BBM Music limited time holiday offer – New and current users in the US get the first 4 months for free

By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2011 04:28 pm EST

With the BBM Music launch now in full swing, RIM has taken the time to come up with a limited holiday offer for new and existing users of the service. If you live in the US and download the app between December 16, 2011 - January 4, 2012 you'll get four free months of use.

RIM is also extending the subscription of users who are already making use of BBM Music by another 4 months. Users in the UK have also had their free trial extended by four months as well, which gives them a total of six months to try out the service. So, now is a great time to check out BBM Music -- hit the download link below to get started.

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BBM Music limited time holiday offer – New and current users in the US get the first 4 months for free


This must be the first of the $100M promotional push to make BlackBerry relevant in the U.S. again. I'll check it out.

I cancelled my Slacker subscription for BBM Music. I find that the free version of Slacker and paid version of BBM Music is a better mix than vice versa. I am real happy with BBM Music though.

I was liking the idea of BBMMusic but since trying Nobex/Pandora I'm dropping it next month. Nice try by Rim though to get more customers interested in it.

I know Pandora isn't available for Canada.

Gotta try Nobex however, but agreed nice try. BBM Music is a great application...

since the us markets are giving RIM less support each day, why don't they concentrate another team in making these new apps available in other countries where blackberry is growing more aggressively?

Apple just announced support for 15 latinamerican countries for their itunes store... just a thought...

You may be right. But I can't imagine it. Anyway, I was trying to get someone from CB to ask RIM how BBMM subscriptions are doing. Would love to see the figures.

Thanks Bla1ze for the heads-up on the extended trial period! Today I downloaded BBM Music and started it for the first time. The welcome screen said, "Congratulations! Welcome to your free trial of BBM Music that lasts up to Jun 13, 2012." Bonus!

I guess current subscribers will get the extension rolled-out on a staggered basis. Mine still has January 1 as my date.

Lol... when BBM Music was first announced I said they had to give AT LEAST 3 months free so it would be adopted fast enough to get over the tipping point. They didn't listen, and now they're implementing that strategy in the US because their previous strategy failed elsewhere.

They're upping the marketing budget to $100,000,000. Is it really a good idea to put $100,000,000 in the hands of whoever has been in charge of marketing up until now? FML.

Sounds like a good deal if you make the time to surf albums, personally Pandora feeds me music similar to my favorites and that's a neat and low maintenance method to be introduced to new artists. good luck with it RIM and glad those of youwho dont have Pandora have a new option.

No love for RIM's home country!? Really!? I guess the all mighty dollar is all that matters. While some may be willing to pay for this service of relying on someone else's musical tastes, I will not. As I've mentioned before, I see no real support for blues and jazz. Pop fans can have it.

I just re-downloaded bbmm and its asking me to subscribe to the $4.99 premium service. I was a beta tester and uninstalled once my trial was over. Bbmm is a good concept but not worth the $ imo when I have premium nobex free and pandora/slacker free version.

6 months free trial over in the UK, no slacker or pandora there though! Also all UK networks except T-Mobile make it impractical to use streaming media as they limit at 500mb per month you can only upgrade to additional 1gb for $16 a month! TMOB is unlimited and first 6 months BIS is actually free! Second 6 months costs $32 in total so you can have a year of unlimited BIS.internet/data for under $3 a month!

BIS itself is unlimited very affordably in the UK BUT BBM Music or Nobex kick off BIS onto carrier data so again except Tmob they are all impractical for the mediums, someone needs to fix that

RIM is also extending the subscription of users who are already making use of BBM Music by another 4 months.

This is INCORRECT in the US the total period is 120 days! See

BBM™ Music. Free for up to 120 days
The free trial allows you to try out the features of BBM Music Premium. After your free trial, the monthly fee for BBM Music Premium is $4.99 (state tax may be additional).

No estimate on cost for BBM Music in UK, but given carrier limitations and interruption to BIS services like email, IMs etc, and BBM seems impractical unless you download all songs to media card, and doubt anyone will pay more than £2.99 a month which is about $5, plus VAT taxes in UK are 20%