BBM Music already being advertised by Best Buy in Canada

Best Buy BBM Music
By Adam Zeis on 25 Oct 2011 09:57 am EDT

It's not often that we see BlackBerry apps shown off in print advertisements, and even more rare (aka never) that said apps are still in beta. This is the case however with the latest Best Buy ad as it talks up BBM Music, although there are no real details about the app availability. Not sure who screwed up on this one, but since BBM Music is still making it's way through the BlackBerry Beta Zone, it's hard to believe that Best Buy got the go ahead from RIM to run this ad. What do you think? Drop a comment and let us know! Thanks Danny!

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BBM Music already being advertised by Best Buy in Canada


Amazing!. Maybe people will realize that BlackBerry is the best choice :)
& hopefully no lawsuits over this print lol beta

I hope BBM Music is available soon. Looks like a big miscommunication between the two companies in terms of release dates. I could be wrong.....

This is Great promotion for BB, at least better than what they get most of the time.

Strange: Best Buy will promote and advertise something we can't get yet (unless via betazone) but they can't properly display and sell the Playbook.
FWIW, I was at my local FutureShop on Saturday and they had a Playbook and 9900 on display together, front and center when you walked in the store. Both were working too :) although no one was even looking at them :(

I wonder if Jim Balsillie's keynote was different than Mike Lazaridis' keynote for Devcon....

Oh well bring on the BB Music, OS2.0...looks like updates are starting to break into the public without RIM properly introducing them...I guess they're going away from the "announcing updates coming sooon" methodology and having 3rd parties do the work for them :D

Hmmm botched advertising? Selling features that don't yet exist for the public? Promising "coming soon" for things that probably aren't? I'd say this has RIM's fingerprints all over it. I don't think this is a Best Buy screw up, it's alllll RIM.

I am currently testing BBM Music and I must say I think Blackberry has something good on their hands. Still tweekin a few things but overall its gonna be a blast. Social networking meets music on your device sounds familiar but done better. I'm sure the competition will jump on this right away.

This is really surprising since advertisements for BB in general are scarce at best. I have not seen a playbook in the flyers for a long time. But all the other devices have dominated the advert space.

Best Buy is into selling things and BB Music will be enticing. I'm getting it because I love to try new BB stuff and because it seems pretty cool but I see many young people checking each others music and chatting about it.

I hope this means the consumer version of the app is coming out soon cause i am having trouble getting the beta version... followed all the steps and still waiting for the "keycode"

I noticed in the update yesterday from the Beta Zone, it tells you on the initial launch that the trial is valid until November 6th. Maybe that's they're planned launch date?

Nope, cause many of us have trials that end later. Mine is the 16th I've seen someone that ends the end of November .. Sorry bud

My trial initially ended on October 17th then on Nov. 16th until I upgraded BBMm to the latest beta version. Now it end's on the 6th of November. That is looking like a likely public release date to me. I believe that is also the rumored date that AT&T gets the 9900.