available for Android


The app is listed under the company name BLACKBERRY and NOT BLACKBERRY LIMITED... is this how it's suposed to be?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Listed as "BBM" and company name BLACKBERRY LIMITED when I just looked at PlayStore from my S3 (Bell).

They did... I just got home and looked again. Should have taken a screen shot.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Agreed, my parents got me into Wechat so why shouldnt any other parent get their children onto a communications service they prefer?

I think the security is a very important factor. Should be more advertised. I only have like 4 contacts on my BBM list, hopefully this will get some more on there.

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Agreed that security is a high driver. I stil can't believe that Blackberry didn't jump all over the NSA snooping allegations by advertising BBM as NSA-proof. they have said many times since that there is no 'backdoor', but this should have been front and center of their marketing campaign in the weeks that followed. They need to be stressing it aggressively now.

Well, I wouldn't guarantee anything, but Blackberry have repeatedly said that they don't hand over data and there are "no backdoors". As I understand it (although I could be wrong), BBM does not go over the carrier network but BB's, so it's not subject to whatever 'agreements' the carriers have with the NSA. I did wonder if BB's reticence to say they were NSA-proof was actually proof that they were not, but realisticaly I think their marketing department are just incompetent.

Well I know that a couple of years ago during the London riots the UK government asked Blackberry to give them access to BBM as they couldn't hack into it - BlackBerry said no!

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BBM over BES is NSA proof. BBM over Wi-fi / Cellular can be intercepted easily.
I think the security is that BlackBerry is not likely to be snooping on your chat nor require you to upload all your contacts to their server which is not NSA proof.

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"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server" is all I get when the link takes me to the Google Play website.

How do you check to see which version of Android you're running? I have my friend's Evo and want to check to see if it will work.

link will work only in android play store, just follow the instruction given, open in your android browser, then play store app

Is that the legit link? The iTunes one is working but that one is from BlackBerry vs BlackBerry limited like their other apps. Last thing I want is the fake app spreading again. ._. ....

CB10 - Z10 -

My friend just tried to download it from Google play store but it says that the item was missing... weird? does that mean that there is a huge demand and servers aren't able to cope up with it?

Posted via BlackBerry Q10

Just go straight to from any browser on your Android device. Select the Play Store to handle the link when prompted, and you're good to go.

Yep one of my old BBM / BB buddies just sent a screen with that same message.

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You'll have to wait until 10.2 to try for the required Android runtime version, but would be fun to try!

had my first chat with to an android phone 5 minutes ago, historyc day in communications LOL, it's laggy right now, let's wait to have it stable, does anyone know how many downloads until now?

If the Android users and iOS users don't like BBM, I guess they are weird.. instant messaging is equivalent to bbm-ing, period. Nothing else matches it..
I am so happy for you BlackBerry, plz don't fall anymore. :)

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I got android friends saying they have to wait in line. Although I tried on my spare android and downloaded instantly! What's the deal!? I feel bad since clearly they tried downloading!

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Me too, to be absconded with "*ring* *ring*, it's 2009, We want our instant messaging system back. Seriously Mate, who still uses BBM!"

Yeah, he is a pratt though. I immediately deleted his comment and removed him as a friend. :-)

People asking about nexus 7. BlackBerry said earlier this year that it will only be coming to mobile phone NOT TABLETS at this time.

Giving away this irrelevant app for free won't get this company anywhere. BBM has become an afterthought.

BlackBerry is dead! My S4 is so much better than Struggleberry 10.

He just posts the same crap each time - doesn't even have the intelligence to think of anything else to say!

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Are the ones with bbm beta channels available to send messages to those on android and iPhone or the issues are still there?

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Hi Mikael Derren, i'm using oppo find 5 android 4.2.2 and i think its not the device, but the BB ID is. I try to register another email account to BBM, and invite my friend to make it sure, and yes, I can change my display picture. I dont want to leave previous account because I have very nice BB PIN there :(

Seems as new android and ios users get Bbm has stopped functioning...over capacity or something of sorts...cmon blackberry...keep us winning here.

Sent from my super duper android ios killer Z10..

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Downloaded to Iphone waiting for email to move along. Lets get this BBM rolling folks. Already got close to 10 Iphone and android folks on board ..

Working on my wifes' GNote 1st gen. its a 12.67MB download. Now she is waiting in line. This is a huge turn off. I can only imagine what other users are experiencing.

Remember fellow CrackBerrians: push privacy privacy and more privacy. No longer will you and or your kids (family for that matter) needlessly be forced to share your number. No longer will there be the hassle of convincing someone that YOU HAVE YET TO READ THEIR MESSAGE!!!!! And no I was not online at 04:18. Sheesh.


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If you were one of the 6 million who pre-registered on then it was immediate. If you weren't, there could be a long wait. I had pre-registered and when I initially entered my email, I was put on the waiting list but I pressed the back button and entered my email address again and it immediately gave me access to BBM.

Hope this helps people who my have pre-registered but are still waiting.

The people that I talked to that have iPhones don't really care about having bbm. They say that if they wanted bbm they would have bought a blackberry. ....isheeps!!

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That's cause they don't know what they're missing. Even compared to back in the day when the 9700 first came out, BBM has mature a whole lot since then. So many new features it takes the cake from all the other messenger apps available. Once BlackBerry gets it right and it works internationally on ALL the Androids/iPhones, it's gonna kill all the other IM apps.

I couldn't resist trying it although I don't see the logic, but you know what they say "Its only crazy if it does not work". Well it didnt work...crazy :)

I love it, got it up and running on my s4 in seconds....everyone else is waiting....lmao if you signed up before and got a pin number then it should work instantly

Lots of reviews complain about having to rate it 5 stars before it allows a download of the actual BBM app.
Is this true?

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I'm very happy when this app "Re-launched" but some problem, I can't install to my android Acer Liquid Z2 duo ICS 4.1.1 :(

Is anyone else's contacts from android pictures showing up as a white picture with a silhouette of a person? Even though they have put up a picture?

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Can't download the application from Google play "not available for your country". Is there any other place to get it downloaded aside Google play? Or a link to the apk?

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Too bad no tablet version. Would have liked to install it even if it just scaled up version.

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Awesome, can't wait to get mine! If they start charging for the extras like screen sharing, video calling, voice calling I'd pay in a heart beat! BBM is way better than Whatsapp, Viber, Kako etc...none compare to it. Love BlackBerry, I miss it so bad. I'm even thinking of getting the Z30 except for the non-removeable battery, no dedicated camera shutter button and lack of my favorite apps is all that's keeping me but if they brought those features to future handsets I'd be all for it.

Guys,l need help pls,l tried to download BBM App from the play store but it said,device not supported.My device is LG-P935 (Optimus),running Android 4.0.4.How do l get the App?

Why is that? I can receive their messages but I could not reply to their messages, because it was not sent. My Z10 is STL100-1. Something to do with the type of OS used?

Posted by Z10

Help! I recently installed BlackBerry Messenger on my iPhone. And i got the email back from BlackBerry regarding the pin... but i mistakenly entered the wrong email, so now i can't finish the setup... is there a way for me to get it back??? please help!!!

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BlackBerry wants every app in their BlackBerry World but they don't release their app to everyone, NOT FAIR!

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I just got bbm for my android and I cant see any of my contacts profile photos. Why? Help pls?!

Since it first released for Android I tried to look in PlayStore, but appears only millions of failed copies review. Does anyone know why is not found? I'm from Romania, Europe

for those of you with that use multiple phones on different platforms, did you have to create a new blackberry ID? when I try to sign into bbm on my S4 it asks if I want to switch my bbm information to the S4. Can't I use both devices with same ID? or do I have to create another ID to get a unique pin for my S4?