BBM Music v1.0.0.93 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2011 04:45 pm EDT
BBM Music

If you're taking part in the BBM Music beta, you should be getting an email shortly, if you haven't already letting you know that BBM Music v1.0.0.93 is now available for download. The list of changes for this release is rather short but the list of known issues is rather large -- so at least RIM is letting you know what to look out for.

What's New?

  • Stop button in media player
  • Buy button now checks for available music store if none is installed
  • Improved performance: limit is raised to 200 contacts!!
  • Many various bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Missing focus - can't enter characters
  • Can't enter any characters or delete on the search text field when the focus is on 'Shuffle' in All Songs
  • Device in preview mode (blocked state customers will see on first install before entering payment info) can not add contact's songs to custom playlists
  • Duplicate comments in timeline
  • BBM music unable to connect to BBM
  • Long delay while adding song to playlist
  • Clicking email invitation URL does not launch BBM Music
  • After a song is added to My Songs, a short clip plays instead of full songs
  • Frequently unable to preview song over GPRS or EDGE
  • Takes too long to save playlist info
  • Built-In Memory option is shown for a device that does not have built-in memory
  • Screen overlap while refreshing
  • 'Can I Get A..’ by Jay-Z Does not have explicit content label
  • Get an incorrect error message on second try of BBM invite
  • Currently keeps messages of removed BBM Music contacts
  • [Other] Input system error for filtering songs in a playlist on Stratus as well as any device using the virtual keyboard 

The update is available now for most users, if you're not seeing it as of yet, then it'll be updated shortly so just sit tight and make sure when using it, you file feeback on any issues that arise -- given that it is a beta, RIM will need to be aware of the issues before they can ever be correct.

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Reader comments

BBM Music v1.0.0.93 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


"Input system error for filtering songs in a playlist on Stratus as well as any device using the virtual keyboard"

What is Stratus? New BlackBerry?

EDIT: nevermind, just the Peal 3G codename

Well this is nice and all, but...

After the update, half of my music is now unavailable!

Aren't they supposed to be adding songs, not removing them?!

And to pour salt on the wound, they didn't credit me for the songs they removed, so I can't replace them with other ones.


Awesome. I will wait for the thing to get out of Beta Zone before installing but the day it is official I'm with RIM.

Very cool. Also, Mike L. said they would come out with a movie store during DEVCON next month! Really nice to see BB getting the memo on content.

With the new BB OS7 devices we in CB Nation have some of the best phones out there and certainly better than the iPhone4 but content is the issue and these two things are going to go a loooong way in providing it.

Nice job RIM.

Sweet. This update fixed my eternal loop when trying to access playlists. Mine or my contacts. Now I can actually manage them and cache them for even more music loving!

Be careful with this update,

It sent my torch running .576 in to a booting loop.

As the app was installing, it crashed and sent it into this continuous loop!

Having to reboot phone now. think its wiping and im going to have to start fresh.

Theres a discussion going on in the beta forums about this too...

I have tried and have no volume control with headphones, speaker or bluetooth. Music player with no volume control and itys set super low...

this app is so horrendously slow and its such a resource hog that i finally had to delete it because it rendered my 9930 literally useless. nothing but spinning clocks and an unresponsive screen.

Just a warning. After I downloaded and installed on my Blackberry 9900 and rebooted it gave me the WSOD. JVM Error 545. Could be just my luck but make sure you BACK UP before updating.

Update worked fine, all though i am seeing this "removed" content issue as well. Just so you are all aware this is a beta, sometimes things dont work perfectly.

So, if we keep reporting problems (bugs), the program will stay in beta longer, thus extending our free use! Sweet!!! Hahaha

Sounds like a people are having ups and downs with this update hmmm.. Well gonna wait till I have the chance to update my bbm music even tho don't use it much.. Would love some new bbm friends tho

This is more of an alpha release than a Beta at this point.(My $0.02)

Bb9800 os 6.0.600 on att. Everything was great on my phone. Installed bbm music and it went into the reboot of death loop. Bb wouldn't start up just get to 75% boot up and reboot. Ended up wiping my bb clean and re installing the os. I made a backup and restored it but still lost 2hrs of my life without my bb. Then spent several hours restoring my apps and settings.

Backup EVERYTHING before installing bbm music, lots of people reporting death loop after atempted install.

Same experience as teamfoster03 on my telus BB 9800. Wasted a whole evening for my reinstall of the BB OS . Would I go near the BBM Music now >>> Heck NO ! Maybe this BBM Music is designed for the next generation BB devices with dual core ....

I downloaded it, ran fine on my Torch 9800. Still haven't rebooted yet. Looks kinda cool, I just don't see the point really. You can't even use your own songs? MAJOR fail in my opinion.