BBM Messages not going through? You're not alone [updated]

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2011 11:27 am EDT
BBM Outage

*UPDATE 2*  Unofficial word is that BBM / BIS services have been restored and things will be coming back online ASAP. If you're still seeing some issues, give it some more time to filter through the system but it has been resolved. No word on what, exactly the issues were.

*UPDATE* And the outage is still happening, RIM has at least acknowledged the issue now for the masses but no ETA on a fix was given. Unoffcially, we're hearing at least another 2 hours for it to be cleared up. That said, many folks are now getting spam broadcast message like the following:

"062345877 #REP:Broadcast this and your BBM will get repaired this is working"

That won't fix it, it is spam. Forwarding it on will do nothing to fix your issues so please, don't do it. When services look as though they are getting restored we'll update once again.

Many folks in Europe last night were having issues with sending BBM messages and BIS being rather slow but that looked as though it was starting to clear up. Now though, many people are once again reporting the same issues and this time around it appears to be more widespread with folks from just about everywhere reporting BBM messages not being marked as deliverd and rather slow email. If you're having some issues, then by all means drop your area and carrier in the comments. These issues never seem to last all that long so, here's to hoping RIM will get things back in order soon. Personally, Rogers in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is and has been fine all this time.

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BBM Messages not going through? You're not alone [updated]



Telus - Calgary, AB

Still got sms etc so not the end of the world some would like to make it seem.

i'm on Verizon in Boston, my girl is in Ottawa on Telus, both having problems reaching each other.. seems to be just BBM, emails working good on my end..

st vincent LIME and DIGICEL. I personally think RIM is killing off it servers can maintain em anymore lmao

I don't know if there are any BBM issues here - Vodafone Netherlands

But i noticed some slow BB activations with an BES server today. And that the email that is being sent bij was taking a long time.

It's nice that a website that hails itself as 'The' place to go for blackberry info only took half a day to post information about something that many people were looking for hours a go. Well, at least everyone knows how to save a baby komodo. Good job RIMpire.

If we reported every time someone asked about a BBM issue, the site would be nothing but reported BBM issues. EVERY day a small group of people says they have BBM issues in the forums, on Twitter etc. if NO ONE on the team is having an issue, then we don't typically post about it because those cases seem minor, however -- when issues can actually be confirmed by the MASS majority we post it.  Now, go save a Komodo..  :P

Unless RIM confirms anything officially, what would be the point of putting out speculation about a world wide outage until there were reports of more people involved?

It's nice that there are trolls around here to tell everyone how they would run a website, yet are only capable of trolling in the comments.

You just "officially" got rebuked by a moderator of the website you're trolling. I think that's all the official comments you need today. And I'd rather they be working on fixing the issue rather than spending time drafting an "official" statement that everyone knows is happening. An "official" acknowledgement won't make me as happy as my BBM working again will.

You just "officially" got rebuked by a moderator of the website you're trolling. I think that's all the official comments you need today. And I'd rather they be working on fixing the issue rather than spending time drafting an "official" statement that everyone knows is happening. An "official" acknowledgement won't make me as happy as my BBM working again will. Now

You just "officially" got rebuked by a moderator of the website you're trolling. I think that's all the official comments you need today. And I'd rather they be working on fixing the issue rather than spending time drafting an "official" statement that everyone knows is happening. An "official" acknowledgement won't make me as happy as my BBM working again will.

Just a big what if----

What if RIM goes belly up? What happens to the RIM servers? Correct me if I'm wrong but the push emails and BBMs go through RIMs servers right?

It's just scary with the 23% TSX drop this morning. Who knows what tomorrow/next week/month would bring. If the QNX phone doesn't deliver, it will be the final nail on the coffin.

How much can I get for my 9900? Haha..

Just because the stock goes down doesn't mean the company will go belly up. They're losing market share bigtime but they have lots of cash, so nowhere near being unable to operate and pay their bills.

I dont see how a company that still made an adjusted net income of 419 Million is going belly up!

Movistar Venezuela and Digitel. Caracas Venezuela.

Also Orange Madrid, Spain.

I haven't been able to communicate since yesterday afternoon.

Toronto – Rogers and I had lots of problems yesterday with BBM’s not being delivered. What I did last night was to close all my open chats and started new ones. Since then I have not had any delays.

Telus Abbotsford, BC Canada BBM and email issues. BBM delayed by about 2-3 min and emails are coming down in batches

Digicel (mossel) & LIME (C & W) Jamaica... no messages since late last nigh/early this morning

Carriers: Digitel, Movilnet, Movistar
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Hi there,

Here in the Philippines, I received an advisory by our telecom (GLOBE) about a Blackberry server maintenance (Asia) few days ago .. Maybe, the update does affect other territories as well ..

Wow!! I thought we were the only one... The hubby and I have been having problems for two days now..We are on Sprint in Atlanta,GA

Movistar and Personal (carriers) in Buenos Aires, Argentina also have problems not only with BBM but BIS in general.

Waterloo, Virgin Mobile Canada.

Wasn't working early last night, started working through midnight/early this morning, back to not working.

Lima - Peru (South America) Operator: Claro Peru

BBM messages last to long to arrive to other people

Seems like a growing issue, lots of people saying bbm not working since last night. Mine was fine up until an hour or so ago.

Telus - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ottawa, Canada. TELUS.

Been down since last night around 6pm. BBM Still down, Emails get pushed through about every 5 hours only. I'll get a huge dump of them once in a while.

Just reading the comments, I'm thinking the problem is generalized in Canada =s

Sucks that my Android phone is actually receiving email faster then my BB... Not normal...

Telus Mobility in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Seems BBM's kind of intermitently come in, but for the most part its down. Have to rely on the ol' SMS way of messageing

All good in Orange County Ca, sent two bbm's one to Chile and one to West Virginia and both show as delivered.

Telus, Toronto Canada...and my girlfriend with Rogers, West of Toronto Canada

My email is very slow, BBM down for both of us...again

Digicel, Jamaica. Lots of delayed messages now and no 'delivered' sign on them. It's been this way since sometime yesterday!!

Atlanta, GA AT&T slow to go 2 days now and Vodacom JHB South Africa too what's with it RIM it doesn't seem to be a carrier prob..... Keep it up my contrat is up soon I am looking at new phones.....


Apparently a lot of my friends have been getting awkward with their BlackBerry Messenger sending and receiving. Heh, I'm on Vodafone UK. No problems on the only reliable network I've been on!

been having problems since last night, i'm using virgin(bell network) in Waterloo, Ontario. todays been the same but i think it's getting better. it's been on and off.

Any chance this is because of a possible BIS 4.1 rollout?

RIM have anything to say to their millions of customers? They should at least send out an e-mail notifying us that there is an issue and they are working on it.

People complain about their bb's all the time; hourglass, freezing, speed... It'd be nice to know the company cares.

not working on bell in eastern canada.

also, i didnt know Bla1ze was from halifax! my gf and I recently took a trip to NS with our bbs and playbook. awesone time!

(wrote this on Playbook so sorry for lack of proper punctuation and capitalization *wink wink RIM*)

Bell in Ontario. Nothing going through right now. Ugh, sucks. And what sucks more is RIMs non existent acknowledgement of the problem as always.

I turned my phone off and left it off for a few minutes and turned it back on, and my BBM is working again.

Honduras, Central America
Carrier: TIGO
Been having issues since Wednesday last week. Seems to be all right if I have a wi-fi connection, though

Messages wouldn't go through / Web was down / and it all started on my end at 1:30 AM. Still was down at 4:00 AM. This was in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana / USA

Regina - Sasktel is hit and miss for BBM. Mine are being received but not getting D's or R's and I'm not receiving any.

Fredericton, NB Telus

Been having problems since last night. Messages not being shown as delivered or read

New Jersey, AT&T. BBM's, Facebook, and Twitter would occasionally go down, but would start working again not after a battery pull, but simply by turning the phone off & on O_x someone help?

I wonder if 4.1 is being rolled out.. moved back to my 9810 off an htc evo and after adding gmail all my emails came in.. Even all the ones i archived.

2 weeks ago only my new messages would come in.

Guess we will wait and see.

BBM is still down on rogers in winnipeg.

Telus - Hamilton/Toronto area. No BBM. Everything else seems okay including direct PIN peer-to-peer messages. Even getting the "D" confirmation instantly using direct PIN msgs

Bad timing having a big BBM outage a day after their earnings report was poorly received by Wall Street. BBM is about the only thing that is truly keeping RIM relevant IMHO...hope they get their act together.

PS...Rogers, Richmond Hill and my BBM has been f*&'d up since last night.

I am with Rogers in Vancouver. Problems started last night and continue today. Messages don't send. I hope it gets fixed soon. Miss BBM.

Netcom Stavanger: Norway.
Phone laggs alittle and freezes when accessing BBM mad aswell and Twitter doesnt work as it should if it has to do with the BIS.

"LIME Cayman has been advised by RIM that the Blackberry service is being restored and will be fully normalized in approximately 2.5 hours. We're sorry for any inconvenience you have been experiencing."

Hamilton, Ontario, Bell Mobility. Noticed this issue last night. Fine so far today though, but I work afternoons so I will find out shortly...

now there is this chain letter gong around bbm saying if you put in this random ass number it will automatically update your bbm and make it work

my niece is convinced it fixed her i had to break it to her that is not how it works
just thout it was funny

but ya issues since last night in the toronto area on telus

Down in northeastern Ontario last night.bbm back up now but browser running slow. Carrier is Northern Tel aka. Bell

Telus mobility in Toronto, Canada here. Been having connection issues since last night on the Torch 9810, thought it might just have been my phone. Kinda both good and not-so-good to know that it wasn't just me.

Seems the same issue is happening up in Peterborough as well, also through Telus.

I know people keep suggesting RIM should put up a notification as to when there is an outage, and others start saying that the people who need the notification most wouldn't get it. What if this is a maintenance outage? Perhaps RIM should push out a notification to all devices that will be affected that they will be performing a system update or maintenance on their servers starting at time x and projected to be finished by time y... before starting the maintenance? Also nearly as good, why don't they notify the carriers so that the carriers can notify any and all Blackberry clients of potential outages via SMS message? It would save the carriers a great number of customer service phone calls... and then RIM would also have to notify any BES server operators too so they got their people notified?

Just throwing the idea out there...

Totally agree. If they're going to do a maintenance update everyone should be notified. If something goes down, they need to put something up on their website letting everyone know something is wrong. Leaving people in the dark just don't work. All it does is piss off users. These downtimes and no os update for the 9800 has left a bad taste in my mouth. May be looking elsewhere now when Im looking for a new phone.

Ottawa - Bell Mobility - missing emails and BBM not working properly. It's been like this since early this morning.

Telus - Montreal (new to Telus as of 8 PM last night..........) On Rogers before that didn't notice any problems.

•Anchorage, Alaska
• AT&T
• Email, BBM and BBM groups are affected

Since yesterday afternoon. It is still slow as of a few minutes ago (Fri, Sep 16, 2011 11:32:06 AM local time)

o2 and vodaphone uk, down from about 6pm 15th sep, appears to be working as of around 7pm 16th sep, must have been one of those 24 hour (ish) bugs

Turner Valley Alberta - Telus,

Yesterday my wifes bbm messages to me weren't going through while mine got to her fine. Today it's the other way around, her messages are getting to me but mine aren't getting to her.


I want the docking station for my 9930. I think that is the best accessory for the new bold. Hook me up crackberry!!!

Carrier: Movilnet GSM
Country: Venezuela

And according to my friends, neither Movistar nor Digitel are working properly with BIS (even connected to WiFi)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
BBM - last message received @ 11:35AM; reply @ 11:43 still un-delivered
Email - last message received @ 12:18PM; email sent @ 3:40PM still un-delivered

In Bogota, Colombia, South America. NOT working over the Comcel network. Works every once in awhile.

There is a BBM message floating around saying "062345877#REP :Broadcast this and your BBM will get repaired this is working."

I call BS, but odd no one else here has posted or seen this yet.

Ugh. I live in Calgary, Alberta. My BBM has been down since this morning. Same thing with my fiance, my 2 best friends, and everyone else on my bbm.

Service back to all carriers in GTA... most lost BBM Avator... so change that... and please dont forward that #REP broadcast, broadcast dont fix, they add one single feature called SPAM