BBM Music v1.2.0.16 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Zach Gilbert on 12 Apr 2012 03:06 pm EDT
BBM Music

RIM has made a new build of BBM Music available in BlackBerry Beta Zone. The latest release brings the beta build to version RIM didn't offer a change log, but we should be okay to assume it's just bug fixes from the last version they offered. We're also hearing that this may be the final beta before being pushed out to the masses in BlackBerry App World.

As stated in Beta Zone this beta test is only avilable to those in Canada, USA and the UK, so others will just have to wait as they continue the BBM Music rollout. If you arent already a Beta Zone member you can get in on the action at the link below.

Download BBM Music v1.2.0.16

Reader comments

BBM Music v1.2.0.16 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I'm in the beta but my subscription expired. Can't beta test this anymore. I would hope RIM let the beta testers use it for free - no go!

I use BBM music. I also have Rdio for the songs that are not on BBM Music, but that's not that many. I'd like it if more of my bbm contacts used it, but c'est la vie. I enjoy the interface, and everything about it. I wish more people used it.

Still using it here, paying the 5 buck a month is not bad as I have access to over 9,600 songs and can switch out the ones I don't need. I mostly listen to music on random play as opposed to one album then the next so this service suits me well. They have added a lot of features to the interface since the start and you can be subscribed and use the beta at the same time.

Still on the free til June offer and I love it. What I'd like to see them do is credit any music purchases you make from BBM music (which has I assume connects to the 7 Digital store)towards your $4.99 per month, so if you buy $5 of music in a month from this music discovery service to take off BlackBerry and use anywhere on any device, you get all your BBM music on your Blackberry for free. If you buy 2 songs at 1.29 each you will only be billed an additional $2.41 for that month. Or something like that.

The only way this service makes any sense is if you have a ton of BBM contacts all using BBM Music. Otherwise, just get rhapsody for $10 per month. You get a massive library and no restrictions.

BlackBerry should set up some kind of forum where you can meet people with similar music interests to expand your contact list.

Why are people--even people on Crackberry--so completely clueless about BBM Music? Oh yeah, RIM's done a horrible job explaining how it works to people.

Maybe they should have called it BlackBerry Music. I think BBM Music is confusing people into thinking they have to have BBM contacts to share music.

Loving the new version, BTW. I can tell who's subscribed, and I use shuffle by genre all the time.

You don't need BBM contacts. You need BBM MUSIC contacts. I have over 12,600 songs and not a single person is from my bbm list.

I use it. I don't have too many contacts on my own bbm list but didn't stop me from adding randoms into my contact list on bbm music. You don't really talk to them(unless you want to leave comments) so all you are really doing is sharing music.

bbm music is easily the worst app ever.

nobody uses it in the US, so none of my friends use it, so paying for it, or even keeping it on my phone for a free trial is a waste of time and bb memory space.

You are so dead wrong. There are a lot of Canadian users but plenty of US users in my 451 contacts. Only a few of them are also BBM contacts. I have access to 11,203 song tracks. I'll bet you never even tried it. I would never pay $10/month for Rhapsody, but for $4.99 BBM Music is well worth it and I get hours of music and entertainment from it every day.

RIM needs to market this better or change the concept because I'm starting to hate it and no one knows how to use it. They don't take on no feedback on this app and 50 songs forever is boring and stupid for £5 a month

I use it every day. I've met a lot of cool peope who have similar tastes. Anyone who doesn't like the app clearly didn't use it or bother to understand it. And that's their loss.

Been on bbm music from day one as beta tester. Bottom line if you aren't a social person and enjoy music its probably not for you. I have actually been able to create a couple of bbm groups because of this app. Got a sports talk bbm group and a hip hop music bbm group. Also I can listen to as much music as I can stand and connect with other users who dont mind sharing their taste in music. There are plenty of users and some have upwards to 500 contacts within the bbm music app and not bbm itself. Anyway those who are on it enjoy i know I am. lata

Although it's cool to have your BBM contacts on it YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ANY BBM CONTACTS TO HAVE UP TO 500 BBM MUSIC CONTACTS! Just go to a forum like the one on crackberry or and add people there and add people from the news feeds tab within the app.

I love this app and my friends that I have shown dig it too.