BBM Music v1.0.0.124 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

By Bla1ze on 24 Oct 2011 04:40 pm EDT
BBM Music

BBM Music is still rolling out in beta form for folks, the latest update is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and shows as v1.0.0.124. The release notes for this version are rather huge, leading us to believe a full on roll out is pretty close:

General Improvements

  • Users with a reduced BlackBerry data plan can use BBM Music over Wi-Fi
  • Account and subscription information is now shown in Options
  • Trial length is now shown on first use of the application
  • Low memory warnings shown when there is not enough memory to cache songs or run application
  • SureType and virtual keyboard errors fixed
  • Updated text in all supported languages

Media Playback Improvements

  • Player now lets you click album art to play in more cases
  • Playback stability improved, especially on CDMA devices
  • Improved offline song playback on OS 5.0 devices
  • Improved long song playback on devices with low memory
  • Improved warnings about streaming over the mobile network
  • Reduced the delay when skipping songs
  • Faster opening of large playlists

Contacts Improvements

  • Easier sorting of songs
  • Faster loading of All Songs
  • Notification icons for comments and friend requests
  • Performance improvements to support larger numbers of contacts
  • URLs for email invites and sharing are now much shorter (recipient needs the new version of BBM Music)
  • PIN of the invitee is hidden when inviting user from BBM Music to BBM
  • BBM 6.0.1 beta users can now invite BBM contacts that don't have BBM Music installed

Known Issues

  • Playback may not stop if Bluetooth is uncleanly disconnected
  • Refreshing screens can cause rendering issues on certain device resolutions
  • Saving playlists with many songs may result in delays
  • BBM Music email invite links are only actionable through Menus on certain device builds.
  • Connecting to BBM can cause delay at Step 2 of 4 requiring application restart
  • Email links sent will not open in older version of BBM Music
  • Prompts to download a newer BBM version will not work until BBM 6.0.1 is available

See? Massive. Needless to say, plenty improvements have been made with this release. You'll find it available in BlackBerry Beta Zone right now -- so what are you waiting for?

Download BBM Music from the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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BBM Music v1.0.0.124 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!




sorry but your wrong. you NEED to uninstall the current version first, then reboot then install the latest beta.

then it will say that from 2nd Nov you can enter payment details and your trial ends on 2nd Nov. this makes me think thats the release date.

Nope my free trial is ending in 24 hours (16 hours left now). Doesn't say anything about any free extension of the trial service so I'm pretty sure I'll have to enter payment details. On the older version, there was no indication that the free trial was ending at all.'s the same trial end date as was indicated on the older version. The date will vary depending on when you started the beta.

Mine is Oct 31st

I will get this the day it comes out of Beta. I just think the Beta version of anything can screw things up.
Looking forward to it.

1. It is required to uninstall the old beta app because the new update replaces some modules.

2. This does not screw up your free trial. I have been with the BBM Music Beta since the beginning, and the trial has reset for me twice now. If they made the trial in effect while testing, then you cannot test the application to its fullest extent, and get all the updates they make.

hmmm, not sure what happened but its logged in this time? lets wait and see what happens cos i like the bbmusic

ok, i have up to the 31st October, i must add payment details if i want the premium service after the 31st. if i choose not to add details i will only have access to 30 seconds clips. Here is a heads up RIM, please let me know what the charge is going to be, don't be shy i can take it before the 30th when you want me to add my payment details.

What's wrong with you people? They are not implementing the charge until after it's out of beta. I've had mine expire and they just renew it for free.

I had the previous beta installed for quite a while (just uninstalled it today, as a matter of fact). Never used it. There is zero value added to this app for me (unless I'm missing something).

I had problems with the first beta release so I was a little gun shy with this release. But I backed everything up and went for it. So far no problems and seems work well.

Mine expires October 30th...I see people are saying that RIM isn't charging anyone until the end of the beta but question - are any of you planning on paying for this service, in the age of torrents and p2p, once it leaves beta? I barely use it now as it is (but I like trying things out).

When i run BBM Music it tells me that i need to run lower version if BBM then BBM 6.0.1 is there something wrong when i installed BBM 6.0.1 was i suppose to first uninstall the older version?

I had to delete a bunch of the music I had selected because it is "no longer available" since I installed the update... Thanks for the improvement, RIM

Wow, lot of problems here with bbm music upgrade.....i havent had any problems with the upgrade or anything else for that matter. People make sure you follow all info that is given. Make sure you have the most current version of Blackberry Messenger and uninstall old version of BBM Music before getting the upgrade. Also reboot phone after uninstall and new install helps.

I have to say I am very pleased with BBM Music. I was not sure how it was gonna work for me since i have very few contacts but with the help of the forums i was able to connect with other BBM Music users and now i am rolling with plenty of sounds. Once it becomes available at a cost which I am not sure what the charge will be (which i have heard about $5.00/mo) i will continue to use it at a reasonable price. Totally satisfied with the product as I am beta testing it right now and it looks promising from all the users i have connected with. Amazing, I have access to over 2000 songs currently and still adding. My BB has become my mp3 player, still have my ipod but its sitting at the computer right now. Enjoy people...