BBM Music officially launches in the US, Canada and Australia

By Adam Zeis on 2 Nov 2011 09:34 am EDT

After a great stretch in the BlackBerry Beta Zone, BBM Music has officially launched today. The social music app from RIM will be available within 24 hours for users in the US, Canada and Australia with more countries to follow. BBM Music has had great feedback from beta users thus far, and I'm sure many of you who haven't had a chance to use it will be excited to get your hands on it. Currently there will be two subscriptions offered:

  • PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION: The Premium ‘full track' BBM Music experience is available for a monthly subscription of $4.99 USD ($4.99 CDN and $5.99 AUD). The Premium version will feature a free Premium trial offer. Free Premium trial offer*: With the free Premium trial offer, you can use all the features of a Premium subscription for a limited time. Get up to 2 months* free in US and Canada, and one month free in Australia.
  • FREE SUBSCRIPTION: There will also be a Free subscription to the service that delivers the same social experience as the Premium subscription, but with 30 second song previews versus full song tracks. After your Free Premium trial offer period ends, you can opt to continue using BBM Music without a paid subscription by using this Free subscription. You can upgrade from a Free subscription to a Premium subscription at any time.

BBM Music is available for download from BlackBerry App World from the link below. If you're a BBM Music user - what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Hit the forums and let us know!

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Reader comments

BBM Music officially launches in the US, Canada and Australia


It's a good app and works well. I participated in the Beta program. My biggest problem is most of my friends have gotten off the Blackberry bandwagon, so access to music I like will be limited.

One thing I learned quickly during the beta phase is that some of my friends/contacts have some really bizarre tastes in music!

Haha, that's so true! Very bizarre taste in music!!! It's also great for exploring new songs which is awesome.

Hey if you interested in linking up in bbm music let me know, not sure if i should leave my pin in here though.

Maybe it would be cool to start a BBM Music forum with music genres divided up so we can add each other but not add ppl w/other music taste?

I guess during the beta you didn't learn that your BBM Music contacts *are not* limited to your BBM contacts. I have nearly 400 friends and I don't know more than 5 of them.

The idea of BBM Music still sounds to me like it was born out of RIM's failure to get an "all-you-can-eat" streaming deal with the labels?

I think this is a fun idea but useless as your single source of music.

It should have been free or give access to all 10+ million songs plus sharing playlists with your friends. That would have been a disruptive service.

The idea has potential. At $4.99/mo you get 50 songs, or ¢10 a song compared to ¢99 for an iTunes song. It really gets good when you have tons of contacts.

which makes it even better cuz I have no interest in owning the 10,000 songs I have access to for $1 you have that kind of money?

Even after years of subscribing it's still much cheaper.

I could pay $4.99 for Spotify or $9.99 for Spotify Premium and get 16 million songs without having to rely on my friends' music tastes.

You have to use the Premium Spotify Account which is 9.99 to access music on your mobile device. So 4.99 or 9.99? BBM Music sounds like the winner to me.

I think the reasoning behind this model is to add value to their bbm platform, and concentrate on the social aspect of it. If you had unlimited songs, there would be less need to connect with peeps on bbm and share songs. But if you only have 50 songs, then you need to connect with people to grow your music catalogue.

I am so glad that their downtime yesterday was due to this and not some "unknown" outage etc. I didn't believe it was an outage since the Beta testers got a survey and one of the questions was whether we believed it was ready for prime time. I answered yes. For me, while I was a short beta tester at two weeks, it was pretty solid experience.

It is cool to see people respect your privacy as well as in not requesting to be your BBM as well. I only had two people ask for that, most just want to share music. In a few days I managed to acquire about 700 songs.

I have also beta tested BBM Music and I must say I have been pleased with this app. The access you have to music is great and the social atmosphere is also exciting. By the way being able to listen to my music while turning my network connections off is a plus for me. I can store up to 8gb on my phone chip and listen with or without signal. BB has found a way to get back in the game with this app, need more like it.

Am I doing something wrong? Its asking for a Keycode. What is the keycode?

EDIT: nevermind, had to upgrade to an even newer version. Just waiting for it to be supported in my region (US)

BBM Music would be better if the $4.99 version included access to unlimited tracks online with only 50 song access on mobile. That would take the best of Rdio, Spotify but with a BBM twist. I think they really need to make finding (virality) bbm friends easier through some type of Facebook connect feature and then link this to Facebook music. At that point, BBM becomes your niche social network within your bigger Facebook community.

I do think the $4.99 price tag is compelling in markets around the globe where people have hundreds of BBM friends. This is one of those apps that could definitely utilize the BBX platform to get full advantage of the social network.

Again, your BBM friends do not have to be your BBM Music friends and vice versa. How the heck do you think I managed to add 400 people? I only have 5 or 6 on my BBM list that use BBM Music so far. Doesn't get any more viral than that.

look at the tab where it shows you will say so and so is now sharing music with so and so...just click on those people and invite them.

I'm not sure at the beginning, aside from sending out a PIN request. If you have at least one BBM Music contact then you're able to see who their contacts are. From there it's as easy as clicking on those contacts and sending request to add to BBM Music.

And since these BBM Music contacts are outside of your regular BBM, it makes sense to add/approve as many BBM Music contacts as you can.

What happens to our beta versions? Will they "turn off" soon? Mine is still working as of now. I did get an App World notification to upgrade to a new version though, which I assume would require payment.

p.s. if you don't see the non-beta version yet, try clearing your cache by doing ALT + RST or hold the 123 key until it sticks and do 34) on a torch touch.

May also want to try pulling battery if that doesn't work!

The idea is good, but subscribe??? Are u kidding me? After all the bull sh*t with delayes with devices and service being down, they expect us to pay for this? How about they include this in the so called "free premiums apps" package they're offering?
Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Are you on drugs? When did music labels start giving their music away for free?

RIM doesn't own the music or the rights to it. Can you name me any "free" music service out there that is 100% "legal"? Didn't think so.


yeah you are an idiot.

It's a great service. Obviously not for everybody but the price tag attached for the potential music collection is reasonable.

I really like the idea of making music social, but not at the price tag attached. I'm not nearly a heavy enough music listener, and I don't have enough BBM contacts, to justify that.

Damn it, RIM's stock value is under the company value (book value).

I am subscribing to BBM Music right now. Not going doing without giving a fight!

Edit: It doesn't work on the 9900. No RIM, no!!!

Where are you guys finding the PINs to all the people you've added to your BBM Music? I want to download it to start my trail, but not until I know I can build up my BBM Music friends quickly - don't want to be wasting days and days with access to only a couple hundred songs.

Okay. From the top:

1. You do not need anyone's PIN to add them. Just go to the updates tab and select whoever your current friends have added.

2. They do not all need to be your BBM contacts. I have 200 friends, 5000+ songs, and I have never met or spoken to all but 2 of these people.

3. There will be an initial free trial period, after which you can choose the free version or the paid premium version.

4. If you need inital or more contacts, there is a bbm music forum on crackberry (yes!) and there is a bbm music friends thread on bb beta zone.

5. What did I miss?

1. Thanks.
2. I knew that.
3. I knew that - but don't want to start the clock until I know I can rapidly expand my selection.
4. Thanks.
5. ->

Is there a limit to how many levels down it lets you see/add on the updates tab? For example: Does it let me see/add ONLY friends of my current friends, OR can I see/add friends of friends of my current friends, and so on?

I think there should be a way to be looking at a song and see "users with similar tastes" and then add them to your BBM Music. Daisy-chaining a group of contacts together the current way shouldn't be the only way.

You can only see your friends' friends.

You should make that suggestion in BB Beta Zone, they are very reponsive. I was part of the beta test and they had polls for feature requests. MOst of the feature requests have now been incorporated.

In addition, if you select a song you can "see similar songs".....that should help somewhat.

I am not sure the user similar tastes would work because your music is not categorized by genre, only the songs, artists etc are.

You can also permanently ignore certain artists, songs, etc.

If you try the forums on crackberry and bb beta zone you will find people with tastes siilar to yours. Most people just put their music pref as their bbm music status.

#hereallday #trythesalad can add as many contacts as you want as rapidly as you just have to wait for them to accept your request. I added 100 contacts in a couple hours when i first installed it.

If I have a premium subscription, can I listen to the full tracks of BBM Music friends who are only on the free version?

Has failure written all over it. Why don't they focus on making the actual music player in their OS actually work well? The difference between listening to music on an ipod vs blackberry is extremely noticeable. I get nothing but skips, bad quality, unorganized artwork, and poor performance when trying to listen to music on a bb. oh and syncing nightmares too.

the idea is nice of making it social by sharing playlists, but blackberry isnt the platform for it.

Really? BlackBerry's social integration is the best out there.

Why don't you give the free trial a go and see if you have poor performance? It sure works fine for me.

The blackberry music player is just as good as the ipod player Ive never had any problem with mine . If u are having problem like u say it must be the user that is creating them.

I am still not clear what happens to us beta users. Do we start all over? Will my tracks get carried over to the free trial? Will I lose all of my friends and their songs too? Do I have to pay for a month upfront to qualify for the 60 days?

Soooooo many questions! :P

your tracks get carried over and why would you pay for a month up front to get 2 months off. does it say that anywhere? geez.

This is interesting. A great way to discover music. I wonder if RIM will leverage this later on to launch an iTunes competitor. If I really like a song, I still rather own it.

When I first started in the beta area I was confused as to how I was gonna add contacts. I didnt have any contacts to speak of but once i put my pin out there in the forum the contacts just started raining on me. I love the music selection and the opportunity to connect with others and check out their playlist which i can add any song that they have to my own playlist and build my own music mix right there on my BB. I use my BB at work a lot and where I work we get poor signal but with BBM Music I am able to cache my songs to my chip and play my songs without interruption SWEET!!! Trust me I was a skeptic at first especially with a price attached to it but for what I am able to do I feel its a steal. I haven't had any problems with the service and i have the ole 9670 style. Don't knock it before you try it, I almost did and now Im glad I got onboard. Good luck and have fun with it people.....

My musical tastes run in the jazz/blues direction. I much prefer to listen to albums than individual tracks. During the beta I found no love for my particular dispositions. Maybe Im just a curmudgeon but I'm really not too interested in the tastes of a bunch of strangers. I'll be uninstalling and taking a pass on this money grab app.

Can't wait to get this up and running, updating from .124 to .130 right now.
For me this is a win-win situation ~ Love'n my 9900 and I Love music ~ And at $0.17 a day with a playlist that can potentially grow daily makes it a great deal. Thanks RIM!!!

my friends on Rogers are getting the Beta version in App World and that seems to be the only version available to them, which they can't use. It's not prompting to update. What gives?
The current version should be and they're downloading .124 then being asked for a code. not a great start RIM!

installed this on my BB Torch 9810 flawless via my WiFi connection, configured settings, and been playing around with it...I'm definitely impressed RIM great job...thumbs up!

I wonder if some people were still having issues installing this, even though they lived in any of the 3 supporting Countries, personally, I am from Toronto,ON, Canada.
I hear some people were having issues installing thi, but all you have to do is clear BB App World's cache in your BB phone takes about 10-15secs, then re-try to install it now.