BBM Music now available for download in the UK and Mexico

By Michelle Haag on 19 Nov 2011 02:11 pm EST
BBM Music

I'm guessing that BBM Music hasn't taken off as well as Research In Motion had hoped it would. In my opinion, one reason that it hasn't is the fact that (like many of RIM's apps) it's not been made available in enough countries. Launching in just Canada, Australia, and the US initially, the social music app has met with lukewarm response and mediocre reviews. RIM has recently expanded the availability to include the UK and Mexico, which is a start toward getting more people using the app, though there was no real announcement so I'm not sure how many people even realize they can download it yet.

BBM Music depends on users to keep it alive, but competition in the US and Canada is fierce with the availability of other (and some would argue, better) music streaming apps. As reader Antonio told us, "I'm in Mexico and was really looking forward to try the app for the first time, since we didn't have access to the beta (heck, here we don't even have access to the Beta Zone!). I think it's an awesome app, especially in a country like mine, where music streaming services like Spotify and such are not available."

Making BBM Music available in countries that don't have so many options available for streaming music is a wise choice, and in my opinion one that should have been made much earlier in the game.

Download BBM Music free in BlackBerry App World

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BBM Music now available for download in the UK and Mexico


it works in Italy too.. but you need to donwload the bbm music..OTA and not via App world

Download where? uhm... lets say I have to thank RROYY for it ;)

This could've helped the folks in Indonesia with some good tunes while they waited in that line.....

I really wish the writers of Crackberry would take a moment to realize there are other factors at work. RIM cannot just decide to make these services available everywhere with the snap of their fingers.

Google is a company with more resources and money and they have only just now straightened out licensing deals with the record companies.

Sure, people can point out other services such as Spotify,Pandora, et al. But they should also look and realize that those services are not turning any profit.

BBM music will always be a value-added service, not a revenue driver. If Crackberry is going to join the rest of the blogtards and attempt to speculate on the financial aspects of RIM's business, it would be nice to see articles that branch out beyond the "RIM iz dummies" viewpoint.

I guess I missed the part where I "speculated on the financial aspects of RIM's business". I stated my opinion, that I don't think it's as wildly popular as they'd  hoped it would be, said it was a good thing they're expanding, and gave my opinion that it would have helped to have happened sooner.

I think RIM has made some mistakes, but I remain one of their biggest supporters, ever hopeful and optimistic that they will turn their current situation around. But, hey, thanks for assuming I'm just another "blogtard". :)

It is a reflection of this site generally. For a BlackBerry fan site it is such a depressing read nowadays. Even Kevin seems to be slagging of RIM recently. I only come here for a few positive souls left in the forums, and even they are hard to come by.

I don't understand what your guess is based on, I use it every day and even though I have reached my 500 contacts limit I still get invites almost every day.

All I can tell you is this, if you go to bbmm recent updates page, the first page you go on when you open it, there's a new update every few seconds, either such and such is sharing music with somebody new or what songs they add.

I don't know how many use it but the ones that do they use it A LOT.

ah we already figured out all the polls are negatively influenced by all the non BB users that frequent the site (and theres alot of them) :p

all id say, is if BBM Music is not doing well because it was US/Canada only, then google music is doomed...right? or maybe, much like BB phones currently, it`ll be far more popular in the areas where BB is more popular.

To put in perspective, I have it from a good source that UK had more BBM Music downloads then US on launch day and Canada had almost double downloads then US.

Can't tell you the exact numbers or I'll get the guy fired lol (I was their "facebook super fan" invited to the london bbm music event :) )

exactly not sure where the author gets off with that headline, the service just started, it will take time before one can evaluate its success

There was only around 4000 votes total. How can you base your opinion on that? For how much I love this site many people come here to vent but then still buy/rent a device/service. If the poles in Crackberry was accurate then the curve phone would be doomed.

No offense but thats why I like Kevin's positive articles. He may sight what the reader's think but goes back to why it "may just work" and allthough it may not beat itunes it is becoming a fun addition to the bbm connected apps and the price is just right. I love it.

I agree with @belfastdispatcher - Though I'm not at 500 contacts, but I get at least 10 contacts per day.

Also, on the recent updates page, I also see activity all the time. I think it's a great service and is doing very well.

Why do we present good news as a bad thing?

Expanding the number of people is great. This is a new service so why ask if it is too little too late? It just got started.

I like it and my co-workers like it.

One cool feature is that I try to do some cardio three times per week and even my favorite tunes get worn out after a few sessions on the t-mill.

BBM Music allows me to play my workout list without having to purchase new songs every week. I like it.
I've also enjoyed listening to a few tunes I would have never picked but one of my friends did and it turns out I like it as well.

It is a new service and I welcome it.


You wrote

I'm guessing that BBM Music hasn't taken off as well as Research In Motion had hoped it would. In my opinion, one reason that it hasn't is the fact that (like many of RIM's apps) it's not been made available in enough countries.

This doesn’t make any sense. There is no disadvantage to rolling this out country by country as the majority of a user's contacts is usually in the same country. For a virally spread app like this, everything depends on getting a critical mass of participants in one’s own social circle. Also, I might have missed it, but there was no major advertising campaign for BBM Music. That’s because this sort of program is spread through word of mouth and that means that is takes time (more than a month or two) to pick up steam.

"BBM Music depends on users to keep it alive, but competition in the US and Canada is fierce with the availability of other (and some would argue, better) music streaming apps."

That's why they released it in the US and Canada first, because this is where they need every arrow in their quiver pointed. Also, BBM music is not just any old music streaming app. It is a socially connected music app, It plays on RIM’s strength in BBM and is a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. This is how you build a business, you provide something different from the competition.

“Making BBM Music available in countries that don't have so many options available for streaming music is a wise choice, and in my opinion one that should have been made much earlier in the game.”

The timeline for the rollout of this service has been very fast. From the company internal beta program, to the announcement, to the public beta, to the US/Canada rollout and now the UK/mexico rollout, how much faster do you expect? The only point I would say is that they should have started this whole service a few years ago.

IMO, the whole point of this program is to build on their strength BBM, ultra-connectedness. None of the other streaming programs have this advantage. I think this program will appeal to two groups the most; people who are really into music, and teens. This just gives people who use it one more reason to stay with blackberry, which is the whole point. As well, keep in mind that this release in the parts of the world where RIM is struggling, it will likely do much better in places where blackberry has serious momentum.

Crackberry is the one place blackberry fans can go where there is still a balanced approach to reporting on RIM, “Too little, too late” seems pretty harsh of a judgment for a service that is just getting started.

Hey RIM I have an idea! If you want your products to succeed then why not advertise them? You simply can not rely on blog posts, Youtube commercials and word of mouth to win back your market share.

If you ask me Kevin's next rant should be about marketing. RIM is in no position to take anyone down but there are people out there that are looking for what Blackberry offers but when they ask for suggestions they have android and apple users alike surrounding them and a sucky marketing sceme to get to those customers

RIM cannot just arbitrarily release the music service everywhere - they have to have licensing agreements for the content in every geographic area which takes time and money.

I think. BBM music has at least some following. I totally love the service myself. I think what's missleading is that Crackberry only has so many people in their circle. I was worried about people not liking it because without others the service is flawed. With that said all the contact I have on bbMusic are loving it like me so I think that it will do well. I think RIM should actually concentrate on getting it on the Playbook as well. I think that would make a huge difference when the Playbook gets as much attention as it will from 2.0 update

I have to agree with Willie Lee .... this post is a surprisingly negative.

Personally I am completely loving BBM Music (and will be subscribing). I have discovered more new (to me) music in the last month than I did for over a year with Spotify or Slacker. But for BBMM to be worth it you need to fill your 500 contacts, and that takes a bit of time (a few weeks).

But really, it only came out like two weeks (not 6 months, not years) ago in N. America. And it's "too late" that its only being released now in the UK/Mexico ???

The whole tag line of this article is negative before you even get into the 'content' or 'context' if you will of the actual article ... "Too little, too late?" I mean the service just launched a couple of weeks ago and its already dead. I guess that should also be said of every internet startup that is plastered all over sites like TechCrunch and alike that only have a few thousand people using them.

As has been said already, its not like the licensing is something you can wave a magic wand and poof theirs your agreement. Especially to go global to 70 million people. Look how long it took Spotify to get to the US and it still doesn't even have a BlackBerry app for all platforms. (Personally Rdio is the best)

I guess my comment is, this isn't BGR and CrackBerry doesn't have to sensationalize its content in order to get readers.

Great service, but not yet ready for prime-time i believe. It is still too hard for the average user to search for a song, and the issue with greyed out songs is very annoying. Once these are addressed I think it will be perfect. I will personally be subscribing when the time comes as well.

Michelle. I love you girl, but where the hell did you get the idea that BBM Music isn't doing well? Go check twitter. People Love it. I think you're just upset you weren't invited to the launch party in the US that is coming up REALLY fast ;) hehe

Perhaps the reason for choice of original countries is that they are all english-speaking. I only speculate, but people might not have found it very interesting if they were getting a whole ton or German(for example) songs.

RIM's issue with new software and hardware is taht no one knows they have it!!! They could have best thing since sliced bread.....but without advertising who would know?

RIM only uses carriers to market their products, so unless a carrier supports them, there is no advertising. And RIM's marketing is now headed by Jim Balsillie - they have taken 2/3 of marketing budgets away from the busienss units this quarter to insure they reach the margin and profit goals. Very short sighted.

They spent $5 million plus for aMarc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez show in South America - instead of advertising the new products. Yet the same directors get promoted and protected instead of fired.

RIM keeps doing the same thing time after time, expecting different results.

5 year employee of RIM, left 2 months ago (for another position in the industry)

my only problem with bbmusic is the cost and the range of music. it costs more for the same bits and bytes for the music outside of the US and half of the music I want isn't even in there. It'll only get better but still!!!

I know i had bbmusic when they pushed the icon to my smartphone.

who is going to pay $5 per month to get 50 tracks you like and 4000 you dont!
utorrent is free and you get a usb cable with every new phone! #pointless

Yeah and with utorrent you run the risk of getting viruses. Who says you get 4000 songs you don't like? If you don't like a contact's choices you can delete the contact. Sounds like you haven't even tried it.

I have tried It when in beta and never used it

Easier and free to transfer the songs I like to my sd card and listen to them from there

Why would anyone pay $5 per month for this?

BBM Music songs and playlists can be saved to your media card to play anytime. Why would anyone pay $9.99 per month for Rhapsody or Spotify premium, or pay for Pandora or Slacker? Because they like the service. I like BBM Music - have over 250 contacts and over 5k songs.

I've been using BBM Music for about two months, and it's worth $5 a month once you get into it. I find I get a lot of contacts that like different music. I've discovered bands I like that I didn't even know existed. I re-discovered songs from my childhood. I've met people through BBM Music from around the world. Yes, I have to skip and ignore all the gangsta rap that I can’t stand, but that’s just an annoyance, and I find that I rarely need to do that anyway.

Your suggestion that BBM Music is inferior because it's more expensive than pirating all your music is, well, disappointing on so many levels.

i didnt see commercials on TV about BBM Music.... is it a cool app? If Apple had such a cool app, you would see cool commercials everywhere.

And if RIM had a unified upgrade platform (like Playbook, iOS) next OS upgrade everyone would have a new BBM Music icon on their phone and many would try it...

marketing 101.

Totally agree!
RIM's marketing is bad, their timing is toooooo slow

To many people in the decision making process causes a lack of focus. Missing out on great marketing opportunities


The greyed out songs have been fixed since the last update . If u still have them u need to delete them .

The reason this hasn't caught on is because of my once large BBM contact list only a few remain, hence, I haven't even bothered with this. If RIM wants to make BBM relevant again then they need to open it up- that means letting iOS, Android, and Window Phone in on it, otherwise it will just remain the unused app that it has become on my phone (and the few friends I have who still have Blackerries).

It's too bad because BBM has awesome features (although simple user names would be preferable to PINS so we can take them with us when we switch phones), but if I haven't seen someone for awhile I text them now because they probably don't use a Blackberry anymore and BBM doesn't let you know when a message doesn't go through.

BTW, I am typing on and still love my 9000!

your point about bbm music doesn't make sense. if you have the app and only one friend it will work. my wife only has me as a contact but after my invie now has 30 contacts in bbm music alone. try it out first. you can't make an opinion from the outside

THIS is why RIM needs better advertising and information about BBM Music.

My BBM contact list prior to using BBM Music was empty. No contacts in BBM. After inviting a few fine CrackBerry folks and then inviting people to BBM Music who were on those people's contacts, I now have about 300 BBM Music contacts and nearly 6000 tracks available.

I still only have a handful of BBM contacts--mostly people whose music list was interesting, so I started a conversation with them.

Bottom line...BBM contacts are not necessary to enjoy BBM Music.

if a message doesnt say D and just has a check mark that means it was sent, but not delivered yet.
I love the BBM music app and will pay the 5 dollars a month for it. anyone that complains about it
has not taken the time to add a couple of contacts or even given the service a fair try.
and yes Blackberry needs to do more advertising omg I have not caught a Blackberry commercial on tv in over 6 months but I see and iphone or android commercial every 30 mins....

The problem with BBM Music, and any of the other streaming services for music, is that its not being done on the user's terms.

We've seen this over and over again, with the Zune, Pandora, and others. People don't, by and large, want to pay for music they only have notional control of. That's what we have radio for: I can already tune into a station that plays most of the music I like and requires no fiddling, or I can just download music that I own or control, for free or for very little.

BBM Music is the latest answer to a question no one is asking.

Now, BBM video, that would be different. We do deal with movies this way, which is why NetFlix is so successful.

Your incorrect my friend. I was one of those people that always said that I wouldn't pay for music but no matter how hard you try with other streaming services or even the radio is that they may cover SOME of the music that you like but they don't give you enough control over it.
Now as far as what you're saying about video, a bbm video for the playbook along with bbm music would be untouchable. choosing several videos, be able to swap and also view other's taste in movies. It would be awesome. Please make it HD and downloadable on the playbook like it is for bbm music if you guys are going this route.

I'm not saying I wouldn't pay for music---exactly the opposite.

I'd rather pay for a copy of something and actually own it (from, say, Amazon or Apple) than have some tenuous right to listen to a limited catalog whose contents I don't really control. If I wanted that, I get Sirius/XM subscription, one of any other sub. services that don't depend on my friends' tastes or, well, pay nothing and listen to FM radio.

That Apple and Amazon make piles of money off their stores and have millions of customers, while the streaming services are tiny by comparison, tells you a lot about this market, and how wrong the sub. model is.

Again, the only exception is Netflix, and that's because we don't watch video the way we listen to music. I suspect if someone develops Netflix for Books that will take off, too. But music is different: you don't read or watch it once. It doesn't (usually) have a plot that you experience; it's something you pull out and listen to and rearrange, and for that you either want full rights, or no fees. Apple/Amazon to the former, radio the latter.

$5 a month to rent 50 songs? What happens if I stop paying? Are they nuts? When I can own a song from another source, stream for free from another source, why would anybody want BBM music? You can't compare this to Itunes or Pandora. Why would I want to listen to other people's selections? Didn't Microsoft Zune try this to complete failure? I've been using BBM music for a month and the interface is clunky. Goodbye RIM - you blew it.