BBM Meetings is supposedly coming in September but what is it?

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2014 06:02 pm EDT

If you tuned into the BlackBerry Earnings call then you already know there was plenty of talk about BBM. If you tuned into the webcast, then you also know BlackBerry was showing slides as the call was happening. Among them was a slide called 'Accomplishments Nov 13' - Today' as shown above. If you look over it you'll easily see something called BBM Meetings and according to the slide, this is an already announced product but there has been no mention of it previously anywhere outside of the slides. Reading through the transcript of the earnings call, thanks to Seeking Alpha I noticed it was brought up again with mention it will see release in September.

Other major releases planned for FY '15 including the BBM for Windows in July. In September, we intend to release the BBM Meetings. In November we will release our BES12 and QNX cloud will come in in December.

That seems a bit weird to me. Almost as weird as BlackBerry ENTIRELY ignoring any mention of BlackBerry Blend despite having the icon for it right on the homescreen of the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic in their announcement renders. So what is BBM Meetings? Well, we don't know but if I recall correctly there were rumors of BlackBerry working on a Skype like service. Skype has group calling. BBM has groups. Add in some BBM Video calling and maybe BBM Meetings is this rumored Skype like service. What do you all think it is? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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BBM Meetings is supposedly coming in September but what is it?


When are we getting BBM video calling cfross platform?

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I think this prospect is really good, but blackberry obviously doesn't want it leaked..

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

I think cross platform video chat is turning into Blackberry 10 for the PlayBook.

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this comment is the worst thing ever, it really REALLY better not be - also we ned group video chat to compete with skyyyyype!

Nnnnnope, wait for blackberry to announce it offciailly.

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My guess is most of the big step advances like BBM video cross platform and BBM secure voice will be BES add on services in order to monetize eBBM wherever possible.

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Or a Google Hangout type platform, where several persons can participate in a video meeting, file and screen sharing and cross-platform, and can be integrated in BBM Groups?

Haha, we can dream...

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Dream? It's barely a few inches away. Screen share already exists, video and VoIP too....just need to have everything attached to calendar with multiple participants and bingo you get a full Orange/WebEx videoconferencing. badass. My Cie uses those and Hangout but it'd see added value with BB.

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Not saying it doesn't exist, just saying that all that integrated in BBM will most likely not happen. They can still implement some parts of this stuff.

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Universal Video Conferencing across multiple platforms with adjustable bandwidth management, screen sharing capabilities and built-in stream to cloud recording.

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Now that seems like dreaming to me, as excellent an idea as it is. Love it to happen, but execution would surely be tricky. I'm expecting something far simpler (but just as worthwhile) in the new service, once it's confirmed.

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It's part of BBM Suite and it "empowers employees to be more collaborative and productive anytime, anywhere from their mobile device".
I'm hoping for a group video conferencing solution where documents can be shown on screen simultaneously. Perfect for the screen estate of the Passport.

That's what I was envisioning too. It would be a great project management tool for self-employed as well as corporate customers. I'd love to see that available for all users and not just for BES.

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wow! this is definitely interesting. hey Bla1ze I think you should remove "Interim" from your title your doing great buddy, keep bringing us the scoops...

Bla1ze, you can use my Waterloo mailing address to receive your BlackBerry Passport.

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Give him a bed. He doesn't need to sleep in it. Just pro forma, so he can get his title....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

With all due respect, that seems a little draconian, Kevin. The deal should be that he'll move to Waterloo if you first make his promotion permanent. You yourself proved that the job *can* be done from elsewhere, with some travel during the year. Otherwise, what assurances does he have that he won't still be "interim" even after he moves?
(Sorry if this off-topic, but you mentioned it, and I'd already said something similar to bla1ze in the forums without knowing you'd already made the deal in reverse.)

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Bogus deal. Do you live in Waterloo Kevin? If so, then I can't call you a hypocrite, but I still don't think he should be required to move, leaving friends and family behind, when he is more than capable of leading CrackBerry from his current residence.

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Bring it. Go hard or don't go at all. BlackBerry has to show that they are still here and ain't going nowhere. Features like this is exactly what they need for both enterprise and consumer.

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Skype group calls?

I'm liking the sound of it. Give me that and there's no need to hangouts or Skype for me.

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Some sort of virtual meeting taking place via BBM (Although that sounds like just having a group chat)

BBM voice and video with multiple people simultaneously would be great, but I'd lean more towards a comprehensive Citrix meeting type app. Imagine being able to use something like that just off your mobile instead of needing a PC or complicated video conferencing setup.

Keep these ideas coming BlackBerry!

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Yeah actually, there are people who aren't that willing to switch to bbm due to other messaging apps having a desktop version.

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Is BBM Meeting a combination of BBM Video as a Group Video Chat? And with Windows desktop PC integration BBM Meeting can very well be the next big thing. Imagine having a BBM message Group Chat from Windows with multiple BBM users on Mobile devices, and then at the push of a button, turn it into a full Video Conference. --- BBM Meeting!!!! All Enterprise Grade Security. With full Doc and File Sharing support.

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Bbm video would be nice, I thought the bbm video does look better than skype, just saying

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I would think it is like a gotomeeting type of thing or WebEx. It makes sense to build if you are building desktop software now. Integrated video conferencing right in your phone. Perfect!

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Freaking awesome if it is a Skype like service... definitely will implement in my organization if released...

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Maybe it is an integration between messaging (voice, video and text) and meetings in your calendar.
Similar to MSLync and outlook.
In the provincial government , MSLync is the standard for collaboration tool. BBM will have to add lot more features and proven reliability before the government will give BBM a look. This will take awhile and you know how fast the government works. Unfortunately , in the government, the tide has turn against BB 2 years ago and I'm not seeing anything in the BB strategy to turn this around.

BBM Meetings empowers employees to be more collaborative and productive anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.” Seems like this will be something like a secure BBM group chat, hopefully with BBM video included.-- via Mobilesyrup

At launch? Probably just BBM Voice Conferences with more indeed down the pipe. Would love video etc however.

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You missed the key word "released" as in "we released all those stupid managers who were stuck in BBM meetings."... This is just Chen cleaning house and advance word to savy investors that heads will still roll toward profitablity... :)

I hope it's like hosting an event and you can invite people and see who is and isn't coming (public or invite only). location with glymps capability. A place to post documents or posters, agenda etc... a groups chat area where anyone attending can post photos and stuff . Laid out like the old blackberry Jam apps

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Like MS Lync which replaced LiveMeeting in corporate environments?

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Exactly what you said. That's what it is. Video conference with the ability to show graphs, spreadsheets, documents and other forms of information. Basically satellite video for phones. Whether they will have a hub available for sale that connects to larger screen in office who knows. But I can guarantee this will replace the need for a lot of travelling, allowing rich or powerful people to make it to the country club by 4!

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I wanna know about the QNX cloud maybe we're getting close to being able to back up our files in the cloud like we use to

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Sounds like time to get BBM On the PC And Mac desktops. Also have we heard any indication of getting file sharing and Glympse on BBM Groups?

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Would like to see BBM video for desktop that can allow for a user to pickup their BlackBerry and continue the video call or conference call on the handheld.

Wouldn't that be something.

Really hoping for a desktop BBM client, and a FULL replacement for Lync, with BBM groups and persistent chat room capabilities, all without requiring BES. Maybe a pipe dream, but it's the only way my IT MGMT would allow something other than my one Z10 into our fortune 500 company.

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I'm thinking something comparable to Microsoft Lync, just as someone else posted above. You can schedule meetings within outlook and turn it into an "online meeting" where everyone joins a group IM and screen sharing and file sharing is in full effect. Also, control of the desktop being shared can be granted and changed or removed at any given time to any individual in the group chat. They have audio options too nut no video chat from what I can tell.

I am hoping BBM Meetings is ultimately this plus group video chat. It would be great if this comes with or after BBM for the desktop as well as cross platform video chat. Only time will tell.

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Bbm meetings may be like Net meeting or office communicator. Multiple person chat, maybe video and screen sharing.

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BBM meeting is probably something like Microsoft link or Webex, a voice/video conference for a group of people where you can share your screen.

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I want to hear more about this and BlackBerry Blend. I was hoping that there would more info about Blend over the past few days but nothing much so far.

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BBM has to get cross platform video soon because the way whatsapp is copying bbm's features..we all know it's only a matter of time and if they put that out before BBM does, they can kiss their subscribership goodbye...

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I think it'll be am in corporation of bbm voice and video.
I think the calendar will be tied into bbm somehow.

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I think it's a surprise or what it is: meeting.

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Probably it is just BBM, in the protected environment to allow meeting among colleagues.

Otherwise BBM gathering is better name ;)

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As long as they don't manage to make BBM on iOS a bug free experience that is liked and accepted by current iOS users and that attracts new ones, I will remain very skeptical over these high flying announcements on new features.
See the CB forums if you want to know what I mean.

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I am a relatively new and definitely proud Z10 user (with no prior BlackBerry device). I bought into BlackBerry while they were on their a**. It would be more than disappointing if BlackBerry were to make BES a requirement for the new things coming along as it pretty much locks out consumers unless they can buy a BES service somewhere.

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I say it's similar to Webex or Live Meeting. In a secure fashion, a company can share desktops and do video during conference calls.

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I'm excited for things that BlackBerry don't announce but are certainly visible on the horizon :)

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Could this be a release of a BB10 version of the Confetti meeting collaborative software presented in 2012 for the PlayBook. It was an awesome concept.

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It's funny I was listening to the earnings call and heard him mention it, and was surprised it didn't leak. Of course JC is teasing us.

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BBM video is definitely a good look. It brings BBM usability to another level. But when they bring BBM and BBM Channels to Desktop like Facebook, that will be a game changer.

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I know many people started using Bbm when it was rolled out to cross platform but they went back to what'sapp coz of easiness,

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I hope it's a mix of the confetti concept, Skype, facebook, bbm, wikitude and office communicator and office 365 online.

And don't call me crazy. That's the mobile virtual meeting room I am waiting for.

Want a new passport!

+1 BBM for PC/Laptop.

Other platform has this, YM, Skype, MSN, FB Messenger you name it.
Is it too difficult to build?

Well, if they're interested in really integrating with business, perhaps they've made a deal with Polycom. Bonus with that is that Polycom videoconference endpoints and bridging is already integrated with Microsoft Lync.

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If BBM Meetings is a group-based phone/video service, it is EXACTLY what BBM needs to start really taking on the cross-platform market. You'll mix WhatsApp with Skype with none of the hassle, and HD video and sound. Throw in PTT and a desktop client, and you're set!

I'm concerned about bbm becoming bloated and slow. I think this kitchen sink approach could be a mistake. I'd prefer to see modular features that snap into BBM. That way I could choose the features I want. Of course some features should be core features.

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