BBM Music v1.0.0.134 now available in BlackBerry App World

BBM Music
By Bla1ze on 11 Nov 2011 07:18 pm EST

Looks like BlackBerry App World is now notifying people there is an update to BBM Music available. v1.0.0.134 is now showing up for quite few folks. No changelog to go along with this release has been posted as of yet but give it a go and see how it works for you.

Thanks, @murphquake!

Download BBM Music v1.0.0.134 from BlackBerry App World

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BBM Music v1.0.0.134 now available in BlackBerry App World


Dont everybody rush to this one. I would like to hear users of this service tell what they like about it.

Tmmm its easy to use, smooth, trendy, differenc and an alerternative to itunes etc but most importantly blackberry came up with it #teamblackberry

What are you talking about? I already have more than 300 songs. Do the math, fanboy, it'd take years to pay that in iTunes.

Fanboy? Nowhere did I say itunes. Slacker, Pandora, Spotify... you get much more bang for your buck in many other places. I was in the beta and had access to over 2000+ songs. Unfortunately with good music comes the crap that others have that you don't want to listen to. Where's the genre filter RIM, where is it?

...but those full functions give you direct access to play millions of songs, not thousands (and when you get to thousands on BBM music, have fun maintaining your contact list to exclude the crap you don't want to hear)

And some people like the variety you get from a social music platform
Slacker and Pandora have their place in app lists of phones, but not in a thread for BBM Music

Started with the beta group and loved it from day one. Rim really needed this one. It is very easy to use and being able to store songs to your device is a plus when I don't have a good signal, like at my place of work. For the price 4.99/mo its more than worth it, i have access to over 7000 songs and continuing to build. The social aspect is great also. I never was one for the social thing but this has changed my mind a bit and its fun to see what others enjoy listening to also. May not be for you but don't knock it before you try it, they are offering a month or two of free service so there is no excuse not to try. Have fun ppl.

Its still a mess. You look up an album or artist and you get multiple duplicate results. Unless they have a substantial amount of people scouring meta-data they're going to end up with a real train wreck.

No more like 8 cents Ok 1 time fee than.For the price we for these phones and the price we pay the carriers for their services. We get nickle and dimed to death!!

Its a really good app! Easy to find music and you can store a lot on your phone and discover shit load of music. For me I find it more convenient. No more downloading music on my comp then transfering it over to my phone. I can easily store and share.

Honestly I didn't even use all my 50 songs from the catalogue b/c I just find songs from all the bbm music friends and store it on my device. So really your not really limited to just only 50?!

If you guys think this is expensive and have an xbox and pay for a live account. Your just a straight hypocryte because you guys should just buy a ps3 then. Its worth it.

I have had bbm music for two days. Service has well exceeded my expectations Already over 3000 songs. Creating playlist is very easy as well. For the price it is well worth it. If you have not tried it I do not understand why you would bash it? Try it. It does not cost anything for the first two months.

My BB is for business. Now that I have bbm music I use it a whole lot more for pleasure.

I hadBBM Music from day 3 of the beta on my old Torch, I then switched to my current Bold 9900, switch BBM Music across, worked perfectly for a while, then the icon disappeared :s
I did a battery pull and it no longer showed up in my installed apps list in options at all.
When I try and download it from the beat site, it tells me the download is "0kb" and when I click on download, I get shunted back to the Beta Zone homepage with "Invalid ID" in red at the top.
When I try to grab it from App World, "not compatible with this device"

It worked for 2 weeks on my Torch, and over a week on my Bold, but now I can't download it at all.
I had 50-odd buddies on there, and 30 of my favourite songs, which I've now had to buy from the Amazon MP3 Store.
Not f*****g impressed.
Would love to know what the hell's going on and why my mum/sister/friends can still use it but I can't.
Mum > Torch 9800 v6.0.0.600 o2-UK, sister > 9300 v6.0.0.666 o2-UK, friends > 8900 v5.0.01024 o2-UK, 9300 v6.0.0.666 3-UK, 9105 vUnknown Vodafone-UK, 9900 v7.0.0.474 T-Mobile-UK

Me > 9900 v7.0.0.474 Orange-UK
What's so different?

Not sure why your having issues. I as well have a Bold 9900. I did not however participate in the beta testing. My carrier is Telus. Potentially something with the carrier or something from the beta version you had.

Sorry I cannot help. I have the same hardware but no issues.

I had the same issue except it was with bb rss feed app. I used it aol the time and it had disappeared. I settled for the rss feed that has the newspapaer for the icon which i onlu like the playbook version. I then had the white screen of death and when after following the steps to restore my phone I got my out of box rss feed back.

I'm not an expert by any means but by process of elimination lead me to believe that it was an OS issue and not an app issue. It sounded like the out of box OS had quite a bit that needed fixing.

Long story attempted to be made shorter you may need to look through crackberry and find the latest OS update or it may need an OS restore all together.

i'm running the latest official release ( and it was running on this OS previously :s and ive restored this OS twice since then to see if it works.
no dice -_-

On some Verizon and sprint world phones you have to take out the sims card then down load the app after the app is down loaded u can put the sim card back into the fun.

I've been on it for a week now, and so far it's great. What I really like about it is that I have been finding music that I have either not heard in a long time, or it's brand new to me, then create a playlist out of music from all my contacts best music. At first it reminded me a bit of original napster with the sharing wih strangers, but in a legitimate way. Sometimes over wifi I listen to a strangers song picks and add my faves to my "contacts playlist". It's a win-win situation. And if someone complains about the price they are just here to complain, $5 a month wont break anybodys bank. And just like a previous poster says, I too save some songs to my device and listen at work where there is no wifi or mobile signal. Good times!

Well it says unavailable for my device,9900/, in AW! Not sure what's happenin just yet, but if it's available I can't imagine it being unavailable for the "flagship" of BlackBerry!!! I'm letting this one simmer for now!

I LOVE IT!! I jus grabbed the update 30mins ago. I started out on an 8530 curve switched to 9930 and no issues at all with that.

I was so happy to see so many enjoying it. I didn't get the chance to do the beta version but since it came out, to me its no different than having bbm. It is truly a RIM app. If your complaining about 5 dollars a month ai wonder what you're doing with a Blackberry in the first place. I was paying ten dollars a month for the slacker premium and it didn't work as nearly as smooth as bbm music. I'm not attempting to get smart or disrespectful but honestly some of the complaints just sound like bitter people looking for yet something else to complain about.

Just one of the things I like is the freshness of it all. I can remember many times looking over my catalog of itunes and feeling like I was tired of all of it, so I had to get new stuff. I paid for it (a lot for it) but was uninterested in hearing it AGAIN! soon after. With BB music I pay a lot less and get to keep hearing all the newest tunes! aswell as my favorites!! WIN WIN people. I wish I could get the $1500 bucks back from apple that my girlfriend and I have spent. Thats 300 months worth of the latests tunes!

the problem i have is that unless you live in the states, you're paying more for the service per month.

Otherwise, I think the service is great and works sweet on my OS 6 device.

"Unavailable for this device" Well, another let down from RIM. Good thing my iPhone is arriving next week. I LOVE the Blackberry brand, but the lack of apps (or incompatibility) just ruins the whole experience. BB 9810 user btw.

I've just installed BBM music on my 9900. Very slick/ easy to use, and no issues.. Initially I did not see a category for country music in the main music gender category, however everything I typed in the search I got many listings plus many, many obscure songs (ie. For Webb Pierce, Ernest Tubb, George Jones, Johnny Cash etc) Saved the tracks easily to my media card, no need to music stream wasting my data plan. Anyhow, it will totally satisfy my needs :] *****

whats the point of an app if it cant be used i get the not suported in your region when trying to download

When I go to app world, it says that bbm music is not available for my device, I am using a Torch 9800. How comes?

Hey, one last comment.. This library system of borrowing 50 songs at a time onto the BB phone, one can use an audio jack to feed the music into a home stereo amp. aux port where one can easily record the music hard copy. (Although sound quality of MP3s type music not nearly as good as CD's/record, but that's another discussion topic) fyi: every Merle Haggard album 100+,every Stomp'n Tom etc -I'm signed up :]