BBM Music to be discontinued as of June 2, 2013

By Bla1ze on 3 Apr 2013 11:05 pm EDT

If you're a BBM Music subscriber, the time we've all known deep down was coming has finally arrived. BlackBerry has now sent out emails to current subscribers letting them know the BBM Music service will be discontinued as of June 2, 2013. 

“BBM Music service will be discontinued as of June 2, 2013*. For paying customers, April is the last month that you will be billed. In May, as your BBM contacts stop using the service, songs in your playlists will begin to turn grey and will no longer be available."

The email does go on with information on how to remove the app from device once the service is discontinued, which can be done by highlighting the icon, pressing the menu key and choosing the delete option. At that time, subscription billing should discontinue as well but if you want to get ahead of that and ensure it's done, you can find directions here or cancel on the BlackBerry World storefront under your subscription options.

Additionally, BlackBerry notes that Rdio is a great alternative to the BBM Music service and is offering a free 30 day trial of their premium offerings. (Where's that BlackBerry 10 app at Rdio?) You can check out the full email and further details in the CrackBerry forums.

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BBM Music to be discontinued as of June 2, 2013


I will admit I did not even know about BBM Music until now and have been on BlackBerry since 2001...

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Holy crap I was going to say the same I thought I would be the only one saying that!

Not available for BlackBerry 10 yet.. hence the comment  "(Where's that BlackBerry 10 app at Rdio?)"

Rdio for BBOS requires a $10/mo subscription and you have to download the app OTA. Just visit on your phone's browser. I seem to recall that you get redirected and the app downloads.

I liked BBM Music, but since there is no BlackBerry 10 support, I'm already unsubscribed.

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I agree with BlackBerry on this one. There's just so much more music third-party apps, and the marketing for BBM Music wasn't very good either. If it's free, maybe, but with the subscription fee, I think there are better options.

I disagree. It was cheap, and it was actually a pretty good way to sample different music without having to buy it.

Also, if you collected enough contacts you could have a massive library. Nice idea, and even fairly well-executed, but it needed more of a push.

I disagree. I tried it and found a lot of the new music, like Adele, that I wouldn't have otherwise. I felt 20 years old again.

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I ended up using it quite a bit when I had my 9860. I liked the idea of having a base of songs I like and then a group of friends in which I could find new music to my liking. Sad to see it go but I'm not surprised.

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Dang, it was actually a gem.... had 13,000 songs on tap on my 9900. Enjoyed caching many play lists for offline listening.

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You must not be a trekkie. Its a joke... one of McCoys signature lines was "its dead Jim" well there is no Jim on the Crackberry staff as far as I know. Would you rather "its dead Bla1ze"?

Yeah most of it was crap music anyway, I tried it for all of 5 minutes and got rid of it or maybe it was I spent 5 minutes looking for music I heard of?

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Wonder what music you were looking for. I'd listen to Country, Bluegrass, Blues, World Music, Pop, Metal... It seemed to have pretty much everything that's on 7Digital.

I tried it and went through the free period but in the end I just didn't use it that much. Pretty much saw it coming.

Nobex is awesome, and bb10 voice control never fails when I tell it to "Open Nobex".

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It's too bad I enjoyed using it on my 9800 but had to cancel when I upgraded to Z10. I had 500 connections and 6000 songs at one point. I was hoping it would migrate to BB10 but knew something was up when I tweeted a few people at BlackBerry about when BBM Music would make the jump but never got an answer. It was a cheap way to get a big ever changing music library.

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I beta tested it and stayed on board during the free trial but once that ran out I jumped ship. Too much free stuff out there. I loved the concept though.

I'm not surprised, it only works over wi-fi and I like to own my music. It was a clever idea worth a try

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Try TuneIn radio, personally I think it's great and free. You can also syc with the desktop.

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Gotta agree with TuneIn Radio. I can get my local rock station AND Digitally Imported's stations through it. Has a great variety of stations from all over the world!


Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Who would pay for such service if a competitor (Nobex et al) are doing the same thing for free? Why are people being stubborn about using a paid service? Is Rdio substantially better? If so, in what way than Nobex?

I am not too familiar with Nobex but I believe that it is not the same as BBM Music. My understanding of Nobex is it lets me listen to a radio station. But lets say I want to listen to a particular REM album, can I do that with Nobex. I can with BBM Music.

Feel free to correct me if I am not understanding Nobex correctly...

That's my understanding as well. I tried BBM Music and could find any song I could think of. I use Nobex as well but streaming quality greatly varies between stations and as you said, it's only for stations, not albums or specific song. For that, I got Slacker Radio, which has good streaming quality, themes stations, and specific artist and song search. Hence, it's free if you don't mind an ad every 30 min, otherwise it's only 4$ a month. And you also get offline music caching.

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Are you sure that Slacker supports offline caching for BB10? My understanding is that this is not available for BB10 (it is for iOS, Android, etc)

Nobex is not a free service. Its limited to the country you are. If you want to listen to another country radio you will have to purchase the pro version.
I prefer using TuneIn and 8tracks.

I subscribed for a year before updating to the Z10. Great idea but lots of competitive apps sadly. I'll miss it...Thanks for the BBM music BlackBerry :)

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ya music is crazy competitive. I never saw any reason to try it. Especially with a ever forever shrinking BBM contact list.

Right now Ive got more then enough music. I got a few websites I download from. And share them with about 10 friends in a 'box' folder that we all collaborate on. This syncs to my itunes, and then my Z10. Which syncs to my truck via bluetooth everytime I turn the key. And when I need something fresh Ill play something unique on Nobex radio. And If that doesnt keep me entertained Ive got sirius satellite radio in my truck aswell.

They're not LossLess files anyway! Mp3, AAC, etc. are dead.

FLAC, ALAC files or nothing. Now let's find a USB DAC to attach, so we can hear the FLAC files the way we should. The Qualcom DAC just isn't good enough.

BBMM let you pick your own library, which would then be shared out everyone in your buddy list (no, NOT your regular BBM, though I suspect that was the original idea). It was only 50 songs, but if you had enough friends you could incorporate songs from their libraries into your playlists, which were also shareable. It was a bummer when a member dropped out, but that was surprisingly not that frequent.

Nobody I know has a Blackberry, so I personally could not really give a decent try. - Poor me... I haven't any *Blackberry* friends... :P

The UI was the problem. It was very difficult to figure out how to remove songs. They had a lot of variety but not easy to navigate.

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It was a cool app, unfortunatly it never received the appropriate marketing support. Not an app on which BlackBerry needs to focus on these days anyway. BlackBerry probably just killed some muda. :)

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I never used the app either. There are plenty of other sources for music out there that are free.

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Never used it, but hopefully BlackBerry will bring another tool to BB10 with more value

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well, this service was never even available in my region: Nigeria. so, doesn't make any difference.

I used it initially but stopped because you basically needed a wifi connection to fully use it. Though I have to admit that I discovered a few great songs from it. Was kinda hoping it would come out with improvements on BlackBerry 10 and work over the data connection. Ah well...

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Too bad I really liked it, and this is the kind of thing I assume BlackBerry is looking to as a replacement of BIS fees

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I WILL miss it and I am disappointed that it will not carry over to BB10. Everyone keeps mentioning free radio and such but this was unique in the fact that you could grab songs that you liked and have them as long as you wanted. Also with the ability to "store" the songs to your phone meant you were always streaming which was a real benefit for those who were not always in a wifi area or who had limited data plans.

This sucks!

Terrible idea IMO. Better to put the resources into better maps or more app developing.

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So now I have to stream music from some radio station rather than picking my own songs stored on my device? I had tons of music saved. This sucks... Ah well, back to the radio, unless I want to go back to buying music again..

If you never tried it, sign up for it now. This could generate more interest in bringing it to the z10.

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Its sad. I wish they could have adopted a Pandora / Slacker / Songza type of business model. I wouldn't have an issue with a free ad supported version with an option to pay to get ad free music. I think they should have found a way to make it a free service that is included with BBM use.

Well, that sucks. My dad uses the service on his 9930. I have to find an alternative for him, but any paid service costs twice as much. He enjoys it because he can select specific songs to listen to, and it doesn't require streaming. Whatever I figure out (and simplicity is key, for him to bother), I'll have to do it again once he picks up his Q10, later in the year.

I haven't been subscribed in some time since my own music library is just better than the offerings on bbm music and I just didn't have the friends that would let me have a compiled music library that didn't require me to skip every other song but the concept was sound.

BBMM rocked, was a totally unique concept (AFAIK??). Didn't matter if no one you knows has a BlackBerry - all you had to do was sign up, link to one person (via a thread here ion CB) then you could invite/connect to anyone you saw on the timeline or in your BBMM contact's comment section - your connections were exponential in growth once you started. Was not related to BBM except by name, although you could "Invite" others to become BBM contacts but most didn't, just shared music and chats in the public timeline. I did add several BBMM folks to my BBM that I now enjoy chatting with.

I will miss BBMMusic!! Thanks for the new music I learned there!

Crp! I actually enjoyed it :) great idea that never really took off.


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no shocker,,, not my thing really & even tho some people enjoyed it, there's just too much big competition in that area,,, most of the planet is married to istuff it seems...

This is stupid timing. Just when you introduce a new phone that can handle this functionality and just when you want to start appealing to the younger, consumer market, you cancel this app.
What are these people thinking?

If they are not losing oodles of money they should keep it. They should keep as much content apps as they can for now. It is all about the ecosystem and content in the smartphone world now.

I had a feeling the bbm music pilot project wasn't going to be taking off too well. I didn't use it because I'm a listener of community radio stations and repetitive music (especially commercial) drives me up the wall and likely wouldn't of made use of bbm music myself. But to all those that enjoyed it, it was awesome while it lasted. :)

Looking forward to more! MOVE FORWARD WE GO! :)