BBM Music v1.2.0.13 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 21 Mar 2012 07:05 pm EDT
BBM Music

A new build of BBM Music is now appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. This release, pushes BBM Music into version and actually brings along quite a few changes with it. Looking at the list, here's a short summery of what has been changed:

  • Invitation Requests - Discovering similar musical tastes just got easier! When an invitation request is sent from a ‘friend of a friend’ through Recent Updates you will now be able to view songs and the common friend before accepting/declining an invitation. 
  • ‘Favorite’ Songs and Contacts - You can now highlight songs or contacts as favorites in BBM Music 1.2! To favorite a song, you need to click on the star displayed in the top left hand corner while listening to a specific song. When the star is highlighted yellow, this will indicate the song as a “favorite” and you will now be able to access this song through “favorite songs” on your profile tab. Favorite songs will be displayed to your friends in Recent Updates For a favorite contact, when you visit a contact’s page you can select “favorite” from the top menu bar. This will add a highlighted yellow star beside the contact’s name in the contacts tab which will only be visible to you. You will now have the ability to search by “favorite”contacts within the contacts tab.
  • Intelligent Shuffle - Intelligent shuffle offers you the ability to shuffle songs by favorite songs, genre, artist, song popularity, album, contact, release year or recently added. To access the intelligent shuffle, on the home tab click “shuffle” which will display the shuffle menu shown below.
  • A Default Friend for all New Users - New users to BBM Music will now have a default friend listed as a contact.
  • Application Enhancements - If you are an existing BBM Music user you will also notice improved notification for friends already using BBM Music, improved performance at startup and easier access to account information from the profile screen.

The update is available to folks in the US, Canada and the UK. When you login to the BlackBerry Beta Zone it will show as a new beta, that you need to sign up for. If you're already a BBM Music premium subscriber, please ensure you read the upgrade process. 

Download BBM Music v1.2.0.13

Reader comments

BBM Music v1.2.0.13 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Right on, does anyone really use this? The social part is nice but it's too social meaning if you don't have a lot of other BBM friends willing to pay $5 per month it is of little value.

Also does this cache songs? I have about 45 songs but not sure they are cached anywhere.

Yes, you can cache your songs and your contact's songs. Also you don't need to have BBM friends, BBM Music contacts are separate, you can add your friend's friends and so on.

You don't need a lot of BBM friends. All it takes is one person to add you on BBM Music. If you asked, I'm sure someone on here would add your pin.

From there, you can see if they add users. You then add those users to your BBM Music and so it goes. Now I have 400+ users (I keep removing contacts that are unsubscribed - which is a small minority) and have 10K or so songs.

You do not need to have friends to make it work. I have over 11,500 songs and do not know a single person. To be honest I don't want them on my BBM either, that's for my true friends. As for cache, you can store them on your device(so will not use any data).

The app is great I listen to my music every evening when I get home.

I agree this app is very nice and I find myself enjoying both old and new songs. The ability to control what you get but be able to swap songs before they completely burn out is very nice.

I started with just two BBM buddies and yes, in the U.S. we have taken a big hit in BB users but instead of just accepting that I've started talking to people I really care about and guess what? After taking the time to show them all the things the OS7 devices can do: BB Traffic, BBM Music, BB Protect, BB Travel, BB Wallet, etc. The new 1.2Ghz BB's are really worth a look.

I now have eleven BBM buddies and seven of them are using BBM Music.

I love BB so maybe I have a hard time being objective but I think 2012 is going to be a good year for us on CrackBerry Land.

You can cache songs. When you listen to a song or songs you add to your list they are automatically saved to either the device or media card. On the 'Home' screen hit the menu key and then select options. You can chose where to save songs. You can also cache songs from contacts. And, to opine on the other comment about lack on BBM friends, I only have my wife on BBM, but I have over 100 contacts on music. Just need to get on there and send requests.

Two active ways:

1) On the Home tab you can see new BBMM contacts your BBMM contacts have started sharing with, and you can select them and invite them to be one of your contacts.

2) When you look at your contacts comments you can see who made the comment and invite them to be one of your contacts.

and as you get out there:

3) You'll get invites coming in from others who've found you via one of the first two methods.

The biggest issue is to get your first contact. For that you either need a BBM friend who's actively using BBMM or get someone's pin off of something like the BBMM forum on crackberry. But once you get one or two contacts this way its easy to build up your list.

Marvin, post your Pin or PM me and I will send you an invite. Unfortunately I am close to 500 limit of contacts so I do purge non-subscribers on a regular basis, but once you add me you can add people from the home tab and may not need me anymore.

When you press the blackberry button to change apps the music album shows up instead of the music note

I can't register or login to blackberry beta and it says something like not available for my country so is there a way I can still download beta apps