BBM private beta appears to have arrived on Windows Phone Store

By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2014 09:56 pm EDT

BlackBerry hasn't really kept the fact that BBM is coming to Windows Phone a secret. In fact, they've made several announcements on the matter with the most recent noting Windows Phone users would indeed be able to download the app at some point in 'July'. Of course, some beta testing has to occur before a roll out of the app happens and it seems that's possibly already underway as BBM has been spotted sitting there in the Windows Phone store with compatibility for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Update - Link has now been confirmed as real and there will be more details on how Windows Phone users can take part in an external beta coming up soon via the BBM Blog.

Sadly, it's not confirmed to be legit even though it was added by BlackBerry Limited (the name BlackBerry uses for all apps published) and given it's marked as beta, the download access has also been restricted meaning only those with invites can download and use the app. There's no way to sign up for access either, in case you were wondering.

Windows Phone Central reported earlier that Windows Phone UI elements would be present, while preserving the familiar BBM design but again, as it's listed as a beta BlackBerry was smart to hide any screenshots of the app so as to not reveal too much of the Windows Phone version before they were good and ready. Know anyone on Windows Phone who will be looking to download BBM as soon as it's available? Seems some folks at WP Central are excited.

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BBM private beta appears to have arrived on Windows Phone Store



I'm slowly getting my associates on BBM - but mostly the folks who are joining used to have BlackBerrys.

Unfortunately mosat of people prefer viber and what's up and don't care bbm :( I have 90 friends in what's up and 180 friends in viber
2 friends in bbm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah, I hear you.
I think I have about 30 on BBM, but way more on WhatsApp. But of course I'm not sure if the WhatsApp people are accurate since accounts are tied to phone numbers :p

As for myself,

I have 156 bbm contact.

Using whatsapp mostly for group chat (occasionally to chat in person)

0 friend on viber (voip call is very bad in my country, unless if we use wifi but I don't always have WiFi nearby) after uninstall viber +1year ago I don't even bother to reinstall it anymore.

Currently Z10 user.

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Surprised that they'd be testing 8.0 as well instead of just 8.1.

Frosty white Q10/

That's another 10 users... Windows phones suck! Just MHO

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WP does suck but I'm sure BlackBerry got something out of it. Either money to build the app or something in return for the BlackBerry platform... maybe a Skype update or something else. We really don't know but I doubt it was done just for the minimal user base when they should be focused on updating the iOS and Android apps.

Because they can truly call it cross platform now. I'm also pretty sure that WP has a bigger market share in NA than BlackBerry has right now.


Our world population must be very small, because android and windows phone users say they also only know 1 person using a BlackBerry phone.

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I don't know anyone that has a windows phone and I know over 100 people with BlackBerrys and I live in new york not somewhere in some non popular place now I'm not saying that nobody has windows phones so it is worth it for them to make a app for them but to me I don't care

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It's what the blogs like to report so more people will drop BlackBerry and go with anything but BlackBerry. However, I still see tons of BlackBerry's in use, and the Windows phone is nowhere. It's Android or Apple if not BlackBerry.

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So honestly, I know one friend who uses WP who I think only knows one friend that uses BlackBerry.. me.. but know a few people who use BlackBerry.

honestly im from India I never ever saw a single bb10 device here from the launching day of bb10.... but see so many bbos devices... I also use one... and lots of lumias... in everywhere... I think Kolkata and Chennai is the two biggest cities where u can find 75 android, 15 windows phone 5blackberry os phone and 1 iphone in and rest semi smart phone devices like asha, symbion etc out of 100 smart phone users... its true true true.... 100% true..

I know quite a bit of people. I've seen them pop up little by little and then once the 520 came out, they started to pop up every where. I've seen a 1520, multiple 920s, one 820, and many 520s.

Not true, as there are 4 in my household alone. Also, most of my colleagues have them.... and like them. No need to throw down on WP. As much as I like BB, they have some issues to resolve as well. ;-)

Market share is elusive concept. Install base or headset sale last quarter? Huge difference there. I reckon for purpose of BBM adoption, install base matters more for now.

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Just saying as well... We'll see how many users we gain from them.

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Aside from the user base, which now exceeds BlackBerry internationally. The Windows Phone platform is much more future focused than other platforms.

It is essential that BBM reaches WinPhone 8.1 as that code can be carried upwards to the desktop and finally include the 1.5 billion windows pc's in the market... BBM needs to out skype, skype in order for the investment to be fruitful and that includes this shortcut path to PCs. (and hopefully a web-based option)

And there might be a ton of hate on for Windows Phone or Microsoft. But it would be hard to deny that windows phone feature some of the best technology and innovation out there - there is a reason why $8-$10 of every android and iOS phone goes to microsoft patents... because microsoft literally stays on top of the software tech game and it would be quite impressive to see them budge. Now I can't speak on behalf of the future of Windows Phone - but they have much more leverage than blackberry in keeping a new mobile operating system in the market, and, they don't appear to be wavering from their marketing efforts anytime soon... So don't beat them when you can join em...

I didn't MS was getting some royalties from Google for patents used in Android but didn't know they were getting them to from Apple for iOS.

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I did* know* MS was getting some royalties from Google for patents used in Android but didn't know they were also* getting them from Apple as* well* for* iOS.

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True that MS has a huge PC base, and industry is tied to it for a long time coming, along with a huge consumer base. The problem I see is that Windows has become an app desktop that is really bad, and frustrating. I really want nothing to do with Windows. I wish I could get a pc that is straight to point, clean and efficient with no garbage. I almost have that with my z30.

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Need to develop for WP 7 and 8 to keep getting more users on board there is a lot of WP 7 out there that will never get WP8 OS and still have a perfect good phone for 2 to 4 years.

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Except that over 75% of WP user base is on WP8 while 8% of all WP devices are on WP8.1

Edit: WP7 and WP8 are not the same OS

8.1 is developers' beta for old devices and comes preloaded to the new ones only.
The moment they make it final, everyone will update.

I wonder what the download numbers will be when this goes official


Those are just screen sizes that it works with, BBM video would work with all WP that support BBM.

I hope that part of the deal is with Skype, being the platform of fb video chat, we could do with that on OS10 to, considering IOS got it long before MS bought Skype, there's still time here on OS10
Don't Ya Think


Not the same, but can share the same assets. And yes... there is plenty reason for them to move to PC

This isn't a universal app so no you CANNOT use I on your surface unfortunately. Hopefully Blackberry makes it work on Windows 8.1 or Windows 9

The main concern is that it makes its way to as many devices as possible, and as flawless as possible.

Desktop I think is critical. Make it so that whether on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone anyone can message anyone anywhere. Make it truly 100% cross platform.

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Taking BBM to desktop s like i-message cross platform concept. Only only difference is ur taking this around non BlackBerry Devices too. But yes we ned that to happen. BBM stil has many flows , even on BatB10 devices . Group chat is a bad experience.

Kalpesh, Q 10

Attn. ALL: add a Word Substitution to your BB10 phone to avoid bB1o and Bb10 and even batB10. Add entry: replace "bbio" with "BB10", "always use this capitalization"

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Unfortunately group chat is a TERRIBLE experience.

I got a bunch of my friends on BBM and most of them never had blackberrys before.

After that shocking bad experience, I doubt I'll be able to get them to try it again.

Now it's just me and my girlfriend because I make her do it. And BBM has the cute "hug" emoticon.

Hiens missed the plate with that one.

Z30 Fido

I'm happy about this. If it works well channels might get some uptake too. welcome to our wp friends I say!

From my z30

Thanks, BBM is the one app that I keep my Android device around for. Once this arrives on WP Google and Android will be gone from my life for good.

This is long overdue. Seems to be the one thing that John Chen has "dragged his feet on".
Makes me question whether they have encountered real difficulties with it?

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They should have released it right away with android and ios many of my friends stopped using it because all of their friends(windows phone users) were not on BBM ... none of my friends is going to download it now ....

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Your friends are obviously pretentious hipsters who need an Alpha male or female type to direct them away from their closed caste. You should find a "leader" type to become friends with, then have that person exert their Alpha presence. (and take some notes of how that Alpha leads, apply personally in the future). Just saying.

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Man I understand your feelings..... but I'm not going to change my friends just because they are not on BBM..... :P

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Actually I totally understand. I don't think your friends are dumb. Why use BBM when I can use Whatsapp and talk to ANYONE? I only have 3 android users on my BBM and rarely talk to them on BBM, we rather use a group on Whatsapp.

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That's what m talking about.... If they would have released it on all three ios, android and windows phone then people would have been using it right now.... BBM must be growing and it's a good thing but nobody around me (except few BlackBerry loyalist like me) are using it now

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Unfortunately Blackberry and BBM team are not advertising the benefits of BBM like others do. I am sure very few Windows phone users would know that they can now use BBM. Also since such a long time why shall be immediately shift from Wastapp, Line, etc I doubt of this shall make a major gain in BBM share.

Even if they advertise it will create early ripples, people will download it and stop using it after 3 weeks when they will see that majority of their contacts have already stopped using it

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It's very unfortunate.... I was an active BBM user since last 3 years.... everyone left and moved to other platforms ... now only 4-5 of my 40+ contacts use BBM..... so m also not active anymore

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Well BBM is the only secure messaging out there. Even as a stand alone it still incorporates a hardware and software lock. So really it's up to the individual to choose what he/she prefers. Me, I will stick with BBM.

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I've asked BBM users this over and over again. What is it that makes BBM more secure? BBM messages aren't even encrypted, only obfuscated. How can that be more secure? Just wondering...

Its bs. They used to be secured over BlackBerry os but with bb10, all the secure crap is from people who don't know what they are talking about. I use BlackBerry because I like how bb10, just kidding, it's the hub man, I can't get away from the hub ! ! Help!!

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I don't want security man.... I'm not a scientist who is working on a secret military project.... consumers don't give a damn about security... that's why Google is so successful today

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What I like is 1st the announcement... BlackBerry will support Windows Phone and 2nd they are following the plan done by Chen. What I would like to see is a target planning including all version of BBM, eBBM, BBM for Windows, BBM for other OS. For a company which has to schedule, plan, organize its strategy it is important to know, especially now because the big budget (States,Big Companies) are planned before September

Time to expand and include video chats on Android, iOS and Windows phones as well as increase video limit size to 100mb (yes you heard me). If necessary put in place more servers, BlackBerry guys! :)

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i just got nokia lumia 525 second hand for 100$ and its going great along with my q10 and hopefully blackberry will choose me as beta tester so i cant test my fav chat app

I'm happy with my BBM experience so far...when I had my 9900 I had literally zero contact using BBM so I never understood what the big deal was for BlackBerry's "killer app" that we've gone cross-platform I have 9 BBM friends I talk to on a day-by-day basis. Just wish I could have owned a BlackBerry back in the day when EVERYONE was on BBM...that was probably an awesome experience (stupid nonexistent US market share!) Good night all and happy BBM-ing!!!

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

Apparently it will have both WP and Blackberry UI elements, should be interesting to see how that works out.

That's great news. I hope there will be a desktop app for Windows and Mac OS soon. Didn't they plan to release the desktop version in 2013?

BlackBerry is really back on their game. I'm buying stock in this company and you all should also. BlackBerry stock will make us a lot of money.

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Agree. I was hoping it was going to dip again to 6 bucks after the last quarterly results. Instead Chen beats the market and now it's 12 bucks Canadian. Missed out thus round. However, I do see another dip and definite opportunity in the future.

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Most of my friends on android and IPhone still have problems sending and receiving BBMs from me. Fix connectivity issues before releasing to windows please!

Z-10'ing it on the T-mobile Network (USA)

Personally I would like to take my Z10 BlackBerry platform and stuff it in my Lumia Icon.

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This might be a stupid question but please forgive me as I'm not super familiar with Windows mobile. I know the articles say Windows Phone 8, but does that include Surface RT and/or Surface Pro tablets as well? I'd love to be able to use BBM on my RT while I'm working.

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No, unless BB makes it an Universal app, but since that way of programming apps is still rather new, I'm guessing than BBM will run only on WP8, perhaps later on RT and Windows 8.1. Of course since the app hasn't launched nothing is certain yet.

Thanks for the response. I'm hoping they do make it available for the Surface as I use that as my primary tablet (although I still love my PlayBook ...just don't use it very much).

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I've got a bunch of friends who have windows phones that are excited about this! Also I've gotten my colleagues to use it for work and class groups. I love BBM!

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What is your secret of persuasion?
I'm working hard to get the word out!
If BBM video chat was across every platform, it would be even easier.

Any tips?

Remind me, please, what feature sets that are included with our native BBM that the Windows Phone/Andoroid/Apple are still waiting to receive?


Jumped to WP8 after years of being a BB user and BBM was the one thing that always stuck in my mind thinking "maybe I will go back". can't wait for BBM on WP8!

Everyone should just get on with it. They announced BBM was coming to Windows Phone in what seems like 1997. Now there's a beta to play with, maybe.

Both BlackBerry and Microsoft aren't exactly the fastest kids off the block when it comes to product development. Between them, the cycle seems to be 'make an announcement. Wait a few months for the hype to disappear. Wait another few months. Begin development. Release when nobody cares anymore'.

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