BBM Music is available now, but will you keep using it?

By Adam Zeis on 3 Nov 2011 01:50 pm EDT
 BBM Music  

BBM Music hit the streets yesterday in the US, Canada and Australia. Many users that didn't get in on the beta have signed up and are checking it out for the first time. So far the reviews are petty mixed -- some love it and some flat out hate it. While I was one of the lucky ones that got a chance to check out BBM Music when it was first released in the Beta Zone, I unfortunately didn't last too long with it. I'm not a big mobile music listener to begin with, so that app didn't really do much for me. It was cool at first, but the novelty quickly wore off for me.

So what we'd like to know is if you will continue to use BBM Music at the $4.99/month premium price tag? I can see how many would use it if it were free, but I'm just not sure it's worth the $4.99/month with so many other music apps out there. So let us know in the poll above, then leave a comment with your thoughts.

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BBM Music is available now, but will you keep using it?


Neither its in Europe or Asia.Im eager waiting for bbm music to get released in my country.

I always hear the same thing when it comes to bbm music ... get pandora/rdio/etc. but people dont understand thats only for the US.

I totally love it. I was paying ten a month for Slacker and there were plenty of frustrations with that service. With bbm music supplies you with total liberty. You can go back to songs at any time and with all the people that are connected to it on my bbm music I'm hearing songs that I wouldn't have even searched for and love.

So the only question I have is if they are going to bridge it to the playbook since it is a blackberry app.

I totally love it.

While it doesn't do much for 15 y/o loves it, but not for $4.99 per moth. Too many other things out there including her iPod.

Went from beta to unavailable for this device using my 9810 guess I wount be using for a while now in canada on sasktel

I didn't use it that much before can't see paying because Pandora, Tune In Radio, Media Card, iHeartRadio, ect.

This is actually a pretty cool app. Overall I like where RIM is going with BBM Integrated apps. I happen to make a friend that works directly for RIM through BBM Music. That said, I don't see paying for the service as a high point, but RIM has to pay for sharing the music. Otherwise we'd all be pirates, No!

I don't understand how people could expect such a fantastic service for free. Pandora is good I use it as well but there are limitations with the free version. I would pay for this service with a couple dollars knocked off, this is deffinitely a great service and has real potential.

I am currently up to 189 contacts and have access to 4k + songs. I can tailor my playlists with tons of songs and listen to and switch up my selections on the fly the way I like and still not be able to listen to all the songs I have access to, plus bbm integration! I'm not too familiar with the compitition but I can deffinitely say I am totally enjoying this service.

I didn't really use it when it was free. Prob will just delete it off my phone now since its a monthly premium for it

I'm trying it out with a couple of BBM friends and if it turns out that it is fun and I can use hundreds of songs for $4.99 I might very well do it.

I think the social aspect has potential. One of my friends listens to completely different music and maybe it will expose me to new stuff.

I'm inclined to keep it but it is too early to say. I'll try it for the two months and we shall see.

I will certainly try it for the two free months.

I use it..pretty cool app..I basically listened to new albums for free and I can see having access to the app for that in the future for 4.99 is a steal, but definitely not worth that much for people who love psndora or just use their ipod..

I had BBM in Beta Zone and lost interest after about five minutes. And it was FREE then! No way am I paying for something like that. I already have around 5000 songs on my 32GB SD card, plus Pandora and TuneIn Radio.

how much did you pay your 5000 songs? at 1$ a pieces, it's gonna take you 83 years of using BBM Music before you spend 5000$! And with BBM Music, I already have 7000 songs... and I can swap my songs out and keep the most recent or my favorites...

However, if you don't pay for music, then that's your problem

This becomes more attractive as you add more BBM contacts. Anybody interested in Metal/Rock/Classic Rock tunes, drop me a message with your PIN!

This is the idea behind it, but I like my BBM list to legit people I know - I disagree with the $4.99 / month charge. Would love to see something in the future where say you play 3-4 songs in a row, then have to listen to a 10-15 second ad = free

Wish it was more of a Pandora service that's for sure

The BBM Music friend list is separate from your BBM contact list. SEPARATE.

So you can have total strangers on your BBM Music list just for the music, and you can then choose to add them to your BBM contact list. Or not.

The point of BBM music is the social aspect; sharing and discovering new music.

Yes, they are separate. However, not everyone wants to add people they don't know to any social media service, including BBM Music. "So don't use it," right? That's not exactly fair to say, since some people may have actual friends added with whom they want to share the occasional song via BBM. If their friends don't use BBM Music or have completely different taste, being limited to 50 songs/month isn't all that appealing. As others have mentioned, paying $4-5/month more gets you unlimited songs on some other services, as well as unlimited features like PC access, the ability to share via a plethora of social networks, scrobbling, etc. For $5/month, BBM Music gets you 50 songs and you are extremely limited in what you can do.

Tried it. It's cool. But that's about it. Don't listen to music enough, and don't have enough BBM friends, to justify $5 a month when I would pretty much only turn it on out of feeling like I had to because I paid for it.


I like the concept. I'm going to use it. $5/month is almost the price of a coffee.

Maybe CrackBerry members can share music? With BBM music we don't really have to know each other do we? I'm still learning how to use BBM music.

I hope the catalog has a lot of variety. It looks like people from CrackBerry are from all over the world. Is music from other cultures in the catalog?

I use it every time I go to the gym. It's nice to have an eclectic list of songs to stream. My only gripe is trying to weed out the genres and songs you do not care for is still a little clunky... I have way too many contacts with rap music and I cannot stand rap music.

I KNOW! I've settled for just 'ignoring' the artists....

I like the fact that its not so easy to remove certain genres: for example I would have said previously that I do not care for alternative music but 3 of my current fave songs are alternative and I wouldn't have discovered them if I had been able to screen out genres from the get-go.

So, for sharing and discovering, its great.

This is definitely a major drawback of BBM Music, because sharing and discovering shouldn't be limited to music you don't normally listen to. It's entirely possible that people might want to discover a new artist in the same genre as opposed to a new artist in a genre they've already tried and don't want to try again.

This will only survive if RIM makes software for the PC like Apple did with iTunes... People may use it on their computer... The only reason Apple has done so well with iTunes is cause they offered it to everyone, otherwise it wouldn't have caught on.

RIM - make the PC and blackberry sync well with bbmusic and you have a chance at this being a success... If you don't, it won't catch on...

come on. iTunes was not available to PC users no less than 2.5 years after it was released. In Canada we had to wait almost 4 years before having the "privilege" of using it.
How soon people forget....

Apple sells more mp3's to PC users than they do to Apple users..... So take a hike. HARDLY anyone I know has an apple computer (although that number is also growing), however almost everyone I know uses and buys from iTunes... On their PC! Its just simple truth... Had iTunes stayed isolated to the Mac it would not be NEAR as successful as it is... Right now I give hundreds to Apple via iTunes and the PC.... I hope to change this with BBM music...

You've missed my point - so take a hike.
This service was released 3 days ago.... and knowing RIM, I'm not sure they have any long-term cohesive or integrated plan for any of their services, never mind this one. I'm willing to bet that we'll never see a desktop option for this service and that it probably wasn't even thought of. Apple has long term vision at least (it pains me to admit this, as I can't stand Apple and a big fan of RIM growing up in their backyard).
At least BBM Music is available to a wider population off the hop unlike most other music services (for Canadian's at least).

I think I might for a few months, anyway. So far, I've enjoyed the free beta, and used it daily. The way I see the pricing model is that for the cost of a couple of cups of coffee, I can get access to 50+ songs each month. I still don't know if my friends will use the service, but I can see myself getting value for this even without the social aspect.

Philosophically, as consumers we have no obligation to support every venture that RIM trots out if we don't see value. However, RIM seems to finally be providing content as part of their ecosystem, something people on these forums have been asking for. Let's hope this is the first offering and see what else they shoot at.

I love the social features of BBM Music, but the streaming for 4.99 a month is just too much.

As my wife said, why would I pay for 50 songs a month, when I can just load them onto the phone directly? It'd be nice if there was a hybrid features... BBM Music because the music player, but you didn't have to use the subscription to get access to the social features.

The difference is that this service is LEGAL. Unless you're legally loading all those songs on your device you can't use that as a comparison. And if you are legally loading them, you're paying a hell of a lot more.

I don't appreciate the approach of forcing people to be social. 50 songs for $5/mth is too much. I realize you can have hundreds/thousands of songs if you link contacts, but the reality it that I just don't have many BBM contacts which I would want to share music with.

Also, my company just informed us they were locking down BBM on our corporate BBs. I won't be able to use it soon anyway :(

Sigh. You know its not just for your BBM contacts right? You can add people that are not and never have to be on your BBM contact list.

They are not foricng you to be social. You have your music player. You have apps that allow you to buy music, listen to radio etc. This is just another option.

I give up.

This service would flourish at a dirt cheap price... Say, $1 a month or less. Such a cheap price flied under most people's radars, and the resulting rise in subscriptions would net RIM more income. $5-$9/month gets you unlimited services and music options from other sources that simply give you more bang for your buck (slacker and vcast for example).

Plus, the service would have been cooler if you could upload and share your own music... but you were limited to their library selection, which paled compared to Slacker.

I think this service will draw mediocre to poor subscription levels.

1) $4.99/month for the 12,000 songs I currently have access to = $0.000005 per song

2) Uploading and sharing your own music is illegal.

3) It's not "their" library, it's the libraries of major record labels who RIM has made agreements with to offer this service.

You people really need a clue.


These are PROBABLY the same people that prefer to go and take their chances at downloading something illegally and possibly with a virus.

I like BBM Music I think it's a great concept and love the way you share music with others. I was only on the beta program for two weeks before it went live and I already have over 2000 songs. I don't have one single FRIEND that uses a BB anymore; we don't need to be friends to have that many songs. That's the part that people do not get, I think, BBM Music is totally separate from adding someone to your BBM Contact List..

And for you my friend, wascally wabbit :). That's awesome man.

1) Some people don't want to add people they don't know, period. That can include BBM Music and not just BBM, and throws out the possibility of having access to 12,000 songs if you don't have a lot of contacts you actually know, yet still want to use the service.

2) Not always. There is music in the public domain, as well as music protected by Creative Commons licenses (which allow free distribution), and some people even record their own songs.

3) How many agreements with other major record labels will be made? Furthermore, what about smaller, lesser-known labels?

Before you tell people they need a clue, educate yourself.

I think many of you have misconceptions....

1) Your BBM Music contact list is seperate from your BBM list.

2) Music available to in your BBM Music list can be stored to your phones SD card (more than just the 50 you have).

Thus, for $5/month, you can have 10,000+ songs stored on your phone. I think that's VERY cheap. It's basically free. A simple wire out to my car or to my home stereo and I have more than enough music that I will ever need.

Awesome post. Don't forget you can bluetooth. You can simply connect to your car or home system if equipped with a bluetooth receiver. I do agree they should make a version that works within Blackberry Desktop.

As for the price, $5 a month is too expensive for those that download music illegally. Those people won't pay no matter how cheap it is even if it has the potential of giving access to 5000 songs/mo. So they will find file sharing apps which allows them to listen to music for free that is distributed by peers that also got their music illegally.

People can download music legally for less than 10 cents per song if they look for services which offer that through discounts, rewards programs, etc. And if someone doesn't focus on discovering new music -- if, for example, that person would rather share music in his/her own 50 song library with a contact he/she actually knows -- that's more expensive than it needs to be. Not everyone uses BBM Music for the same reason or in the same way. That does not make someone an unscrupulous thief.

This statement was in a BetaZone email earlier today

"Although you may see in your account information that your trial ends in less than a month, it has been extended for all beta testers. When your current trial period ends, you will automatically be given an extended trial and will not have to enter payment information immediately. "

Thanks RIM.

I live in Omaha, NE and it STILL says "BBM Music is not supported in your region." when I start the app. I've done a battery pull, but still no luck.

1) make sure is installed

2) if it is, turn your radio off, turn wifi on, connect to BBM Music, fixed.

The current version was installed, turning off my cellular radio worked. I did 2 restarts yesterday, and a battery pull but it still didn't work, so I'm glad this did.

But wtf is RIM's problem? They launch in two countries, and I live in the very middle of mine, and RIM can't recognize that if my cellular radio is on? That's bush league.

To all that say they will not support bbm music Shame on you! If you don't support RIM in this endevour, don't complain about Rim not providing this kind of service in the future. Just think if itunes supporters did not support itunes where would itunes be? BBM MUSIC BABY!

not a bad ratio of those interested and those signing up for sure. You'd like to see higher numbers but in the grand scheme of things, even if 1% of BlackBerry subscribers sign up for this, BBM Music will already have almost 3x as many users as Spotify.

On a sidenote: Kevin or someone on this site really needs a main page article explaining the inner workings of BBM Music because there are too many dumbasses who don't take the time to read or try it out and have too many assumptions about it such as being limited to BBM contact friends.

well, i really like the idea of BBM music. but sadly, the number of my BBM contacts is decreasing. now i only have three BBM contacts with two of them barely get in touch with me.....

How many times do we have to tell you people THAT YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO YOUR BBM CONTACTS



People you share with don't have to be on your BBM, but they do need a Blackberry, right? So thats kind of the same thing. I love Rim, I'll be a die Hard till the end, but sadly, at least were I live, the numbers are decreasing. So apps that depend on other Blackberrys, are becoming less and less useful.

You can add people you don't even know. Inside BBM Music, it tells you when any of your friends add new contacts so you can add them too - just to BBM Music; you don't have to invite them to BBM.

Like I said, its a good concept, but poorly executed. $5 is just way too much, when one could just load music on their SD card & away you go.
Say what you will, but what you think or say is totally casper the friendly ghost to me. It is what it is...

Pandora(free) , Tune In Radio Pro (.99) , even Slacker is 3.99. BBM connected doesn't make it worth 4.99.

The math is simple...
I pay almost 5 bucks for a coffee.
- Take and average of say 1000 songs per BBMMuisc user
divide that by 5 bucks over 30 days
High value without the caffeine crash.

Take the other guys store at a buck a song, I got 5 songs and after one month the coffee is cold.

The RIMPIRE gone Social

Why is this not available for the 9670 but I've been using the bets version this whole time! Nothing is ever available for the 9670 style and it sux! More apps are available for my very old 8530 os5 then my 9670 os6 I just don't get it. I bet it will work if I wanted to pay the 5$ a month tough. Sux ass!

It'd be great if we build a list of BB PINS and music genres to start sharing our collections. Maybe this can be put in one of the forums?