BBM Music launches in the UK - Missed the party? We have video!

By Michelle Haag on 21 Sep 2011 04:45 pm EDT

Last night in London was the BBM Music Launch event, where lucky attendees spent the night mixing with celebrities and sexy new BlackBerry 7 devices, as well as learning all about BBM Music. In attendance was Emkwan, editer of the EMKWAN PROJECT, and he put together this awesome video montage of the night's events that he wanted to share with the CrackBerry nation. I for one am pretty jealous, it looks like it was a fantastic night. Thanks for sending this in to us Emkwan!

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Congrats....that is a really big accomplishment!!!

Why do people waste everyone's time with these comments.


cuz it's sooo cool :p


great loving it over here in florida

Just Me

Excellent video. This is an app I am actually really looking forward to. Can't wait until it lauches in Canada.

Just Me

Excellent video. This is an app I am actually really looking forward to. Can't wait until it lauches in Canada.


Well I am confused - It looks like it has only been released on invitation only beta in the UK. That is what it is saying in AppWorld.


Had the Beta when it first appeared had a look around but only saw chart type music, popular classics but didn't see anything possibly many people I know would want to pay 5 pounds a month for. As they either have the music as a digital copy already or simply not that intrested.

Im guessing by what I have seen the UK markets two biggest groups are Enterprise users who possibly won't be able to download this app and then the youth market who possibly may not find many songs they want to "Hire" for a fiver

Good Luck to Blackberry its a good idea as many share mp3's via bbm but not sure if people have a desire to pay money to do so. Also from what I saw not sure if any better than the music sharing services Vodafone and others have offered in the past for a monthly fee.


Well I can understand your take but this is the sort of thing we all said when itunes was launched. Look at them now. Again this is in Beta so the selection is the last thing that is final.


CrackBerry - the only place where the term 'sexy' is used for BlackBerries and not Celebrities.


Yeah, RIM is a few years late to the party again on this one, but nice try anyway!